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Hofstra University

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All I can say is don't Hofstra seemsBrightPerfomance Arts
All I can say is don't Hofstra seems appealing with it being so close to NYC, but that's really the only good thing. I majored in drama, and half the professors were educated at Hofstra! No one in any department knew what they were talking about and they told us if anyone came up to ask why the tuition was so high we should avoid the question. The so called "BFA" program is a scam, and without it you're basically paying 60k for no major. The kids who had gotten in came out with no connections, about the same education that AMDA could give you (except 50k cheaper) and a school that looks the other way when you ask why you don't have a job. It says a lot when someone transfers to a community college just to get out of the trap that is Hofstra. The food is awful and the amount of times people found bugs in their food was too many to count. Hofstra is located in the lovely town of Hempstead, known for its gangs and high crime rate. My first year I got three emails a week telling us to travel in groups because there had been students mugged walking back from parties. The school totes their proximity to NYC as a feature yet sets a time limit on the shuttle that takes you to the nearest train station, saying that after a certain time it's too dangerous for them to come, and if you find yourself stuck there then you better know someone with a car. Even the attendance policy, which varies per major, is insane. If you find yourself in the hospital, or just sick, then you better show up to class with an IV because if you're absent more than 2 times they drop your grade and recommend you drop the class. If I could give this school 0 stars I would. If you're even thinking of attending simply because you didn't get in anywhere else (like the majority of people who go to Hofstra, it's a 'well I didn't get into my top choice but this will do' school), I implore you to look elsewhere. I didn't do well my first semester of freshman year due to my family moving and it being a new environment. As a result I lost my scholarship, but when I tried to explain that I was simply getting used to being alone and not having any family close they told me that it didn't matter and that I could appeal again next year. They rope you in by showing you the gym, which is about the only thing they'll spend money on, and have the student guides, who are paid to lie (I know because I went to the training to be one, but when I was told about the questions to avoid: tuition, do people drink/ do drugs). The dorms are small and packed (they have 4 people to a room the size of a normal dorm, they call it a quad). There's so much to say about why this school is terrible, but I'll leave it at a simple DON'T. Don't go, no matter how appealing it sounds, it's not.
2nd Year Male -- Class 2017
Surrounding City: C, Education Quality: F
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I absolutely adored mySuper BrilliantHistory/Histories (art history/etc.)
I absolutely adored my time at Hofstra. It's easy to graduate with multiple majors if you plan your time well, and I've had a lot of wonderful professors that know me very well. There are plenty of opportunities you can take advantage of. I would highly recommend Hofstra.
4th Year Female -- Class 2015
Education Quality: A+, Perceived Campus Safety: D
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READ THIS BEFORE ATTENDINGQuite BrightEngineering Department
READ THIS BEFORE ATTENDINGSo at one point in my life I was considered brilliant, a 150+ I.Q. , but then a car accident and brain injury changed things. Im still capable of doing a lot but the advisors their dont help. For ex, I said I dont need to be overwhelmed because I have bad anxiety, and what does my advisor do??? He puts me into Calculus 3, Calc based physics and Matlab (an engineering math based on computers and computer language). So instead of challenging me with a few different courses, he puts me into 3 difficult math classes. My professor, who I confided in about my course load said "that was definitely the wrong thing to do, even for a person without anxiety." On the other hand my calc 3 teacher, is unreachable after class and outside his office hours. My classes were during his office hours, and he wasnt willing to give me 15 minutes. For ex: I had a question, he thought it was irrelevant and said talk to me after class ill help you. After class he says I have to go. He is also slow at grading tests. For ex: we had a double and triple integral test 2.5 weeks before the final, and he didn't get us the test back nor did he post a solution to the test. How is one to find out what areas he needs work on if you don't get your test back? He said " well its a lesson learned, take the class again." At 4500 per class I think not. The teachers constantly fail the students and then blame the students for not studying. Im sorry if 70% of the class is a C- or below, the teacher has a great deal to do with it. This University, as much as they want to be IVY league, will not be unless they remove the trash they have for teachers. I had a 3.9 GPA transferring in, and a 2.4 after one semester there. Their BIO department sucks, baaaaaaaaad! My brother going pre med, had a teacher who failed to teach the material. He zipped through slides without explaining anything (I mean 230 powerpoint slides for one test), the class average was 56 on the first test. So what does he do, he takes another teachers class average (a 79), combines his with hers, averages the two and then curves the test. That right there is coercion, hiding his failure to teach with one that could. So in the end he is getting relieved of that class, and during the final a student says" I smell fear and resentment up there," and the teacher says " you think thats funny, take a look at the test." Because he was getting relieved, he purposely made the test not passable to spite the department. Now you have a bunch of students who have to plea to have a grade adjustment, but in order to get into med school, you need B+ or better. In the end, you have a corporate lawyer running the school at a whopping $950,000 per year, and is turning it into a business rather than a educational institution. For the money go somewhere else, and experience a world away from Uniondale, which is riddled with crime.
1st Year Male -- Class 2018
Campus Maintenance: A-, Collaboration/Competitive: F
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Hofstra University
Hofstra University

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