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The Columbus College of Art and Design

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DO NOT GO HEREBrightFine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
Big waste of my time and money. My advice is get private lessons if you are serious about art. Go to the library and read history books and other art books on the subject you are interested in. Practice practice, their is no magic information that any art professor here will have for you, quite the opposite actually. The ability to do art well comes from time and dedication at your craft, not a degree in art. Get advice from real people about your art, college critiques are ego-stroking fests for teachers who have no real good advice. There are no down to earth people at the school, if you are considering college for its social aspects then count this one out. If you are considering college for the use of facilities, count that out also because for the amount you would be paying for a degree (100k+) you could buy your own personal equipment that is much better and you'd actually save money. College is for doctors and lawyers, don't waste your time at art school, especially this one.
4th Year Female -- Class 2019
Faculty Accessibility: D, Education Quality: F
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The way the school advertises itself to potentialBrightArt & Design Department
The way the school advertises itself to potential students and the actual school itself are completely different, but that goes with any college.

However, the programs that they advertised, the classes that they promoted, the majors in general and the curriculum have taken an 180 degree turn with the new president. He is an entrepreneur, not an artist nor does he care for the fine arts, or even fine art photography for that matter. He does not care about the student body nor the curriculum, but is self absorbed in how to bring in more money (despite the thousands that each student pays) and to reframe the school into a 'design' school, not 'art and design'. The past president would stop you on the street to say hi and to introduce himself to new students, out of the entire academic year I have not met nor seen the new president.

Students were not notified, and are still not informed of the major changes academic wise. within two years the entire freshman curriculum was altered completely.

Courses and programs that I was promised coming into the school as a freshman are no longer available. Being a Jr, and in the middle of the transition, to which no one is completely sure what exactly is going on because of the lack of information and involvement the administration is with the students.

Majority of freshman either do not complete the academic year or move to another college once they realize that the school is not only impractical (to which the president is altering the school to make it more practice in the real world because apparently fine arts do not me the quota of his standards).

Once you are invested in this school, you either continue while biting your lip or you move to another college, or drop out, and lose thousands of dollars. Very little, and I mean very, very few of the credits transfer. It is all or nothing with this school.

Some instructors are so self absorbed in their own opinions that you either bite your lip and go with it, altering your style and expression, or you fail. Some will tolerate students who defend their work, others do not put up with it.

Considering the amount of money we pay, many of the liberal art instructors have no business teaching here because they have very little motivation towards teaching their classes and make it so that these classes are a complete waste of time and specially money.

concerning the facilities, considering the amount of money we pay to go here, many of the facilities are run down and offer very, very resources. Many of the building are old, one building housing most of the liberal art classes are more like a dungeon than a class room.

Now, conceding security, majoring of the staff joke around more than they do their job. They are hardly ever seen walking around and if they are, they are joking around either with other staff or messing with students. Many of them are imbeciles and incompetent. CCAD is a safe campus, but being settled between multiple shelters, occasionally there are people who wonder of the streets into the buildings, and many times security did not take appropriate measures to ensure that people who do not belong in the school buildings do not enter. Being that many doors are kept unlocked it is very easy for someone to walk in off the street and wondering into facilities and labs.

though there have not been any issues with theft and there is no known cases of a student being mugged or assaulted.

I too have been harassed by an individual to the point where I had a break down. because the resident staff could not prove nor even investigate the matter conceding the actions of this individual, I was asked then to leave the dorm. they say they do not tolerate any kind of behavior yet they do very little, or nothing at all, to prevent or to discourage it.

The best piece of advice I can give to anyone considering to attend or to even apply to CCAD is that the school is not what they make it out to be. Do not enter freshman year or transfer with any kind of expectations because they will not be met. If you do decide to attend this school, be prepared to push yourself beyond your limits for there will be times where you will pull all nighters, sometimes for days at a time, or have to fail a project or two just to finish one for another class.You are not in high school anymore.

3rd Year Male -- Class 2017
Faculty Accessibility: A, Campus Maintenance: F
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I spent my freshman year at CCAD, whenNot so brightFine Arts - Painting/Sculpture/Photography/etc
I spent my freshman year at CCAD, when I arrived it seemed like a great school with lots of opportunities. By the time May arrived, I couldn't wait to leave and never come back. CCAD did not live up to it's promises and did not make me a better artist. I have always loved to draw and paint, but this nearly destroyed my love for art with all the awful assignments and time wasting projects.

Most the of the teachers are extremely helpful, easy to approach, and really want you to succeed. But there's a few who can't even speak English. I was stuck with an Iranian immigrant who was unintelligible at best. He assigned several projects, only to change his mind on the day they were due. And then yelled at us for following his directions. I don't care how long you've taught there, that is never acceptable. On top of this freshman year is basically high school art classes, only more expensive this time. I learned almost nothing my entire freshman year.

Housing is another story, the dorms themselves are OK. Small, but all you can really expect from a freshman dorms. It's the staff that really suck. I was bullied near constantly for nearly 2 weeks, I couldn't even eat a meal in the dining hall without this person trying to start something. And it was both in person and on Twitter. When Jenn Bermudez finally responded to my emails all she did was have her, myself, another victim of this person, and the bully sit down and "have a mediated discussion." All that came out of it was a bullsh!t contract that we all would get along from that point onward. She let him walk all over us the entire meeting and did nothing about his actions that were in clear violation of the student code of conduct. She even said "we all need to tolerate each other." As in tolerate bullying? That statement appalled me, I should never have to tolerate being bullied, and neither should housing staff who claim they try to create a safe environment. What good are rules if no one enforces them and makes everyone follow the code that they had to sign. This was the main reason I left CCAD, I will not give my money to faculty who allow that behavior to occur.

There's also a lot of cliques on campus, and if you aren't in one you're in for a long year. The cliques monopolized the lounges and public spaces in the dorms, and often across campus. Many were arrogant and looked down on people they didn't like or agree with.Over all, CCAD was a waste of my time and money. I do not recommend it to anyone, all they care about is getting your money. I chose to leave the art career field, and I am much happier with my college that is costing me a fraction of what CCAD did.

1st Year Male -- Class 2017
Faculty Accessibility: A, Education Quality: F
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