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Wagner College

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Wagner is nothing but a corrupt capitalist businessQuite BrightEnglish
Wagner is nothing but a corrupt capitalist business - it has nothing to do with the promotion of learning.The tuition is exorbitant and it only increases after your first year. It's absolutely ridiculous how greedy this college is; unless you're extremely rich, get ready to be at the constant risk of being financially ruined. They constantly charge you for thins you're not even aware of.It's so hyprocritical that classes, especially in the English department, are politically correct to the point of ludicrousness, and yet the college itself is built on capitalism. It is so flagrant that it is a pillar of capitalism, and so it is downright hypocritical and disgusting that in classes you're dogmatically taught about Marx, Thomas Paine, all sorts of calumnies against private property, class blah blah blah, when they themselves rob you of your own property. This place exemplifies the hyporcrisy and greed of American capitalism - i.e. it worships money and yet it simutaneously promotes a ridiculous, fascist political correctness which is anti-democratic and violates everyone's right to freedom of speech. Wagner embodies this outrageous contradiction. Furthermore, the quality of education is not in the least proportionate to the tuition. With that tuition, you would expect a top-notch education, yet it is anything ut that. The workload and the exams are ridiculously easy. Even a person of medare intelligence can get high grades here and be an honors student, which is unfair. Most students are utterly indifferent to education, never participate in class and are just not smart. Honestly, most people here are utterly stupid, have no knowledge or erudition about anything, have no intellectually interests, and their critical thinking is immature and simplistic. Professors are helpful and friendly, but are not active in their field and some of them have very few publication. Many times I have felt I understood more about a subject than the professor did. They also provide you with no secondary bibliography (in the humanities) and expect you to do research, which is an excuse for ignorance in a particular field. Plus, the large number of general education requirements prevent concentration in your major. You graduate having only a smattering of knowledge here and there. Class selection is very limited and you don't learn some basic stuff in your discipline. Learning communities are a waste of time. Campus is so small you get sick of it. People are immature, superficial kids, theater kids are annoying, and although I am not homophobic, it is strange to be constantly surrounded by ostentatious gay theater people. Overall: If you have serious academic interests and are intellectually curious, avoid this shcool like the plague. The ideal type for this school is a student whose family is super rich, and who themselves are the epitome of intellectually stupor, dullness and stupidity.
4th Year Female -- Class 2016
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: F
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Wagner is very good at selling itself.Quite BrightPsychology
Wagner is very good at selling itself. It appears well kept when there are scheduled tours but in all honesty the campus can go weeks without having the lawn mowed, they don't seem to know what a shovel is during the winter and they spend a lot of time planting flowers and repainting things that don't need to be painted. Meanwhile, dorms like Towers and Guild are nothing but holes that are unsatisfactorily taken care of and have no air conditioning. Both dorms are known to get notoriously hot and there have been students with heatstroke because their room reached 100F on a 80F with fans. Harborview is falling apart but has air conditioning. Foundation is brand new but has a hospital vibe to it. The campus is such a mix of different architectural styles that, despite some buildings being beautiful, makes it overall look dumb.

The food is terrible on a good day. They cross contaminate, under cook and serve raw food and there is no variety of food. All places that serve food that use a meal plan our closed by 10PM daily. The Coffeehouse is open after hours but requires your own money for food. It's cheap, comfort food and worth it if you have a couple bucks to spare. It's the best food on campus in all honesty.

It's hard to meet people here. There are so many clubs and organizations you will sign up for but then never end up going to because they simply don't meet. Also, the student body is not diverse in interests at all. The theater majors are a giant clique, the athletes are another and the Greeks tend to keep to themselves unless they are recruiting. The theater productions are spectacular and football and basketball games are entertaining if you're into that. Other than that there really isn't much to do and the student body is relatively unmotivated to interact with anybody outside of their group. If you're not in one of the popular groups on campus you kind of fall through the cracks and are either isolated or find a bunch of fellow outcasts who can either be really awesome or really bad news. There really is no in between. Most seem to turn out to be bad news because there are A LOT of fake, two faced people here. The good ones are keepers for life.

Academically the school is a joke in the majority of the departments. I am a psychology major with a Spanish minor and find the work load for those classes to be adequately challenging, very interesting and engaging. The professors in these departments are incredibly helpful, passionate and very good at being available outside of class. If it weren't for the good quality of my professors in my major and minor I would have transferred. Another thing that is important to note is that you are limited to 9 units a year. That's four classes one semester and five classes another semester. This is great if you have a lot of school, homework and test related anxiety and stress issues but it is very limiting in terms of academics. It is possible to double major, major with up to two minors but very difficult to do anything else. People with more than one major or minor tend to have a hard time finishing all of the requirements for them plus general education classes because the 9 classes a year is so restricting. If they do complete all requirements there is no room for fun electives. In total you will take 36 classes unless you want to pay $5,000 for a summer course or an extra course during one of the semesters. I know of two people who were able to beat the system and accomplish more than a double major. One girl I know is a biology major and chemistry minor. She was originally also a Spanish minor but because she is studying abroad during the summer and taking all Spanish speaking classes she will be able to graduate with a double major in Spanish and biology with a minor in chemistry. Another girl is a dual major in history and early childhood education with minors in Spanish and City Studies. The only reason she was able to accomplish this is because she studied abroad in a Spanish speaking country. (Any classes taken abroad in a foreign language automatically count towards a major/minor in that language and can often count as other courses such as psychology, art, and anthropology). Unfortunately, these two are rarities. I myself am considered lucky because I will be able to take 6 electives for fun. Most people have maybe 3 extra electives by the time all requirements are completed. As previously stated, the school is a joke for most academics. I'm only challenged in classes for my major and minor. General education requirements were a complete joke for me (with the exception of calculus). The dean's list has a requirement of 3.7. I once asked a professor why it was so high and he said it was because when it was a 3.5 more than half of the student body was on it. For simplicity's sake I'll round up to 2,000 students. That means over 1,000 students used to be on the dean's list before the change occurred. Classes like Math 110 are basically guaranteed A's. Sidenote: If you are a psychology major you have to take Psychological Statistics and Methodology with the required lab component and it will not count towards the math requirement. It does however count for the computer requirement. Also, you are required to take an American Diversity class. However, classes that meet that requirement are RARELY offered and fill up fast. There are about 2 classes a semester offered university wide that meet this requirement. Classes you think that would count towards this don't. I take United States and World War II to fulfill the history requirement but it was not also designated as an American Diversity class. It's very bizarre. A lot of classes are also only offered in the fall or spring. Sometimes they are only offered in even numbered years in one semester. A lot classes are also marked as "Offered as required" which basically translates to never. So a lot of classes listed in the course bulletin that sound fun and intriguing are never offered. When they are they are a part of an Intermediate Learning Community (ILC) or fill up before you have the chance to register. Oh, that's another thing. First semester freshman year you are required to take a Learning Community that consists of three classes with the same people. There are two content classes and a reflective tutorial that is supposed to show connections between the two areas, teach you how to write and provide you with experiential learning. It sounds good in theory but most of the time they are poorly executed and the professors dread teaching them because they don't have a lot of freedom and flexibility to structure their classes. It's horrible and a lot of the times you don't even get put into one of your top 6 choices so you end up in a really random one that you are uninterested in. It's so dumb. Then you have to take an ILC before your senior year. The ILC's are either two different classes with a shared project or one class that you can register for as one subject or another (i.e. you can register for it as an English or a Religious Studies course). Then senior year you take the senior learning community which consists of the capstone course and the senior Reflective Tutorial where you write your thesis.

There is probably a lot more I could say about Wagner but I can't think of anything at the moment. Save yourself the time and money and don't come here unless you are interested in athletics or theater.Good luck to all in your college search!! :)

2nd Year Female -- Class 2016
Education Quality: A+, University Resource Use/ spending: F
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If you want to pursue music do NOTBrightMusic - Performance
If you want to pursue music do NOT come to Wagner unless you want to study administration. I went in thinking that I would be challenged and was not. I thought I would have a substantial group of music majors and found out that there was about 8. If you want to study music ed good luck because there is no music ed degree. You have to dual major and from where I have looked for grad programs, you must have a music education degree not Music and Education. Because of this students tend to change majors and study arts administration. Faculty wise there are only two non adjunct professors who are stuck up and do not teach very well. The others are part time and most of the after a year do not return making it difficult to get the education you need. There is a band but I know very few people who play in it. No orchestra at all. Choir wise it is too much work for how much you get out of it. The music the director picks is mostly his own arrangements and the rest of the music I did in high school (i went to a public school). All concerts are off campus and no students attend because they are in the chorus or don't have an easy way to get to the venue.

General education is ok. Most classes are easy and not too hard. getting into those classes is crazy hard. Also if you have a small major your classes may be canceled due to not enough people signing up. Making graduating on time impossible. The process to sign up is the terrible. Worst thing is the modules you are put in. First semester you are put in three classes that are supposed to over lap ad they are the biggest waste of time. You have to endure them again but at a higher level and none of them are interesting.

I am transferring out and it is the most frustrating thing you could do. Wagner holds on to the last second of paper work making applying to other schools impossible. To even think about transferring you have to talk to an academic advisor to sign off on letting your records go. I was denied to three schools because of this and because wagner never sent my transcripts. Because of how they do their credit only one of my four gen eds were accepted to my new school.

Student life is terrible unless you are an athlete or a theater major. Most students put on a happy face but are totally fake. You will know everyone on campus by the time you leave because the school is so small. Parties are ok if you have friends in greek life. Campus activities can be fun if you are sneaky about drinking or are friends with the RA. Drinking isn't really an issue. The city is very easy to get to which is one of few reasons togo here if you have the money to spend. There are shuttles to the SI ferry every day. SI on the other hand is gross and run down so very few students live off campus. Club wise not much.

The food is awful! Only one building for hot food and two for snacky stuff. On a good day the food is semi warm and is tolerable. If you are a vegetarian or have allergies there is not much for you to eat and they won't work around your dietary needs. The only workable kitchen is in guild and it is gross and is usually signed out by Greek life. The buffet down stairs has strange hours and will deny you access half an hour before it actually closes. Hawks nest is better but you always go over on your swipe (you get about $5 for meals). Also everything closes by 10 everyday.

Dorms are meh. Freshman are put into Harborview one of two buildings with air conditioning. Harbor view is 14 floors and one side has the view of the skyline. the other has view of a hill that you have to climb to get anywhere and it is the farthest away from classes and food. The bathrooms are soso and each floor has two private showers one for guys and one for girls. There are two sides with dorms and in the middle is a common room. Depending on which floor one is guys and one is girls which is nice bc you have both genders on the floor but have your privacy. Each floor is a different theme so you can make friends with some of the same interests as you. The dorms are pretty big and if rearranged right you have plenty of room. Biggest problems are if you live up on one of the top floors when it comes to fire drills you have to walk all the way down and all the way back up. The smoke detectors are very sensitive. Another problem is in the winter you are either too hot or too cold. The heater is as far as it can go and if you turn it off the room feels as if you are outside. As for the elevator. there are two and they are very slow and break easily leaving them useless. Plan to have at least 15 minutes just to get down stairs if on a higher floor. One last thing the walls and ceiling are paper thing and the halls resonate very well.

Seniors get the other air conditioned building. Its thresh years old but even as a senior it is hard to get into.

Most People live in Towers. It has no air conditioning and is very confusing to get around. Most parties happen here and some floors are greek life. the rooms are very small and run down.

Guild is another option but gross. top three floors are themed. Most theatre majors live here.
THE INTERNET CONNECTION IS BEYOND SLOW. You must bring a chord to connect if you want to get anything done from 9pm to 4am. Campus is pretty because all funds go towards the greenery on campus. Campus safety is very nice but can be a bit strict.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2016
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Education Quality: F
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