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Elizabethtown College
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Quite Bright
Awesome school - and sometimes it smells like chocolate! :)
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Surrounding City: B
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Mar 24 2004 1st Year Male -- Class 2007  
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Etown is so boring! It's actually worse than high school for me. I know a lot of people who love it here, but I've had a bad experience. Other than 2 good professors, the rest have been average to extremely horrible. Classes are mostly oriented around busywork due to the core system. Because everyone has to complete courses in the core, scheduling is a nightmare. There are too few courses available and they're packed. Usually classes have about 20-25 people, sometimes more. The school advertizes small classes, yet my general biology class was in an auditorium with at least 40 people.

If you come here beware of the admissions tours. They're a waste of time except for the free lunch. The tour guides basically tell a bunch of lies and convince your parents that you don't need a car.

Cars are a necessesity here at Etown. The town of e is small and consists of 4 barbershops and a Subway. To do anything you have to go to Lancaster or Harrisburg. Rides are not easy to come by because people are stingy for some reason.

There's nothing to do here on the weekends and weeknights are especially boring. My fun for the night was throwing frozen cheese cubes out the window. Then I stopped in order to work on transfer apps.
Collaboration/Competitive: B+, Education Quality: F
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Mar 10 2004 1st Year Male -- Class 2007  
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Quite Bright
Although this school is labeled "religiously affiliated" don't be fooled. The college has many problems with excessive drinking, drug abuse and general immorality. I find most of the students hard to connect with because most are the progeny of rich parents, are spoiled, and are vain and arrogant. Many students are also violent acting. Last year several people in my dorm hall broke windows and mirrors througout the building. Social life for me has been hell compared to what I experienced in high school.

Some people are nice, but they are few. I must say, however, that the professors are some of the nicest people I have ever met. Most are extremely intelligent and most are more interested in teaching than in private studies of their own. I am especially grateful to them for making my college experience worthwhile.

If you are physically active and like to explore, travel through cities, etc. then this is not the place for you. The town of Elizabethtown is very small and offers few enjoyments. The cities of Harrisburg and Lancaster are both 20 minutes away, however, so one still can go there on the weekends.

One thing I should note about the school is its intellectual diversification. Many students are extrememly intelligent and took AP courses in high school. I swear some are Harvard material. In fact, about a dozen students on campus are valedictorians. However, others are morons who, according to some professors of mine, brag that they have never read a book in its entirety. I've heard that some 1st year students didn't even know what a noun and verb were.

Overall, I do not think that Elizabethtown College is necessarily a bad school; I just feel that I am less happy with my experience than others who attend or have attended elizabethtown. The school is just more secular than I had hoped. I am glad, however, that the college supports divers religious clubs and groups. One of my sister's friends who graduated from here a few years back said that Elizabethtown College was the best experience of his life. So I recommend you investigate the school thoroughly before making a decision.
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Social Life: F
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Jan 15 2004 2nd Year Male -- Class 2005  
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