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Bob Jones University

Total Grad Surveys 24
Females 10
Males 14
Avg years at University 4.5
Research Quality B (6.9)
Research Availability B (7.1)
Research Funding B- (6.4)
Graduate Politics B+ (7.7)
Not Errand Runners B+ (7.7)
Degree Completion B+ (8.0)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B+ (7.8)
Sufficient Pay B (7.1)
Competitiveness B+ (7.7)
Education Quality B+ (8.0)
Faculty Accessibility A- (8.5)
Useful Research B+ (7.9)
"Individual" treatment B+ (7.7)
Friendliness B+ (7.7)
Safety A (9.2)
Campus Beauty A (9.4)
Campus Maintenance A (9.0)
University Spending B+ (8.0)
Extracurriculars B+ (7.5)
Scholastic Success B+ (8.0)
Surrounding City A- (8.7)
Social Life/ Environment B- (6.1)
Social Life/ EnvironmentB-
Campus BeautyA
Please, just change the name of the schoolJun 27 2013Unknown
Please, just change the name of the school...too much attached to it whenever it's mentioned to a stranger, employer, or anyone is general. I just stopped making gracious excuses for it altogether; after all, if one has witnessed and been through what the school is being "accused of," what is one supposed to do...lie?
This is an excellentJul 28 2012Religion/Religious
This is an excellent school. There do happen to be some active bloggers who detest the school and who incessantly deride it, but in reality, the academics are great, the people are friendly, and the administration is humble.
The coursework was substantiallyJul 15 2012Religion/Religious
The coursework was substantially unhelpful and the emotional atmosphere was spiritually toxic. Do your research before you consider enrolling. Trust don't want your name linked with Bob Jones for the rest of your life.....
Awesome School striving toSep 28 2010Art & Design Department
Awesome School striving to honor God. Not a mess around college. The goal is to prepare you to serve God the rest of you life, no matter where He leads you.
I had been in BJU little bit overAug 27 2010Religion/Religious
I had been in BJU little bit over six years and had been involved in a lot of different activities as well as many friends. Academic standard, i would say, is very tough but is worthy to start and finish it. all seminary students had to start the class with quizz or report and should be ready for next affairs which require a lot of preparation time. Teachers are very nice and kind but are very sentitive in teaching. it had been pretty busy period but i could tell it give you the precious equipment start your future ministry as well. I have several friends who graduated from some other seminary in America but their quality are poor in that they do not much knowledge about Greek and Hebrew and i found their lack of substantial knowledge in Bible. I like this school and it is very greatful that God gave me such opportunity to study in Bob Jones.
Waste of time and moneyOct 05 2009Business - Management and Administration
Waste of time and money. BJU only cares about your money and their ego, not you. Go somewhere else. There are some good Christians there, but the majority of the administration are NOT which makes for a rough college life. They are very hateful towards women and will pay women less. They keep the students and faculty living in constant fear.
While there as a student the rules wereApr 04 2008Religion/Religious
While there as a student the rules were not a problem for me or my spouse. During those days conservatism was in for dress and politics. After the first few years out, we still highly regarded BJU. But, today the standards at BJU, both academically and in dress have dramatically changed for the worse. The semesters have been cut down by several weeks a year - a tragic mistake and forsaking the permanent on the altar of the immediate. Sit down dinners are gone, the cultural aspect of learning manners at the meal table is sorely needed today in our anti-cultural culture. The dormitories are loosely run - again, lax standards to please the spoiled occupants.

BJU plays to the rich crowd and big city churches - and needs to, to keep themselves afloat with the massive overhead in costs to keep the campus going. There are some normal/average students there - some.

Our training seemed more than adequate at the time of graduation. However, MUCH was to be desired for the practical, day-to-day issues were not dealt with. The opressive attitudes toward pastors in churches and their daily challenges was never divulged as we were painted a rosy picture of the ministry for the most part. Problem solving, admitting to faults, dealing with people - were all non-existent. Perhaps that is because the Joneses don't know how to do that themselves.

We also highly esteemed the University and the Joneses as students. However, life and most of all, maturity, opened our eyes to the cultic allegiance we were trained to have for our "Dr. Bob" and whatever he said, was the height of Truth and wisdom. Sadly, many our age and well beyond our years still maintain the total til death do us part allegiance to BJU and the Joneses - no matter what they do. They feed on the attention and obedience of their facutly, staff and graduates. We have spent many years shedding the callousness and pharisaical attitudes ingrained in us by the Joneses and many of the Faculty and Staff. Without question, many of the Faculty were awesome folks and fantastic people - but almost all are blindly loyal to "Dr. Bob." We have, through time, seen the hypocrisy and total arrogance of the Joneses to uphold their positions as Truth only to turn from the very same teachings and deny them for the sake of politicians and public perception. Our children will not be attending - thankfully - nor those we know around us and away from us here. Thankfully we have been delivered from the control of a domineering, caustic, hateful and spiritually immature Jones family who manipulates people through threats, villifies them in letters and in pulpits!

Apr 02 2008Religion/Religious
BJU really cares about the spiritual, social, and emotional maturity of its students as well as their academic success.
My education was aDec 17 2006Accounting
My education was a waste of time other than learning people skills and how to live a normal life in spite of radically racist individuals. This school is a joke academically. Fortunately, I was able to get a real degree for my second masters.
Both my undergraduate (Humanities) and graduate (MMar 21 2006Religion/Religious
Both my undergraduate (Humanities) and graduate (M.A. in Bible) experiences have been generally positive. As with any 5+ year experience, there are things I wish were done differently, but on the whole I'm quite pleased. One of the strengths is that in addition to a very good education, you also learn how to think. It's the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching him how to fish. I feel like I can "fish" for knowledge on my own and therefore keep up with and adapt to my surroundings no matter where I find myself.

The rules are a trial for some. That really comes down to your perspective. If you set out to live life "your way" and resist all forms of authority in your life, you'll hate it here. However, if you're willing to learn self-discipline (and self-denial), you'll find BJU to be possibly the best thing that's ever happened to you. Although there are some exceptions (and no, I don't like all the rules either), most of them are reasonable guidelines set up to protect students from each other and from themselves, and from making stupid decisions before they've sufficiently matured. (Here's a hint: If you fight the rules and say you're mature enough to make decisions on your own, you're probably not.) Anyway, it's a great place to get a great education with a Biblical Foundation that will put you in good stead for life. Just come prepared to live with some restrictions for a while, and come with a heart and mind open to God's leading in your life.

BJU is a great school if you areSep 08 2005Other
BJU is a great school if you are teachable and willing to submit to the authority of God's Word. The faculty are not only excellent in their fields of study, but they also look at their position as a ministry instead of merely a job. They really care about the students and take the time to help them personally and spiritually as well as academically. BJU offers a great liberal arts education to students who want to prepare themselves to glorify God with their lives.
I'm not nor was i ever a student at BJJun 29 2005Accounting
I'm not nor was i ever a student at BJ. I am currently a student in DLIADT, an art college in Ireland, but i cant understand how you people think.... i mean once your in college you should not be subject to any rules other then respect of property and common sense/ respect towards people. Ireland is a cristian nation but our generation doesnt seem to feel the same need to segragate or advertise or faith so much, perhaps in light of troubles we have had and still have in the north. To really grow as a person we should find our own moral standing and have the strength to live by them out of our own belief in whats right, and not because of rules imposed by church,

regulating the comings and going of people over the age of 18 is wrong and the cultural gap between us make it impossible for me to get accross how strange that is to me.

take responsibility for your own actions and your own growth(and find a nice liberal art college *wink*)Richard (Ireland)

I am currently a Graduate Student at BobMar 21 2005Communications
I am currently a Graduate Student at Bob Jones. After finishing my MA in May I am going on to another univeristy (state) to begin another MA in Speech-Pathology. I have found my years at BJU to be very helpful, both academically and personally. Though difficult at times, the structure that the school maintains through it's rules and expectations is extremely helping at building character. I have struggled with the "legalistic" nature of the school. But those struggles usually occured when the schools rules kept me from doing something that I wanted to do. Plus students are quick to forget that many of the rules in place actually serve in keeping them safe and protected. I have attended a state university and have, at times, feared for my safety. As far at the idea that BJU trys to subtly brainwash it's students goes, I find that often the degree to which this happens may depend on the perspective of the student. If a student is not willing to think for his/her self, then yes, I suppose that the school's faculty could inject much of their own philosophy into those students (though I must add that a great deal of this philosophy is biblical and God-focused.) However, if a student is willing to think objectively while at BJ, and is also willing to go to the faculty and dicuss issues that they don't understand, they will leave the school a prepared thinker, not a thoughtless person who can only produce juvenile comments about the rules that they disliked. I have learned a great deal at this school, especially from the department of Speech-Communication. The teachers here are friendly and warm-hearted. The biblical emphasis (not to be equated with the rules - which sometimes go a little overboard) seen in the classes, programs, and even in the general attitude of the faculty is encouraging and strengthing to a christian young person. If you put effort into learning as much as you can, and ignoring the small annoyance that will be found at any school that has firm values, then you will do well. With the help of biblical friends, and open mind, and a forgiving nature, this school can do wonders for a student.
If you are interested in going to aJan 12 2005Religion/Religious
If you are interested in going to a University that not only has Christ likeness as its objective, but actually attempts to provide an atmosphere to see that developed in students, then BJU is the place for you. It is not a perfect institution because it is made up of imperfect people.

There is normally one of three responses to being a student at BJU. 1. Great growth in the Lord because of a tender heart toward His Word. 2. Becoming almost indifferent or used to the things of the Lord because of a heart that is not totally submissive to the Lord's Word. 3. Hostility toward the school because of a heart that is a rebel against the Lord.

There is no doubt in my mind that BJU is being used by the Lord and is a great place for anyone that desires the same personally.

I have graduate and undergraduate degrees from BJU,Jan 12 2005Religion/Religious
I have graduate and undergraduate degrees from BJU, and I am very thankful that I was able to attend there. Having a successful and enjoyable education at BJ depends largely on the person attending, and the school's focus on service and discipline will likely be a turn off to people who have a significant problem submitting to authority or do not have a background in the kind of emphasis that BJ provides. BJ is definitely not for everyone. However, my time at BJ was a time of spiritual growth and academic development, and experience has shown that I have been well prepared for a life of ministry. I don't/didn't agree with everything that is done at BJ, and an immature person may at times struggle with determining which parts of the BJ program are biblical and which parts are just functional. The admin. tries to explain this, but with some people it doesn't sink in very well. Overall, BJ is an excellent place for people who desire to train to serve God in whatever capacity He has called them.
A couple great faculty, but for the mostDec 27 2004Education
A couple great faculty, but for the most part my graduate education courses were not really of graduate level in terms of teaching critical thinking or real research skills. Overall my M.Ed. program was not a wise use of time and money, and my expectation of a nourishing spiritual environment was replaced with a artificial and stifling legalistic kind of religious indoctrination. Actually, there was very little integration of theological thinking and education theory or practice - surprising for a school with such a strong Christian identity. Unless of course you count discussions whether a Christian teacher can wear pants and still be a Christian, but not if you want real thinking about what it means to think deeply about what it means to be a Christ-follower and an educator. Also, beware if you have any expectation of teaching outside of a Christian school - even if you see working in a public school as a mission field you will be condemned and marginalized.
This place is theOct 08 2004Psychology
This place is the closest to Heaven I have ever been. This EdD is enjoyable hard work with practical application. I recommend this program highly!
BJU is a four-year, liberal arts education thatMay 26 2003Religion/Religious
BJU is a four-year, liberal arts education that seeks to instill a God-honoring attitude within the students. Some former students view the rules as a way simply to maintain control. Of course, this is partly true. Why do we have laws against murder in this country? To maintain control. While the rules here certainly are more strict than at most other schools, the reason is because we are training not just to be good in our field (accounting, Bible, nursing, et al.) but to love God and honor Him.

If you love God and seek to honor Him, you won't have a problem with the rules at BJU. If you don't, then you will. It is that simple. Yes, they are tedious sometimes, but look at the bigger picture--the education you get is one without a humanistic worldview! For a Christian, that should make all the difference in the world.

Much is made of accreditation, as well. I have only one thing to say about this. Look at the facts. Over the last 5 years, the national average of students accepted into Medical school from undergraduate premed programs is approximagtely 40%; while at BJU, the average accepted into Med school is 60%. The BJU degree will not hinder someone. (A caveat to Christians: if you have faith in God, will this even be an issue to you?)My time here has been great, and I wouldn't trade it for anything.

BJU was a tremendous blessing in my lifeMay 07 2003Music - Performance
BJU was a tremendous blessing in my life. My graduate work in Church Music was the single most beneficial thing in helping me to be what I believe God wants me to be. the faculty remain supportive and helpful and having had the opportunity to get to know some of the administration outside of the school I can testify to their genuine care for the individual student.I count it a privelege to be a BJU grad.
Bob Jones University
Bob Jones University
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