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The Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

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Sep 23 2014Communications
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
I am someone who attended KU & did in fact transfer & graduate college. I was able to compare positive & negative as far as a lot of things go so here is my honest & sound opinion about KU vs other universities.

First thing you NEED to know - Kutztown is a suitcase school. What does this mean? A majority & when I say a majority I mean 80%+ live close enough to the university that they can and do go home on weekends. Now, my experience in the dorms was that it was complete empty I can recall being the only girl on my floor numerous times on weekends. Could it have been different off campus? Possibly yes. But again, I never lived off campus.

Food: while I know I've heard a lot of negative comments being made about food when I compare KU to where I transferred to the good was MUCH better at KU. KU in my opinion offered a wide selection of food! You had 3+ different locations for food & tons of options to choose from. That was honestly one thing I missed when I transferred was the amount of options I had for food!

Dorms: the dorms were disgraceful. I'm just being honest. KU is VERY behind the times as far as college dorms go. They were falling apart. Every other college I looked at offered like 3-4 people share a bathroom. Dixon? The new dormitory was built VERY VERY poorly. You could hear EVERYTHING. Dorms are awful. Even off campus housing was VERY expensive & falling apart!!!

Professors: I LOVED the education I got at Kutztown. As far as my program went, my professors were extremely knowledgable, went above & beyond to help the students. Absolutely amazing faculty & staff. Their communication program was Excellent in my opinion.

The People: I for one found the people at KU to be a mixed bag. I made some wonderful connections with whom I still keep in touch with & who still encourage me on a daily basis. However, I also met more rednecks & hicks at KU then I did after transferring to a college in the south!! I personally never quiet felt I fit in at KU. I know others however, that made lots of friends & loved it so it's really the person.

The town: Kutztown itself is a DUMP!!! There is NOTHING but corn fields, a few (decent) restaurants, & a weis grocery store. The houses to rent are falling apart, there are NO movie theaters, bowling alleys, etc. the bar scene is "lacking" with one or two popular bars. Nothing happens in this town it's the middle of nowhere.

Safety: I never felt unsafe on campus. Not one time did I feel scared or uneasy. There weren't many reports of breakins or anything of the sort.

OVERALL - if you are local, if you want to save money, if you want a GOOD education at a cheap price & are more focused on studying & don't care about having any type of social life KU is for YOU.

If you like to party during the week & go home on weekends & like have your friends from HS - KU is for YOU

-If you are someone who is more of a city person & likes having a large variety of things to do & loves meeting new people & branching out KU IS NOT FOR YOU-

My opinion is mixed. Had you asked me a few years ago I would have said this school is god awful but after attending another institution I found myself missing some aspects of KU!Hope I helped

2nd Year Female -- Class 2009
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Surrounding City: F
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Aug 19 2014Undecided
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
Oh jeez I don't even know where to get started... Well, I'll just tell you right now before you read the rest of this: DO NOT GO HERE. It will be your most expensive year of high school. I'm not even going to discuss the academics because that's what Kutztown is. High school. I was a freshman last semester and will not be returning. Thank sweet baby Jesus.

The Campus
Overall, during the non-winter months (not Nov., Dec., Jan., Feb., and March), the campus is beautiful. Sprawling lawns, blossoming flowers, and numerous trees dot the campus landscape. Once the never ending winter arrives, it is the ugliest place you'll ever see. Dead grass that gets muddy whenever it snows or rains. Bare trees. Barren flower beds. All of this just makes the bland, rectangular academic buildings look even more prison-like.

Now not all of the buildings on campus look like they were designed by entry-level architects in the 60s. The Academic Forum has a modern stadium-like design. Boehm, the science building, has an awesome design, reminiscent of an industrial revolution type factory for the modern day. And the Schaeffer Auditorium... Just a beautiful building.

The only money the campus spends is on maintaining these grounds. However, they seem to spend ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when it comes to ice removal. So bring your ice skates when you come. If you don't have a pair, buy one.

Oh yeah. The food. No. Just don't. You'll have explosive diarrhea for the first month. No joke. It's so greasy and horrible and fried and gross and horrible. Did I already say horrible? Save your money on a meal plan and just buy groceries. Oh wait. Don't do that because you shouldn't even be going here.

Residence Halls
These buildings are also poorly designed. Small, hot rooms that haven't been updated since construction. Barely any shower privacy. And the bathrooms. My god. I've seen porta potties cleaner than these.

Some buildings require visitors, even those who attend the university AND live on campus, to be checked in during the first semester. Those same people who do the checking in also have the ability to search your bags upon entery to the building. And trust me - they will.

Some CAs are so gung ho about their jobs that it seems like they're out to get students for any slight violation of the dorm's totalitarian rules. Others just sleep with residents. Don't bother coming back to the dorms if you're drunk, or they'll call security on you and then they will be required to take you on a very, very expensive ambulance ride. You'd have a better chance of not getting caught if you slept on a sidewalk in the middle of town.

The Town
It's just blah. Like any old town in PA that's not a suburb. Looks like a town that popped up during the coal mining era of the state. It's all houses. Very low quality, very expensive houses. The majority of stores are at the bottom of the hill, which is the opposite side of the campus, about a mile from university property. There is a Giant food market in walking distance though.

Anything worth doing or going to is either in Allentown, 20 miles away, or in Reading, 18 miles away. Mall? 45 minutes.

All of that hate out of the way, the surrounding area, which consists entirely of cornfields, is actually very pleasing to the optic nerves. Rolling hills and a small creek are only a three minute drive from campus.

The People and Social Life
Everyone smokes. Be it cigarettes or marijuana- the only two social things to do during the week- guaranteed a majority do so. And if you smoke cigarettes, the closest place to campus that sells them, closes at 11PM so have fun after parties. On one of your daily mile long treks to class, fully expect a plume of cig smoke to hit you like... well, a plume of cig smoke, slithering through the huge herd of people you'll be forced to walk with.

The humans are either jerks, stuck up, guys that just want to fight everything, ghetto, slightly ghetto, ex-high school band members turned into the loosest party animals, or some of the nicest and most friendly people (if you're lucky to find them).

The parties are a joke in the really creepy kind of way. Like an inappropriate joke your creepy uncle that you're not really related to would say. If you have male genitalia or you're an even below average looking girl, be prepared to get charged five dollars to get one or two cups of beer before the party gets busted by the ever so pesky police. The settings of these uncomfortable parties are in basements and houses that look like they can be used for an Investigation Discovery special about rape.

Not many people are active in Greek life. Sororities are almost never heard of and the frats are nothing special.

Bottom line: the only thing that separates this school from any other is its extreme blandness. The end.

1st Year Male -- Class 2017
Perceived Campus Safety: A+, Education Quality: F
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Jul 27 2014Communications
Major Salary, Salary Trend, Satisfaction, Unemployment
I just finished my freshman year at KU. In this review I will talk about what I did like and what I didn't like. I am being as honest as I can for the people who are trying to pick a school.

What I did like: Kutztown is a beautiful campus. Its a nice walk to class and the gym is gorgeous. They really keep up with it and make sure that everything is nice and taken care of. When it is nice outside, everyone is out throwing a ball or walking around. I became best friends with the people in my residence hall so it was always a good time just hanging out. I loved seeing new faces every day too. I felt that the teachers and faculty were very nice except for a few, but that is anywhere you will go! Classes can be challenging and it is often a wake up call for people but that is a good thing.

What I didn't like: Long walks to class.. in the winter it gets SO cold up there and walks to class can be far. Fall semester was always fun on the weekends but spring semester was different. It almost felt like if you did not know someone in a frat/sorority or werent in one, you probably werent going to have many options. Toward the end there would be about one open party a weekend that everyone could go to. The better food was farther away from the dorms which sucked because of the cold winter.These are just things i can think of off of the top of my head. I am not returning to Kutztown and it seems that most people do not. No one is in love with this school but many do like it. If you're going to school and looking for fun on the weekends all year 'round, i would advice looking elsewhere unless you know how to make your own fun!

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Faculty Accessibility: A, Surrounding City: D-
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