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The University of North Carolina - Charlotte

Total Grad Surveys 13
Females 7
Males 6
Avg years at University 2.5
Research Quality C+ (5.5)
Research Availability B- (6.1)
Research Funding B (7.0)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.6)
Not Errand Runners B- (6.2)
Degree Completion B- (6.4)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B- (6.4)
Sufficient Pay B- (6.0)
Competitiveness C (5.0)
Education Quality C+ (5.2)
Faculty Accessibility C+ (5.6)
Useful Research B- (6.1)
"Individual" treatment C+ (5.3)
Friendliness C+ (5.5)
Safety C+ (5.5)
Campus Beauty B (6.7)
Campus Maintenance B (7.2)
University Spending B- (6.5)
Extracurriculars C+ (5.4)
Scholastic Success B- (6.0)
Surrounding City B (6.9)
Social Life/ Environment C (4.5)
Social Life/ EnvironmentC
Campus MaintenanceB
My Big Fat UNCC Graduate DegreeJun 09 2014Other
My Big Fat UNCC Graduate Degree
When I was an undergrad, they always said to go to grad school because you love the particular area of study. That?s what I did, and that?s why I did it. Now I regret it.

I made straight A?s in everything at UNCC. My research papers were excellent, and so good that some teachers cast doubt upon my authorship. I took it as a compliment at first. Right around the beginning of my second semester, I saw what my UNCC graduate program for what it was: a cesspool of insane competition and asinine political posturing among a bunch of spoiled brats. Apparently, some of the in-state students were teachers? pets during their undergraduate studies, and they were insufferable bullies and petty know-it-alls as TA?s and GA?s. For some reason, I thought that graduate school would be an opportunity to advance myself intellectually and not have to participate a mean-spirited gossipfest.

Was I wrong. Professors and grad students alike engaged in back-stabbing and sabotage of student progress. Undeserved favoritism ran rampant through the department. I met too many graduate students of dubious integrity and academic ability who were accorded much more opportunity than I was. I felt like I had to watch my back the entire time. I wasn?t the only one who felt like that.

I have not heard from any of the doctoral programs to which I have applied. Strange. I wonder what my good professors wrote about me.

International students beware of ISSOMar 19 2014Computer Science
International students beware of ISSO. They call themselves as " home " for international students at UNCC. Don't trust them. Some staff are very rude and arrogant. How could be this place " a home "? They treat foreign students as a trash , like we are a burden by coming to US. Wait...we pay for the tuition and also for the international students fee which I believe it is the money to pay for the ISSO staff salary. Are we burden? Are we disturbance? Are we stupid ?( well, that is how one of ISSO lady treat international students. She definitely thinks she is a few levels above international students as a human being..)
Worst graduate department everOct 30 2013English
Worst graduate department ever. The faculty are stuck in the dark ages of academics and mostly focused on their own agendas. So many technophobes. There are one or two professors who are absolutely wonderful, but they are outnumbered by professors who are so set in their ways that they refuse to try anything innovative in classrooms or their research. Hardly any of them are forward thinking or use best practices when it comes to teaching. The creative writing track is an utter joke, with only one poetry professor who is in love with himself and two creative writing instructors (maybe down to one now?) spouting the same cookie-cutter nonsense you can find in any writer's magazine for $2.99. If you actually work for a living, good luck in finding a class taught after 5pm. I would highly recommend anyone interested in serious study to find another program even if it costs you a little more. I regret the years I wasted in this program and I am now on the hunt for something better.
WORST International Student Scholar Office ever ! EspeciallyAug 03 2012Computer Science
WORST International Student Scholar Office ever ! Especially for Alumni students ! Just a request of small favor receives very arrogant and unhelpful comments from the HEAD of ISSO - Denise. I think she hates international people ! Shameful when they run entire university on our such HEAVILY paid FEES ! I would never go to a school which looks down on its students when the reason they are feeding themselves is US !
I have done my masters here in CivilJun 28 2011Civil Engineering
I have done my masters here in Civil Engineering, focus area : Transportation Engineering. Frankly there is just one faculty member involved in active research in my field. The department it self has about 3 profs dedicated to transportation engineering out of which two of them aren't active at all in research. The Department does provide access to related software that are used in the industry at a commercial level. So If you have the will to learn all that by yourself you can come out with a great resume, but that being said, going by the recent market trends there is not much hiring going around in Charlotte or NC in this field of engineering. Over all good for transportation engineering.
It was just a little disheartening to learnJul 26 2010Other
It was just a little disheartening to learn that most of the TA's and GA's in my departnment were from out-of-state. Only two were graduates of UNCC. Half of them had BA's in another field. How in god's name that can even happen is beyond me.

My impression of the graduate faculty of my department is quite low. They were mostly idiots. Program directors should not have held such positions. Perhaps their Ph.Ds qualified them for their positions, but their personal qualities left much to be desired. Getting time with the graduate faculty was difficult because, I believe, I was an in-state student. Out-of-state GA's and TA's and regular grad students got much more help and attention than the in-staters did. I wonder why?

Some graduate faculty displayed open prejudice toward some students. Some students rarely attended class, yet they maintained a high average. Some of the very same students copied their research data straight from Wikipedia. Another openly joked about submitting papers that she had written for BA classes that she took in another school.This is just one department in the humanities-- one that seems to have gotten a lot of poor ratings. The rest of the school may be fine. However, had i known just how bad the graduate program was, I'd have taken out a huge loan and attended another school.

In all fairness , I must say thereJan 05 2009Other
In all fairness , I must say there are some excellent teachers working for this university. Unfortunately, they don't work in the department of my focus and employment. There are absolutely brilliant, approachable, good-natured, and PROFESSIONAL teachers to be found in the sciences, social sciences, engineering, architecture, and math departments.

Then there are departments which seem to have no real leadership, as well as some who seem to hire the worst teachers. One department in particular retains the majority of its long-term teachers as staff members and never considers them for fulltime faculty positions, preferring to hire young, inexperienced, and incompetent graduate students to fill faculty openings.

In general, this university does not hire its own graduates for faculty positions. The last time that I looked through the list of faculty, less than one-half of one percent of the teachers earned their terminal degrees from UNCC. What does that tell you about UNCC's OWN opinion of its school?

If one seeks a liberal arts education, he should think twice about it, not only because of the logistics of employment, but also because of the general failures on the part department chairs to provide a wide range of subjects and to hire teachers whose CVs indicate a wide range of educational, work, and life experiences. The College of Education,the Religious Studies department, the English Department and the Athletics Departments provide good examples of this failure.

Unless there are sweeping changes in present administration and faculty at UNCC, my children will never set foot on this campus.Mr. Bowles would do well to spend some time speaking to both students and faculty IN HIS OFFICE to see the real picture and to hear opinions from students and faculty in an environment in which they may express themselves freely and honestly with no fear of reprisal.

Nov 09 2008School of Information
UNC Charlotte is growing academically and physically, it will be a top ranked university in the next 5 years!
There is some exciting research going on atNov 04 2008Computer Science
There is some exciting research going on at UNCC in the Computer Science department and it has been recognized by US NEWs rankings as being in the group of top-ten upcoming universities in the US.The department has many challenging projects and quite a good amount of external funding.It has to improve upon the coursed offered, but it is moving in the right direction.The strength of the departemnt lies in its faculty.
My thesis committee left the university and failedOct 29 2008Unknown
My thesis committee left the university and failed to sign off on it. I wasn't even given any indication that anyone was leaving.

I don't think anyone read my thesis.
When it came time to turn it in to the graduate school, I couldn't find anyone who would sign off on it. Apparently, the professors' forwarding addresses were erroneous because I never even got an answer from any of them.

In the end, I got three graduate faculty to scribble their names onto the signature page.

Research Topic(s): Walking in Circles
It seems that students who spend the mostJul 10 2008English
It seems that students who spend the most time at this university (i.e.,B.A. to M.A.) are the least happy about their experiences at UNCC. Students who come to UNCC from out of state and enroll in the English graduate program just can't understand it when in-state students feel like they're getting p*ssed on (e.g. not getting the kudos from the department, getting passed over for assistantships, among other things). You have no idea how demoralizing it is to in-state graduate students when an out-of-state student receives a sizable fellowship, teaches for one year, then gets married and pregnant and never teaches again.

Anyone who spends even a smidgen of time being involved with the UNCC English graduate program sees the favoritism accorded to the thankless lackeys who spend little time in class, who turn in papers late (if at all, I wonder), and who spend most of their time brown nosing the faculty, but gripe and complain about how difficult life is when one must attend a school that is SO beneath them. These are the same people who get the recognition and the references to get college teaching jobs.

One prof put it bluntly: "If you attended CMS, that's one strike against you. If you attended CMS and got your BA from UNCC, that's two strikes against you. If you attended CMS, got your BA from UNCC and enter the English graduate program, expect to be ignored.You are just background for the out-of staters."

He was right, but he forgot something: Don't expect any meaningful letters of recommendation to get into a postgraduate program elsewhere.

I cannot recommend UNCC's English program to anyone, despite the fact that it is host to a few really good professors. They cannot even begin to make spending six or more years of one's life at UNCC seem like a profitable use of time.

To the faculty I say this: Shame on you. Shame on every d*mned one of you.

Let's seeMar 22 2008English
Let's see... where do I start? My high school was much better than this h3llhole. Too many of the graduate faculty have been there too long so they feel as though they're infallible and above reproach. Most are incredibly lazy and spend too much time encouraging the idiot kiss-ups so that it's unlikely that anyone will tell the truth on the faculty evaluation.Others just don't give a cr@p what anyone thinks of them.

Assistantships are competitive in a very strange way. Totally incompetent grad students stay on to teach there.

Favoritism? Unreal. Some grad students don't even go to class but they pass and retain their assistantships.

I really regret having attended this school and having wasted my time there. I love literature and I hope some day to teach, but with this lousy MA degree from UNCC, I am having difficulty getting into a really good school to get and MFA (which is what I should have done) or a PhD.

If you are like me and waited for so many years and worked so hard to go to college, go somewhere else. Attend another university. Get an online degree. Go to a community college. Maybe spend the rest of your life drinking cleaning products. Just don't waste your life at UNCC --- at least if you're an English major.

I cannot recommend this school at all. ZERO points from top to bottom.

I started at UNC Charlotte as a secondJun 09 2005Other
I started at UNC Charlotte as a second degree BA student. I really struggled my first semester, but I found people (faculty/staff) that actually cared about me and really wanted to see me succeed. I graduate last December and I am in grad school right now, partly because of those individuals. If you are a older student, get to know the people at OASES and NTSO. You will meet wonderful people there and will help you with whatever you need them to do for you.
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