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Hofstra University

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I recently transferred to HU from a CUNY

Nov 19 2012Psychology
I recently transferred to HU from a CUNY in the city. After spending 2 and a half years at that school (dreading every minute), I decided to finish the second part of my junior year and my entire senior year here. As I applied late in January, I did not have many options. I attended HU's on the spot admission event and made it in without any problems. I did like the campus and the faculty seemed nicer; they actual treat you like people (unlike CUNYS)

Reading some of the reviews here I want to address some points. First, I may be biased on the difficulty of education here because CUNY schools are crazy. They will rip the skin off your back. I am pre-med so trust me, I studied 24/7 my science class lectures had 200-700 people and 90% of the students failed the classes. That being said, the education here is much easier (for me). However, not to say it is completely easy; you do need to study and put in work to get As. As it is anywhere, you will encounter some easy professors, some average professors, and some a**hole professors who want make your life harder.

Put in the work, you should be fine. And you will have time for a social life.
The campus itself is gorgeous. However, there is not much to do outside of campus except attend bars (if that's your scene). Being a city girl, I find it quite boring here, but then again I haven't really explored much around here.

People; so far I understand what most people say about this school having arrogant stupid people. Hey, there are arrogant stupid people everywhere. Yes, they are anti-social. I guess for out of state people it may be harder to make friends here as you didn't grow up here and don't know anyone. But let me assure you it is not impossible. My first semester here I felt like an outsider and I couldn't stand the stupid slutty antisocial people. I don't take sh*t from people and growing up in Brooklyn, I have developed tough skin. Nonetheless, I have met some genuine people my first semester here. It's easier to spot them apart from all the arrognat slutty girls here. If all the people here complaining that they can't find friends contacted each other, I am sure you would be surprised to find how big your social group would be! I have met LI people and those who transferred here as well that are just great. Stay away from those you don't like, trust me, finding genuine people is much easier in a school filled with crappy ones.

So far, this school has been an upgrade because I am treated as a person here and not a number. Professors know my name, they are more acccomodating, and it's a little more laid back.

I suggest looking at the bright side of things; people complain about stupid people. Guess what? it's not you so you shouldn't care if half the class failed the test. It's their problem. Worry about yourself, do the work and you will be fine. On the contrary, they help you by raising the curve in the class so you end up with a better grade.

Every person has a different experience. I do not think you should judge the school without seeing it for yourself. Visit the campus, observe what you like and don't like. Evaluate the school based on your priorities, not the people who go here (as that is what most people complain about). If making friends is more important than your education, then I don't think this is the school for you. If you want a university where you can get good grades (and let's face it, grad schools, med, law schools care about GPA) then you should consider if you can handle the curriculum here. They do have connections, but I guess that depends on what you want to pursue.

Financially, I did receive a partial scholarship, but the school is expensive. I do not regret going here though; I would have spent the same amount of money at Columbia and probably have worse grades than here.

Like I said, take a tour of the school, see what vibe you get from it.

1st Year Female -- Class 2013
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Education Quality: D-

I'm a Television major at Hofstra in my

Dec 20 2011Video/Media
I'm a Television major at Hofstra in my junior year. It's been an amazing experience. I didn't choose Hofstra because it was my number one choice. I chose it because they gave me a full scholarship. I'm so glad I ended up coming here though. Hofstra has really helped me attain my goals. I have had 3 internships in 30 Rock at NBC and have so many connections I'm basically guaranteed a job after graduation. The TV program is great here and the campus is absolutely beautiful. The surrounding city is awful, but the campus has plenty to do. Plus, you're only about an hour away from New York City by bus/train. Social life is great here too. Definitely get involved with clubs and extracurricular. If you're coming in as a Freshman, I highly recommend living in The Netherlands. I met so many people by living there. We would all go to the bars together on weekends (the bars let you in and let you drink as long as you're 18+). It's an amazing school. No regrets about coming here.
3rd Year Male -- Class 2012
Scholastic Success: A+, Surrounding City: C+

I went to GWU for a semester and

Nov 07 2011Psychology
I went to GWU for a semester and transferred because I partied way too much... once I got to Hofstra I decided it was time to get my stuff together and try. I'll be honest in that I like Hofstra because I am lucky, I understand why many hate it and its not the school's fault, its just the fact that they didn't get as lucky as I did.

Depends on major. My friend is a Math major and he finds it to be difficult, another of my friends is a poly sci major and finds it easy. Business is hit or miss, some classes hard some easy. The psych department is stellar. I believe it may be one of the best programs in the nation. I really like it. I was published as a sophomore and I do undergraduate research and internships all the time. It is a great school.

Work is challenging but not ridiculous. You have time to do it trust me. I am taking 17 credits this semester and I still have Fridays off. It's not hard to get the classes you want and the advisers they provide are usually pretty ok. Beware though, you HAVE to be independent, nobody is going to lead you like a horse to water.

If you are going to be a Freshman, you have a few good options on the Weekend (Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights). The bars that allow Freshman in are Dizzys and Nachos (under renovation). They are fun but get repetitive. A bonus is they don't care about your age and let you drink at 18. Also there are Frat Parties/ House Parties every weekend that are open to all. You shouldn't be too bored on campus Thursday-Saturday. Sunday is football, everyone watches an NFL team here and its a big deal. My friends are Pats, Giants, Jets (me) and Eagles fans. We watch all games on NFL Sunday Ticket. Its a lot of fun.

Speaking of our teams, my friends are from Boston, Pittsburgh, Binghamton and Long Island. We're a diverse bunch and residents tend to be from all over. Commuters are kinda lame but one of my friends is one and spends all his time here.

Nice. Expensive. I'm moving off campus next semester with my 7 friends and saving $2,500 a semester.

I go here for a state school price but I'm on the high end of the spectrum. They give good Financial Aid and Scholarships though. But they do jerk you around and try and get rid of your scholarship for no reason. It's kinda annoying. But all in all not so bad. I know very few people who pay full price. All in all a good school, think I was pretty honest.

3rd Year Female -- Class 2013
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Innovation: C+

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