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Grove City College

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If you are looking into education as a major - look no furtEducation
If you are looking into education as a major - look no further. Grove City has one of the top teacher education programs in the country. I was an elementary education major who also earned certification in early childhood education. The program is not an easy or "safe" way to earn a degree as it is at many other colleges. You will earn the grades that you receive. The professors are constantly out in the schools and reading current research, so you will gain a progressive approach to teaching that will make even the first years in the classroom successful.

The only way to truly become an effective teacher is by being in the classroom. Grove City provides countless opportunities to teach lessons and volunteer in the classrooms of the surrounding communities. Your mentor teachers and professors will guide you along the way - you won't be out there on your own to figure everything out.

Earning an education degree from Grove City will speak well for you as you go out into the job market. School districts in the surrounding states know the program well and will readily hire its graduates. In that extremely competitive area, jobs are hard to find and the professors will make sure that both the name of the college and your preparation will give you that foot-in-the-door that is needed. I was looking for a job in another part of the country and was told at my interview that I made a wonderful impression because of both my knowledge of curriculum and teaching practices as well as my preparation for the interview process. After my first year of teaching, I was told by my principal that I was the most prepared first-year teacher that he had ever seen. I know that I owe it all to the professors and program at Grove City.I cannot sing the praises of Grove City's education department enough. If you truly desire to be a teacher, then this is the best place to prepare yourself.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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Let's be honest about it.Economics
Let's be honest about it. This college is a fit only for certain types of people with suitable temperaments,

goals and outlook in life.
Here are some questions to ask yourself :

1) Are you a liberal or a conservative ? If you are a liberal and believe that conservatives are heartless,

uncaring, restrictive and prudish, this definitely isn't the school for you.
2) Are you more of a redistributionist/socialist in your outlook ? Prefering to solve sociatal problems

using the power of government ? If so, then this school isn't for you. This school teaches and defends

free market economics and most of the faculty believe that individuals and communities acting together

as well as entrepreneurship brings greater prosperity to society than centralized government.
This school is so independent that they fought a court case over it decades ago to maintain itself
free of government interference. Other than Hillsdale College, I can't find a school in the USA that
refuses to accept Federal money.
Close to 15% of those who graduate from this school go on to start their own small business rather
than work for others.
Entreprenuership and self-dependence is encouraged.
3) Are you inclined to blame America and American policy for most of the world's ills ? This school
isn't for you either. Most Professors believe ( and teach ) that although America is not perfect and
has made lots of mistakes in the past, it remains one of the best nations on earth and the world would

be worse without this country being powerful.
4) Are you the party-going, binge drinking, college-is-to-have-as-much-fun-as-you-like type of person ?

If so, Go find another school please.
5) Are you unserious about your Christian faith or are you a person who cannot stand to be
with people who take their Christian faith seriously ? If so, you will be miserable here.
6) Are you the sort of person who take academics, worldviews and their implications to morality, life

and ethics seriously ? If so, you might find this school to your liking. It is wrong to think that
the professors are narrow-minded and restrict debate. Questions/debate are encouraged, but students are

taught to think for themselves albeit within a Christian and Biblical Point of view. If you think
this is bad, ask yourself if being in an environment where moral and ethical relativism is a better
philosophy. If your answer is yes to the later, perhaps you might not want to come to Grove.
7) Do you want to learn more about the constitution, American civics and how the original framers
of the consitution envisaged this country to be like ? If so, you might find the core curriculum
here to be a great learning experience. In a recent study Grove City Seniors outclash Ivy League
students on every measure of knowledge of American History, Civics the Constitution regardless of
the evnetual subject they major.
8) Are you prepared to work hard and study ? If so, Grove City is DEFINITELY the place for you.
9) Is the surrounding city and the pleasure, fun and the sight and sounds it affords of importance
to you when you go to college ? If so, you might find Grove City a bit boring.
10) Is your idea of fun wholesome activities like picnics, games, traditional/classical/gospel/
music ( the kind your grandpa would love to listen to ), family type activities, sports with
no hint of vice or aggression in them ? You might find this school to your liking.
11) Do you hate restrictions and find most rules that require curfews, chapel attendance, courtesy to

others, discipline, etc. too prohibitive ? IF so, you are going to hate this school.
12) Do you want to interact with people from different countries and ethnicities ? If so, you will
find this school to be too homogeneous for your taste. 94% of the students are white as untoasted
bread and only 6% are students of color.
I think the above questions more less gives you a good guide as to whether the college is a goodfit for you.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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I just happened to chance on this siteBusiness - Management and Administration
I just happened to chance on this site and decided to look at the comments people have made regarding my alma mater. I decided to set the record straight after seeing some negative comments which I feel require some perspective.

To introduce my background, I am a Business Management graduate of the class of 1996, where I majored in management and minored in marketing. I currently work as a Project proposal manager for an international company that is one of America's leading consulting, engineering, remediation, restoration, and construction firms with projects all around the world.

I interned for this company via the introduction of Grove City College and was immediately hired after graduation. This is the first and only company I've worked for and I enjoy my job a lot. I currently earn a six figure salary.

I am not writing this to boast about my background but to inform readers that my current career and propotion came as a result of the discipline, hard work, training, education and ethics instilled in my by my teachers at Grove City College. As an added bonus --- the tuition plus board and lodgings are so affordable that I graduated with very little debt. I was able to pay off my college debts within a year of graduation from the bonus I got from the job.

As I scan the panoply of negative comments in this thread, I do notice that a lot of them have to do with resentment at the college's strictness regarding lifestyle in colleges ( e.g., nightly curfew, gender segregation of dorms, frowning on alcohol and carousing, etc.). These "rules" seem to translate to treating kids as little children with the need for strict supervision. There are also complaints about the relative drabness of the surrounding town. Then there are also complaints about the conservative politics adhered to by most students and professors which allegedly translate to a very rigid, parochial view of the world where only one-note ideas are being presented.

Let me answer each of them one by one.
Firstly, the school makes NO APOLOGIES regarding its values. It is a Christian school and is intended to nurture Christian values. It says so right there on its website, its brochures and everything it presents OPENLY. In this sense, one has to EXPECT rules that are in accordance with these values. Therefore, I wonder why those who bothered to apply and eventually got in, even bothered to attend.... WHAT DID YOU EXPECT ? Did you expect the school to allow you to have sex anytime you like, be openly gay and boast about it, etc. ? How naive of you to even expect this school to tolerate that.

Secondly, excitement and interesting things you can do depends on your personality. There are hundreds of interesting and healthy activities in this campus that you can indulge in if you open your mind and heart to them -- From music, to arts to drama to entertainment to sports, to charitable work, to missions, to trips -- they are all there for you to participate. Pittsburgh, the big city is just 45 minutes away and you can take a trip there and enjoy the city during the weekends.

Thirdly -- regarding diversity --
If you think Grove City College is not diverse enough, you should look at the so called "intellectual diversity" they allegedly have on other campuses and ask yourself if Grove's lack of diversity isn't mirrored in other campuses around the country.

Here's an editorial by the Washington Times, 04/11/04 that should be an eye opener:

"For all the agony and lawsuits about diversity among student enrollments, there has been a shameful silence about the lack of intellectual diversity within college faculties. Consider a 2001 Frank Luntz Research/Center for the Study of Popular Culture (CSPC) survey of Ivy League professors, which found that 0 percent identified themselves as conservative. At Harvard, Democratic professors outnumbered Republican professors in economics, political science and sociology departments by 50-2, according to a 2001 American Enterprise Institute survey. At Stanford, it was 151-17; at Davidson College in North Carolina, 10-1. This lack of diversity has real consequences on quality education, academic discourse and academic freedom itself.

A course description at the University of California Berkeley (100 Democrats, 9 Republicans, according to a CSPC study) stated that "conservative thinkers are encouraged to seek other sections." When a student at a Colorado school wrote an essay on why Saddam Hussein was a war criminal, instead of why George W. Bush was, as her professor asked, she received a failing grade. Of course, most students would simply accept the status quo in fear of the opprobrium they could face. After all, when the chairman of Duke's philosophy department says that his university (95 Democrats, 15 Republicans) doesn't hire more conservative professors because, "as John Stuart Mill said, stupid people are generally conservative," why shouldn't a student stay quiet?

Which is why we are more than encouraged to hear that the Academic Bill of Rights (ABR) campaign is gaining serious momentum on campuses all across the country. Last year, conservative activist David Horowitz founded Students for Academic Freedom (SAF) and launched his campaign aimed at the ambitious goal of eradicating political abuse on college campuses. To this end, he drafted the Academic Bill of Rights that codifies principles of academic freedom by emphasizing the value of "intellectual diversity" and "the rights of students to not be indoctrinated or otherwise assaulted by political propagandists in the classroom or any educational setting." Rather than fairly debate the issue, many university administrators and faculties attacked the ABR as an attempt to impose hiring quotas for conservative professors. But quotas play no role in Mr. Horowitz's original draft, nor in the subsequent variations drafted by student senates and state and federal lawmakers. In fact, the ABR states that faculty hiring practices must in no way be based on political affiliation."

So, if Grove City College isn't "diverse" and teaches a "one-sided" point of view, what does the above survey tell us ? Would it be better for you to be a student in a college that teaches another "one-sided" point of view ?

The difference between Grove City College and most other colleges is this --- Grove City College tells you BEFORE HAND what they expect to teach before you enroll. You are given ample information to make your decision before hand. A cursory look at their website already tells you what their educational philosophy is. There is no false advertisement. You get what you see.

As for other universities, yes -- they harp on about being diverse, about how they value and tolerate differing opinion, etc. But if you look at what they do IN PRACTICE, the reality outstrips the hype by a thousand miles. For many kids and parents, You often DO NOT GET what you think you expect.

For people like me -- conservative, religious, and serious about getting a good education that challenges both the mind and the heart, there is no better place to get an undergraduate education. But be warned -- THIS COLLEGE IS ONLY FOR THOSE WITH THE PERSONALITY THAT FITS WHAT IT ADVERTISES.

Alumnus Male -- Class 2000
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Grove City College
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