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Quite Bright
I was in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management. First off, Monroe College is overpriced. They only have 4-6 majors and want nearly 7 grand. During your 5th semester there, they want you to go without pell and tap, making you take out (or increase) a loan. Monroe College takes so much and gives so little in return. Some of the students are ghetto and act like they're in high school. Most of the people on the culinary team are arrogant little brats. Some of the chefs are bias, hypocrites and unprofessional and make racial slurs. When things don't go their way, they want to call you unprofessional.
Surrounding City: B+, Education Quality: F
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Jun 12 2015 1st Year Female -- Class 2015  
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It's a great school if you're just coming to attend and not join any of the teams. Monroe college only look out for people who are on scholarships from the school when it comes to teams wise. This is my third semester and I've been trying to receive a spot on the culinary team. Only people who are on scholarship with the school has a guarantee spot on the teams. Not just culinary but every team when it comes to football, soccer, basketball etc. I feel as if everyone should be treated equal and if you see someone with talent whose pushing themselves harder than everyone you shouldn't play as if you don't see it because he or she is not on a scholarship. Campus life is boring with nothing to do. School doesn't have nothing interesting going on around campus so everyone just goes home on the weekend. But what happens to the international students? If you're look to come up in the culinary field in this school tough luck because if you're not a c-cap student or etc you will never get a spot on the team.
Faculty Accessibility: A+, University Resource Use: F
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May 04 2015 1st Year Male -- Class 2016  
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Super Brilliant
My choice to go to Monroe was a last minute decision. Going from a "real" campus to Monroe's was a bit of a shock. I was happy to see that Monroe was a college full of minorities but I was not prepared for what happened over the next 4 years at Monroe.

Dorms: The freshman dorms are nice. The building is relatively new and like most colleges, I believe this is for a reason. That reason being, they bait you in, have you staying in a luxury building for your first year and then they drop the bomb on you. Which brings me to my next point for this subject. The non-freshman dorms are...terrible. They either put you in an old apartment building that's shared with regular people. The apartments have 24/7 security but that's more than likely because they're located literally IN the New Rochelle projects. These apartments have regular, families that aren't attending nor associated with the school living in them. They are low-income housing tenaments at best. The relationship with the project building inhabitants isn't ideal, but I must say (and this is barely a compliment) for the cirumstances at hand, the negative interraction between college students and project people that are college age is minimal...either way there are still fights and females are harrassed beyond belief.

The other dorms for the new rochelle (which is the only site with campuses) site are literally just apartments Monroe is renting from random buildings on New Rochelle Main street including a couple of nice lofts/luxury apartments in the Avalon building on the hudson (a very expensive luxury apartment building company throughout westchester).

The culture of Monroe is influenced heavily by carribean and west indian dance, dress, music and communication skills. Most of the students attending Monroe are from NYC or the Carrib. Most of the students from NYC are from Carrib influenced areas the Jamaican, Trini, etc pride is strong in this college. I myself ended up adopting a few different aspects of this culture, aspects I would have otherwise never been exposed to. Hell, I met my Jamaican fiance at this place...but that's neither here nor there.

Dorm parties are really trash unless you're into the low-income urban scene...meaning, people stand around blasting the newest urban hip/hop & rnb music while drinking hennessy and smoking weed.

They have a lot of parties that are borderline orgies. I'm not complaining, just saying. Guys show up wearing basketball shorts with no underwear, women show up wearing short skirts or leggins, they turn off the lights, put on some music and grind on each other into the wee hours of the morning. Fortuneately, I have always been an intellectual but I've also been close to this type of scene/demographic so this and many other things associated with this culture never really bothered me.

If you're not into urban black girls/guys, don't come here expecting any type of romance or attraction to your sex of choice. The women (as I'm a straight male) are either gay (there are alot of lesbians here), average or below average looking and the good looking chics have their vanity validated by the amount of not so great looking/dressing girls. If you ARE into the aforementioned type of chics...YOU WILL FLOURISH in regards to your love life. I had a great time with the ladies at monroe. Most of them, being from NYC, are not shy or unfamiliar with the "love game".

The staff seems as if they are in on a not so well kept secret. That secret being, Monroe is, for all intents and purposes, a scam. This is validated by the majority of reviews written about this college on this website and many others. However, in Monroe's defense...I will say this. I'm a very bright person in general (please excuse my grammar, spelling and punctuation as I'm typing this quickly with the sole purpose of shedding some light). People like me are rare. You can USE Monroe as a stepping stone. I'm very bright in things like logic, critical thinking, lingustics (ironic), math and general problem solving and I've never in my entire academic life span, applied myself (I've been a consistent C+ student my whole life). I almost never do/did homework and I can say studying is something I've always considered a waste of time. I say all of that to say this, I continued my same nonchelant approach to learning at Monroe and I went from a C+ student to an A student. This is becuase teachers literally give you test answers before tests. Some teachers even turn a blind out to students who outright copy answers from these teacher-provided "study guides" to tests. You CAN learn a lot about your field from Monroe and all of the teachers work very early mornings and late nights with the intention of helping students. I learned a lot about my field even with my lethargic academic approach.

I have a respectable job, in the field I majored in at Monroe all of which came post graduation. I must say however, my OWN intuition and hardwork landed me this job...but the same can be said for any college graduate (unless of course you attend an ivy league school-where corporations are hiring you as a "consultant" just to bolster their company's record for only hiring ivy leaguers). Many of the knowledge I acquired at Monroe has been a direct help in my field and career. I'll admit, simply have a bach. or assoc. from monroe is NOT enough to land a $60k plus job fresh out of college. You have to really grind and use that degree (paper) as validation of your hardwork. I was fortuneate enough to land a good stepping stone job while I was in my 4th year...that job plus my degree got me where I am now. I want to say, the "good" job placement rate at Monroe is probably so attrocious because of the demographic attending the school. They have a lot of drop outs and they have a lot of ghetto hot messes that wouldn't have made it in this world regardless of the college they attended. But there are people like me who knew what to do and how to game this system and made it a profitable scam for all parties involved (me, and Monroe staff/board heads). I don't have too much debt acquired (< 20k) from Monroe and I've already made back what I spent at that college 10 fold.
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Useful Schoolwork: F
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Oct 24 2014 4th Year Male -- Class 2011  
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