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Greensboro College

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Attending Greensboro College did not help me at

May 13 2013Kinesiology
Attending Greensboro College did not help me at all. Anytime I try to get a job in my field, someone from a bigger school is always chosen or someone with a Master's degree. I think my adviser at Greensboro College should have better prepared me for the real world; it seemed he was only interested in me taking the classes required by the school's department. I would recommend current students to transfer and high school students to not even think about applying. This school will not help you get a job or even prepare your resume' for what current employers are looking for. I am not even looking for a high paying salaried job, just a job and I can't even find that. Trust me you do not belong there.
Alumna Female -- Class 2000
Starting Job: Inside Sales Rep Preparedness: F Reputation: F

Greensboro College prepared me for life

Apr 21 2013History/Histories (art history/etc.)
Greensboro College prepared me for life. I am using the skills that I learnt at Greensboro College in Graduate School and used them in my last job as a teacher and administrator. The faculty were excellent and really took the time to get to know me. The faculty were highly skilled and really made the college/university experience worthwhile and challenging. Greensboro College challenged me and made me see that I could do anything I set my mind to. I still thank my professors for everything that they have done for me. Greensboro College has a special place in my heart.
Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
Starting Job: Substitute Teacher Preparedness: B+ Reputation: B

THIS SCHOOL SUCKS!!!! I would recommend going to

Oct 27 2013Communications
THIS SCHOOL SUCKS!!!! I would recommend going to a community college or going into the workforce/military before considering GC. I just withdrawaled recently and it was probably one of the best decisions I had ever made in my life. First off, the school is WAYYY too expensive and its not even worth it. The school is almost falling apart. I lived in Greensboro hall and it always smelled terrible in the hallways. The air conditioners leaked and the showers had mold on them. The bathroom stall doors had blood that looked like its been up there for several years on them. The custodians didn't really cleaned up that good and they only came in five times a week. so, on the weekends, thats when the trash was piled high and the bathrooms were disgusting. I hated showering or using the bathroom because I felt like the bathroom was crawling with germs. As far as the rooms go, they weren't the best either. My matress had brown stains on them and everytime I tried to pull the window shade up, it would fall off. One time, my RA had a mouse in her room. The desk chair that I had had a loose leg so I contacted the RHD via email. The RHD, whose name is Heather Whedbee, is probably one of meanest and snootiest people I have ever met in my life. She tried to get smart with me in the email because she thought I was expecting a brand spankin new chair. I wasn't. All I wanted was a decent chair that I can sit in without breaking my neck. She eventually gave me a new chair after harrasing her about it numerous times via email. The first roommate I had was terrible. Her name is Victoria Anderson and she was from Baltimore, Maryland. This girl was a total drunk. Because she had a small frame, she boasted about how she was a "lightweight", which means that she got drunk quickly. The first time she got drunk, I couldn't handle it. She had went to the club one night and had gotten tow up. I remember sitting on my laptop and all of sudden, in walks a guy with Victoria in his arms. Behind this idiot was a slew of lesbians (which GC has a lot of by the way). One of the girls came on to me and had asked me "do you like girls?" Of course I said no. I was pissed. I tried to knock on RA's door (whose name is Emily) but she didn't answer because she was too busy sleep. I went back to my room and asked the lesbians to leave. One of the girls were sitting on my bed. I told her to get up, but she acted like I was speaking another language or something. So of course I had to yell at her and cuss at her in order for her to get up. She got up and when I had walked out for a second, she ploped back down on my bed. I came back and she stood back up. Of course she lied and said that she didn't sit on my bed. I told every one of those dikes to get out. They told me not to tell the RA and that Victoria was only trying to have a good time. I ignored their stupid comments and told them and Victoria to get the hell out. That night was probably one of the worst nights ever. Victoria didn't come back until the next morning. She said that we needed to talk. She told me that if I ever kicked her out the room, she would cuss me out. Of course this dicussion had turned into a fallout. Her words were pretty much "This is who I am get used to it." I couldn't really take her seriously because she was still in her club clothes and her hair and makeup were all over the place. I told Emily about it and she acted like she didn't know what to do. I decided to give Victoria another chance, but she got drunk again about a month later. This time one of the RA's from the co-ed dorm had caught her. They didn't really do anything beside ask her questions to see if she was in her right mind. The RHD from the co-ed hall had came up and asked her if she was alright and was stroking her back like a baby. I was frustrated and I emailed Heather about it and asked her if there would be something done about it. She pretty much told me, "This isn't none of your business and this is beteween the Residence Life and Victoria." I felt like it was my business to know because I was her roommate and I was effected by this situation. I felt like I was the bad guy in this situation and she was getting street cred for her drunkeness. I told my mom what was going on and she was pissed. She told me to get a roommate switch. It was a great idea so I talked it over with one of friends who didn't have a roommate. We both emailed Heather about the idea. The next day, I had to talked to Heather about why I wanted to move. I explained to her everything that had happened and why it would be best to get a new roommate. She told she couldn't do that and she thought it would be best for me and Victoria to "work it out". She asked basic stupid questions like what is my preffered bedtime, studytime, etc. She said the reason why she asked those questions is because she wanted Victoria and I to have mediation with her. To me it was a waste of time. I told my mom about it and she decided to email Heather's supervisor, Mr.Haack who was the head of Residence Life at GC. Mr. Haack worked it out. Heather still wanted to have the mediation with me and Victoria before I moved out. She sat down with us and told us that we needed to make better adult decisions. She adressed Victoria about her underage drinking and how she needs to stop it. As for me, she adressed how my mom was being intimidating towards her because she had contacted Mr. Haack. She wanted me to handle situations like this on my own and not include my mom. I tried handling it on my own and nothing was done. I was happy to move out and my new roommate was probably one of the few good things that had happened to me at GC. Victoria did get drunk again after I had moved out, but at least I didn't have to babysit her. The food at GC is terrible. The only thing that they serve is pizza, burgers, chicken sandwiches and a so-called "soul food" section that is comprised of unknown meat substances. Don't ever consider eating on the weekends. They pretty much serve leftovers. I have never seen scrambled eggs and string beans together in the same setting at eleven o' clock in the morning until I came to GC. The chefs had put on a show when I had came for orientation, but they got lazy when the school year came around. Everyone pretty much goes to GC because of sports. I hardly understand that because it is a division III school. It was hard to find a roommate because everyone wanted a lacrosse roommate. The football team sucks. They have pretty much lost every game this season. The cheerleaders there are stuck up and think their better than everyone here. As far as clubs and student organizations go, there is really not a lot and they're boring. The faculty is ok, but the people at the financial aid office will give you a hard time. I remember talking to these two women about trying to withdrawal and they were very very nasty. I had to get out of this hell hole called Greensboro College. If you're a person who wants to save money on college then DO NOT GO HERE!!!! IT'S A TRAP!! All of those brochures they give in the mail are misleading don't get jipped like I did. They give you scholarships but it only helps but so much. If someone tries to get you to go to Greensboro College, RUN THE OTHER WAY!!!!
Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -
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