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Syracuse University

Total Grad Surveys 12
Females 5
Males 7
Avg years at University 2.0
Research Quality B (7.2)
Research Availability B+ (7.3)
Research Funding B (6.6)
Graduate Politics B (7.0)
Errand Runners B+ (8.0)
Degree Completion B+ (8.1)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B (7.0)
Sufficient Pay B+ (7.7)
Competitiveness B (7.0)
Education Quality A- (8.8)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (8.0)
Useful Research B+ (7.5)
"Individual" treatment B+ (7.5)
Friendliness A- (8.2)
Safety B+ (7.5)
Campus Beauty B+ (7.9)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.7)
University Resource/spending A- (8.3)
Extracurriculars A- (8.5)
Success-Understanding A- (8.4)
Surrounding City B- (6.5)
Social Life/Environment B (6.8)
Surrounding CityB-
Education QualityA-

When applying to this school, I was seriously

Nov 12 2013Nutrition
When applying to this school, I was seriously thinking I would fit in perfectly. I attended this university without visiting first and this was the biggest mistake I have ever made.

Firstly, the area outside looks like god had some laxatives one day and just let loose in Syracuse. I mean seriously, not only does it look like feces, it even smells like feces.

When researching this school, it would seem that they reported a very racially diverse school to get your education. This was incorrect. It would seem that about 90% of students that come here hungarian. Thats right... Hungarian. English is rarely spoken at this university which makes it difficult for someone like my self to learn. One of my math teachers in my freshman year only spoke spanish and as you could imagine, this was a nightmare for me and the few other normal people like me.

Also for your information, Hungarian people greatly resemble apes. They look like a group of fucking gorillas going to school. If you want to come to this shit storm of a school, be sure to bring plenty of fucking bananas because trust me you'll need them to fit in at this university.

Oh and did I mention the fact that the food here is absolutely horrible? That's right, there was not been a single day where I was able to eat the food offered in the freshman meal plan without going to the bathroom and vomiting all over the place. Its completely unsanitary. It is not rare to find huge hairballs mixed into your ravioli and it is so disgusting I cannot even begin to tell you. The only was I've gotten by is by receiving weekly care packages with food from my parents.

As far as dorms go, they really aren't that bad if your ok with leaky roofs and low ceilings. The rooms are extremely dark and small and any time it rains, expect to be soaked in the morning. The way I managed to deal with that was to take many garbage backs and hang them covering the ceiling. then whenever it rained, there would be a tremendous amount of water suspended above me and I would just drain it slowly bucket by bucket. No seriously this was just awful.In conclusion, this school is a complete abomination. Unless you are an ape, hungarian, anorexic, or enjoy water sports I can guaran-damn-tee you this school isn't for you.

Research Topic(s): A man and his inner ape

I am pursuing my masters in Computer Engineering

Jun 14 2012Computer Engineering
I am pursuing my masters in Computer Engineering here in Su and it has been hands down, one of the best experience in my life. The courses are competitive, more industrial oriented and the teachers are very helpful. The campus in itself is a beautiful one. The only minus point is that Syracuse is not that happening town.
Nov 25 2011Computer Engineering

good university


Well, as a graduate student one always thinks

Jun 23 2011Mechanical Engineering
Well, as a graduate student one always thinks of a good research opportunity particularly if he/she is in mechanical engineering that makes a milestone towards his/her career. The those opportunities are seen very less. Professors are quite naive to strive some great funding to do some research. Courses are tough but good and makes sense to learn into the deep.

Do not come here

Nov 07 2009English
Do not come here.
Let me say that again: do not come here.
And I mean this for both undergraduates as well as for graduate students. I've been here in a grad program for two years, but I am familiar with the undergrad culture as well because I teach (yes, teach--not TA) courses that are required of all incoming freshmen and sophomores.

In other words, potential undergrads, expect to take courses from people who do not have even a Master's degree! I feel hypocritical pointing this out, because I really enjoy my teaching responsibilities, but I would have been appalled as an undergrad to be taking a course taught by someone with only a Bachelor's degree. So you should know what you're getting yourselves into.

It just seems so hypocritical for the administration to say "we value this course and think it is important enough to make it mandatory," but simultaneously to say that it's not important enough to be taught by full-time faculty members with PhDs.

Apart from that, what it ultimately comes down to for me is that Syracuse offers public school resources at a private school price. Technology on this campus is laughable (we had more and better technology at my undergrad institution, which served only 2000 students). Expect to pay a premium for everything--from pintouts at the library, to copies, to tickets to sporting events. The library is getting rid of books to make way for more study and social spaces (and it conveniently neglects to subscribe to important digital journals). Faculty members are inaccessible and self-absorbed (even to me, as a graduate student, so I can't imagine how much their interactions must suck with undergrads). If you're planning to drive to campus, plan to still have to walk an additional 15-20 minutes from your parking lot to your classes (it ends up taking me longer to drive into campus than to just walk, which is so wrong--I live a mile away).

In short, I can't emphasize enough how much it sucks here. If you're an undergrad, I'd say to matriculate only if your proposed program of study is nationally recognized as a top-3 (architecture or IT). Otherwise, run like hell in another (any other) direction. For grad students, your experience will probably be quite specific to your department, and I am not very familiar with any outside of my own (although my comments above regarding resources would be applicable to anyone).

Feb 08 2009Other

Great University. Newhouse has tons to offer! Awesome and hard core experience!

Syracuse University
Syracuse University

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