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Grove City College

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I like to deliver good news first, soQuite BrightMath
I like to deliver good news first, so here it is - The campus is gorgeous. Very ivy league feel indeed. Unfortunately, this is what lours many perspective students into the trap that is Grove City College.

I was very excited to start attending this school. I knew a couple friends who were attending in my year as well and thought everything would be fine and dandy. I was dead wrong.

First off, I entered my college experiences expecting to begin my first true embark on adulthood. Yeah, nope. Grove City College is a dystopia full of mostly smart, yet oblivious people. They are all brainwashed to think whoever they talk to will share their same super conservative religious viewpoint, and most of the time they will be. That is, until their 4 years at the college is up. My point is, Grove City College does not offer it's students a firm grasp on adult hood or reality in general.

If you take anything away from this review, know this. The school and it's staff DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU. You are literally just a number in their eyes. I have a shit roommate who steals/breaks my belongings. I've reported this the the school on several occasions and was literally told I should pray about it, and that as Christians we need to learn to get along. Yeah, maybe if it was up to me we would, fucks sake.

I was a Christian before attending this school, I consider myself agnostic now. The amount of coursework tied to Christianity would be nauseating to a priest let alone a math or business major. I'd rather spend and hour a day falling down a carpeted mechanical staircase then take Civilizations again.

The food is nothing to boast about. The grab-and-go options at the SAC include breaded chicken tenders as the main entree 95% of the time, no lie. You can't use any meal plan past 6:30 which is complete horseshit. The school doesn't make it easy to eat either as the cafeterias fill fast and seating is impossible to find during dining hours.

Their tag line is "Where FAITH and FREEDOM matter" yet they hold the right to suspend you for having premarital sex ON and OFF campus(seriously, wtf) The only time a guy or gal is allowed to visit someone of the opposite sex in a dorm room are the inter-visitation hours on Wednesday from 7-11 and the weekend which offers a noon till midnight deal. Regardless, still rather excessive for a bunch of adults, right? During intervis a shoe must be kept in the door at all times. You can be sure everyone and their fucking grandmother will take this opportunity to stop in and say hi.

I've been walked in on in the shower by tours twice now. I've also heard of it happening with other students. This really just should't be something that needs talked about.

Campus safety isn't nearly as bad as everyone else makes them out to be. It's the RA's and goody two shoe home scholars(which make up a ridiculous amount of the population, FYI) that'll report you for the smallest thing. I was literally yelled at for having my shirt off in the hall during intervis hours because I was headed to the shower. Yet, if you go outside and talk to girls without a shirt on, it's fine.

Holding an off campus job while enrolled here is literally impossible with the massive "busywork" workload. So don't plan on having one.

In other words, I'm out of here ASAP.
This school has honestly ruined my faith, sunk me into a depression, and will now probably set me back a year due to credits that will not transfer. Honestly, it's just not a healthy option anymore. I need to be my own person, not a robot whose required to attend chapel so I can schedule classes at the end of the semester.

Do yourself a favor and don't bother

1st Year Male -- Class 2019
Campus Aesthetics: A, Useful Schoolwork: F
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Once the layers of ?rigorous academics? and ?ChristianQuite BrightCommunications
Once the layers of ?rigorous academics? and ?Christian values? have been peeled back one finds Grove City College is nothing more than a business claiming to be ?Christian.? The school is only after money and cares little for the students who are their source of income. The school offers little help with anything, and has an incredibly poor ability to pass on important information ? often times a single email is the only notification and they never make an effort to verify that it was received.

If someone really wants to go to Grove City College, I encourage them to remember that the college will attempt to gouge as much money from them as possible, because at the end of the day all they care about is money.

4th Year Male -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Education Quality: F
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This school is not for everyone.BrightAccounting
This school is not for everyone.
The best things about this school are:
1) The faculty. Most of the professors are extremely intelligent, friendly, very qualified, and want you to succeed. There are some who aren't so good, but all the professors love working here and could go somewhere else if they wanted to.

2)The academics. This goes along with the faculty, but the academics are intense. You will learn a lot and be prepared for any job or graduate school you go to.

3)The campus. It's beautiful
4) The environment. Honestly everyone here is extremely friendly as a result of the Christian environment.

5)The safety. There are never any incidents on campus, and you could leave a purse full of cash lying about for a week and no one would steal it

6)Activities. There is a strong intramural program here and there are a lot of activities to join depending on what kind of person you are. Most of them are really religious based. It isn't too hard to get involved

The worst things about this school
1) The people. I almost feel bad putting this here because everyone is extremely nice. However, most of the people who go here are extremely sheltered, judgmental (it doesn't bother me but it gets annoying), boring, and lack social skills because they were homeschooled or went to a small Christian school somewhere. A lot of the people here are ugly too. Not everyone here sucks, there are plenty of other like me who don't really fit in. It can be hard meeting other cool people, and I am a fun, outgoing person.

2) Social Life. If you want a traditional college social life, you'll be hard pressed to find it here. Joining Greek is the best way to do it. Be warned, some of the Greek groups are basically just youth groups that live together, while some are fun. If you want a dry social life there is usually a lot do here for you.

3) The town is awful. Nothing to do here, and no where good to eat nearby. People drive 40 minutes to Chipotle a lot just to get good food. The people in the town are nice. You don't need to be afraid of them like I was at first when I saw their hideous white trash appearances.

4) The football program sucks. No one else has commented on this yet. Being from the South, college football is a huge deal, and the games are depressing. You are lucky to see them score at all in a game, while the opposing team usually scores more points than your typical basketball team does in a given game. Not only that but Campus Safety prevents students from sitting together!

5) Campus Safety will make your life hell. These white trash wanna be cops speed around campus in trucks and golf carts without looking out for pedestrians. They impose a lot of rules, and are power hungry but they don't do any good. I honestly think they exist just to sweep drug and alcohol busts under the rug for the school so that bad publicity doesn't get out.

6) The rules. They are very strict and can get old, even for someone who is a devout Christian. The rules give the school the feel of a high school boarding school as opposed to a college.

Basically you should only come here if you feel you strongly fit the profile they describe to you. In other words, very religious, don't want to party in college, and very smart. If you are those things you will love it. If you aren't you probably shouldn't come here. If you get here and feel like you don't fit in, join Greek life! If you're normal it's not too hard to join, and you will at least some other cool people and be able to party. I made the mistake of not joining because I was too involved in a fall sport. Most of my friends were in Greek life, and I might've liked it more if I'd joined a group myself.Despite the negatives this is a phenomenal school, and I really wish I could have liked it here more. Take my advice as seriously as you want or don't want to. There a lot of extremely happy people here, and a lot of others who wish they were somewhere else

1st Year Male -- Class 2018
Individual Value: A+, Social Life: F
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Grove City College
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