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The Dominican College of Blauvelt

Total Grad Surveys 25
Females 18
Males 7
Avg years at University 1.8
Research Quality C (4.5)
Research Availability D+ (3.4)
Research Funding C- (3.7)
Graduate Politics D- (1.4)
Not Errand Runners D+ (3.1)
Degree Completion D+ (3.0)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] D (2.6)
Sufficient Pay F (1.1)
Competitiveness D+ (2.8)
Education Quality D (2.5)
Faculty Accessibility D (2.6)
Useful Research C- (4.1)
"Individual" treatment D (2.0)
Friendliness D (2.5)
Safety B+ (7.5)
Campus Beauty C+ (5.4)
Campus Maintenance B (7.1)
University Spending C+ (5.1)
Extracurriculars D (2.3)
Scholastic Success D (2.2)
Surrounding City C (4.6)
Social Life/ Environment C (4.4)
Sufficient PayF
I am proud of my choice to attendDec 18 2019Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I am proud of my choice to attend Dominican College's DPT program. Since the interview, I was impressed by how approachable, supportive, and relatable the professors are. The current teaching staff are all well-respected and active within the community, and they each offer insight from diverse expertise - making for an inspiring and practical learning environment. It's important to point out and appreciate how well the curriculum flows as I can connect principles within a smart structure. Also, the school has just launched a Pro-Bono clinic that they are incorporating within the curriculum!The hybrid format is tough, but it allows me to make money and volunteer at the organization I want to help. If you can find the strategy to prioritize and discipline yourself, you'll see that it is doable and learning that balance is worth it in the long-run. The great thing about it being hybrid is that it attracts certain types of people and you'll be surrounded by a team who want to level-up!
The weekend format is great for those whoNov 16 2019Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
The weekend format is great for those who will be proactive, proficient in time management, and self-motivating. All of the core/full-time professors are sincere, supportive, and available. They are all full time practicing clinicians who have a passion for therapy, which is important because you are taught the facts along with the relevant experience and application of the facts. Dominican College's DPT program has recently revamped the staff, their approach to teaching, and the resources available to its students. My classmates and I have received feedback from our clinical instructors that we are performing at an advanced level as practitioners, standing out from other school's PT students. Overall, I am incredibly grateful to have been accepted into this program and feel confident and prepared to be a medical professional. One consideration about the program is that when you go on your clinical affiliation, you still have classes, exams, and projects occurring simultaneously, which can be overwhelming. However, with the proper time management and planning, it is manageable and will prepare you to handle high intensity workloads for the future. I would have liked the program to expose us more to fellowship programs post-graduation. I also would have liked more financial support such as the white coat ceremony prep, lab equipment, and required online softwares. Overall, if you attend and graduate from this program, you will be faced with seemingly overwhelming challenges that will sculpt you into a wise, prepared, "woke" professional with the latest & greatest set of knowledge and skills for you to use to develop an amazing career!
I am a current student in the DPTNov 16 2019Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I am a current student in the DPT program at Dominican and I will be graduating in May 2021. This program has exceeded my expectations!! You are far from just a number in this program. The professors and director all want to get to know you and want to ensure that you are successful not only in school, but in the physical therapy world as well. These reviews from 2016 and before, are not an accurate representation of what this program is today. There is an entirely new staff, new director, and new program flow.Every professor is still a practicing physical therapist who enjoy teaching students what it is like to be a physical therapist in the real world, not just in the classroom. We have recently opened a ProBono clinic where the professors guide the students in treatment for those who live in the area and their insurance (or lack of) will not permit them to go to physical therapy.
I am in the DPT Class of 2020Aug 21 2018Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I am in the DPT Class of 2020 at Dominican College. These reviews past 2017 are outdated because they have completely changed the program. There are all new professors with a new and improved curriculum. I absolutely love the challenge here, as we learn theories and models proposed by various schools of thought. Our class works together as a team getting through the stress and excitement of the program as we have become extremely close in a short period of time, like a second family. The professors offer their help and never turn you away. Of course there are some frustrations, but the staff does a great job offering course feedback surveys and advisor meetings to express any concerns that may arise. We also elect class representatives to communicate on our behalf for some matters. I feel extremely prepared to begin affils in January thanks to this program. Also, APTA recently accredited our program for 2018 and was extremely impressed. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the program. I checked the box to allow this contact. In sum, definitely apply and go to the interview- see if you like what DC has to offer!
The Dominican College DPT program is outstandingAug 21 2018Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
The Dominican College DPT program is outstanding. It is not what it once was years ago as the faculty, staff, and director are all new. The professors are experts in their fields and many of them have fellowships in orthopedic manual therapy which is one of the reasons I chose DC DPT. Also, the faculty continue to practice in their own clinics when they are not teaching and this allows for better learning experience because they remember much more about PT and are constantly beijg challenged by their patients and colleages so their skills remain sharp, as opposed to faculty in other schools that strictly stick to research or teaching and have not touched a patient in decades. DC DPT faculty and staff are highly skilled, helpful, and personable. The professors answer emails bery quickly and some even give their phone numbers to students. Highly recommend attending Dominican College DPT program
I am currently in the DPT program atAug 21 2018Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I am currently in the DPT program at Dominican College and it has completed turned around since 2014. There is an entirely new director and staff, who are there to ensure that you succeed. They do not want to weed out any students, they want to help you as much as you need in order for you to succeed.

At first I was hesitant in applying due to all of the horrific reviews, but once I attended the interview, I was informed that all of the staff were completely different from the reviews that were found on the internet. Every professor is currently a practicing Physical Therapist, which ensures that we are educated with the most up to date information within our field. I am extremely happy with the fact that I am attending Dominican College. Everyone is so helpful and kind. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and the classes above mine are always willing to give some advice. It truly is a little DPT family in this program and I have no doubt in my mind that I will be able to pass the boards when it comes time,

I am glad that I decided to attendAug 21 2018Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I am glad that I decided to attend this DPT program. All of the faculties are very knowledgeable and eager to help each student succeed. The new program director has made major changes to improve the quality of the program. The weekend program may seem daunting coming from a traditional weekday schedule but I've come to appreciate the flexibility it offers and will not have it any other way.
I am currently in the DPT at DominicanDec 15 2017Unknown
I am currently in the DPT at Dominican College. I wanted to take the time out to say the I have seen a major transformation in the program from when I started in 2015. I was also in your position reading reviews about different DPT programs and saw the horrific reviews from 2012 and I will not lie I was skeptical BUT.. I would like to encourage you (those that are reading this review) to be your own critic. Schedule a meeting, come to the campus during instructional weekends, meet the faculty, ask the faculty to provide you with some current students' emails, and make your own decision. We have an amazing faculty who specialize in different areas and the program is student centered. The faculty strives to help the students and are always available. I am also confident that my classmates and myself will pass the boards. Remember, EVERY program will have pros and cons. This program is in a weekend format therefore you will have to manage your time appropriately and be able to discipline yourself to study independently on the week days.
This program has gone through extreme and necessaryDec 14 2017Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
This program has gone through extreme and necessary changes. I was a little worried about attending Dominican in the beginning but I am extremely happy that I did. Yes, the weekend program is tough, but all DPT programs are in their own way. I love that I am able to work part time during the week to help pay for some of my tuition while I am enrolled. The new Program Director and professors are amazing! They really put the students first and do whatever they can to make sure you learn the material. The faculty in this program are very understanding and help out anyway they can, from study sessions through the week to phone calls if they cannot meet on campus. I have not met a single person in this program, student or faculty, that wasn't friendly, nice, and wanted the best for you. All of the students help each other out and work together as a family. We all want to see everyone pass and succeed. I have zero doubts that at the end of this experience I will pass the boards and be a practicing DPT.
Dominican College has made me excited to attendOct 19 2017Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
Dominican College has made me excited to attend class and learn about Physical Therapy. The professors here make learning interesting and appease different types of learners. The professors are also very helpful with answering any questions about the material learned in class. After meeting the faculty during the interview session and orientation I'm very pleased with my choice to go to Dominican College. Since my first day as a graduate student I have been treated respectfully and kindly by the faculty and upper classmen.
The professors in this department are incredibly knowledgeabOct 17 2017Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
The professors in this department are incredibly knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge with students. I have always felt that each of my professors are invested in my success just as much as I am. They are supportive but also know how to push students out of their comfort zone and too the next level.
Like many student preparing for the interview processOct 17 2017Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
Like many student preparing for the interview process I came across many bad reviews online regarding the programs staff. However, rest assure these reviews do not reflect the current staff at all. The program has went through a major change. New professors and program director has made this program one of the best in my opinion. The staff is welcoming, kind, genuine and VERY knowledgeable. I don't regret my decision to attend this school.
In the year and a half that iOct 17 2017Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
In the year and a half that i have attended Dominican College's physical therapy program, i have seen tremendous changes in the nature of the program. I am fully aware of the transgressions that have occurred in years past with the program, and major changes have been made since then. Our new director, Dr. Euparadorn, has structured the program to be more well-rounded and enjoyable for students. The staff is very knowledgeable and they have taught us in a way that will set us up for success in the clinic and not just for a grade.
In the process of applying to a DoctorateOct 13 2017Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
In the process of applying to a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) program, I found thay most school interviews were quite stern, cold, and unwelcoming, that is until I went to Dominican College's DPT interview. Unlike other schools, I noticed that during my interview at Dominican, I was looked at as an individual, not as a grade or paper application. From the first day I met this facult, I knew this school was more like a family and a home. Currently I am in my first year of this program, and I couldn't be more thankful to be here. Your peers and professors only want to help you and push you to be the greatest physical therapist that you can possibly be. I love the field of physical therapy so much and the individuals that are in this program and teaching this program give me so much hope and joy for this field. I have never met professors who push so hard to see their students succeed and who make so many sacrifices to help them be the best that they can possibly be. Additionally, I feel like I can guarantee that no one class is like our own. We fight to push each other and help each other and we have become this grand student physical therapy family. I am so thankful that I was chosen to be a part of this program and my only hope is that future students feel the same.
I chose this school because it was fairlySep 29 2015Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I chose this school because it was fairly cheap (less than 25K)and close to home. I came into the program fully aware of it's previous history of poor board pass rate. I graduated in 2015 and I am fully confident my classmates and I will pass our boards and continue on to be great clinicians. We have had wonderful guest speakers and the school has made many opportunities for us to review challenging material prior to the boards. My only negative for the program was the rigidity of the program director. On many occasions situations were made unnecessarily difficult because of administration decisions. Overall, I am happy with my decision to attend Dominican College.
Dominican College is studentAug 31 2014Business - Management and Administration
Dominican College is student centered and I had the opportunity to focus my education on the goals that I wanted to accomplish. The faculty were supportive, available and always there for me. This is a great school and a family to be part of!
By far the worst decision I made inAug 21 2012Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
By far the worst decision I made in my life. The director of the program is fake beyond all recognition. Even though you are told that you will be helped and understood THIS IS NOT THE CASE. The staff is never on your side, EVER. You as a person do not matter to them. They will keep you and take your money and throw you out like they did several students from my class. They will plot and plan anything they can come up with to get rid of you and leave you without a degree. They do not help you prepare for your boards, do not know how to teach and need to get rid of those women who they call 'teachers'. Does a teacher hand you a book on day 1 of class and say 'now pair up and learn yourself'. How many issues have I and classmates had with them? EVERY WEEKEND. Schedules changed, assignments change, syllabus was never followed. School was on academic probation. Get the picture? What would have been best for the school? To close! They aren't humans, let alone teachers. Do not go here! This school is a joke.
The staff of Dominican College are biased towardsJul 12 2012Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
The staff of Dominican College are biased towards minorities and non-christians. College emphasizes their practice on abuse of civil rights of the students, as well as fabricating lies against students. In particular professor Mary Boulos, and Valerie "Dong" Olson. Their practices are cruel in nature, and makes it unrealistic and stressful to complete the program. Both parties were involved in a law suit which was filed by a student who was discriminated against, where federal prosecutor was involved in the matter. I highly don't recommend this college, and would encourage everyone to avoid applying to a school which discriminates against their students.
I am a 2011 Physical Therapy Graduate &May 23 2012Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I am a 2011 Physical Therapy Graduate & I wish that I knew about the TRUE Dominican College & the program before entering. I had to wait until I received my Doctorate Degree before speaking freely since the PT program not only threatens students, they also discriminate against students & no administration is on the student's side. I was in the program during the time the program was on probation & it was a horrible dilemma. The program director left, & the current program director, Dr. Olson is unprofessional, cruel, discriminative, & does not want the best interest of her students. The worse Professor who is still currently teaching is Dr. Mary Boulos. She threatens students to leave the program since they are no good to stay, discriminates against their culture & religion & when the student goes & complains for their rights, they are put down & not even taken seriously. It is b/c of Professor Boulos that this program went into probation & faculty members have left the school & are no longer teaching. Professor Boulos is an individual who motivates & manipulates other faculty members to fail students who are not worth to succeed.

If you want to cry everyday, increase your stress level, have a heart attack & really go through a journey of failure then this school & program is for you.

If you want your money's worth, to be in a learning environment where all faculty members respect every student as a person regardless of their race, culture & religion, & they do not discriminate against students then this school is NOT FOR YOU! Every student has the right to be in a learning & a memorable environment & a school that when they look at their Doctorate degree they FRAME it with PRIDE & HAPPINESS, not cursing out the school all the time.

Even though the program says its a weekend program, however, that is false. They put classes during the week & webinars are during the week day which is not convenient at all. We should have spoken sooner, however, we were all scared since all the faculty members especially Professor Boulos & Dr. Olsen threatened students that if any word was said we would not graduate.

I have completed three years of study atMay 22 2012Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
I have completed three years of study at this place called university. The physical therapy department consists of mostly unqualified and unprofessional instructors whose main purpose is to make the students believe that they are attending a very difficult school, and the problem is the student and not the incompetent instructors. The students of class of 2011 are yet to pass the physical therapy board exam. After about four tries none of the class of 2011 has passed the board. The student loans are due and none of us can practice the trade. It is very sad that bunch of charlatans can play with people?s lives. This program must be dismantled and student tuitions refunded. If you are thinking about enrolling, DO NOT, and if you are in the program try to get out, and if you cannot leave the school learn on your own as much as you can. Also talk to an attorney as well.
The director of this program Dr Olson isJan 21 2012Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
The director of this program Dr Olson is mean spirited and enjoys instilling fear in her students to the point of being abusive. This kind of behavior is also carried on in her name by her faculty. The professors are constantly threatening students whether their grades are good or not with being expelled form the program. The teachers are inefficient and unqualified to teach. Don`t waste your time and money going here. It is an abusive place.
Totally waste of timeMay 27 2011Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
Totally waste of time in an arrogant and unfriendly environment dealing with substandard faculty and the physical therapy program which was under probation by the State authorities. The education does not worth the expenses and the efforts.
Three years ago I joined the Physical therapyDec 23 2010Physical Therapy/Exercise Science
Three years ago I joined the Physical therapy program at doctorate level. The reason I chose this program was the fact that the program was supposed to be a weekend program. In the middle of the first term we the student realized that the course work were so heavy that we had to do course work and study 6 to 7 days a week. The small faculty proved to be very inefficient, and couple of good professors that it had soon left the program. The newly appointed director also left the program, and the regional accreditation committee placed the program under probation, which it had continued for the past two years. Dominican college is not accepting any more students into this program, since its future accreditation is very much in doubt. The faculty of 4 professors and a dean from occupational therapy department, are the most unqualified staff that I have experienced, they are very unprofessional and biased toward the students. The last decent professor is leaving as of January 1, 2011. Student concerns has been communicated to the dean of education of the college in few meetings that I had with him, however there has not been any improvement. I would recommend to all to stay away from this college you will waste your time and money.
i personally feel Dominican college OT department isNov 04 2010Other
i personally feel Dominican college OT department is not pro students. Student are afraid to speak about some of the atrocities they are doing with some students. They play with people's life and future. i would have recommend the college to anybody 2 to 3 years ago but as the years goes by I'm truly dissapointed. many good professors have left the college. instead they are hiring new grad students as teacher assistants with no experience. Another example: if a student have an average of 79.9 and you need a 80.0 to pass a class they would fail you and worse if that would be your second failure you can forget about your career and all the money you have spend. it is sad for a college who teaches occupational therapy which is holistic and humanistic, and their moto is to treat the patients as whole individual don't apply the same to their department.

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