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Eugene Lang College The New School for Liberal Arts

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Eugene Lang is very different from most schools.Quite BrightPsychology
Eugene Lang is very different from most schools. It's definitely not the "typical" college experience. Some people love it, others do not. Personally, my experience here has been very positive. Although it's not perfect, transferring here was one of the best decisions I've made, and I could not see myself completing my undergrad anywhere else. Lang is a small school but is part of a large university. Therefore, you get the benefits of a small school (small classes with professors that know your name) in a large school setting (having the option of being anonymous if you want to be).

ACADEMICS: You're going to have a lot of homework. Every class will have a lot of reading, essay assignments, and research projects. The work is rigorous and can be challenging, but you'll learn a lot. I'm a psychology major: Some of my professors have been amazing, others have been terrible. Some assign good quality work, while others assign busy work. The workload can be overwhelming at times, leaving very little room for "free time," but overall, my academic experience has been rewarding. I've been pushed out of my comfort zone and learned not just about the content of psychology, but about what it's like to be in the field of psychology; I discovered from this that I do not want a career in the field of psychology, but I might not have known that had I not come to this school. Most professors are approachable and are willing to help you with your work outside of class if you need it.

One thing to watch out for: students can be very competitive with one another when it comes to grades, so your best bet is not to share your grades with anyone.

Another thing to watch out for: The attendance policy is very strict. Try not to be late to class, and try not to miss class unless it's absolutely necessary.

SOCIAL LIFE: I didn't have any friends at Lang during my first semester here. We don't have a closed-in campus, there's no greek life, and most students do not live in the dorms; they commute from home or have apartments in NYC. During my second semester here, I started to make friends in my classes, and those people are still my friends. It's harder to meet people here than at most schools, but once you do, those people will be your friends for the rest of your college career. I made friends in my classes, but you can also meet people by joining clubs at Lang or attending dorm events if you live in the dorm. You can also meet people outside of school by joining groups/events in NYC. I attend a local yoga studio regularly, and that was another place where I made friends. Lang is not really a "party" school, but the people that do like to go out usually go to a bar with just one or two people. One thing I love about Lang is that unlike my former college, it's not a "cliquey" environment; there's no pressure to fit in with a certain group or to be the most popular person in school. Students are generally more academically than socially oriented here. This is not the type of environment where people show up to school in sweat pants. For the most part, students are friendly and polite.

One thing to watch out for: It's an expensive school, so some students are snobby. However, I think this is something you find at every college.

Another thing to watch out for: Lang attracts a lot of students that are different. Personally, this aspect doesn't bother me, but for some people it's uncomfortable. There's also a lot more women than men, and therefore it can be hard to have a dating life at this school.

FACILITIES: I would not call Lang a campus. Lang is the undergraduate, liberal arts division of The New School, and we have about 1 or 2 buildings where most of our classes are held. Although we do have dorms, most of them are not close to the classroom buildings; I take the subway to get to class. However, the facilities are gorgeous. The buildings are well-kept and the furniture and technology are relatively new. There's 3 cafes on "campus" and a cart that sells coffee, but the food here is not that great. I usually just get take-out from nearby restaurants. However, nothing in NYC is cheap, so be prepared to budget your money carefully if you go here.

One thing to watch out for: There's security guards at the front desk of every single building, including the dorms, so be prepared to show your New School ID when you enter one of the buildings here. If you're bringing a guest from outside of school into any building, including the dorms, make sure they have a photo ID with them, or else security will not let them in. This policy did not exist at my former college, so it was annoying at first, but it's understandable considering that this is NYC. Although Lang was a hard adjustment at first, I'm used to it now and could not imagine myself anywhere else. Lang has been a great fit for me, but that doesn't mean it's a fit for everyone. The best way to know if this school is right for you is by visiting here and reading reviews on websites similar to this one. Most importantly, trusting your instincts will be the best way to find the right school for you, because your instincts will never let you down.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2013
Innovation: A+, Social Life: D+
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The academics at Lang are great for thoseQuite BrightPhilosophy
The academics at Lang are great for those who want to study the humanities, social sciences, art, theatre and writing. It has a great pluralist academic focus and courses from a wide variety of the humanities and arts are available. It is a very intensive school in terms of reading, writing and art, with a ton of opportunities for volunteering, social and political action, internships and career opportunities, just for being in nyc it itself. However, the social life is extremely lacking and everyone seems miserable all the time. I would not recommend going to this school if you are a happy, well-adjusted person. During my year and a half at lang I drowned myself in my studies, writing, and work and have never written such brilliant things in my life or learned so much and have met some amazingly successful, famous people through work and internships, but have also fell into a deep depression, developed an anxiety disorder, and have been on the borderline of suicidal for most of it. The only way to socialize at lang is really the bar/club scene, in which lots of narcotics and drugs are present. It's a very easy trap to fall into, and very unhealthy atmosphere. The city of new york combined with the "black hole" like gloom of the new school is a lethal one. I plan to transfer out of here as fast as I can. I want to go to a school with a better sense of community and quality people who aren't a bunch of depressed hipsters. Don't just take my advice though, read up on the school and its academics for yourself. If you are someone who is looking for a very VERY progressive, open-minded school (ahem, closeted gays/trans) this school is for you, you will find a lot of acceptance and support here for your sexuality/gender preferences. If not, its not worth it.
1st Year Female -- Class 2015
Education Quality: A, Useful Schoolwork: F
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Please believe me, I don't ever write reviewsQuite BrightUndecided
Please believe me, I don't ever write reviews on sites like this-- I'm usually just here to browse.. but if my comments can help save someone thousands of dollars and a lot of disappointment if not downright misery, then I will feel like I am doing my part as a decent human being.

The people at this school truly suck. They are unbelievably pretentious and self righteous, its sickening. The friends I did make, I made because we were equally as miserable and would bond over how shitty our school was and how quickly we were trying to get out. Hipsters are everywhere. And if you want to be able to go to school in sweatpants or anything that ISNT a designer label, or are even remotely laid back and enjoy a laid back environment, please please stay away.

The city is wonderful, of course-- its New York. I had been dreaming of coming to New York all of my life. I found out it wasn't for me, but that of course, was my own experience and will vary from place to place. I truly believe that if I hadn't gone to lang I would hav enjoyed the city more-- now I have an almost PTSDish reaction whenever hearing the words "New York."

The academics are of course, painfully limited. If you aren't an aspiring writing major (I was) then there really is no point looking at this school.. save your money and go somewhere else. The teachers were good, I liked the ones I had a lot and I enjoyed the course load ( I was so miserable that I ended up spending 100 percent of my time pouring over homework and became and excellent, albiet depressed, student). There are some smart students but there are some absolute idiots that attend the school as well. I was shocked and appalled when I had to proofread one of my classmates essays and realized to my horor, that I had in my hands an attempt at an in-depth analysis of a Justin Bieber movie.

The facilities were PATHETIC. You have access to NYU's library but we truly have nothing of our own. It is so disheartening to see our two shitty little buildings. We have no bookstore, and you are made to purchase all of the books required for your courses (which adds up to a few hundred dollars) at the barns and noble on 18th street. It makes you feel you aren't worth the resources. We really have nothing.

After a little while, most people feel the need to make use of the counseling services. Don't. They prescribe you all sorts of medication. If you do go, please do some independent research on what they are prescribing you.

Because of the New School, I developed an anxiety disorder, am on two different medications (my friend from high school who attended with me is on anti depressants and anti anxiety as well, and is just as broken as I was). I got out immediately and studied abroad my first semester. I am volunteering next semester and applying to transfer after that. I will literally go anywhere but here.

PLEASE don't disregard my comment, if you have read it through. I am not exaggerating when I say coming to this school ruined me. I got a second chance at an excellent "first year of college" experience with my study abroad program this semester. But the people at the school are miserable. And the amount of money you're paying to be miserable is almost like some kind of sick joke.

I beg you, dont go to this school. If you are smart and want to go to a prestigious school, don't waste your time, if you are a decent person who enjoys other decent people don't come here, if you are a rich, pretentious hipster who couldn't get into NYU and want to write and spend 2 hours dressing in designer shabby-chic for a Kafka class, come here. But even then, you'll probably be miserable. HEED MY WARNING. PLEASE DON'T COME HERE.

1st Year Female -- Class 2014
Surrounding City: A+, Campus Aesthetics: F
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