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York College Pennsylvania

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Let me start with the Administration/Authorities here:Super BrilliantBusiness - Management and Administration
Let me start with the Administration/Authorities here:

Takes advantage of students. Book store is overpriced garbage. Campus safety hands out citations for traffic and alcohol violations but do absolutely nothing to help the countless students robbed and attacked on the campus perimeter. There were seven robberies within 2 blocks of my house my first semester. SEVEN. Not a single one was solved, yet there were easily at least 200 citations reported on the crime log for petty "offences" that involved collecting tiny fees from students, including a major bust at a party where there weren't even underages and the landlords actually had a special events permit. Didn't matter. It was easy money to extort. Not to mention most of the Campo look like unqualified scrawny students that quite honestly couldn't have lasted 5 minutes in my martial arts classes. Arrogant born-with-silver-spoon-in-hand administration. Everything from the mandatory "registration fee" every semester to the overpriced garbage at the book store to the way they look down on you for not having money handed to you when you have to work for yourself just screams these are all people from very well-off backgrounds that never had to struggle for anything ever and have no empathy for self-supporting students. Literally only here still because I've already been left with no choice if I want to get my Bachelors on time. Some of the professors are great but they are overshadowed by the ones that just read from their books or power points and treat you like a moron if you ask perfectly reasonable questions, such as "why do I need your special $200 formula card instead of one I can print out online?"...of course the answer to that is this is a greedy, stingy institutional culture. Don't even get me started on regulations and student senate. "Encourages innovation"...what a joke. Good luck getting anything approved that competes with the school's monopoly on everything. Absolutely pathetic.

Social atmosphere:
Kids have the same silver spoon snotty attitude that the administration have. Greek life is big here, and while some of them are alright, most of them are spoiled punks that think they're GI Joes but couldn't fight their way out of a paper bag. Partying is about the only "extracurricular activity" that's popular on campus, and those are prone to excessive violence, theft, or being busted, of course. I believe my high school was more mature than the student body here. Most of these kids have never worked a day in their life. No respect for private property and a complete entitlement attitude. Never had to earn anything they have and yet they still think everybody is obligated to treat them like children still. Annoying climate of dating drama and pretty difficult to play nice with most of them because quite honestly for the most part they're not likable people. I went through two years of community college before transferring here and never once had a problem with anybody. Since day one here, it's been nothing but middle school drama between a bunch of brats that have no idea how to wipe their own bottom ends let alone live without 24/7 supervision and financial bailouts.

Area/Surrounding city:

I've lived in York for a few years before going to school here, and York sucks, I get that. It's relatively poor and high crime. That being said, it is absolutely hilarious that this school actually bans the second amendment for students, making them prime targets for locals to rob, especially since campo doesn't do anything about it unless it's easy and makes them money. Going after actual criminals is scary stuff for underqualified mommas boys with fancy suits and titles when you can just act like drill sergeants towards suburban college kids stuck in a city for the first time. The school's culture is almost insultingly in contrast to the area's culture and locals of York and students of York college generally hate each other for good reason on both sides. York has no night life outside of bars and house parties. York college has no night life outside of bars and house parties. Ironic how similar they are in that regard, isn't it? Oh, and before I forget, three people I went to school with overdosed during my stay at this school and their deaths were not even mentioned. Not a word. Completely ignored, forgotten, swept under the rug. Absolutely disgusting lack of empathy and transparency.

Conclusion:This review may seem harsh, but it is accurate and well-deserved. This place is insulting to anyone with a sense of dignity and deserves every ounce of negative public relations it gets. Their deceptive practices are pathetic and need immediate revision. Do not go here if you have better options.

1st Year Male -- Class 2016
Education Quality: B, Individual Value: F
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do not go to this fucking stupid assQuite BrightPsychology
do not go to this fucking stupid ass depressing ass school that claims it is diverse but has 3 people of a different race and that's it. I am transferring to temple where I know I will be better off thank god. My roommate freshman year left because she hated the school. She cried asking her parents to leave. My current roommate whom I meant last year said she went into a depression for awhile because she hated it...And still does. She is also looking to get the fuck out of this hell hole.

The professors are okay, very friendly and most are helpful. As far as education it does depend on the major. Many majors that should have concentrations do not. As far as the school in general, the dorms suck ass. The food is never cooked throughly, my roommate heard a girl got food poising from the chicken. It is always pink and for holidays the meat actually is drenched in blood and its so much blood it flows over the plate it is on and looks like a crime scene.

This fucking city has absolutely nothing for a college student let alone a child. Everything fun is in philly or another damn state like md or d.C. (yes I know d.C. Is not a state). The public transportation is horrible it takes an hour to get somewhere that is only 15 minutes away. My roommate and I called the horrible smell that fills the air "york." the paper mill stinks so damn bad it is unbearable sometimes. Also, everyone transfers because of the cost, it stucks, or they are depressed. Oh by the way what the fuck is the purpose of campus safety. The ra's actually do their job but with no protection for their self.

I am so glad I am leaving, I recommend that no one goes here, ever unless you are a commuter. Which means you are use to this horrible city, sorry that you live here. Anyway, I wish the best to my roommate because it sucks here and the only real friend I mad here was here because no one else on campus is very openminded and everyone is alike. Thats boring. Just don't go here.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2017
Education Quality: A, University Resource Use: F
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I am about to graduate from York College,Quite BrightEconomics
I am about to graduate from York College, and if you are thinking about coming this review.

First off, this is not going to be like an "OMG this place sucks" review because YCP definitely does not suck, but this place definitely does not rock either.

I transferred to YCP because my last college DEFINITELY sucked. It was too small and it was in a bad area. I needed to find a college that would let me play soccer still and YCP thankfully allowed me to walk on. This school is NOT small. It is a Division III school, so it is big for a Division III college. If you expect a Penn State size campus, this isn't the place for you as YCP only has 5000 kids.

People on campus are either athletes or in Greek Life. There are some Theatre geeks but if you don't fit in the top category you are a minority. That is especially crucial if you want plans for the weekend. Don't think that you can walk into a Greek Life house and expect a free Natty Light on the house, because that aint happening. I never had a problem finding a party because I was on the soccer team, but house parties on "Jackson Street" get super boring (especially by November...).

On to the topic of social life, if you aren't 21 then it is really risky and nerve-wracking at YCP. Every freshman makes the mistake of taking the first sip in the dorm room and getting cited. Campus safety only cares about parking tickets and alcohol. If you make it to Jackson Street then you have to worry about the York Police and the townies. Murph's Bar can be fun, but again gets old by the end of the semester since the same people are there weekend after weekend.

I don't know if it is just YCP or not, but transferring was tough especially with friends. Friend groups are set in stone after freshman year, so I could never find a solid friend when I came to YCP my junior year. It is like a high school here, so I would watch out for that. High school in as "omg why didn't you tag me in that photo" or "was that tweet about me?"If I had the choice of committing to YCP again, I still would. I love the sport of soccer and YCP gave me the opportunity. My professors (despite some really really bad ones) gave me the knowledge in my major that gave me the opportunity to find an awesome internship. Every college is going to have awful professors and TERRIBLE dining hall food, but you have to take the good with the bad. YCP has awesome technology to help you succeed in the classroom and the shuttle does run on the weekends. The city around the campus is not as dangerous as people make it out to be, so do your research.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2015
Education Quality: A, Useful Schoolwork: D
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York College Pennsylvania

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