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The University of North Carolina Charlotte

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If there was one thing in my lifeAverageHistory/Histories (art history/etc.)
If there was one thing in my life I could change it would be NOT going to UNC-Commuter, otherwise known as UNCC. I would say this is a 2nd/3rd tier school, and that's not a putdown, everyone doesn't go to Duke etc..

Too many professors that are unprofessional, sitting on their laurels, using class for their soapbox, administration condescending and having "fun" irritating the students to get their rocks off, that's when you know they can't be fired or will not be fired. I really saw no social activities on campus, nothing to enlighten you or expand your mind, etc.. Basically it's a commuter school, students don't ever really go beyond that and don't want to. So, If you're looking for a more traditional school, this is not it. With the football team, maybe things will greatly change.

more→Dec 21 2013
4th Year Female -- Class 1997
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Individual Value: F
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What's up with all the terrible ratings onBrightComputer Science
What's up with all the terrible ratings on here? I honestly think there's a lot of students expecting UNCC to be a breeze (since the entrance requirements aren't very high), then when they do bad, they go on here at lash out. When I was applying for colleges, I almost didn't come here due to all the negative reviews on this website. To all the naysayers--- UNCC has been a great experience for me during my first two semesters. If you don't like it, do everyone a favor and transfer to another school, instead of going online and whining about it.

Firstly, the math department is hit or miss. With most professors, you can pull out an easy A, but I felt like I had better math professors at CPCC. There are quite a few profs (as well as physics professors) that don't speak English as a first language. That's not to say all the professors are terrible, I just find them to be either too easy or too hard.

The computer science department is incredible. Every person I've known that has gone here for computer science has gotten a good job before they graduate. So, for prospective programmers, this is the school for you, if for some reason you cannot attend UNC or NC State. Even if you can, you should maybe consider coming here to save some money. Don't get me wrong-- there's plenty of bad professors, but for every class there's usually a good professor and a bad professor. Just ask around to see who you should take when registration time comes.

The philosophy department is great. Very insightful lectures, engaging content.
To all the people complaining about the English department... I haven't taken an English class here, but my brother majored in English at UNCC, and he said there were good professors and bad professors. You'll find that at every school. QQ more. That's the thing that irks me about all these reviews. Maybe if you guys didn't want such terrible professors, you should've gone on Every university has bad professors. Quit whining.

As far as social life goes, I've found it to be great. It's a little alienating at first, but people here are very open. If you want to make friends, be social, but don't be overly social, and you'll meet plenty of people. I've found in my group we get weirded out if someone comes up to us and makes it obvious they're desperate for friends.

more→Dec 05 2013
1st Year Male -- Class 2015
Education Quality: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: A
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I transferred from Appalachian State University after myNot so brightGeography and Geosciences
I transferred from Appalachian State University after my sophomore year and I got in easy because you need 2.0 gpa for undergraduate admission. I think this school sucks big time. Other than the pretty looking, well maintained buildings, getting a football team in 2013, numerous fraternity options, a lot of clubs/organizations, relatively low price, teachers are generally knowledgeable and work around any issues you might have, the research and graduate majors, this school is crappier than appstate, nc state, unc, wilmington, duke and even east carolina. This school lacks several big components that contribute to making it a sub par college. This college has a crappy social atmosphere (most people go back home on the weekend, leaving the kids who stay on the weekend to enjoy college their experience and be away from their parents because they are not in high school anymore, stranded in the middle of a huge campus). Safety on campus is not very good, there have been several robberies in the parking lots, the location of this school is terrible, it is located in the middle of a poverty sticken areas and obviously crime will be high. Since the school is in a poverty stricken area there are few clubs in sight for students so if you have a social life and wanna hang out outside of school because the school nothing going on during the weekends, there is very little unless you want to drive all the way to downtown and get mugged there. I've lived in charlotte for 12 years and not only do I not recommend this city as a whole but the school seems to correlate the city in that it is just as crappy and full of discrimination and segregation. I was apart of the Campus Activities Board for the school and although there are selective events like bingo and card playing during the weekday's there is nothing going on during the weekends. I wanted to go to a party in the student union and no one showed up. It was so sad, a dj blarring music in a huge room while nobody but the people who setup the conecert were there. If there are people which there are, there are only african americans. I'm not racist but where the heck are the white people in these parties. I didn't want to go to this school, and I thought this school was crappy even before going here, what you hear generally about a school what you think about the school is usually true. Definately true of UNCC. This school is very diverse in terms of the smart people vs still smart but not that smart. There are a lot of very smart people and a lot of not so smart people so what you get is a student population too diverse in terms of intelligence and one of the reasons for lack of unity among students. There is almost no school pride because everyone goes home during the weekends and thus you get a lot of commuter students. If you think about it you're in school 4/7 days a week maybe 4 1/2 if you're schedule is packed. That's 3/7 days (the weekend) where you don't devote any time towards having fun. This school sucks, that's the bottom line, at least from where I stand and compared to the school I transferred from, this school have zero fun. It's an all work and no play makes johnny a dull boy. It's a cliche expression but it's very true, dull social scene, dull sporting event, the weightlifting room is over crowded, dull surrounding area, and no student pride/unity.
more→Aug 14 2012
2nd Year Male -- Class 2010
Faculty Accessibility: A+, University Resource Use: F
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