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Roger Williams University

Total Grad Surveys 6
Females 2
Males 4
Avg years at University 1.8
Research Quality B- (6.2)
Research Availability B+ (7.4)
Research Funding B+ (8.1)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.6)
Errand Runners B (7.3)
Degree Completion C+ (5.4)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B- (6.2)
Sufficient Pay C (5.0)
Competitiveness B (7.0)
Education Quality B (7.2)
Faculty Accessibility A- (8.2)
Useful Research B+ (7.4)
"Individual" treatment B+ (7.4)
Friendliness B (6.9)
Safety A (9.4)
Campus Beauty A (8.9)
Campus Maintenance B (7.1)
University Resource/spending B+ (7.8)
Extracurriculars B+ (7.6)
Success-Understanding B (7.0)
Surrounding City B+ (7.4)
Social Life/Environment B- (6.5)
Sufficient PayC

Administration is incompetent, and

Dec 11 2010Architecture
Administration is incompetent, and the Financial Aid department for this very expensive school is extremely unhelpful. Getting aid was akin to a IRS audit.

I came here with no background in law

Dec 17 2009PreLaw and Legal
I came here with no background in law whatsoever but the school has done very well with providing a solid understanding of the basics in the first year. Don't get me wrong, there are some drawbacks to attending a T4 school such as RWU and given the current state of things in this country, it will probably be difficult to obtain a job after graduation but if you're determined enough and humble enough to put your ego on hold for a while, it will serve you in the long run.

RWU Law has some great faculty and some not-so-great faculty and you'll learn who to avoid if you just talk to an upper class student. Most of the faculty though are well respected in their field and are certainly qualified to teach their respective subjects. Above all, I have never experienced an issue accessing one of my professors and the administration is very pleasant and easy to work with. My only negative remarks might be about some of the student body who seem to have a chip on their shoulder about being here but I am sure that is the case with all law schools. Additionally, the class selection right now is lacking. There needs to be more a greater selection to encompass everyone's interests as I am running into that problem now.

Finally, the facilities are well maintained and nice. The student bistro is adequate. My only complaint about the facilities is the heating issue. Some days the building is cold and others piping hot. You need to dress in layers in the winter.Overall though, I am happy with my choice in Roger Williams. I could have gone to a higher ranked school but my priorities were not necessarily typical of most law school applicants. I was looking for a school that would provide a good education and where I would enjoy my time here. I have found that to be the case.


I went to this law school for a year

Sep 20 2009PreLaw and Legal
I went to this law school for a year. On my way out I met with one of the deans who offered me a chance to leave and then told me not to hang myself. I'm not sure about that comment. As someone else has written the financial aid overcharged me. I got a check about eight months later. They told me that it was lost in the mail when I called about money that I believed I was overcharged. I had a letter the school had to decide. I was told two months for the decision. It took four. The school never called, I did and I was told by the secretary that he is busy. Ok I'll wait. Wouldn't an adult call to say it won't be ready this month or next? Some of my transcript was lost and I had to spend part of my first week getting that together. My recommendation is to look elsewhere.
Sep 05 2008PreLaw and Legal

I have nothing but good things to say about my experience at RWU.


I have learned a

Apr 13 2008Other
I have learned a lot at the law school with overall good profs and smart classmates. After graduation I'll also be clerking at a court so for those looking for practical application of what you learned in class, if you work hard, opportunities are out there.

I am kicking myself daily

Dec 18 2006Other
I am kicking myself daily.
"This law school is an up-and-commer" I tell myself, as I try to ease the pain and stop the vommitting.

I went here because of a 50% scholarship. Hell, now I'll just be 75,000 in debt. That's not so much right?

Well, since you can't get a job anyway, that 75k could have been a nice down payment on a new house. Don't make the same mistake as my classmates made by listening to "hype" from the Admisssions Office prior to enrollment. This is a bad school which is desperate for your precious student loan dollars


I spent 4 years at Roger Williams and

Jan 01 2006Criminal
I spent 4 years at Roger Williams and graduated in 2005. My plans were to attend Grad school to get my Masters. After spending a lot of time and money in applying to different grad schools, I was told by all of them that I was not prepared for a graduate level education. Most of the schools I applied to, had never even heard of Roger Williams. They just took my money.

The KKK were at

Nov 10 2005Criminal
The KKK were at the law school a few years ago then they moved to the college and now they are all over campus. If you are a minority, don't apply to this grad school. Whitey has all of his bases covered.Teachers give the whites the best grades based on skin color and nothing else.

this law school is

Nov 10 2005PreLaw and Legal
this law school is a scam!!!
I want my money back!!!
i'm not learning a damn thing!!!
yeah, nice honors program!!!!I pay these @#*s how much to go here?

Its a shame that so many people have

Nov 10 2005Unknown
Its a shame that so many people have given this university a bad name, what I found was that I seldom have the time to things like this because I am so busy working. But I read other reviews and decided something had to be done. The education I am receiving here at Roger Williams is of the highest quality, because it is an experience that I have chosen to make life changing. I feel that many who come here especially the majority of the student body, are apathetic to the point where they relinquish the responsibility for the development of there future into the hand of the faculty along. Although the faculty in the departments have been in contact with are extraordinarily qualified, I think it is the responsibility of the student to make there experience here at college what it is, and not the teacher. Done blame the faculty for your failure, because there have been so many before you who have succeeded, and so many after who will do the same.

Corruption, harrassment, greed

Sep 04 2005Business - Management and Administration
Corruption, harrassment, greed.
These three words sum up my experience at the school's graduate program. Graduates are supposed to be trained as leaders in the communications field. But if you're female, you're already at a disadvantage since the faculty is mostly male and all hold the view that a woman's place is either in the kitchen or the whorehouse and nowhere near the newsroom. How can they train anyone to be unbiased when they hold such obvious biases?

Money for the program was spent on exotic, international family vacations by President Nirshel. Also, they'd falsely claim that expensive items from offices had been stolen (when they were the only ones with access to the office) so they could make up some of the difference for program money they spent somewhere else.FYI, if you're a member of any minority, they'll try to wash you out of the program faster than you can "discrimination." It's disgusting.


I want to tell you a few short

Jul 04 2005PreLaw and Legal
I want to tell you a few short reasons why Roger Williams is the worst college ever. 1) They "lost" my official transcripts over and over. Then put a hold on my account for not having supplied them with my transcripts. 2) They made huge mathematical errors in calculating my bill. 3) My financial aid became so screwed up that I had to hire an independent representative to help me. 4) In my program, teachers showed up less than half of the time. 5)The administration is wholly incompetent and simply uncaring and surly. 6) You will discover new dimensions of pissed off frustration when you get lassoed into the administrative runaround. 7)They never ever return phone calls or messages. Sometimes financial aid refuses to answer the phone. I wonder why? (sarcasm) 8) Financial aid is the biggest nightmare I have evr encountered. You won't beleive it until you witness it for yourself. Consider yourself warned! Your credits won't transfer anywhere else. You won't beleive the $&*# that goes on here. The administration (Roy Nirschel)is totally ignorant, condescending, hateful and incompetent. The worst part is that Roger Williams University is totally IRRESPONSIBLE! They should have their accredidation stripped and be shut down. I'm sure in the past this was an ok school. Now it is a disgusting mess. Please go somewhere else. Thank You.

I wish I could have left this school

Jun 28 2005Unknown
I wish I could have left this school. They lied about their program and they flat out lied about being able to tansfer out of here. Once I found out that I COULD NOT TRANSFER (due to their lack of getting grades out) I had to either drop out and pay thousands and thousands of dollars worth of loans for nothing - or stick it out and at least get a degree. I did. Nobody is interested in a graduate from this school. In the RI Area the school has a reputation as nothing more than a real estate endeavor. The open admissions policy is evident in the uninspired student body. The instructors who are largely on a part-time only basis consider this a throw-away job to pad their income. The only positive aspect of this school is their large selection of accessible equipment. And believe me - you pay for it.

The faculty are retarded but still expect the

Jun 02 2005Unknown
The faculty are retarded but still expect the students to put in 200%. Just send in your application (along with 25k)and your in.

To repeat another review-Where does all of our money go? Tuition is outrageous, but there is very little to show for it, except for the President's house that cost millions of dollars to build, yet, he doesn't even live there...and let us not forget the special dance studio he had built for his 14 year old daughter! Law Student apartments don't have constant hot water, and many students are squished into rooms meant to house fewer then they are.

They constantly reassure us (lie) that will find jobs and pass the bar, but most grads can't find work (or even pass the bar.)This school is a scam!


Might sound made up, but honest I typed

May 27 2005Unknown
Might sound made up, but honest I typed "scam law school" into Google dot com hoping to find information about Roger Williams and sure enough...a thread was one of the results. There used to be a few gems on this board about RWU but apparently they purge the messages every year or so. Sad, really. They should at least make an archive available of old messages.

But yeah, Roger Williams is a definite scam. If you have $30,000 burning a hole in your pocket, feel free to enroll. Chances are terribly low that youre going to graduate. They clearly pull the same crap that Cooley does -- accept a lot of students knowing full well that a large percent of them will not complete the first year. Its hard wired into the system there that a large number of students CANT finish the first year. Just one of many scams that that place is running. If you didnt get in anywhere else and youre a high stakes gambler, perhaps give it a go. Otherwise forget it. Actually, even if it is the only place you get in (other than Cooley, of course which should also be avoided) Id recommend re-evalutating your options. There are other things to do. But if you really want to go to law school, just get a job in a law firm or something and re-apply to legitamate schools next year.


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