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The University of Tennessee

Total Grad Surveys 11
Females 5
Males 6
Avg years at University 3.2
Research Quality B- (6.4)
Research Availability C (4.6)
Research Funding C (4.5)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.6)
Errand Runners B+ (7.4)
Degree Completion B- (6.4)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B+ (7.4)
Sufficient Pay C+ (5.4)
Competitiveness B- (6.4)
Education Quality B- (6.0)
Faculty Accessibility B- (6.3)
Useful Research B (7.1)
"Individual" treatment C (4.4)
Friendliness C (4.8)
Safety B- (5.8)
Campus Beauty C (5.0)
Campus Maintenance C+ (5.1)
University Resource/spending B- (6.4)
Extracurriculars C+ (5.1)
Success-Understanding B- (6.0)
Surrounding City C+ (5.0)
Social Life/Environment B- (6.5)
"Individual" treatmentC
Errand RunnersB+
I have had twoNov 25 2014Unknown
I have had two different, very negative experiences at this school. These occurred working on different degrees with different professors. If a person has a problem with a professor, you're simply out of luck. I will not be considering this university again.
UT seems to haveApr 02 2012Business - Management and Administration
UT seems to have declined a lot in the past 10 years. Still a "state" school with little or no reputation outside the state of Tennessee. Campus is old and run down and Knoxville isn't much of a town. The mountains are the best thing going for the school.
I was an online student in their InformationSep 10 2010School of Information
I was an online student in their Information Science program, so I can't comment on various on-campus aspects, though I'm from the region and know all about Knoxville. I will say that minor details can change on a whim without advanced notification. My opinion is based on the end result and my experience with the program. The online aspect is no different than in-person attendance, with the exception of actually seeing teachers/students (voice only). It's good for those with other responsibilities (work, family, etc.). That said, I'll start with my criticism. For me, there were only a handful of courses that were needed as aspects of the info-sci profession are being made obsolete due to the digital age. The teachers for the most part are helpful and fair, but you might get bogged down with useless materials, leaving your brain to wonder. You really do learn to basically research things outside of coursework in order to fully understand the profession (it's emphasized). There are plenty of materials to access and the quality of the courses overall was decent. The problem I had, which influenced my final grading of the program, involved their comprehensive exam. No matter your grades (I had a 3.5GPA), if you fail the exam, you're dismissed. The advice given by the staff is left to be desired. You have to obtain as much outside info as possible on thse types of tests due to the vague stipulations and subjective grading "in the fairness for other students". The only positive thing I can say about the testing experience is that they give you 2 tries in passing. Somehow, I failed both. My 1st attempt, while answering the questions correctly, needed "more depth". The 2nd try also ended in a "fail" for the same reason. They gave me an opportunity for a so-called oral defense to expand my answers on the 2nd exam. The questions asked by the committee were pretty simple and were answered on my part correctly. However, I was told that I still failed and was dismissed. It has me to believe that this is beyond academics and more into politics. Researching my answers on both exams as well as the oral yielded no logical reasons for failure. This is coming from someone who has worked in a library for almost 10 years...does this make any sense? Again, it's not about if your answers are correct or that your grades are above average or even top-tier. They will ultimately make the final call as to whether you pass or fail. The "depth" they look for is suited for doctoral/research levels and the materials they lecture on are not so deep in my opinion. If you're good at adding "fluff" or gushing at every little movement the dept does, you MAY do well. Had I known this beforehand, I would've explored other programs or institutions, instead of waste nearly 3 years on coursework that yielded little to nothing. Again, grades or the amount of effort is near the bottom of importance as they (somehow) make the descision on whether you get a degree or not.
Mar 04 2009Business - Management and Administration
Worst graduate school ever.
Terrible English programFeb 28 2009English
Terrible English program. You'll never get any financial aid, and the professors do not care about what you want to do at all. Go elsewhere for grad school. This place is full of ultra conservative, arrogant people.
Terrible graduate schoolFeb 28 2009English
Terrible graduate school. The professors are never here, and they do not care about your research or ideas. Also, all of the English Ph.D. and M.A. students are arrogant alcoholics. Please, don't consider the English program here, Ph.D. or M.A., you'll have your years here, as not one cares about what you want to do.
I personally had a good experience while atAug 18 2007Nursing
I personally had a good experience while at UT. I live several miles away from campus. Parking is about $400 a year on top of tuition, and if you attend class at 8am, you better arrive real early, or good luck in finding a place to park. I have had a couple of friends who also tried UT, and had a bad experience with uncooperative faculty. Actually I would have to say they were railroaded by the faculty, so don't expect to have a perfect experience.
The University of Tennessee has very good academicSep 22 2006Engineering Department
The University of Tennessee has very good academic programs with talented faculty. Like any large university, there is a spectrum of quality in the teaching (and the students!). On the whole, however, I feel that UT offers an excellent opportunity for learning and achievement, at a very reasonable price.
If you can, I recommend going someplace elseJul 09 2006Political Science
If you can, I recommend going someplace else up the ladder. The IR program is not going anywhere for the next 5 years. The MPA program is ranked, but I don't know how. It would be nice to have more classes offered in all of the four subfields. If you come here, get a mentor in the department and find out what you need to do to get a job leaving. If you don't like the answer, get another mentor.
Do you have a survey for Masters' degree,May 12 2004Public Health
Do you have a survey for Masters' degree, and/or for people who are currently not in graduate school--ie they have completed their program of study and are now out in the work force. Your current graduate school survey only applies to people who are currently in grad school. I answered this questionnaire as for a Master's degree program, as that was the graduate degree that was applied for. You should have a "not applicable" or "don't know" category. For example in regards to potential mate--some students may already be married and so would not be looking for anyone else (hopefully).

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