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Berkeley College Westchester Campus

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Worst school ever

Mar 12 2009Finance
Worst school ever. *You need to pay money to get your transcript *A professor named Professor Shook gave me a B+ in her class b/c I laughed in her class, I complained to the head of department and nothing ever happened *The school has terrible communication. After I was accepted into the school, I kept getting calls from the school asking if I would like to attend Berkeley College *There isn't a cafeteria on campus and White Plains is very expensive *Maintenance is slow at response. My friends room had a broken toilet all weekend and no one did anything. *The Career Services cannot find an actual good job for anyone, unless you would like to be a secretary or an ordinary job in the mall. (expect nothing special) *It may look nice on the outside, but the worst school ever *I wasted a lot of money, learning absolutely nothing *Graduates cannot find jobs with their degree *Business near the school does not even know where the school is located at *None of the classes are challenging
1st Year Male -- Class 2011
Surrounding City: B, Education Quality: F

Berkeley seemed like a great business school to

Aug 07 2008Other
Berkeley seemed like a great business school to go to when I was looking at schools in NY. Although it is pricey, it allowed you to get your degree in less time than the average university, due to its quarter system.

I was planning on dorming, and that's when the problem began. Not until everything was processed and I was ready to go visit did they tell me that they did not have dorms in the city (NYC) I was told that the residential campus was located in White Plains, Westchester County, about 45 minutes from the city. That was a hugh disappointment but they made White Plains seem like such an amazing place. I went to visit the school in WP and the staff was so friendly and convincing in many ways.

I decided that I would attend the WP campus since it seemed to be alright.
Boy do I regret that.
The staff at the Westchester campus are truly nice people, but what good is that if the students are no good!

The students are so stuck up and have many little groups, just like in high school. There is nothing fun to do around here. If you live on campus you will probably be stuck in your room dying of boredom, unless you're lucky enough to have a job.

I decided to brush that off and start focusing on other things that Berkeley has to offer, like clubs. Well that was another let-down. I joined a few clubs at the beginning of the quarter and within 2 weeks no one was attending them anymore! I later found out that nothing is taken seriously at Berkeley and the student body never follows through with any planned activities. Yet another disappointment.

Now with the academics, if you don't get a 4.0 you're just lazy. There is absolutely nothing challenging about the courses at this school! I don't even feel like I am in college. My high school classes were more informative and challenging than this! What is the point of paying so much for a college education if I'm going to leave knowing nothing!

OH and I can't forget to mention that they purposefully don't offer the courses students need in order to keep them here longer than they need to be. They will offer many electives with probably one core class for your major per quarter. Many students tell me they have to stay an extra term because Berkeley did not offer the class they needed to graduate on time.

I feel like this school is a scam and all they care about is your money. They definitely hired the right people to convince you that this is the best school ever, because like I said the staff is incredibly nice. I think that's the only good thing I can say, is that they're nice, not helpful but just nice. They're pleasant and we all like pleasant people.

I will never forget my first week of school here, everyone complained about how much this school sucked! Im a very optimistic person so I didn't let those comments affect me but now I understand why everyone feels that way.

I would definitely NOT recommend this school for anyone who is looking for a good education with a good college experience. You will honestly be disappointed if you attend this school.

I personally am going to be transferring to another university next term because I just can't take being here anymore. I truly hope this review was helpful and informative, I tried to cover the basics. Good luck in your college career and don't go to Berkeley! :)

1st Year Female -- Class 2011
Friendliness: A, Campus Aesthetics: F

I've wasted two years of my life and

May 17 2010Business - Management and Administration
I've wasted two years of my life and money at the Berkeley College
Westchester Campus, and I regret it so very much.
At the time, the idea of attending a commuter college close to home
was convenient, but it didn't take long to realize that this "college"
is essentially nothing but a dolled up degree mill which churns out
degrees to any paying customer with a pulse.
Upon entering the campus, you'll quickly notice it's not bad looking,
and even looks quite luxurious (offices and restrooms, especially.) On
your first visit, you'll quickly be greeted by one of their many
near-super model level guides, who will give you the grand 10 minute
run-through of the tiny campus, being sure to usher you past the many
students spouting obscenities and blasting rap music in the halls,
computer labs, and recreational area.
On topic of the students, the culture is very limited. If you are
going to waste your time with this school, you had better make sure
you love BET, hip-hop, and, most importantly, hate learning. If you
don't fit that criteria, you will make very few friends in the school,
and have nothing to relate to in conversations. Many of the students I
did talk to were quite friendly, but that only goes so far when none
of them actually want to learn.
It's evident that most students in the school are only there because
they feel they need to be, and all jump for joy upon hearing of a
canceled class, and unanimously grumble when professors do walk in the
door, or assign homework. Most students just don't want to do
anything, and if you are someone who actually wants to get what you
pay for, you'll be paying dearly in time when you end up doing all of
the work for your group in any given collaborative assignment.
Luckily, for the slackers that account for the vast majority of
Berkeley College students, most every course is expertly crafted to
ensure that every student will pass with at least a C, so long as they
maintain a reasonable attendance, and turn in something even
semi-coherent for homework.
Thankfully, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to study under
a few great professors, though their teaching styles were suppressed
by the college in ways that forced them to limit challenge, and cater
to slackers. In fact, in a Managerial Accounting course I took, a
student was caught cheating on the course's final exam by the
professor, and she told him he was to automatically fail the class for
doing so, and had him removed from the classroom by the dean in a
justifiable rage. Upon contacting that student, he still passed with a
D. Amazing.
What's more, is that the most intelligent and interest professors I've
had at Berkeley would often pull the brighter students aside near the
end of the trimester to recommend that we transfer to a different
school to give ourselves the proper level of education we deserve for
the large amount of money we're spending.
The funny part is, I've never been a straight A student growing up,
yet I was quite consistently at, or near the top of my class, even in
those that I barely lifted a finger in. It's definitely easy to become
the big fish in a small pond at Berkeley, that's for sure.
As for extracurricular activities, don't be fooled; Berkeley really
doesn't have much. At the start of a trimester, they'll present
students with a decent list of clubs to join, but when only two or
three students show up to the clubs at most, most are quickly
canceled, leaving nothing to do after classes but to go home or to
your dorm.
Most importantly, DO NOT come to this school in hopes of actually
graduating with a Bachelors in 3 years, it's a flat out lie. I've kept
in touch with the few great students I've met in Berkeley, who started
with me in Fall 2005 on a 3 year program, and those who remained there
all ended up graduating in 2010. Some program that turned out to be.
According to them, the two years longer than expected came partly from
stress in back to back trimesters year round for 3 years straight with
a total of 5-7 weeks off every year for three years straight. No
student I've heard of was able to get through that without running out
of willpower, and faltering from the strict program requirements
really screws you up, and increases the cost of classes. The other
problem was how key classes are conveniently and repeatedly
canceled/unavailable to the point where a student can be kept from
graduating because of it. Definitely a scam of a program that
shouldn't be trusted.
Thankfully, after two years of being told to transfer from my own
professors, I finally did, and I never looked back. Unfortunately,
most of my credits did not transfer, and those that did were cut in
half by 2/3 in the switch from Berkley's trimesters to a real
university on a semester program. That said, I'm graduating from a
reputable university in Southern California, and couldn't be happier.
I'm actually thankful for having to start from close to scratch in
transferring, as I've learned so much from my current university that
my classes in Berkeley failed to even touch upon.
In summary, I urge all prospective college students to stay way from
Berkeley College.It's nothing but a proprietary scam, and you will
regret any and all time you spend there as a student. Berkeley doesn't
prepare their students for the business world, they just charge them
tens of thousands of dollars for a piece of paper that makes themappear like they are.
2nd Year Male -- Class 2010
Surrounding City: B-, Education Quality: F
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