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Pace University - New York

Total Grad Surveys 17
Females 3
Males 14
Avg years at University 2.1
Research Quality C+ (5.8)
Research Availability C+ (5.7)
Research Funding C+ (5.5)
Graduate Politics B- (5.9)
Not Errand Runners C+ (5.5)
Degree Completion C+ (5.6)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B- (6.2)
Sufficient Pay B- (5.8)
Competitiveness C+ (5.7)
Education Quality C+ (5.4)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (7.4)
Useful Research B- (6.2)
"Individual" treatment B- (5.8)
Friendliness B- (5.9)
Safety B+ (7.5)
Campus Beauty C+ (5.2)
Campus Maintenance B (6.8)
University Spending B- (6.3)
Extracurriculars C+ (5.7)
Scholastic Success B- (6.3)
Surrounding City A (9.6)
Social Life/ Environment C+ (5.6)
Campus BeautyC+
Surrounding CityA
I'm a student who took is taking theSep 25 2016Computer Science
I'm a student who took is taking the program after having completed a bachelor's in Social Sciences. The program itself is a joke, the professors are outdated and out of their league. If you are contemplating computer science after on a masters level go elsewhere, trade schools offer better understanding and experience. Now if you need a piece of paper that says you have a masters degree this is the place for you! Cheating is practically encouraged and faculty will turn a blind eye, because "this is a for profit college." Research projects are nonexistent with faculty consistently lying to cover themselves about it. The courses cover what can be found free online and offer no real insight into real world practice. There are maybe two professors that are worth learning from but they're adjuncts! I've wasted my money and time. The only benefit I've gotten is given the proximity to the city I've met others at meetups who are willing to go the extra mile to help you out. Please avoid this school if you are motivated and seeking to build a career.
I am an international student and applying toApr 30 2012Accounting
I am an international student and applying to Pace University in the process. I really need to say graduate admission office has horrible attitude to answer a phone call. You can feel he wants to hang out the phone. I know I am international student, but I try to explain my question clearly. However, he has no any patience to me, and even satirizes my ability. The point is I just received a letter from the Vice President of Pace University. He glads I am interested in an Master program in Pace University, and hopes I can call to start my application. I called and be treat with horrible attitude. This does not make sense. I called Fordham University before, and be treated properly. Anyway, I should not be treat with sarcasm and bad attitude. There are no reason I should accept this. So, I will stop my process to go to Pace. I cannot imagine my future studying life in Pace. They even cannot properly answer your phone call.
I am in the MBA program concentrating inSep 28 2011Business - Management and Administration
I am in the MBA program concentrating in Entrepreneurial Studies. I will admit that there are a handful of professors who are excellent. I can name 3 or 4 whom I feel I've actually learned something of value from, and these professors genuinely care about helping you and acknowledging your dream/goals. The school as a whole, however, is a huge disappointment...

The administration is horrible. If you want anything done you have to call, get transferred around, have someone pretend to do something, and start the nonsense all over again. EVERY single semester I've had an issue when there should have been no problem. I have had to hound these people to process my refunds, to correct things, and to basically do their job! No one knows why things are not done, or who is responsible for things not being taken care of as they should. The response I always hear on their end of the phone is something like "Oh, yeah I see that xyz should've been done. Don't know what happened. I'll contact so-and-so to get it fixed." But they never do before 3 more phone calls, each more irate and demanding than the previous one. There is a very uncaring, nonchalant atmosphere in every aspect of the administration. I seriously don't know how this school is still functioning. The crap that they pull would get them fired in the real world.

Also (this may not be an issue for guys but) the female restrooms are absolutely DISGUSTING. It's like they are cleaned once a week, if even, and very sloppily. I have literally refused to use the bathroom at Pace a few times and chosen to suffer the discomfort until I could find a cleaner bathroom, usually in Starbucks.

Sad to say, but I would not recommend Pace for MBA students. I have worked in 2 companies while attending grad school at Pace and many of my coworkers and friends have similar grad school apsirations and I always advise AGAINST Pace. It's not worth the money or the endless red tape, and you can get better alumni connections from other NYC grad schools. Also, I've noticed that a lot of the graduate programs and recruiting events are tailored toward Finance-concentrated students. Being that I only have one more semester left, I will stick it out. Pace does get an A+ for location though. It's convenience to work was the main thing keeping me here. In short, high marks for convenient location and a handful of Lubin professors, but F's for the rest of it. Save your time, frustration, and money--go somewhere else.

Pace University as a business school promises toJul 22 2011Accounting
Pace University as a business school promises to offer too many things but no facilities. They promise 24 hour reading rooms, but when u r studying there, they can throw u out anytime giving any stupid reason for that...they change their rule guys talk to people as if they own the one hears
I never realized how may "pros" there areDec 21 2010Unknown
I never realized how may "pros" there are to this school (kind accessible faculty, friendly students)but the rigor of this school is lacking. I performed more work in one week of undergrad than in an entire semester at Pace. There are some bright students, but many of them are below average and complain if we have one more paper or test than expected. This is a good choice if you need to stay local for work or personal reasons but not if you want a challenging rigorous program.
Shockingly horrific in all respects! A total scam!!!Nov 21 2010School of Information
Shockingly horrific in all respects! A total scam!!! How is this "University" actually accredited? No one who graduates with an MS in Information Systems will get a job unless they have prior experience in programming. Career services is non-existent. There is absolutley no guidance, no internships, no assistance and no real substance provided to the students of this program. This school, and this program in particular, are destroying young lives by having students waste tens of thousands of dollars on classes which will not equip them with any real skills. An absolute disgrace.
I can't believe what a disaster Pace UniversityApr 27 2008Finance
I can't believe what a disaster Pace University and its business school are. I also can't believe that I chose to attend Pace rather than Baruch College. But, since Pace essentially has no useful placement program, I may find myself enrolling in another graduate program. This time, I will attend Baruch.
I'm part of the New York City TeachingAug 10 2007Biology
I'm part of the New York City Teaching Fellows (NYCTF) June 2007 Cohort 14 science fellows at Pace University. So far, the experience at Pace University is horrible. In our first class we did most of our assignments in the form of arts and crafts (i.e. collages, posters, etc.). In the second class we did not learn anything useful for teaching (i.e. Understanding by Design is useless). I recieved good grades, but did not learn anything useful. Almost all the science fellow dispise their class in secret, but maintain good face to get a good grade.
Hi. I did MBA - Finance from PaceFeb 23 2006Finance
Hi. I did MBA - Finance from Pace University. The real problem is we pay so much as tuition but the knowledge gained is so theoretical - it should be more practical so that atleast the Lubin Business students can get great job offers with top companies. Students should understand why Unilever, Masterfoods, Cisco etc etc go to NYU and they never come to Pace to recruit. My advice to high school grads is try to join a top school - atleast top 10 if you have the ability and the intelligence. Pace is trying but they have to actually reengineer everything.
I would only wish my experience at PaceOct 25 2005Education
I would only wish my experience at Pace University on my worst enemies. PU brings the notion of red tape/bureacracy to new levels. The level of lack of communication and poor responsiveness is astonishing!!! Don't be fooled by the seemingly helpful attitudes...Insist on getting EVERYTHING in writing and then follow up until you have proof it's been done. Be prepared to be passed from person to person, department to department, and then back again, repeating yourself all the while and getting nowhere. This has been a terrible horrible no good very bad experience.
The Graduate School of Education is pretty goodJun 20 2004Education
The Graduate School of Education is pretty good. I love the chairperson, the Dean and the majority of the administration and staff. They really do care for their students. We find out before I graduate in December 2004 that we may be NCATE certified (fully vs. provisional). Pace has its days that you hate it, but when you look at the Faculty and the many friends you make/made it is worth it. Enrollment Management has a lot to be desired as do other departments, but EM especially. Politics takes place a lot sometimes even if you don't get involved. But I guess that takes place everywhere. Otherwise, Pace University has excellent programs and ranks very well in many areas. If I had to do over, I would. Just have fun with campus life, and enjoy pace and milk pace for all its programs and curriculum as possible, as believe me it would get you somewhere.
Research Topic(s): (Undecided as of yet)
I understand the criticisms of my colleagues, butJun 08 2004Computer Science
I understand the criticisms of my colleagues, but I must say that given the circumstances this university is solid. I came here not knowing what a debit or a credit was, and now I can give you a current economic status report on GDP growth and Total Factor Productivity contributions of IT in reduced savings leading towards increased capital expenditures.

Honestly, I tried CUNY Baruch -- an administrative nightmare; and researched the other schools here. Just face it -- any school in or near New York City is better than some school in a remote area of the country, including St. John's, Hofstra, Fordham, and so on.

Pace is administratively friendly (they should be for the cost!), but - on a sour note, needs to offer more electives.

I agree the MS in Information Systems (this is applicable to CS majors also) needs tailoring. Certain classes could be combined, plus there needs to be more focus on PMI certification / project management skills.

You can get an MBA with a concentration in IS, and -- with the appropriate business / working experience, can exempt the basic requirements for the IS concentration in order to take more advanced courses. They [Pace] will work with you.

Jim Curry and Dr. Molluzo are extremely nice and helpful.-RD

Mar 16 2004Computer Science
There are only two useful classes in the whole program.Do not go there if you can just lost of time and money.
So far the School of Education has beenMar 04 2004Education
So far the School of Education has been a good experience. Aside from pace ranking well in business and the arts and science, we at the school of education are conditionally accredidated by NCATE which is a very prestigious organization which selects only strict programs to review and allow under its umbrella. I am a proud student of Pace University and the School of Education.
On the whole, the MSIS (Master of ScienceDec 14 2001School of Information
On the whole, the MSIS (Master of Science Information Systems) program is unchallenging and poorly organized. Many of the instructors are chosen the week before classes begin. (This isn't speculation, it's what the professors themselves have told me.) As a result, these instructors don't have a clear idea of how they want to teach the class. Pace really needs to change this practice. Choosing an instructor the week before class is not fair to the student or the instructor!

If you are a student with no previous information technology experience, look out. Students with no previous IT experience are having a horrible time finding jobs. The program doesn't teach you any practical skills, so you are stuck unless you can find some other way to acquire them.

Most of the classes don't require anything more than reading a book. If you go class and keep up the assignments, it is almost impossible not to get an A.

As far as the quality of the faculty, it is a mixed bag. Some, such as Dr. Surendra, are very good. I got my two lowest grades in the program from him, yet I respect him more than any other instructor in the program. He actually teaches you useful skills that you can use to improve your career prospects. My only criticism of Dr. Surendra is that he reduce the amount of material he tries to present. You could make three quality classes out the material he presents in a single class.

On the other hand, we have Dr. Booker. Dr. Booker is a prime example of why tenure should be eliminated. You can't read the things he writes on the whiteboard. He talks in a quiet voice that is very hard to understand. Worst of all, he assigns you textbooks that are 10 years out of date or are ridiculously easy. For example, one of my textbooks was "Project Management for Dummies".So, if you are looking to acquire cutting edge knowledge to advance your career, LOOK SOMEWHERE ELSE! But, if you need a Master's degree to get a promotion and don't want to work too hard, come on in! This program is tailor made for you.

Pace University - New York
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