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Adelphi University

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It's a wonderfully small school.Not so bright
It's a wonderfully small school. The professors are really helpful, the students are friendly, however most of them do not care about actual schoolwork, while a good handful do.

I regret transferring from this school. Going here was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and I want to go back now. At Adelphi, you are a PERSON, an individual who can impact the university greatly through your work. At any other large state school, you are simply a number, another tuition check. The quiet, interactive environment at Adelphi REALLY is it's greatest quality. The food is generally inadequate, the buildings are not so attractive, but otherwise, the actual environment at the school is really conducive to both a healthy mindset and academic success. I do not regret going to this school at all. My GPA was fantastic and I made true friends.

1st Year Male -- Class 2010
Perceived Campus Safety: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: C+
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Okay here's the REAL DEAL about Geneseo.Quite BrightOther
If youre from NYC, not gonna lie you will have a hard time adjusting to the social life here. Everyone wants to go out and have a good time, no one feels like driving to Rochester to go to a club! So be prepared for DIRTY frat houses, and the overcrowded bar (the most popular is the IB) One thing the city kids did like here was the beauty. Geneseo's scenery is unmatched to any other college. My friends from the city would say things like "Oh my gosh! You can actually see the stars here!" They like the clean air, and sometimes they do enjoy the quiet, but like I said theyre from the city, the social life is NOT THE SAME. Some kids will like it some won't. I guess you have to come here to figure it out for yourself.

As far as education goes. NO ONE COMES CLOSE TO GENESEO. You get the BEST education. I cannot stress this ENOUGH. I spent a year at geneseo and then transferred ONLY BECAUSE I has switched my major to Nursing, and geneseo doesnt offer this. I MISS GENESEO SO MUCH, and the education I am getting at my new school (University at Buffalo) PAILS in comparison to the education I was getting at Geneseo. at Geneseo even introductory 100 level classes were challenging, at UB my professors tests are ALL the SAME as the practice tests we do online. My Prof spent 80 minutes talking in class and all he talked about were 3 THINGS. I cannot tell you how much I miss my education at Geneseo. I feel like Im going to a stupid school now. Classes are so much easier. You really get your money's worth at geneseo.

At Geneseo, there arent as many people. meaning, everything is done in an orderly fashion, and you really arent just some number. In my statistics class of 350 i have to put my A3-19 on my test papers. We cant even put our own name, no joke!! At Geneseo the classes are WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY smaller. Of course youre going to have big introductory classes but the biggest possible class u will have at Geneseo is around 250 (thats how big the lecture hall is) i have a sociology 101 class at ub that has 450 kids!!!

EVERYONE, and i mean EVERYONE LOVESSS the atmosphere of geneseo. You just talk by people, and you dont have your guard up you feel relaxed, but at UB i constantly feel like people are just annoying. Geneseo is def a friendly campus, idk I just get weird vibes from the people at UB.

It's REALLY easy to make friends at Geneseo. Orientation makes it really easy, and they do a good job of helping you meet people. It's esp easier if you live on campus. i like living on campus for this specific reason. Everytime i would look around i would always see groups of people.

The library is really cool at Geneseo. SOOO packed during the day, and its nice to see everyone gives a crap about their schoolwork. rarely does anyone say "What an easy class!" At UB i have professors willing to give out 35 points of extra credit whereas at Geneseo it was *RARE* During exam week the Lib is PACKED w/ people. Geneseo also has a cool laptop rental program, so you dont have to carry a big laptop (because computers are harddd to find, cause the lib is always packed)

Geneseo is a simple campus. I will admit the food in the dining hall (red jacket and letchworth) SUCKS, but the food in the union, and MJ's was pretty decent. If i ever wanted a change i usually ate at places like Mama Mias (BEST PIZZA EVER) and main moon (chinese place) both of these places deliver which is really nice if u didnt have a car (like me). theres also a few restaurants in the surrounding area to choose from.

The one thing that I was bummed about were the athletics, theres TONS of school spirit b/c every 2 seconds you will be someone wearing school logo shirts, but no one really cares about the athletics (unless you play them) but people DO care about hockey a lot here, so its nice to have something to cheer for, and during hockey games you have bragging rights b/c EVERYONE yells to the opposing team "SAFETYYYY SCHOOOOOOOOOL!!" so yeah the rink is always full w/ hockey fans.

Partying is what you make of it I guess. Usually only freshman and sophomore to go frat parties, everyone else goes to the Bar. The frat parties are fun, not gonna lie. Sig Nu's basement was just for dancing, so theres NEVER any pressure to drink. In fact, only 3 of my friends drank, the rest just wanted to go dancing. Sig Tau is alright, tho sometimes their music is whack. Phi Kap's basement always has dancing, and they threw a kick ass backyard party my first day there. the Omega boys are basically loosers, and if no one goes there. you'll be sorry if you wasted your money going there. Crows are AWESOME boys. seriously they are a group of really great guys, cause theyre the frat with the most dedication to community service. i know a guy in that fraternity and has never had a sip of alchohol in his life. My roommate was never pressured to drink by her sorority, RLK. Greek life is REALLY big here. For such a small school a GOOD amount of people go greek.

I guess the one thing I dont like about UB is that theres no sense of community. At Geneseo no matter what part of campus youre on you will see someone you recognize, whether or not you know their name. It's a really nice feeling, it just gives you an added sense of security. It may sound corny but you have the chance to REALY STAND OUT here. You can make a name for yourself. People so GREAT things here. ALL science (even social science) majors have the opportunity to get involved in research. My friend graudated in 06 , was a biochem major, did amazing research on cancer, went to a conference, and won first place there. and her research was even published! you have so many opportunities to do great things here. At UB it's IMPOSSIBLE to stand out, how exactly can you do that with 20,000 other kids?!

If anyone has anyother questions just email me at icurnv_, seriously I can really help you out with anything!

1st Year Female -- Class 2010
Education Quality: A+, Surrounding City: C-
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I can't stand being in Alfred.Quite Bright
I can't stand being in Alfred. The place sucks, the campus is on a mountain, it's freezing half the year, and the people are HIPPY FREAKS. There is no night life and there aren't any malls or good restaraunts for almost 2 hours away and that is just ridiculous. The people are nice, but sooo strange. They all dress like they walked out of a thrift store and have paint all over themselves. The other half is just dorky fat chicks...90% OF THE GIRLS HERE ARE DISGUSTING AND FAT. Call me shallow, but every guy here will say the same thing. Also, there is no parking, security tickets you once a day and the school is overall way too small (the size of my high school! Not even 2k!)

So, i'm leaving. I'm going to a school where people who care what they look like, and where there is a DOWNTOWN and places to go that aren't 2 hours away.LATER ALFRED.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2009
Education Quality: A+, Surrounding City: F
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Adelphi University

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