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Siena College

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I'm currently attending Siena College as a freshman

Apr 03 2014Accounting
I'm currently attending Siena College as a freshman student- going to be a sophomore next year. There's a lot of good at Siena as well as a lot of bad. For starters public safety does a fantastic job at keeping the campus safe during the day as well as at night, and will do basically anything to make sure Siena students are safe. However, this can sometimes get annoying when kids on the weekend want to go out and have a good time, although they're just doing their job (and ultimately following the law). Faculty and staff are very friendly and approachable, and they will do whatever they can to assist you in anyway. Students are also very nice, however, they can be extremely cliquey which is really annoying. On the negative side of things, the food sucks. While most people in college gain the freshman 15, I think I've lost it. So if you're looking for a school with good food, you may want to reconsider. They do have the wrap shop here which is good, but they're expensive and its not apart of your meal plan, you use your "dining dollars" to buy food there. The bathrooms, at least in my hallway, are absolutely disgusting. I can't even say how many times I've gone into the bathroom and there were hairballs all over the shower stalls and the toilets are clogged and you know what is all over the toilet seats. But then again it depends on who is in your hallway and how clean they are. If you're planning on coming here to party, it's not your scene. It's a decent school nonetheless but as for fun wise- there's not a lot of it unless you're an upper-classman living in a town house. But there is a town down the road and a shuttle you can catch to go to the mall and walmart. I must say this is my experience- my roommate loves it here.
1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Perceived Campus Safety: A+, Campus Aesthetics: F

Siena is a great school if you don't

Oct 01 2009Business - Management and Administration
Siena is a great school if you don't take business!
marketing and management is a mickey mouse degree only good for getting crappy sales jobs, it's not worth the $30,000!

The business school, specifically the management is a total joke. It consists of a few academics who are close friends not deserving intellectuals who earned that title! Also what they teach is exactly what is wrong in the business world today!

It's not just them it's most business schools.
Until these business schools start teaching the youth the real way to do business and not he passive aggressive management style that has failed the last 30 years the US will always be in economic strife! These national accreditations they get should not be respected if the whole country is suffering from these terrible ideals. The status quo in teaching business must change before the nation can prosper.

Siena is not the route of this problem in business but it contributes to teaching our youth a curriculum that has been proven to fail.

Just because everyone is in denial and doesn't want to admit everything they have learned and have taught the last 30 years in the business world has been from the wrong paradigm does not mean that our youth should be blindly taught and pay top dollar for this garbage anymore!

Dr. Rosetti is great, probably one of the very few very great prof. who really wants to help educate!

Dr. Seifert is a joke and is usually too busy working on furthering his career and collecting stipens than advising or teaching. He may act like a very nice guy but just another passive aggressive fool teaching management! Him and his friends should not be teaching nursery school!

At last the administration is the biggest joke and will be Siena's downfall.
Peter Ellard will give you nausea with his self righteous, holier than thou attitude. Seriously you might get sick!

This man started as a somewhat good teacher but then decided to become a head administrator and turned into total tool for the school to take as much money from the students. While he probably believes he is helping them in his self righteous diluted mind while he pontificates life and responsibility to you. A pompous fool, don't listen to his advice makeup your own mind!

Siena College should have let the franciscan brothers run the administration and not a bunch of money hungry academics more worried on furthering their own careers than educating and guiding our youth !

English department is great!!!!
Philosophy department is great!!!
Comp. Science classes are well done!

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: F Reputation: F

To be honest, the closer it got to graduation, the happier

Aug 30 2008Psychology
To be honest, the closer it got to graduation, the happier I became. I wanted nothing more than to leave Siena immediately and never look back. But after reading the negative reviews, I felt it was necessary to offer some very honest, and overall positive feedback on the Siena college experience(I just graduated so I write alot, sorry). First of all, yes, the Admissions Dept. is great at exaggeration. Take their word with a grain of salt, and ask the students. That's what I did, and I got the truth. Siena is beautiful. THAT is where your overpriced tuition goes. The faculty are great. Most of them love their jobs, and are just waiting for students to act like they care. Participate in class, and go to office hours, and you will get a true and rich education, and faculty support. You will need it, because although there are easy courses, most are not hard, but very challenging. You will need somebody in your court.

As far as extracurriculars are concerned, believe it or not, their are several, but they are not advertised. Sports are well advertised, and athletes are highly favored. Don't be jealous, that's just the way it is. I was a very active student and the head of many clubs. You have to find them yourself, or create them, which Siena allows relatively easy. Nothing at Siena is handed to you. That includes a social life. As someone else put it, we didn't depend on club events for fun. We mostly held our own parties and shenanigans. You get really creative in isolation. Overall, I would say Siena students are very friendly. I was a minority at Siena, and it appeared to be about 85% white. There will always be close-minded people. but if your not one of them, you will find that most are just young adults growing up away from home, like you. I met all different kinds of people and I enjoyed myself. Party hard. It will become your reward for surviving the week.

The most problems you may encounter, although things had changed during my last year, will come from Administration. They are the reason I was ready to leave, and I don't even want to donate in the future (that may change with time). They are the most arrogant, power-hungry, arrogant people I have met. They throw around policy and regulation like baseballs. They ca be very condescending, unapologetic, and never feel the need to explain themselves. To survive at Siena, study the student policy book like you study your lessons. Your ignorance is their loophole.

Overall, I would say, Siena, if any other institution, prepares you for the real world: Work can be challenging, dedicate to it, and you will progress and succeed; people in general are jut like you, and there will always be the ignorant, arrogant ones, who cares? Most people don't mind helping you if you let them; and, the people in charge are usually the ones to screw you over, so make sure you know the law.

I don't think I would go back, but I wouldn't change my experience for anything. I grew up a lot.

4th Year Female -- Class 2008
Campus Aesthetics: A, University Resource Use: C
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