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New York University

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1) BEWARE: IT IS VERY HARD TO MAKE FRIENDS HERE. From what I've seen and heard, social isolation is VERY common at NYU. There are A LOT of students who have loose/meaningless friendships and spend too much time in their rooms. If you want friends here, you have to WORK VERY HARD. You have to be a social machine in order to make some quality friendships. NOTE TO NYU: Why is the club fair for a school of 60,000 only open for 3 hours??? How am I supposed to get involved?? It's so crowded that you can't even get into it, all the elevators were stuck! Anyway, I found my self repeatedly going to the same clubs over and over to try and build connections, but people here are distracted by the friends they already have and their internships that nobody turns over a friendly hand. Very cold. The school is also sooo big, which makes it VERY difficult to find your people. Unless you're super extroverted, you will have a hard time here.

2) ACADEMICS ARE NOT THAT GREAT. At least not worth $70,000. The core classes I took in CAS were decent quality, but not worth the price. Some of the TA's were rude and unhelpful. The classes in my major in SPS were such low quality for a school that has such a reputation. Beware that NYU has a great name, but you don't realize the poor quality until you get inside. The problem with NYU is they are soooo big and just try and get as many attendees as possible to make $money$ off tuition. It's so big that they cannot manage quality. For example, the academic advisors here are unprofessional and unhelpful. Unacceptable for $70,000 a year! I have heard plenty of students complain about academic advisors not answering emails, missing deadlines, forgetting to do simple tasks. The issue is that NYU admits soo many students that they cannot provide quality academic advising. NYU is becoming a campaign towards building a reputable brand with lots of funding rather than an institution that actually cares for its students. Classes are not much better than at a state school, so save your dollars! Most of the professors I've had look down upon us, which is not very encouraging. I think they are also shocked at the lack of quality students at NYU.

Not sure what you want to major in? Don't come here. They make it impossible to try other classes and get into other programs. Classes fill up fast because the school is overpopulated.

3) THE CITY SEEMS GREAT AT FIRST....You come to weekend on the square or admitted students day and it looks like a dream. Everyone is so friendly as NYU advertises their brand. Washington Square and the city seems enchanting and dreamy. Be careful not to fall into this trap, especially if you are sensitive and introverted like myself. There are people everywhere and everything is always crowded. It's Manhattan. There are homeless people, crazy drug addicts, perverts, etc. You can't escape people. Whether in the dorms or on the street. TO CONCLUDE: I am now transferring schools to a smaller college near home. I really gave NYU a fair shot, but it failed me. PLEASE MAKE YOUR DECISION WISELY. There are A LOT of students who are depressed here. A lot of students who skip class because the lack of quality and arrogant professors. Just be careful because these are not the things you will see on the admissions tour. Unless you are going to be a lawyer or a doctor, it doesn't really matter where you go to school. Don't sacrifice your happiness for a name brand school.

2nd Year Male -- Class 2019
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Extracurricular Activities: D-
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I couldnt not condemm this school more.BrightPreMed and Medical
I couldnt not condemm this school more. The social situation is absolutely horrendous. My first semester I was absolutely depressing many Friday and Saturday nights were spent alone in my room playing video games. This was especially difficult for me because in high school I would party with friends very often. The crippling loneliness that is present in this school is absolutely mind blowing. Many kids and I emphasize many kids just feel isolated as their is no centralized campus or party scene to really meet people at. Another important thing to address is the fact thay Nyu is in new york city. Many people think that because you are in nee york city there are plenty of things to do, but quit frankly if you are under 21 there is nothing you can do whatsoever. Bars and clubs are extremely strict and even if you do manage to get an A tier id bouncers in nyc know their sh*t and your changes of getting in on a constant bases is near zero. Another problem is the sheer expensiveness of the city. I am lucky to be relatively richi but I had a lot of really cool friends who I wanted to hang out with but they could not afford to come out. This literally led us to growing apart and sort of builds class differences in the school where high income students only hang out with high income students and low income with low income.. this leads to a lot of hatred between the two. Nyu has also been extemely strict on the very slim to non-existsnt greek life. Over the past 20 years they hve convered the frat houses into office buildings and frats are basically just groups of guys who hang out and occasionally rent clubs, only now nyu is attacking even these groups of friends because apparently every straight male is a sexual predator. Being a straight male on campus is actually just a disasterous situation. To sum up it you want to go out it can costs 100s of dollars and if you plan on joining a frat to make friends you will be constantly under attack by the ridiculous administration. The only remotely social thing to do is attempt to blaze in the dorms while trying not to get caught by the RA on duty. If you want any semblance of a social life do not attend this school, the academics are good, but oh god the social life is disastrous. There is a reason 10% of freshman transfer out of the school.
1st Year Male -- Class 1920
Surrounding City: A+, Useful Schoolwork: F
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First off, I go to the engineering school.BrightBiology
First off, I go to the engineering school. Currently it goes by the name of Tandon, but given how ridiculous the school is, it will probably change its name by the time that you read this. In the last 3 years, it changed its name 4 times from Polytechnic Institute to Polytech to NYU Polytechnic to Tandon.

My main hatred for this school lies in 3 things: the major, the student conduct office, and the tuition. I do have some positive things, which I will mention, but they will be some few. I do have a lot of negative things to say about this school, so please take some time to read them and buckle up for the TRUTH!

First my major isn't even called biology. It's called biomolecular science which is just a fancy B-llS%$@ NYU name to look smarter when the programs are bad....

The professors in the BMS department or CBE department truly do not care if you succeed or not. They don't care about teaching or if you're learning. All they care about is their own research and themselves. Send them an email for help on an assignment or ask them a clarifying question, no response.

Want to volunteer or sell your soul to slave away in their research lab, response within minutes. All the professors really talk about are themselves, their research, and where THEY want to go. Not where YOU the student want to go.

The lessons are poorly planned and disorganized. There are rampant cheating going on and self studying because truly no one knows anything or what the professor is getting at. 9/10 times the professor knows the class is cheating and simply does not care.

The BMS department is utter trash. The professors don't do any of the grading, so they literally hire student TAs to grade the exams and lab reports.... more often, your TA may be your age or younger than you.....

that's right, they hire inexperienced and petty teenagers to be in charge of your grades and your future. I am not lying. I have class where the TA is a sophomore in undergrad and there were students in my class who were MASTERS! wtf is wrong the professors.

Also the TAs can even assist in academic dishonesty if you are besties with them. they will help you out in grading when you don't deserve your grades.... Also its a clique system where friends nominate close friends to become an abusive and stupid TA with them.

My other concern about this school is the Student Conduct Office at Main campus. It's run by a bunch of turds who are aware of the shit that goes on in both the Brooklyn and Manhattan campuses. They know students who deal, who do drugs, who drink, who even rape.... Yet they try their best to cover up each scandal to protect themselves and to protect the "reputation" of the school. This can be seen when a school offices asks for evidence of an "alleged" crime, and then suddenly the evidence disappears!!!!! Or the school refuses to give you back the evidence. Or even "forgetting" to turn in the evidence to the police. SUCH BS. This school is whack AF.

There is also the high price of tuition for this crappy education and for the terrible administration. Anyways, the only good thing about this school is the vast resources in doing research, the city is New York, and so much to do in the school and nearby. However, the school would only promote student clubs and fairs to freshman only. Then when they turn older, they stop caring for the freshmen now that they are locked into this school. It's a stupid cycle.

4th Year Male -- Class 2019
Surrounding City: A, Education Quality: F
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