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Everyone here is awful. The students are still stuck in high school and act like it and the professors are arrogant jerks who think your life revolves 100% around their class. Unless you want to get drunk every night there is nothing to do and no where to go. Overall I've been miserable and I think I might finally give in and leave.
Preparedness: -, Reputation: -
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Sep 07 2015 Male -- Class 2000 
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It seems everything is about the money here and the value is just not there for the costs. They offer little to no flexibility on several things. For instance, they promote their Greek life but it is a big rip off. The housing is the most expensive on campus and they do a horrible job of cleaning them. We have complained and they basically make empty promises and nothing gets done. I still haven't figured out what I am getting for the extra $1100/semester for my room in addition to another $1200 for frat dues. All off campus housing is controlled by the college including the frat houses. There is no off campus apartments. Nothing is equipped for meal preparation at the dorms or frat houses and they force you to have a meal plan. Housing and the meal plans are absolute rip off. Meals currently break down to about $150/week. Social life is disappointing as noted in the other reviews. Campus shrinks real quick and you begin to feel boxed in because the surrounding town is a ghetto. Wonder too far from campus and you are inviting trouble. Pre Med professors are arrogant and seem to take pleasure in the weed out process. After you are deemed unfit for medical school, there really isn't a program or department worth the cash they are commanding. This school does an incredible job marketing itself but really it is smoke and mirrors. Short of an highly demanding pre med program they really don't stand out, the surrounding area is a shit hole and the business office seems to be in your pocket every time you turn around and provides little opportunity to curb your costs. For example, if I am going to pay to live in a frat house with a kitchen why am I not able to drop the over priced meal plan? This is just one example where they seem to command premium dollar without delivering a premium product.
Faculty Accessibility: A-, Surrounding City: F
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Aug 25 2014 2nd Year Male -- Class 2016  
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The college does a good job selling themselves. note however that there is NEVER anything to do at the college (weekends or weekdays). Besides drinking at the frats, there is literally nothing to do. Most students either (1) sit in there rooms (2) sit in their firends room (3) eat at the overpriced grill (six dollars for 3 small chicken tenders is an average price) or (4) drink. besides that there is nothing on campus (no movies, no social events, NOTHING. On the tour they told me all this stuff that goes on that me or anyone else ive talked to has yet to see (also note that the town of washington is a shithole and there is nothing to do their either). Also, The school expects you to pay for little things (I had a medical condition and doctors note and the school still made me pay $250 to have them put a air conditioner in (which did not work). and on top of that no one ever gets there security deposits back. the school does anything to "nickle and dime" you. The education is good, but it comes at a price (4 years of hell and boredom). Goodluck in your choice
Faculty Accessibility: A+, Collaboration/Competitive: F
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Apr 08 2012 3rd Year Female -- Class 2013  
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George Washington University -- District of Columbia, DC

Boston University -- Boston, MA

Arizona State University -- Tempe, AZ

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