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The Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

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I just finished my freshman year at KU

Jul 27 2014Communications
I just finished my freshman year at KU. In this review I will talk about what I did like and what I didn't like. I am being as honest as I can for the people who are trying to pick a school.

What I did like: Kutztown is a beautiful campus. Its a nice walk to class and the gym is gorgeous. They really keep up with it and make sure that everything is nice and taken care of. When it is nice outside, everyone is out throwing a ball or walking around. I became best friends with the people in my residence hall so it was always a good time just hanging out. I loved seeing new faces every day too. I felt that the teachers and faculty were very nice except for a few, but that is anywhere you will go! Classes can be challenging and it is often a wake up call for people but that is a good thing.

What I didn't like: Long walks to class.. in the winter it gets SO cold up there and walks to class can be far. Fall semester was always fun on the weekends but spring semester was different. It almost felt like if you did not know someone in a frat/sorority or werent in one, you probably werent going to have many options. Toward the end there would be about one open party a weekend that everyone could go to. The better food was farther away from the dorms which sucked because of the cold winter.These are just things i can think of off of the top of my head. I am not returning to Kutztown and it seems that most people do not. No one is in love with this school but many do like it. If you're going to school and looking for fun on the weekends all year 'round, i would advice looking elsewhere unless you know how to make your own fun!

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Faculty Accessibility: A, Surrounding City: D-

I am a Freshman at Kutztown University with

May 06 2014Undecided
I am a Freshman at Kutztown University with one day left, I will not be coming back in the fall. KU is beautiful and kept well maintained but thats what they spend their money. Everyday someone is polishing the fountain, cutting the grass, picking up every cigarette bud (90% students smoke). Coming here I was so excited and ready for a new experience. I did look on all these websites and most of them were negative comments, well I should of believed them. Everyone he is from PA and goes home on the weekends, if they don't, then they hang around and smoke. KU spends their money on their apperances, rather than better food or activites for the students. The town is very ghetto and has nothing to do. It is not a "college town". I can't believe I even wasted a year here. Please, if youre are looking to come here, come on a day school is in session and look at the kids who go here. And also, the faculty is very self-absorbed and do not care about their students. They are happy to give you bad grades. None of them teach, they read a powerpoint word for word.
1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Maintenance: A+, Education Quality: F

I just wasted a year of my life at this university and am

Jul 25 2014Computer Science
I just wasted a year of my life at this university and am extremely upset I cannot get that back. Seriously, avoid this university if you are truly determined to be successful in life. I am extremely glad I transferred out of this school and can eliminate it from my resume.

To all prospective students, beware because while Kutztown like to use pro-university propaganda to drag students in to make it seem like this amazing school. I swear, most of our tuition money goes to keeping the outside of the campus looking pretty as opposed to a quality college experience and education.

First, let's start off with the infamous dining services. Ugh. The food is HORRENDOUS. All deep fried, unhealthy, and overpriced. And get this, you can get soda for free with your meal, but you get charged an extra dollar if you want water instead. Great way to promote a healthy lifestyle. No wonder half the people on campus are overweight! South Dining Hall takes the cake for the worst food on campus. And the worst part of it all? You're told WHEN you can use your meal swipes? Well what if I want food NOW? I don't want to wait 3 hours to use my next swipe. The dining staff are incompetent, rude, and will not hesitate to try and overcharge you.

Let's move on to the residence halls. Should you decide to live on campus your first year, you will be placed in a traditional hall and let me tell you, it feels more like you're being warehoused. The rooms themselves are very small, and would be considered singles in other schools. In fact, the room I lived in was only supposed to be a single, but I had a roommate anyway. The people who live in these residence halls are loud and obnoxious and the CAs just don't seem to want to do their job. In my building, there have been incidents with CAs partying and even HOOKING UP with students. Disgusting. And most of the residence halls need some serious renovations. They're falling apart like crazy on the inside.

Most of the students who attend Kutztown in all honesty aren't really college material. Basically if you can foot the bill for the tuition, you're in. Students seems to be more interested in partying than learning. The drop out rate for this school is absolutely appalling! Also, don't be fooled my the university's sayings on how "diverse" they are. Most of the students reside from surrounding communities in rural Pennsylvania, with the occasional wealthy kids from New Jersey.

The education quality is also terrible. Many of the professors in my department barely speak English and are rude, condescending, and self absorbed. They could care less about their student's academic success. In many of my classes, profs chose to read directly off of powerpoint slides and make us copy them, without providing much of their own input.

Students here don't seem to have any clue with that they want to do with their lives and often lack any sort of motivation or competence. It makes it really difficult to learn in an environment where your peers aren't motivated as well. The drop out rates are absolutely astonishing!

Also, Kutztown is in no way shape or form a "college town". It's a gloomy, blue collar looking redneck town in the middle of nowhere with not much to do, and is full of a bunch of uptight locals who absolutely despise the students from the university. The parties always get busted and are usually pretty lame.

Kutztown University is also a huge "suitcase school", meaning people often leave on the weekends to go home, since they live close by. The campus becomes an absolute ghost town on the weekends and can be really really boring. Please do not be fooled by just the looks of the school and the preppy tour guides because looks can be very deceiving. It's really all just an act to drag people in and take their money. This school will do ANYTHING to schmooze an extra penny out of you. So many people, like myself end up transferring out to much better schools.

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: A, Individual Value: F
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