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Oklahoma State University

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I think anyone interested should tour the university.Quite BrightArchitecture
I think anyone interested should tour the university. I came with the idea that all the students would be wearing cowboy boots and hats, but I have found that to be a rarity now. Many people dress with a more like fraternity or hipsteresque. The campus is beautiful; everyone is chill; although there is over 20,000 students it still feels like a small campus. There are also many renovations taking place on campus such as the new student union which was the biggest but now will be the best in the nation. The university is also constructing some of the largest state of the art research facilities in the nation. Many positive changes are happening at Oklahoma State and I would encourage any student to attend this university.
1st Year Male -- Class 2015
Education Quality: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: B+
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I attended Oklahoma State University because they gaveSuper BrilliantBusiness - Management and Administration
I attended Oklahoma State University because they gave me money to go there. My family ain't bankin' so I went to the place that gives full rides for National Merit Scholars. Not sayin' that to brag, just to say if you are a NMS consider going there because you will likely have money LEFT OVER because none of the scholarship (other than the tuition waiver) is allocated to a certain expense. It's straight cash, son.

So I decide to stay in the dormitory known as Wentz because it was the cheapest, so i figured i'd get more money back from my scholarship and some of the people there would be as broke as i was. As I was strollin' through the parking lot on my way in I notice a baffling number of Audis (for college students that means more than zero) Benzes (ditto) and Caddys. And I'm not talking about a 1980 Eldo hooptie. Like 07-10 models. Now I drive a gorgeous 1999 Mercury Cougar with a scratch here and a dent there. Gives 'er character. My heater, A/C, and radio all work which is the trifecta of a great automobile as far as I'm concerned. And I had learned my first lesson about my beloved school: everyone here was richer than me. Even the people staying in the 10 story ghetto known as Wentz.

Now let me clarify by stating that I intend the word ghetto in the most complimentary way. There's something that appeals to me within the spirit of making the best of a given situation and the ingenuity that only duct tape and baling twine can bring to fruition. the breezeway connecting Wentz with an adjoining hall (since torn down to be reconstructed) was adorned with window panes, some of which still contained their plexiglass. I knew I was where I belonged. I made my way to the 3 elevators (there used to be 4, but one was somehow converted to a janitor's closet) and ascended to my floor. The elevator had a tendency to make hellish noises, but this seems to have stopped. I exit the elevator and notice an abundance of stains of an unknown and possibly unsavory origin. Maybe I'm better off not knowing. My key looked like a dog tag and goes into this goofy looking cylinder with a slot in it below my door handle. After my fourth attempt I find success. The room is all I thought it could be: chipped paint, scratched desk and dresser, and a bent curtain rod. The previous occupants had put black fuzzy fabric on one wall. I thought it looked unusual, but I'm really too apathetic to get rid of it. the crown jewel of this whole experience was the fire sprinkler pipe, running parallel to and above the door. The pipe ran directly through a cabinet, rendering it completely useless.

Now my prior assessment of everyone being richer than me has more or less held true. However, most of the students I have encountered do not seem to act )like the entitled jerkoffs i was expecting. At least there doesn't seem to be any more than you could expect to encounter anywhere else. The dorn proved to be a good equalizer, because the other students may have a better house than me, but right now they live in the same hellhole(complimentary) that I do. More or less, people are pretty laid back and friendly. You get the odd douchebag or petty ho here and there, but they are the exception, not the rule.

Now as far as social life goes, I haven't heard many people complain about there not being enough parties. There's also a club called Tumbleweed in town that's huge with OSU students. Thursdays an event there. Personally, big parties and clubs ain't my thing. I prefer a few friends, some girls, maybe the odd new guy. Add a case of Keystone, a bottle of Barton's and a chaser and the good times shall be upon you. Another review mentioned that drank is hard to get, but that hasn't been my experience thus far. If you love yourself some bud, it is probably as easy to get as alcohol, even in a college town like Stillwater. Toke on, stoners.

But remember to be discreet. It turns out the campus security force is a legitimate police outfit. I was expecting dudes on bikes with those stupid little helmets and mag lights. No. They have Dodge Charger patrol cars. And I'm pretty sure guns. Just keep it legal or keep it secret. If you park wrong they will end you. Boots on cars is an everyday occurrence and vehicles get towed often.

The campus is pretty sweet looking. Plenty of plants are there to produce oxygen that will no doubt come in handy. There are woodland critters abound (just squirrels actually). The buildings are pretty much all brick and look very much like a stereotypical college campus. The buildings seem kept up pretty well, and they damn well should be because you'll be paying ridiculous mandatory fees. The student union is being renovated as we speak and is apparently going to be majestic as hell when it's done.

The weather here is bipolar and will turn on you with absolutely no provocation. I grew up in a similar climate, so I'm used to it but I still think it sucks. I guess its still better than going to a place where the weather is consistently terrible.

Stillwater is not a big town, which may or may not be up your alley. OKCs about and hour away, which is good for weekends. There's usually enough to entertain you in Stillwater til Friday gets there.

The professors so far have been a mixed bag. A man by the name of Bryan Frenz teaches geography here and you are a damn fool if you do not take his class. I've had 3 intelligent, well spoken, helpful professors. I've also had one who was self-important and not all that bright, but who still made an effort to help her students. Most of the students here seem to be OK with most of the faculty.

We also happen to kick ass at athletics, because T. Boone Pickens commands it. He gives us a lot money so we comply. Football and basketball are always solid, but our non-revenue sports like cross-country, wrestling and soccer do mad work too. Overall, it's been a good semester. It's a big university, you'll find people to hang out with, you'll find professors you like, and you'll find something you love to do. My experience is a small sampling of what you could possibly experience here. Visit lots of schools and just take you best shot at where you think you'll be happiest. But OSU works for me.

1st Year Male -- Class 2014
University Resource Use/ spending: A+, Individual Value: B
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I came here to set the other reviewersQuite BrightBusiness - Management and Administration
I came here to set the other reviewers of Oklahoma State University straight..
Ignore the majority of the negative comments on here for this school. I just finished my first semester at OSU as an out-of-state student and came to a solid conclusion.

OSU is one of the best schools to attend in the south.
It has the feel of a private school, for the cost of public tuition. My teachers have kept class lectures interesting, and the workload has been very manageable. Students are almost always friendly, and willing to help you out with anything that you could need help with. Academics and the student body is great, overall.

I love the social life at OSU. There isn't much to do during the week, so most people study hard. When it comes time for the weekend, most people will party, because there isn't much else to do in Stillwater.

Sorry if this sounds blunt, but the Greek system honestly runs this campus. If you're a GDI male, sorority girls will look at you differently. It's just a truthful heads up. One of the guys on here really got it right when he said that guys have to compete balls out for girls at this school.

Oklahoma State Univ has one of the best Greek systems in the nation, so you should really consider rushing for a Fraternity or Sorority. This school offers the perfect balance of studying and partying. I made the right choice by coming here.

1st Year Male -- Class 2014
Education Quality: A+, Surrounding City: C-
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Oklahoma State University
Oklahoma State University
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