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The Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

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"Choose Kutztown".Super BrilliantAccounting
"Choose Kutztown". No. Choose another school please. I just wasted a year at this crappy school and I am glad to transferring to my #1 school choice which is West Chester University. I did make a few good friends here and I have not had a bad encounter with the other students. Some of the friends I made here actually are either dropping out or they are transferring out because we all agreed that the school sucks. The student body here is not all incompetent and rude. FOR THE RECORD I DO NOT PARTY.

I wish my stubborn ass would have listened to all of the bad reviews made on this site because they are 110% accurate.

Academics here are a complete joke. Most classes the students either don't attend class, or the ones that do attend class on a regular get bored and disinterested. In one of my core classes, and few students and I had a conversation on how the coursework is not challenging enough. Most of the professors don't even care and because of the budget cuts all of the good professors keep getting cut. Not to mention, majority of my professors did NOT speak proper English. Don't expect to have an intellectual conversation with anyone here unless they are a math or science major.

For every major, except the math and science related majors, the math requirement is a freaking Intro to Math (Pre-Algebra) class and I had Pre-Algebra in the 7th grade. So yea mainly you take a 7th grade math course. (My opinion on that is because KU knows most people aren't into math so they make it easy on them).

Since Kutztown was originally a teacher college, their education program is top notch which is true.That is the only reason you should come here. FYI: The only good reviews I have seen on here were from the education majors so of course the education majors will tell you how great the school is.

Other people who have made the reviews on Kutztown generalize the whole student body and not everyone in the student body is arrogant and a party animal. There are a lot of intelligent people like myself who come here and do not feel challenged and end up transferring to another school.

College is supposed to be the best years of your life and it is what you make it that's true, but at the same time college is a place where you open yourself up to new activities, seek challenges, take initiative and prepare you for your career and after you graduate you go out and change the world. I tried seeking opportunities and challenges here but I got nothing.

The school solely cares about their aesthetics. Very superficial if you ask me. When it's after events like St. Patty's Day or Homecoming, the school looks completely disgusting. They spend more time cleaning up vomit and cigarette buds on the ground than they do trying to improve the academics at the school.

Another thing on location: People keep saying the school is in the middle of nowhere and honestly that makes me laugh because of the over-exaggeration. It's not like Kutztown is in alcatraz. There is a town right there and some farm land so it IS somewhere. If you knew if said school was in the middle of nowhere, you should have never applied to that school in the first place. Blame yourself, not the school.

The food here..............the AF has the better food but its only open on weekdays. Every other on-campus dining the food is god awful.

Dorms make me feel like I am in a Barbie Doll house. It is that small.
Financial aid is one big cluster fuck. Folks don't know what they are doing and they also rude. They added extra fees and thank goodness I spotted where they did it and I said something about it. Administration is racist. I not talking about admissions, I am talking about ADMINISTRATION. If you are not white and you are coming here, be careful because they will kick you out of this school over any dumb thing just because you are black.

Don't get too excited or nervous if you apply here. EVERYONE gets in to this school even someone who was a D- student in high school. That's not exciting. That's a joke. Want another fact? The graduation rate is like 30%. The reason being is what I have stated before about the student body. Either A - students don't care and they are coming here to get away from their parents and they drop out, B - students can not obtain any opportunity here and transfer out, or C - the education majors (all of them) are great programs so these people normally stay.

I just wrote a damn summary lol. Let me tell you something, know what you want out of college (which it better be either fun (clean fun), challenges, an education, and opportunities) before deciding to attend. Matter of face, know what you want out of life and be serious about it. College is not the hardest part of life, getting into the real world and finding a career is. To sum everything up: Do NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL. I for one do not care about how beautiful the school is the academics and opportunities are what matter to me. If you come to a school based on looks then you're just superficial. If one college's aesthetics correspond to their school over all then Kutztown University would be the best school in not only PA, but the entire country. Unfortunately, the school just has a nice looking campus. That's it. Future college students and parents, I don't recommend this school to anyone. I only recommend this school if you are coming here as a commuter and an education major. Peace out, Kutztown. Thanks for wasting my time.

1st Year Male -- Class 2019
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Education Quality: F
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If you are going to major in ComputerQuite BrightComputer Science
If you are going to major in Computer Science or Geography or something along the lines of Science and KU is all you can afford financially, then that should be the only reason to come to KU. Any other major, you will not be academically challenge. If you want to go to school for the majors listed above, and KU is not your only choice of school, consider the other options you have because you can do better than Kutztown.

I transferred out of KU because I did not have enough financial aid to get me through the year and also because I could do way better than Kutztown so I now go to my local community college and will be going to West Chester.

Kutztown was known for having alot of students go there, but less and less people are coming here. Go to Millersville, Bloomsburg, West Chester or Temple. Hell throw in Shippensburg into the possibilities even though the Computer Engineering program over there isn't accredited yet.

Yes it is true college is what you make of it. I gave this crap school a chance and I was disappointed although some of this school are actually not bad. I will start with the good.

Good -
The Five Year BS/MS Computer Science Program - sounds very appealing and I do know someone who did this and graduated 2 years ago. Even if you don't understand computer science you can go to a grad assistant/student to help you or a friend that is experienced in CS can help you too. It is not that the CS program is incompetent, but the BS/MS CSC program is not BS, it is far from it. The only thing is that you have to take the gen eds with your classes relating to your major and most of those gen ed classes are not challenging.

Marching Band - The marching band is very fun. They even marched in the Philly Thanksgiving Parade two months ago. (KUMU is also part of what made me want to give KU a chance). KUMU is the only thing I miss about KU.

Sports Teams - they are not that bad. The football team has gotten slightly better through the years. They used to be very terrible. The Rugby team is unstoppable too the last time I was on campus. I believe there was one game that they scored 200-0.

Campus Aesthetics - very beautiful campus but when its hot outside prepared to be attacked by bees especially if you are waiting for the shuttle bus to get to class. And campus looks very bad after events like Homecoming and St. Patty's Day because people get trashed.

Clubs - Clubs are okay. If you want to do community service, I recommend KuBok. It's a neighborhood watch program for KU students and they go patrol the streets of the city of Kutztown.

Neutral -
Students - the student body could go either way. Most of the other students were very nice, chill, respectful, and helpful but the other students are party animals, preppy, racist, or anti-intellectual. I would love to actually have an intellectual conversation and all that but most of the students don't care and they only come to school to please their parents.

Now for the Bad.
Food - unhealthy and greasy. One night at South Side Cafe, they serve a steak and the meat was so raw that it was still moving. The AF was the only good on-campus food site on campus but it is only open on school days and they close at 4:30. They added a new Cub Cafe but I haven't been on campus in a year so I don't know.

Residence Halls - if you are a freshman, the freshmen halls are terrible and if you are lucky enough that all of the dorms in the freshmen halls are full, they will put you in Dixon but you have to pay more. University Place's exterior looks like a jail and ironically enough, the person that designed UP has actually designed a jail too.

Academics - excluding the classes I took for my major, the gen ed classes were incompetent and some of the professors were no help. For a science, I recommend taking Dr. Davis for Geography, and Dr. Goh for Music. They were awesome.

Financial Aid Office/KU Administration - disorganized and very cruel. That's all I'm gonna say.
Public Safety - they are supposed to make us feel safe and the only things they have done that have made us feel safe was alert us when a sexual assault or crime occurred on-campus or off-campus. Even if you don't party or drink, they will bust you for anything and everything. Parking violations (even if you have a valid parking permit), ANYTHING. It's ridiculous. My roommate got fined because his mom had dropped off his PRESCRIBED medication for his illness and supposedly his mom was not allowed to park on Main Street. Because of that they fined him. His mom only parked on Main St for 30 seconds. That's messed up.

Overall, I had a very bad experience and I am glad I am not returning. This school did not completely satisfy my needs academically and professionally. The school I plan on going to after I finish community college is another state school and is way more respectable than KU.

So I advise you if you are a high school senior or getting ready to transfer out of community college or another school, ask your self this.

Is your education worth it?
Do you want to open yourself up to endless opportunities?
Do you want a career right after you get your degree?
Do you want to be academically challenged?If you answered yes to all these questions, then Kutztown is not for you because you will barely get ahead anywhere unless you are majoring in CS or Education or any Science related major. The Business program at KU is accredited but the people I know in the program said it was absolutely horrible. Consider another school.

1st Year Male -- Class 2018
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Useful Schoolwork: F
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KU is inexpensive.Quite BrightComputer Science
KU is inexpensive.
That was by and far the selling point for me. To shorten a long story, I was forced to attend a PASSHE school for financial reasons--I waited too long in my senior year of high school to jump ship from what I had originally planned to study (Pharmacy--dodged that bullet...) and all of the good schools I had been accepted into wouldn't have offered me a satisfactory financial aid package for any other, non-high-paying degree (I/my folks didn't want me to have high debt). Plus, I didn't really know what I wanted to study. Anyway, after choosing Computer Science, I chose KU out of PASSHE because its five-year BS/MS program was financially attractive to me...

I will fervently stand by the Computer Science department; most of the faculty are great and the coursework is generally useful and insightful. I believe it to be one of the more "grown-up/no-bullshit" departments at KU. Also, the campus is nice.

That was the "selling point." Now, here's the catch: everything else sucks. I'm not going to sugar-coat it.

The general student body is comprised of unpleasant, immature, cretinous, arrogant, incapable things that belong in high school. If you're "somebody like me" (and if you are, you'll know I'm addressing you), let your ideals about the merits of public higher education take a knee before you decide to go here. If you can afford it, please go to a better school. Hell, go to West Chester. You can't make it work socially or emotionally here. At the beginning of each new semester, you'll have this sweet little feeling in your gut that you'll finally stumble upon your niche. You won't. It has taken me three years to accept that. Even in the "Honors Program"--been there, done that. It's a joke. I'm stuck here because my department is great, my field pays well, and I can't afford anything else. Don't be me. It has been a very lonely three years, and I won't be finished for a little while yet.

I swore to myself this would be more essay than novel (?), but I must do you a service to point out that the administration here is as ivory-tower-removed from the student body as could possibly be. They pay groundskeepers union salaries to make the grounds look nice only for the unsuspecting, unfortunate families that tour campus periodically. They seek that low-hanging-financial-fruit-of-freshmen, the coveted first-year government education financial-aid subsidy. What becomes of the frosh after that profitable one or two semesters--intellectually, socially or otherwise--is of no concern to the administration. This is apparent when, as a sophomore, a student no longer receives printed, snail-mail reminders for anything except "give us money" and "write thank-you's to your scholarship donors."I could clearly go on to write a novel based on my experiences... But I think you get the picture. It's Orwellian. To justify my being here, it is inexpensive-Orwellian. But it's Orwellian nonetheless. Please take me seriously. I wish someone would've prepared me as an ambitious young frosh...

3rd Year Male -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: A, Individual Value: F
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