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The State University of New York Maritime College

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The staff- know their stuff well being thatNot so brightEngineering Department
The staff- know their stuff well being that they've actually worked in the industry for years before teaching at the school. They will find time to help you if you're struggling and have the best intentions to aid you in any way possible.

The Regiment- so broken its not even funny. As a MUG (freshman) you have to put up with so much "crap" lets say that either becomes second nature or just make you want to snap. As a ROTC midshipman, you get a "that's nice..but you still have to do everything we tell you to do" type of attitude. For example, I'm taking 23 credits, wake up at 5am 2x a week for rotc pt and 1x for reg pt and still have to sweep the just waxed floors and get told something i already know (which will be repeated by like 4 squad leaders) for roughly 30-45 mins rather than catch up on my studies or sleep. I average roughly 5-6 hours of sleep a night M-TR and sleep ~12hrs on sat and sun.

Essentially this all boils down to: A) you put up with ALOT of bs on a daily basis B) until you're a sophomore, you basically have 0 rights C) the new president of the school is hated by everyone and has changed so much in 1 year its ridiculous nobody on staff has said anything.My advice- CHOOSE WISELY!!! If you can tolerate discipline and wish to have a career in the maritime industry, this is the school for you. If you have trouble doing what you're told, can't wake up at 6:40 every morning or can't take on a heavy course load...for your own sake look somewhere else.

1st Year Male -- Class 2015
Faculty Accessibility: A, Social Life: D
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A lot of what I could say hasQuite BrightOther
A lot of what I could say has already been mentioned- disinterested teachers, the school being more of a money-making factory than an institute of learning, tiny campus, so-so classes. I think that one could understand a lot more about this school just by depicting the average student (and I guarantee that any student would agree with these descriptions.)

UNDERGRADUATE: White male from surrounding Long Island area. Probably doesn't have any real interest in the maritime industry, but has a cousin/uncle/brother/other relative who went to Maritime or works in the industry, and likes the idea of it. Doesn't have very good grades, so didn't get into a lot of other schools. Fails at least one class per year..probably per semester. Cheats often. Spends most of freshman year whining about how "BS" it is and how they were so cool at Babylon/Islip/Oyster Bay/ Pearl River High, but that these rules "blow" because they look stupid with bald heads and no girls want to talk to them. Goes home every weekend to hang out with high school friends from Suffolk/Nassau CC or CW Post. Complains to parents about how bad their teachers are/how they can't eat breakfast because they have to wake up at 7/all of their other petty hardships. Parents then complain to Parent's Association on little Johnny's behalf. Treats 90-day cruise like they're going to war, when in reality they're just going to get drunk all over Europe. Gets at least one gold, but will spend 30 minutes explaining that it's not really his fault.

GRADUATE- Not a US citizen. Doesn't speak English. Have fun trying to get a group project done with them. It is the people that make this school bad. The majority of students still basically live at home and have their parents provide everything. For them, this is simply high school part II, with no real growth in maturity or social skills. If you want to put in the effort in class and on cruise, you will distinguish yourself, even if you're not very involved in the Regiment. The teachers in the MT department have a lot of experience and are respectable. However, if you're really serious about getting a maritime-based education, then I would suggest you look at Massachussetts or KP. Their graduates are more sought-after.

3rd Year Female -- Class 2012
Collaboration/Competitive: A+, Innovation: F
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SUNY MARITIME COLLEGE IS A GREAT PLACE TO BE FROM NOT TO BE AT. This place is run by incompetent lackadaisical individuals who could careless about your well being. if you are a license student you must be part of a regiment of cadets, basically a pseudo military atmosphere, some of these people really believe they are in the military and think there saving the world. some students are rotc, reservist, etc; little effort is given to the fat that many of them wake up everyday at around 445-5am and have federal obligations, yet the regiment thinks that is bs and doesn't matter. little regard is given to the fact that they wake up early and barely have time to fit breakfast shower etc in before 8am class, yet little slack is given to them. basically the regiment is broken and falling apart and every week theres new rules that are implemented and changed when ever the powers at be decide. opt and if you are a hard working individual who is paying for school, good luck trying to get work liberty, nobody wants to work with you or meet you half way, after all they just want your money and time. god forbid you have a struggling family and you can barely afford textbooks, notebooks, tuition, etc your a horrible person for wanting liberty to work and help support yourself as well as your family who lives paycheck to paycheck.

as far as academics go, I'm a Marine transportation major with a deck license, the school has moved away from license, which is the primary reason people go to this school. instead of taking license classes that are imperative to your knowledge and training as a professional mariner, they make you take classes like calc I, calcII, financial management financial accounting, and many useless humanity electives which do nothing for your personal development or professional development. oh and you have to take physics, which in my book makes no sense because you take uscg license classes stability and trim, stability and trim for tanker as well as stability and construction, which is physics for the mariner, so you basically take about 15-25 credits that are useless and take up your time as well as effort because you'll never use it; rather than take additional license classes that will help with your training for being a mariner. the professors in the license classes are well educated, intelligent and extremely helpful, where as your classes for your major, the professors are arrogant, nasty and don't help, many of the license classes are harder yet fulfilling, some you need a 90 just to pass, but an average of a 70 to pass and i mean you need to put the effort is or your done for. where as your non-licnese classes wonder why you could careless about there class and just ant to barely pass. and if you took ap and college courses in hs, chances are they will say they take the credits at an open house, but when you try to get them to transfer, it won't happen, seems like bs, especially considering those ap classes were ay harder than the classes her math physics, us history etc, they won't take those credits, and even though you did great in that class in hs, you'll barely pass because your more concerned with passing your license class.

alll in all the place is great to get your license except for all the bs you put up with, the registart and student accounts are a bunch of jackasses, they say you owe them a few grand then the next thing you know your get a refund check for what they say you owed them, and they do this because they can put the money in an account and collect interest of your money and take the interest, so BS. they never schedule enough classless for a sister, meaning you can't follow the curriculum for you major and you'll probably have to be force signed in to that class which is already over crowded. there is not nearly enough classrooms or housing. yet they take more and more students in and wonder why people take it upon themselves to live off campus. the housing hear sucks, non of the rooms are in great living standards, the mattresses are crappy and falling apart as is th room and furniture. the heat barely works, the ac if you live in new dorms barrel works, most of the windows are falling apart and falling out. the bathrooms are disgusting and moldy, to the point where with a cleaning crew that cleans them every day, i still clean mine myself because it is so disgusting, the shower curtains look like they've been here since the 70's with mold and mildew. rather than put in granite curbs and fancy brick walk ways which are falling apart invest the money into housing and classrooms.

the it department sucks here, the internet is so slow and will boot you off randomly, it took me 2 trys to put this up, owe and they limit the websites you can access, so guys, theres no girls and even worse you can't look at them online and that random girl you meet at a bar or your gf can't bring them to stay the night. no overnight guest.

I've never seen so much misallocation of funds, like the finds to the football team, which sucks. all i can say is the new college president sucks, she micro manages and nasty and thinks she is still in the navy, she doesn't realize this isn't the navy anymore. rather than lobby for the school she's more concerned with kicking people out, running the regiment and micromanaging everyone else's and telling them how to do there own job, maybe she should do her own job. and I'm not saying this because she's a woman. if she was a guy, id still say the same thing. good luck finding parking on campus too. they give out more passes than spots and ticket you for every little thing. there no wonder why people desert this place on the weekends, it sucks, the food sucks and is bad for you, the people suck, the maintenance men suck(there like special ed jack asses as are the meal service employees.) job placement isn't 100% any more mainly due to the outsourcing of maritime jobs. basically i wish i went to kings point a federal service academy, would have got more for less and would have been trained a professional mariner just as good.

4th Year Male -- Class 2012
Useful Schoolwork: A-, Individual Value: F
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