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Pace University New York

There are 93 Comments
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Apr 21 2014Business - Management and Administration

They shot down the water without prior notice

Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -

this school is garbage

Apr 03 2014Psychology
this school is garbage.
In fact, I need to apologize to garbage for comparing it to pace.
Do something good for yourself and your career path as a growing professional and avoid coming here at all cost.

Pace is like a huge money making machine with all the strategies to do whatever it takes to take the most out of your pocket; and the most disappointing part is that you have no idea where that money is going because the education and services are mediocre.

The school cafeteria is the living definition of nasty... Their lack of hygiene makes me tremble. Few years back, they closed down because they didn't pass the health inspection. After that, they passed the inspection with a d. Up to today, I still hear horror stories. My friend got a stomach bug and spent quite a few days vomiting after eating from their salad bar. A classmate found a staple in her sushi, and I found a growing/developing bug in one of the nut bowls packed by them. When I addressed the cafeteria's manager he said, "i don't know how this happened... The nuts were in a pretzel box." now I wonder, why the heck are the nuts in a pretzel box? on top of that, the cafeteria staff is very rude to the point at it becomes disrespectful. If the problem was that they were rude I would let it go because we all have personal matters going on; it's the fact that the treatment becomes disrespectful that truly bothers me (as if we didn't put off with enough already). Pace doesn't let you revoke your meal plan unless you provide them with legit medical or religious reason... If none of these apply to you, be prepared to pay hundreds of dollars on garbage.

In terms of cost, their website say that the cost of attendance every year for a nyc campus student is $56,949.... Well, they're charging us over $60,000 in tuition. An extra $4,000 dollars doesn't seem like a big difference, but it is as they add up.

Included in the tuition, there's a charge for "personal expenses" and "transportation" and yet, you never know where that money goes because they clearly don't pay for anything. I emailed them few times asking them why they're charging those if they don't pay for it, and they never responded. So a heads up, be prepared, if you email the financial aid office with any concerns, if they don't know how to reply, or if they require extra documentations from you, they will simply ignore you and leave you hanging.

Note to them: a courtesy reply to a student letting them know what they're missing or asking them to show up to your office won't break your arm... You're getting (very very) well paid for this.

I suggest, if you're willing to pay $60,000 for an institution, find yourself a college where the professors are at least passionate, have a proper teaching strategy, and where you'll be able to say, "i've gained valuable knowledge in my area of study as well other important related aspects."

I could go on and on about how disgusted i'm about this school. But to make matters short, be cautious, read other reviews, and don't come here just because, "it is in new york." many other colleges can give you the new york experience without making you go through hell.

The tour people/students in the school will tell you wonders about the institution, why? because the school provide them with bonuses like a free dorm.

(btw, dorming here is a living nightmare, most students move out, and others simply drop out). The elevating cost of dorming isn't what bother me, what bothers me is that they do not provide the service they should with such cost.

Also, don't let them lure you with the internship programs, most of the people I know were able to get internships without pace's help. As long you're a descent student, most employers are willing to provide you with internship experience, especially because most of them are not paid. I attempted to go to pace's career service, and as I looked at their list of internships, i've noticed that I have already seem them online, with just a quick search.

Ah and the scholarship offer, about 90% percent of the students i've spoken to say that they came here because of the scholarship (that includes myself) and their scholarships decreased greatly after they decided to enroll to the school (myself included). So if you're offered a $20,000 scholarship, expect them to decrease it to $11,000.

This place is a disgusting representation of a center for higher education.
Do not bother coming here.
I regret transferring to this school, it is my greatest burden.
On a last note, about a month ago we received an email stating that there was an alarming drop out rate... There you have it... Make your own judgement.

Any positive aspects?yes, i've have met a few professors with the willingness to develop your full potential.

1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Surrounding City: A+, Education Quality: F

I?ve been reading these reviews for over a

Feb 26 2014Psychology
I?ve been reading these reviews for over a year, and decided to give myself sometime to have the whole, ?Pace experience? before venturing to share my thoughts.

Let me start off by saying that I?m a transfer student. I?m a junior, which is one of the reasons why I?m not going to bother transferring out. Like most of the students here, I came to Pace because it is in New York City and a $19,000 scholarship.

Interestingly, right after I enrolled, they decreased my scholarship to $10,000 and didn?t specify why.

When it comes to New York City, I love it and it?s one of the very few things that makes Pace a great place.

Recently, we have learned that there?s a great transfer/ dropout rate at the school, and they are trying to find out ways to make the students want to stay? I think this is a hard one.

I think Pace is great convincing upcoming students that they are the perfect match. During the transfer orientation they?ll talk about the great security, resources, and other wonders, when the reality is that the only good and accurate thing is the location.

Pace University is expensive. To put things into perspective, Pace University is only $283 dollars cheaper than Brown University? Brown is an ivy league.

In my experience, the institution finds every little way and reason possible to charge you money, yet I don?t see where this money is going, or how it?s contributing to my well-being (simply read others' reviews).

Pace forces students to purchase a somewhat expensive meal plan (unless you are a commuter. In this case you?ll only have to purchase around $130 or so). The food in the cafeteria is expensive. The staff is very rude, but the reality is that you?re not here to be babied, and neither does it bother me as long they do their job right. Recently, I found a bug in my food, and not long ago my friend found a staple in her sushi? now I try to purchase items that come sealed from a branded factory rather than made or served by the cafeteria.

Social life:
When it comes to social life? no, there?s no social life, or school spirit. Believe it or not, that was one of the aspects that really attracted me to Pace. I didn?t want to sit in a crowd like a high school kid screaming, ?yay Pace!? I?m a grown up and for instance, I want to study, do internships, join the work force, and network. If you?re here to do the same, you?ll like this aspect of the social life. Like others have mentioned, it can be a bit hard to make friends because people are not engaged in school, but it is not a big deal. If you are here to get down to business, you?ll meet people outside of school (the real world).

Dorming is a nightmare, no wonder why most of the students commute. The room selection process is total bullshit; they won?t bother pairing you with people you have things in common with, which makes the living rearrangements quite difficult. I would have more respect for the school if they eliminated the preferences selection and straight up say that they won?t even bother looking at it. I could say that I was lucky to be placed with my current roommates because it could be worse. One aspect that is truly challenging is the cleanliness. I?m a very neat person, yet they haven?t cleaned this place once. Our bathroom is disgusting and if I try to clean it, they?ll get offended. After coming here, I drink every single day; I?m not sure if it?s the environment or the influences, but I?m been controlling my drinking. We are allowed to have visitors stay overnight; a good feature I would say, but I have encountered my roommates bringing random men to have sex with and constantly partying, which is a very uncomfortable situation if you?re in the shower or trying to study. Most of the people here do drugs. My roommate snorts all types of powdery pills and drugs while mixing a bunch of strong alcohol? I try to mind my own business, but considering that I?m paying almost $8,000 for my room is truly frustrating. I must say that most students here are very approachable (regardless of their behavior or motives).

Most professors are very nice and respectful. Like any other place in the world, you?ll also find people that will make you wonder where they counterfeited their college diploma. A feature that has helped me with my professors? selection has been I have encountered professors that don?t give out much work because, ?more work for you means more work for me.? While most base class on making you watch a bunch of old videos to later write essays on them. I have encountered a few great professors, and I may say that I have actually learned a lot. At the same time, I do worry that I won?t be competent enough to be a great input in the workforce. The competition out there is huge, and I feel Pace could do a better job with the education. Once again, there are great professors in there, you just have to search.

I could go on and on about the aspects that truly frustrate me about Pace, but I will proceed about the good.

The city:
No matter how you put it, New York City is New York City. After encountering much frustration with both the school and my experiences in the dorms, the fact that I?m here makes me feel relieved. I?m happy to say that there are unimaginable and endless resources, as well many internship opportunities. I already tried the school?s site to find internships and it is not a big deal. I have found the same types of internships on my own using monster and other similar sites.

If you?re ambitious and you?re willing to work hard, you?ll be rewarded with great things. It?s all about networking, assisting professional workshops, being a linkedin guru, keeping your grades up, and understanding that Pace is an institution where you?re working for your education rather than viewing it as a place within your life.

Final point:
I would completely avoid coming to Pace. For the cost, you could get an amazing education elsewhere. I made the mistake of thinking that the previous reviews were done by a bunch of immature and over exaggerating kids, when the reality is exactly as they describe it; the fact that New York have great resources, and that the dorms are located in a great area makes the experience less painful.

1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Surrounding City: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: D-

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