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The Stevens Institute of Technology

Total Grad Surveys 19
Females 7
Males 12
Avg years at University 1.7
Research Quality B- (6.4)
Research Availability C (4.9)
Research Funding C+ (5.7)
Graduate Politics B (6.8)
Not Errand Runners B- (6.5)
Degree Completion B- (5.8)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C (4.8)
Sufficient Pay B (7.1)
Competitiveness C+ (5.5)
Education Quality C+ (5.5)
Faculty Accessibility C+ (5.0)
Useful Research B- (6.5)
"Individual" treatment C (4.7)
Friendliness C+ (5.3)
Safety A- (8.4)
Campus Beauty B+ (8.0)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.2)
University Spending B+ (7.6)
Extracurriculars B+ (7.7)
Scholastic Success B- (5.9)
Surrounding City A (9.0)
Social Life/ Environment A- (8.6)
"Individual" treatmentC
Surrounding CityA
THE MFE program at Stevens is RacistMay 17 2020Other
THE MFE program at Stevens is Racist. If you are the only minority in the program, you are graded harder than you fellow Asian and Caucasian classmates. IF the professor at the beginning say you will get a C, no matter how well you do on the exam, he will keep his word and give you a C. The TAs will derail you by taking a lot of points off from project. SIT is the worst school. Do not believe the bogus videos advertised about diversity
I went to Stevens for their Applied MathAug 13 2016Math
I went to Stevens for their Applied Math MS program, and this is what I thought of the university as a whole:

- Stevens has a great reputation of giving good job prospects, especially for those in the NJ/NY area. The career center here is extremely helpful, and advisors here do whatever they can to make sure you graduate with a job, or obtain one shortly after you receive your degree. In fact, because of their advice, I was very prepared for job searches I had afterwards. I was offered a full-time position fairly quickly, thanks to their help.

- This is not applicable to my major, but there are plenty of opportunities to find valuable internships or co-op programs in many fields provided here. One of my friends found his summer internship a valuable part of his education, so again, this helps with the job prospects.

- Hoboken is a very interesting town to wander around in. Not as loud and boisterous as New York, but not as quiet as a rural city. Speaking of New York, it's also very easy to go here from Stevens, if that interests you.

- Some students here are friendly. It's too bad they're usually swamped with work (which is not entirely their fault), so getting to know some people here can be difficult. Still, the few that I did get to know better are genuinely good people.

- Education does NOT come first at Stevens. This has been proven to me when I saw how many faculty members (not just from my department, keep in mind) were either absorbed in their own research, unresponsive to emails, incompetent at teaching (sometimes, to the point where it's stunning), or perhaps, all of these.

- Most classes at this institution are not all they're cut out to be. Even as an Applied Math major, a lot of the work I did was theoretical and not useful for what I wanted in a career. While real world applications are mentioned, they are often not the focus of most courses. Thank God for the marketability Stevens gives their students, because these classes are not the main reason why people who graduate from here have a job.

- In my undergrad college, the student body was very outgoing, maybe a tad bit too much for my liking. On the other end of the spectrum, the student body at Stevens is not outgoing ENOUGH. This is partly due to the sheer amount of work they have, but sometimes, when you do get to know a few people here, they can be snooty/entitled. You honestly have to hope you find the genuine people mentioned earlier. It's like flipping a coin.

- If you want to find a Teaching Assistantship/Research Assistantship here, good luck if you're not a PhD student. I had to be VERY persistent with the head of my department about a TA position, which he was initially, reluctant to give. Eventually, I did get one, but it was only for one semester. Other people, from what I've heard, have had similar difficulties in finding these kinds of positions as well. Stevens definitely has potential to more positively stand out from other tech schools in the nation. However, they need to make more efforts to invest in their educational aspects by improving curriculum and coursework, hiring professors who have credibility as teachers, and having more realistic work expectations. All of this will make the student body happier, and they will graduate feeling more confident that Stevens was a worthwhile decision for them.

The professors place the student last and theirJun 18 2016Finance
The professors place the student last and their own research first. The cost of tuition is NOT warranted even with the highest mid career salary they will tout as its the NYC area which naturally has the highest cost of living so wages account for that, misleading statistics. They think the view is a selling point, who cares about a view? It quality of faculty that matters not a view of better schools across the river.
Faculty are self absorbedFeb 13 2016School of Information
Faculty are self absorbed and not helpful.They do not come prepared for the class.Earlier -ancient slides are recycled .Attitude discourages discussion or any growth.Strong favoritism.
This school is absolutely not one that youOct 27 2014Engineering Department
This school is absolutely not one that you would want to pursue a PhD in Systems Engineering at. The advisers do not advise, when you send them your work it can take 2 months or better to hear back from them. When you do it is usually to change your research interest into their interest. If you are off campus forget about it. The faculty makes zero investment to work with the developing plan and the pedagogical rigors book is a sham. Qualifying exams are supposed to be given in the first 2-3 courses and many go well beyond the actual coursework being completed. If you have friends or family who know the faculty then you are good, if not don't surprised if the faculty acts disinterested. If this has happened to you there, it isn't you. Do not let this institution break your spirit or cause you to lose sight of your dream and research interest. At one point there was no orientation at all and the advisers told you what they wanted research done in to support their interests and not your own. Again, do not let this institution lead you away from your love of your topic or your passion for your dream. If you are willing to work hard, sacrifice and pursue your goal don't waste your time or money here. The arrogance and blatant disrespectful faculty is a joke. There are many schools out there that will give you a good, fair, supportive and even challenging program.
I came here to apply for the MBA programJul 04 2013Business - Management and Administration
I came here to apply for the MBA program. At the open house event we were told that we will receive a reply regarding out application decision within a week. Three weeks later I did not hear anything and went down to the university. I had to fight to speak to the program director. An old clueless man in a messy office in the back somewhere. The first thing he said to me was "whats your problem?" I explained how everyone is confused and I've been given wrong information about programs and that I have been trying to meet with program directors but the are ALL VERY BUSY. After some useless chatting about the structure of stevents programs bla bla bla I walked out with no real information on the program but I knew it is a university I am not willing to waste my time at.
Terrible graduate admissionDec 09 2011Computer Science
Terrible graduate admission. This university has the worst Graduate Admission office that I ever applied to. for over 2 months my file was complete according to them and under review. I contacted them on regular basis waiting for the results. After 2 months they told me we found your missing a paper and we can't do anything until we receive it. The people work on the admission office were rude and acting like it is my fault. By that time it was late to submit it and the admission department said, the only thing we can do is to delay your application for next semester which wasn't an option for me.
In my opinion, Stevens has taken excessive feesSep 01 2011Civil Engineering
In my opinion, Stevens has taken excessive fees to the next level. Billing by the registrar is terrible. If you ever drop a class, be prepared for the charges to linger for way too long. Non-responsive adminstration will ignore you. This school may be ok for an undergraduate who's parents are footing the bill. If you are a part time graduate student, stay away.
As a part-time grad student who had toAug 17 2011Chemical Engineering
As a part-time grad student who had to work a full-time job to pay for this over-priced school, I was consistently treated disrespectfully by the staff that would even bother to show up for scheduled meetings (not many). Most professors have no interest in providing assistance or help in any way. I can't speak on the experience of a full-time student, who could be available during morning and afternoon hours, but I would think long and hard before starting any sort of part-time degree here. I would give anything to have the last 4.5 years of my life back, but instead I'm left with a as of now unfinished degree and 30+k in loans. And I am in no way bitter of bad grades, as I currently have a 4.0.
Research Topic(s): Tissue Engineering
90% of the studentsMar 29 2011Finance
90% of the students at Stevens cheat and get further ahead than those who are honest.Too many online courses, which makes Stevens no better than University of Phoenix.
Extreme favoritism is rampantFeb 21 2011Finance
Extreme favoritism is rampant. Cheaters get much further ahead than the honest students. Certain faculty members blatantly favor certain students, who happen to be the biggest cheaters.Some faculty are approachable and some are too arrogant to have a normal conversation with, without getting insulted.
Research Topic(s): N/A
I withdrew from this school immediately and amSep 15 2010Unknown
I withdrew from this school immediately and am so happy I did. Professors are extremely arrogant and absorbed in world. They don't respond to emails or phone calls, even when I wanted to discuss my schedule for my first semester of grad school. I called/emailed the chair of the department (as instructed by the acceptance letter) during spring and summer and he tells me he's very busy. why he couldn't take 5 min to discuss a schedule is beyond me. He along with most professors wait until the day of class to return to the U.S. from their home country, forcing you to register for classes before even talking them over. It's this kind of arrogance and disrespect that made my withdrawing one of the easiest decisions I made.Students are very pretentious and do anything to flatter the professor: Ask them to proofread their papers, laugh at their very lame jokes, and work for them in any way, realizing they are securing a high grade in the class. Very phony people.
horrible school, no on campus jobs here, feesSep 03 2010Business - Management and Administration
horrible school, no on campus jobs here, fees are high, they keep increasing the fees every semester. The professors are BIG people, real BIG people with links with BIG names in the industry, but THEY HAVE A BIG BAD EGO as well, unfortunately they use their veteran status and big name to scare the students and belittle them and not help them, there is this guy called michael zur muelen, he is one of the most shameful specimen of humanity, trust me , the only purpose he is there at stevens is to make life difficult for the students

You wont get a job oncampus untill you are recommended by 3-4 people, no system of merit exists here, only references.

the computers are slow, the programs are confusing( thier structure keep changing every semester), you are slapped with pre-reqs for 0 credits for no fault of yours, the professors are downright arrogant and nasty ( except for a couple)

THE PEST MICHAEL ZUR MUELEN IS A HEADACHE TO EVERY1,he is so mannerless that he does not even have the courtesy to reply to emails.PLEASE THERE ARE BETTER WAYS TO WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY rather than doing the same at this horrible ,horrible school

Sep 02 2010Chemical Engineering
I do not recommend anybody to take up any course in Chemical engineering department.
I'm currently an EMTM grad student at StevensOct 10 2008Other
I'm currently an EMTM grad student at Stevens. Yes, there are better schools like MIT and Penn etc. However, Stevens is not a second tier school by any stretch of the imagination. They are highly recognized and respected by employers in the NY/NJ area. They are less known outside of this area but this shouldn't discourage anyone who wants an excellent and well rounded technical education. So far my EMTM experience is great - challenging and rewarding.
The instructors for online courses will post assignmentsApr 09 2008Engineering Department
The instructors for online courses will post assignments late, sometimes weeks after the assignments were to be collected. Homeworks are graded months after they are turned in. Professors and advisors do not return calls or emails. PhD Students: You will most likely be handed off to some big-name and important PhD'er to assist with the authoring of your thesis. Said big-namer will be too busy to return calls, to review your drafts, or to provide input and / or suggestions to get you started.

The financial aid office will mess up your financial aid package, which includes returning federal student loans against your wishes, not mailing out loan refund checks, and billing you for courses you took over 8 months ago.There are much cheaper and better schools out there. I would strongly advise against Stevens.

Disclaimer: I did my master with their webctSep 04 2005Telecommunications
Disclaimer: I did my master with their webct ONLINE program. I have no idea what their campus even look like so your experience with a real oncampus program may vary.In my opinion, most of their professors in the online program are there to make extra money and don't really care about teaching. Recylcing of exam and course material is rampant. This one professor reuse the syllabus and other course material from another professor and forgot to change the name. There is also this other professor who use the same homework and exam every term. I also get the feeling that most of the students just want to get their degree and move on. Teaching and learning really isn't happening in the online program. In addition, the school's administrative people is EXTREMELY unhelpful to online student. That's being said, there are some professors that are dedicated to teaching and you do take something out of their classes. In my 12-course program, I would say about 4 courses or 33% fall into the professor do give a damn category.
Stevens is a small school right near HobokenMar 18 2003Computer Engineering
Stevens is a small school right near Hoboken with a huge presence. Stevens’s tech is comparable to MIT, C. Mellon, Caltech and Stanford... Stevens’s majors are highly technical/competitive with a very wide range of classes in which you can choose from. I would recommend this school only to students who want a top (ivy) education and want to be in a highly technical and managerial based career. Go for it! If you want a great education and a great career, make the right choice!
The Stevens Institute of Technology
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