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Coastal Carolina University

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The campus is very nice and the professors

Sep 18 2014Undecided
The campus is very nice and the professors are very helpful and engaging and want to develop an academic relationship with each student. The cops/security are incredibly overbearing and make it hard to feel comfortable and at home here. The other students are not as friendly as you would expect/as they appeared at orientation and it is more than likely that you will be stuck here with very few friends.
1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Faculty Accessibility: A, Individual Value: D

I am a out of state student from

Mar 05 2012Other
I am a out of state student from just below Baltimore, Maryland. I enjoy the area being 10-15 minutes from the beach and the bars around here have awesome happy hour deals as well as atmosphere. I transferred down here from West Virginia University which if anyone is considering going there as a sports management major I'd say do it in a heart beat, I made the mistake of transferring for a girlfriend but I have ended up falling in love with this school. A lot of freshman transfer because they don't get into anything with the school because no one really cares about sports here which sucks and that would be the default thing to get involved with if you are too shy to do clubs. A lot of students hail from the states of Maryland, New Jersey, New York and Massachusetts so if your not used to people being assholes just because that's how we joke around and how we live every day life then don't come here. People say the parties here are reducing, just head down to destiny lane where me and my friends threw a jello wrestling day party. This school like many other schools are about the individual if your going to enjoy it or not you have to go out and make friends on your own and be your own person. Educationally wise they are trying to get better but as of right now a lot of the students don't care and it really kills conversations in class from time to time and they act like it's high school talking the entire time we are in class. I really do love all the people I've met down here by far the best friends I've ever made my entire life. Great professors, great weather, great people, great social life all it needs is school spirit and slightly more challenging classes
1st Year Male -- Class 2014
Campus Maintenance: A+, Innovation: C-

Let me start off by saying that I

May 11 2012Other
Let me start off by saying that I AM transferring to a different school next year. However, I am going to try to make this as unbiased a possible because I genuinely want people to find the right school for them, because I had really wished this was the right one for me. To help you get a real idea about the school I will cover 5 of the main topics people look for when choosing schools, so here we go.

ACADEMICS: I come from a school that pretty much required you to take at least 1 AP class and all the teachers preached how hard college was, but I honestly thought high school was harder for me. I don't know if college in general is easy for me or it was Coastal that was easy but I got a 4.0 first semester and a 3.7 the second. Classes aren't very hard for the most part but sometimes you get professors that think they teach at Harvard and make the class much harder than it should be and you will struggle. As long as you do the work you shouldn't do too bad and the tests are fairly easy, just remember you're at school not a full time party because that is why a lot of people fail.

Teachers are fairly accessible and willing to help but generally only during their office hours (which can be hard to make) and there are academic labs you can go to for help. (Little note about the academic labs: they are run by students so some times its a toss up whether or not you should actually go and you have to schedule an appointment).

HOUSING: Comparatively, its not too bad, but its definitely not the best and is lacking in a few areas. The UP option the school offers is great because they are legit apartments but that is off campus and you either have to drive to campus or take the bus to get to class but its only like 1/4 of a mile away. But if you're stuck in the main campus dorms it kinda sucks; things are fixed very minimally and previously fixed things tend to break, you're matched with roommates at random so you often find yourself living with people you don't like, and its loud at night and people don't care about others sleeping and neither do the RAs (the only time your RA really does anything is when they have mandatory meetings to give or check in/out). While there are many downsides to the dorms, the good side is that there are many options for housing in terms of having your own room or living with people (you don't have to share a room if you don't want to) and they are quite spacious.

PEOPLE: This is always one of the main things that I look for when I'm looking at schools because to me it is actually most important because the people will make or break your experience. There are nice people here, there really are, but for the most part a lot of people are stuck up. The people all start looking like clones soon after you get used to the place because a lot of people look the same, dress the same, and act the same. And some people will seriously have you question how they got accepted to college as well. It is very cliquish and somehow people find their friends before they arrive and people don't tend to travel outside of their groups. There is diversity within the university but you have to look for it sadly. If you are not very outgoing or are looking for a school that has students that really care about academics, I would advise against coming here because I think it would be hard for you. (I know this may sound harsh but this is my honest opinion of the people).

CAMPUS: The campus is very nice and it definitely reflects the "beachy-ness" that most people come here looking for. The school was started in the 50's so everything is fairly new and most of the buildings are very nice. They are continuing to expand and build up which is nice but a lot of times the construction is an annoyance and things aren't getting built/done on schedule. The campus is very small so it doesn't require much walking but at the same time it leaves little room for exploration. A major downside is the location of the school; it is situated in the middle of two highways so it makes walking anywhere almost impossible and it is very hard to get around without a car. If you do have a car, there is no such thing as a 2 minute drive because things are very spread apart and you will hit about every light. As far as the beach goes, its not a 10 minute ride, its about a 20-30 minute drive but its nice when you get there.

FOOD: This may not be a typical category for people to look at but I think it should be so I'm going to tell you about it. There are only two places to eat on campus, the cafeteria and CINO grill, the latter is better but much more expensive. The food in the cafeteria isn't bad but it gets pretty old quick because there aren't many options and they don't switch it up enough. If you're into health food or just eating "well" in general its going to be kind of hard for you because they don't really give the health options you'd like to see, they provide the usual things like salads and vegetables but not much more. You will live off the crap you buy at Walmart or where ever you get your food, like mac and cheese or ramen, because sometimes you won't feel like going out to eat and sometimes you just don't want what they are serving. The only coffee place on campus is Java City and even though I haven't had it, I hear its not very great but coffee is coffee and if you need it you take it. I definitely think the food options is an area where the school should expand.I am transferring because this isn't the right school for me and I am pretty disappointed because the summer before school started I was so excited to come and by the end I was counting down the days until its done. I do know a lot of people that love the school and didn't want to go home and I am very happy for them and wish that was me but it wasn't. Please keep in mind that this school does have a high transfer rate so do all your research and choose what ever school you plan on going to based on who you are not necessarily who you want to be. Just go into college with and open mind and goals and you should be fine. Good luck and I hope you choose the right school.

1st Year Female -- Class 2015
Campus Aesthetics: A-, Surrounding City: D-
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