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Iona College

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I consider myself to be bright - maybeQuite Bright
I consider myself to be bright - maybe hard-working. I study hard because I want to attain good grades. I thought I made a wise choice choosing Iona College - to gain my Bachelor's Degree. I loved where Iona College is located - the main reason I decided to attend. I guess that wasn't a BRIGHT way to choose a college.

Anyway, I'm at Iona now, and I'm miserable - just not happy with Iona's Academic Support. Some of my classes are so crowded - students joke around and are so disrespectful to the Professors. Professors have to tell students to put their phones away - it's a joke. Very sad, but true.

The Tutoring Center, is ineffective- many times I went in, and there were no tutors to help me, and other times, Peer Tutors were assisting me with Math, and they didn't know how to teach me. They get paid minimum wage. I'm paying thousands for my courses - I want a Professional Tutor or my Teacher. Iona doesn't hire many full-time professors - so my teachers are not always around when you need help.

I don't want to be helped by a Peer Tutor making minium wage when I'm paying $50,000 to attend Iona. Some Peer Tutors are good, but that's not the point. I want to have access to my Professors - they teach the course, they developed the curriculum.

The Social life is lacking, and the advisment is very poor. If you want to work a few hours - near campus, there are not many places to find jobs.

Iona is just not a motivational learning experience. It seems like Iona is trying to cut-back at every corner - cheap way out - and I'm paying too much, like all students, not to expect quality, and full-time staff.

I've gone to offices - the staff is so limited due to the high-employee turnover, and Iona is replacing workers with part-time staff.

I don't think the President or Top Management have a clue what is going on or care - they keep getting paid. If they did know how to Manage and run a college, why is it falling apart?

There is limited parking for students - and you are paying. My friends drive around and around to find parking - sometimes making them late for class, and if they park in a wrong parking space - to get to class on-time, Iona's Security - is driving around to give tickets -I think parking should be accessible. If you pay to bring your car to campus - high tuition, you should receive VIP parking like the President - and his staff - you are paying his salary.

Students shouldn't get tickets if there is no parking spaces left - and have to park to get to class - that's the college's problem. Students are paying enough fees.

All around, Iona is just not run like a first-class business, so I don't want to get my BBA from Iona.

Manhattan College and Marist are doing something right - they made the top 50 Colleges in NY - affordable colleges.

I want an exceptional college experience since I'm paying
fees and tuition rates that are a rip-off - in my honest opinion.
Limited parking, part-time staff, Adjunct Professors - paying high fees to get helped by other college tutors receiving minimum wage - it's just not a conducive to quality.

There is no Social Life at Iona. The Community Service Iona does is very good, and you can eat at Restaurants - outside of campus - that's nice, but Iona takes a percentage - all around, Iona wants your money.

Iona wants Big Money for Small services - and no quality - sad but true.
I do have to say some of my Professors are good, but shouldn't they be, when I'm paying $50,000 - isn't that a given?I'm not asking for much - but, classes that are not-professional, students acting out in class, tutors that are not experienced, and on and on - Iona is just not worth the money, and I'm not going into student debt to attend Iona -because Iona's support services are inadequate.

1st Year Female -- Class 1920
Campus Maintenance: A, Education Quality: F
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I am assisting a relative, who is currentlyBusiness - Management and Administration
I am assisting a relative, who is currently a Senior in HS, with her college search. I was curious to review the comments regarding Iona College since I graduated, from Iona, in 2014.

I wasn't surprised to read so many Negative comments about Iona. I witnessed many under-handed practices when I was at Iona College. The new President, was expected to change things with his Strategice Plan - what a joke that turned out to be.

While at Iona, I witnessed a staff member getting a pedicure in the office - while students were around. I witnessed staff, doing absolutely nothing, all day - but getting paid - from student's tuition money, I witnessed elderly disabled staff members walking up and down stairs - because there offices were housed in buildings without elevators, and on and on.

Iona College outright lies to you about helping you with your job search. - They could carelesa about helping you.

Iona cares about MONEY - taking your MONEY.
Example, if you sign up to live-on-campus, and decide to leave after the first semester, you MUST pay for the dorm for the second semester, even you leave, and IONA rents your room - DOUBLE DIPPINNG AND STEALING WHERE I COME FROM.

Iona doesn't care about allowing students to use their meal plans at restaurants off-campus to make it nice for students, Iona takes kick-packs from the local restaurants everytime a student swipes his/her card.

The President and his staff at Iona College only care about making themselves look good to board members. Iona takes in 93 percent of students, but doesn't have the space to accomodate them.

Iona cares about your MONEY and Men's basketball. Don't get me wrong, there are nice people - nice staff working at Iona, that are sooooo underpaid - but are so nice. I had to stay at Iona - due to family reasons - I had to stay local - and I lived within walking distance to Iona.

Iona, years ago, in the 80s and early 90s, cared and lived the Mission of the Christian Brothers, but now, it's just a money-hungary school. So sad, but true.

Iona pays money for adverstisements, and Open Houses - all set-up, but take a few test-drives, go there, off-the-cuff, and walk around, inside offices, and you will witness the total lack of motivation at Iona.

Attend one of Iona's job fairs - you won't see any Big Fortune 50, 100, 500 corporations hiring students from Iona. Iona has VERY LIMITED partnerships with big corporations, hospitals, and on and on.

Iona's campus is beautiful in the Fall-very nice, but while I was there, the new President hasn't made any positive changes - other than redoing his big office - putting new doors in MsSpedon - while the computers in the student's lab remain broken, dirty, printers down, and students pay fees for paper and ink.

If you are going to spend money, go to the best - spend it at a college that cares, that is up-and-coming, not going backward. I just read their new Logo, "Move The World" - How is Iona moving the World? Iona spent a fortune, hiring an advertisement agency - to create a new logo, and new image, while Iona's departments are falling to pieces on the inside. How can Iona "Move the World", when like other posters wrote, "Iona didn't make the best 50 colleges in New YOrk list, how can Iona Move the World, when Iona didn't make the affordability list, how can Iona Move the World, when they have a low graduation rate and retention rate, and are concerned about NUMBERS, MONEY, QUANTITY, and Not QUALITY and CARING?

An Open House is set-up to look good. If you do attend, ask for statistical data, graduation reports, reports that show how many students were hired at Fortune 50 companies - total numbers, what salaries they were offered. Don't just hear about the one or two lucky kids, ask for detailed reports - on everything.

Ask how many kids drop-out, ask for a break-down of the fees, ask how many tutors are available, and how much they get paid, ask what percentage are Adjuncts, ask for the number of kids in core courses.

Don't give a dime to Iona until you get the answers. Compare the President's Salary, his President's Committee, the Men's Basketball Coach - with the Professors' salaries - you will see a BIGGGGGG difference. The President and his Committee members make 6 figures, while the Professors - most anyway - are underpaid and overworked.Iona didn't help me get a job - I was on my own. I only get letters from Iona asking for donations to their annual funds. What a disgrace. I'm ashamed to put Iona's name on my resume.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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I'm a first semester Freshmen at Iona College,Quite BrightUndecided
I'm a first semester Freshmen at Iona College, and I'm miserable. This school is run like a grade school. I will say there are some good Professors, but shouldn't there be when you are paying close to $50,000.

I chose Iona College due to its proximity to NYC, and I wanted a small school, and Iona's campus is nice. So after touring, I decided to enroll at Iona College - A BIG MISTAKE.

To reiterate what other posters wrote - Iona has NO social life, that college life is boring, and the atmosphere around campus is very cold - it's not a welcoming community.

The tutoring center is dark - and in a cold building - and there wasn't any tutors available the few times I went for help - in the subjects I needed support with.

Most of my Professors are Adjuncts - part-time - so they leave campus after class - and some of my classes have 35 students.

Professors have to tell students to put their cell phones away, turn them off; like high school, and Iona doesn't even rank.

I enrolled in College for a College Life Exeperience - attending Iona is like attending a Grammary School. The President cares about Athletics and building Dorms -that's about it.

The facilities are not updated, computers are left broken, keyboards are black with dirt, in many labs - printers are down.

Iona is a money making racket - and I refuse to give anymore of my money to them. My parents work way too hard.

I can attend a community college - great teachers - and facilites for a Third of the Cost.
My advice -is don't go into student debt to attend Iona. It's not worth it. If you are going to spend $50,000 to attend a college - make it a college that has a high ranking, affordable, -and when you put your degree, from that school, on your resume, EMPLOYERS WILL NOTICE.

Iona is so lowly ranked, Employers will put you at the bottom of the heap.
I'm transferring to a Community College in the Spring. Most likely, I will complete my Associate's Degree, and then transfer to a 4-year highly ranked and affordable school. Next college, I will spend days, attending classes, asking for statistics - graduation rates, retentions rates, job employment rates, where? salaries?I won't be naive the next time around - I want the best value for my money. I wouldn't pay $50,000 for a second hand car.

1st Year Male -- Class 1920
Campus Aesthetics: A, Education Quality: F
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