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The Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania

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Upon attending Bloom I was expecting a fresh

Aug 01 2014Geography and Geosciences
Upon attending Bloom I was expecting a fresh start. I had a great high school experience and was expecting my glory days to continue... boy was I wrong. Freshman year was the worst year of my entire life. Everyone has an established group of friends in the first week and you are stuck with them for the rest of the year regardless if you to or not. The students are extremely unwilling to branch out and meet new people so if you are looking for new friends others are not receptive. There is nothing to do in this stupid little town other than drink and hook up with random people. As for education it is a waste. I went in undecided so have had a very broad range of classes in varying departments. I learned more in middle school spanish than I did in level 4 spanish at Bloomsburg. Political science was a joke. I found high school 100x more challenging than the courses at bloom. And the students are unintelligent as well and are incapable of intellectual conversation or debate. In addition to be unintelligent the students are incredibly unmotivated:drinking every night, skipping classes to sleep .. at 3 in the afternoon and rejecting the idea of school work in order to watch endless marathons of netflix. There is no school spirit at this school and nothing pulling the students together. I absolutely hate this school and will not be returning next year. If you are looking to pay thousands of dollars for a piece of paper and not an ounce of knowledge, this is the school for you. Almost all of the positive comments from this school are from education majors or people who graduated 30 years ago.
1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Faculty Accessibility: F

If you are have ANY other university to

Mar 12 2014Radiological Sciences
If you are have ANY other university to attend I suggest you do so. This university will accept anyone, and it really shows. Most students walk around acting like they are geniuses and are barely passing. The classes here at Bloomsburg are not challenging at all. Being a Radiological Science major I expected to have exceptional science courses. Instead, in my 3 years I have had nothing but high school level classes. On top of that the professors are very arrogant. Many act as if you are bothering them when you ask them for help. Last year I had a chemistry professor tell me that I could still do well in my career eventhough I was only attending Bloomsburg University. I understand there are a limited choice of schools with a radiology major but I strongly encourage you to look further. I can guarantee you will not be happy here. Before I attended I heard nothing but rave reviews about how amazing the social scene was. In my time here at Bloomsburg all I have only seen idiots staggering around drinking beer. That's a sad definition of a college party. The sports teams aren't really good here either, this school seriously lacks school pride. The cafeteria food is hit or miss, some days its good and some days it gross...pretty much luck of the draw. The dorms are just okay, just your standard college dorm room. One thing good I can say is that the bathrooms are always well taken care of, so that's nice. I'm am usually not one to complain but I feel so strongly against this university that I thought it would be only fair to warn others, especially future Radiological Science majors. I believe college should be an amazing time of your life where you earn your degree while also making time to have fun. This university has given me neither...boring classes, dumb students, and dull atmosphere.Simply put, the only reason you should be attending Bloomsburg University is if its the only place you got in.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: B, Education Quality: F

If you are an incoming Radiology major or

Mar 24 2014Radiological Sciences
If you are an incoming Radiology major or any other major please take the time to read this! I knew from a pretty early age that I wanted to go into radiology but did not want to go out of state. My options were pretty limited, as not too many schools have radiological science as an offered major. All it took was for me to see Bloomsburg's campus one time and I was hooked. Beautiful greenery and seemingly friendly atmosphere, what more could I ask for? Boy, was I wrong. That could not be further from the truth.

The students: My fellow students here at Bloomsburg University are arrogant kids who stomp around campus like they rule the world. Most of the kids here act like they graduated valedictorian but in reality are getting solid C's in all their classes. And its not like they can use money as an excuse to be snobby either, Bloomsburg is one on the cheapest state schools in Pennsylvania. All in all I'm not sure where they get off having this kind of attitude in a small farm town in Pennsylvania but I can guarantee you that you will not enjoy it.

The Faculty: The teachers here at BU honestly make you feel like a number. They make little or no effort to help you after class and its even worse if you go to their after office hours. They always manage to make me feel like a bother. Teachers here act like they are above you and will put you down but if you don't let that bother you then you can do well in the class. I dont know about you but personally I like it a whole lot better when the teachers are actually considerate.

The Academics: The classes here at BU are not challenging whatsoever. Its like I am back in high school again! Coming here I was ecstatic about the science courses I would be taking and all the labs I would be participating in. But I can assure you it is no such thing. It is mediocre classes at best, and I have not had any lab time. If you are looking to really expand your mind I suggest another school.

The Food: The food at BU is truly unpredictable. One day I can go for lunch in the cafeteria and it will be fantastic and the very next day it will be disgusting. I have even made several complaints to the food department but I have yet to receive any response back. You can never tell when the food will be good or not.

Sports: BU has a serious lacking in school pride. I came from a high school where the football and basketball games were a time to rally together to support your school. Not here. Honestly, the sports teams suck and the student sections are nearly empty. Not what I expected from the Huskies.

The Social Scene: If you are anything like me then for months you have been hearing how absolutely amazing the party scene will be when you come here. Everyone told me prior to coming here that is was one of the biggest party schools in the area. WRONG. I believe that it is very important to balance school and fun but that's so hard to do here. A typical Bloomsburg party consists of kids sipping on a red solo cup of beer and then pretending like they are hammered. Not impressive at all. If you are someone who loves to study and is not into the whole party scene then you will love the social scene...because there isn't one. And another thing that I heard so much about before coming here was that there was a "BU drunk bus" that would take you wherever you wanted to go on campus whenever you were too drunk to get there yourself. This somewhat true, there is a bus that runs late hours of the night for kids who got so drunk they cant remember where they live. But this is what they didn't tell me, when you make the call to the bus service you of course have to tell them what dorm you live in, the bus service then makes a call to the campus police notifying them of your call. Depending on the dorm you live in the police will be able to determine whether you are an underage student or not. I have had many friends walk on to the bus totally smashed and see a police man sitting waiting for them. Booms, charged with an underage. The drunk bus is not as great as it sounds, its somewhat of a trap so beware. The police here at BU are strict.

Around town: Here is where I can shed some positive light on the school. Around Bloomsburg you can find fun things to do, there is a mall and plenty of restaurants. But like I mentioned previously, if you like to party you will be disappointed because there is only one lousy hardware bar. But if you arent a drinker there is a starbucks and an icecream place that are both very good!

Dorms: The dorms here are just are normal college dorm room, small and cozy. Air conditioning and heat are always working well. You will be using community bathrooms and showers but they are always super clean, which is amazing. One less thing to worry about!

Safety: I always feel safe on campus, like I said the police are really on top of things here. The crime rate on campus is nonexistent except for a few bike thefts. No biggie! And if you are ever studying late at the library and you feel unsafe walking alone in the dark you can call a special number to have an escort walk you home! Really nice.I thank you for taking the time to read this and truly wish you all the best in your college journey, whether its at Bloomsburg or not. But take what I have written as a warning, this school is not as great as you think it will be. And trust me, I know what you are thinking because I was in your spot a few years ago. But I strongly encourage you to think beyond Bloomsburg and look else where. Only come to BU if you are absolutely sure that is the decision you want to make because it may be one you regret. Good luck :)

3rd Year Female -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: B+, Education Quality: F
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