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Stevens Henager College Ogden

Total Grad Surveys 6
Females 3
Males 3
Avg years at University 1.5
Research Quality C+ (5.3)
Research Availability C+ (5.6)
Research Funding D+ (2.9)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.6)
Not Errand Runners C+ (5.6)
Degree Completion D+ (3.5)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] C- (4.1)
Sufficient Pay C (4.7)
Competitiveness C+ (5.6)
Education Quality C+ (5.5)
Faculty Accessibility C+ (5.8)
Useful Research C+ (5.6)
"Individual" treatment C+ (5.8)
Friendliness B+ (7.5)
Safety C+ (5.6)
Campus Beauty C+ (5.6)
Campus Maintenance B (7.1)
University Spending C+ (5.6)
Extracurriculars C (4.7)
Scholastic Success C+ (5.6)
Surrounding City A (9.2)
Social Life/ Environment B (7.1)
Research FundingD+
Surrounding CityA
I came to SHC with a half doneJun 29 2012Art & Design Department
I came to SHC with a half done degree from BYUH- it had been some yrs before I had gotten back to being in school but I did and completed the degree- I have BA in GA. Far more useful than the History one I had been doing. I have a job, I work for the school. Did I know about the cost? Of course, every year we went over it with financial aid- for those who think that was hidden- what? I know very well, I knew what mine cost, I knew when payments would start, I knew when my husbands would start as he went too. It is a high cost, but it is a private school. It will be higher, but not as high as Ivy League. My husband knows Programming well now, he did not know it before, I know Graphic design- my college gave our our jobs- we help students every day. That what we want to do, we want to be teachers. I gained a degree, just like the said I would, I gained employment, just like they said I could. If you dont apply yourself then you wont do well, and it will seem like a joke. If you think that the teachers are supposed to do it all for you, think again, and I know students like that who think that. You work hard, you will do well, you will get the degree, it will be worth it.
The business administration programNov 16 2011Business - Management and Administration
The business administration program is very research focused. The instructors are friendly and generally respond quickly to emails, which is nice. Overall, I'm happy with Stevens-Henager College.
In order to best represent my experience, IOct 21 2010Business - Management and Administration
In order to best represent my experience, I have to tell you a little bit about me. I am the type of individual that doesn't like grass growing under my feet. I set high expectations for myself and always try to exceed the expectations related to my promises to others. I continually want to raise my limits, skills, abilities, and knowledge. When I do something, I don't try to get by or do just what is required. I believe in going the extra mile and that I get out of life and my experiences what I put into them. I was a valedictorian in High School, and I did every early morning class and extracurricular sport and art I could along with my vocational loves for welding, carpentry, and electrical house wiring. I love musical instruments, and I wrestled, ran track, cross country, and played many sports. I still try to keep these loves of mine balanced with continuing my education.

Now for college my college experience. I had my choice of universities (University of Utah, Utah State, BYU, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, and many more Ivy League schools). Everyone I applied to accepted me, and I had many scholarships from them. At that time, I chose to go to BYU for my education. I got married to a close friend I dated after high school and found a decent part-time job. We were ready to start our new life together. I had already started BYU in engineering. My first month into the program, the funding never came, so I had to drop until I got that straightened out. I was doing real estate on the side of my part-time rewards center telecommunications job with Trendwest. My wife and I saw the advertisement for Stevens-Henager College in the newspaper. I was pleased to see how quickly I could finish my degrees (14 to 16 months-Associate Degree, 18 to 22 months-Bachelor Degree). It was a brand new campus in Orem off the freeway by University Parkway. We just had a good feeling about it. The campus was so state of the art and clean. I could choose morning or night classes and I always had Friday off. They accepted some of my high school college credit classes and my stellar grades. I enjoyed the interview experience, the expectations, the rules, the location, and elevated standard of respect given to me that day. We went for it. We owned a condo in Orem and I biked in the summer to school and drove in the winter. I enjoyed every minute of my experience there. I had morning classes. I finished my bachelor's degree in 18 months without fail. The Master's programs were newly offered in 2007. I was one of the first undergraduates to signup for the MBA program. I could see how competitive it is in Utah with only a bachelor's degree. I just went straight down and took the GRE, no studying what-so-ever. I got back my results in two weeks and I started. I was told that the Master's program could be done in as little as 7 months, and they were right. The rest is history. Career services got right to work setting up interviews and providing me with choices available for hire. I was surprised to hear that they will assist the rest of my life, and anywhere in the world, because they have an international program too. I have my master?s degree. I was able to interview for a human resource position for Sears and they started me off at top pay. I had a sleek leather portfolio I had created while at Stevens-Henager with my community service for Pride-in-Provo, Habitat for Humanity, and other projects related to my real estate career. I came out with 6 licenses and certifications in insurance and financial planning, investing, hardware, software, and I still use my real estate license. Stevens-Henager College reimbursed me $200 for these licenses. These guys want you to take risks while in school and to make all of your serious mistakes, follies, inaccuracies, errors, faults, oversights, blunders, slip-ups, and deviations from professional behavior, demeanor, manners, and, correctness in your field of study at school. This will better prepare you to overcome all of your fears of working in a new industry with confidence and with skills that will demonstrate that you can demand a higher salary. And with the free tutoring and massive resources of information available by this school, there really are no barriers other than our own personal positive or negative self-talk preventing us from excelling. These guys don't just want you to have an understanding of concepts. They wanted me to have polished presenting skills, facts, historical dates of example companies/corporations, multiple concepts for resolving miscommunication, generous and thorough methods for solving complicated projects and managing them with Gantt charts, timelines, benchmarks, and even software to take away the human error. College doesn't just give you more skills, knowledge, and tools to confront life, it also changes your entire belief system of why things are and how they work, your network of professionals and friends, even your interpersonal skills within your own family. The time-management I knew already before college I thought was good, but using benchmarks, software, technology, and communication in my time-management has allowed me to manage more things completed in a given time with less stress and worry. I feel like Stevens-Henager, the vehicle to a college education, has changed my life through the highly qualified, experienced, and highly successful faculty. My customer service experience at Stevens-Henager felt very exclusive to only be helping me, though I know that the staff and faculty treated everyone with the same high respect and undivided attention that I received. I sincerely felt like I was their guest of honor and that they worked for me. I have never felt so special and important all of the time, especially by people I didn't know. It surprised me how many people knew me by name, before I had even met them. This is one experience I wish all Universities everywhere could offer. Honestly, I have learned one thing very important about life that is proved by this school. True happiness comes from making other people happy. They know the golden rule, to treat others as they would like to be treated. I felt like royalty there. This Orem campus ranks high for me as a place I would really love to work for the rest of my life. The feeling I have from the staff and faculty is that the executives and deans really emphasize the skills and talents of their employees. They focus on the positive and analyze tactfully and carefully any concerns or negative feedback, before jumping to conclusions. There is a lot of fun and friendship with the student body, but there is a stronger notable genius in the faculty and staff that carry this institution to register as an elite institution for getting your degree. I worked hard. I had fun. I met as many people as I could and kept track of names and contacts. We still talk and communicate through social mediums as alumni even after college. You will get out of life what you put into it. If you look for the good in others, you will find it, if you wait long enough. I am very grateful for this institution. I will probably finish my engineering later, but I have the education and skills that I need now to see my family's needs and some wants taken care of because Steven-Henager College helped me pay the price to be a top student and a fantastically dependable, brilliant, employee.

The career services still checks on me at random to see if I have any employment needs or if I would like more interviews that they set up. I am offered life-time education to audit any courses I would like for free anytime. This is just to stay sharp with my skills and the latest software programs and technology. There is an alumni association that brings us back for prizes, food, and inspiring speeches from our own graduates of success. I know that not everyone's experience will be the same as mine, but I hope it is close. As for debt, I worked for a company that paid tuition reimbursement and nearly paid for all of my bachelor's degree. I had a few student loans too on top of my grants to pay for my bachelor?s degree, and my Masters degree (you don't qualify for grants in the graduate school). The bachelor's at the time retailed for about $30,000. The master's degree retailed for $18,900. I still have a few student loans to pay off, but they are minimal payments for what the degree qualified me for in a career. My new job now has offered to pay for my doctorate degree too. I won't take lightly the kindness offered by a company willing to pay for my education. If a company believes in you enough to pay for your education, you can tell that they appreciate you and your work. That is how you know you are a valuable asset to the organization. Stevens-Henager College is an institution that could call itself a University, but just doesn't in Utah. It is also called College of America, Independence University, and California San Diego University in other states in the U.S. I don't know what the other campuses of the U.S. are like, but I hope they all act similarly to the Orem campus in Utah. I know that there may be some negative feedback on this site and others from some disgruntled students, but I guarantee there are high percentages of happy and successful students that graduate from Stevens-Henager College. My family is very happy. Knowing is half the battle, the rest is hard work. Not all students are as disciplined as I am (hard on themselves), nor organized. I keep good records. I believe that the pain of discipline is much more bearable than the pain of regret and lost opportunities. I don't want to live my life catching up. I still have friends trying to finish their bachelor's degree from standard universities and telling me the strange classes they feel they don't need for their degree. You won't study anything at Stevens-Henager College that doesn't relate to your degree. That is why you can finish so quickly (fast-track as they say). Nobody can help you get your degree faster than Stevens-Henager College. I think that is what interested me most of all. I will have been working now almost 4 years now with promotions, advancements, and higher pay before my own high school classmates even finish their degrees at their universities. My friends and I are close, but they joke about me being their boss and hiring them for big bucks all of the time. This is called the opportunity cost. You always have to sacrifice and give up something of value for something else. Giving up the same time everyday (Monday through Thursday) in the bachelor?s program and one day a week for the hybrid master?s degree was well worth it to have the freedom and opportunities I have now. This means it is still costing my friends what they don?t have, what they aren?t earning, the freedoms they could have otherwise, while they are in school for another four years. The point is that Stevens-Henager College has sped up the process of getting a degree, made it fun, and possible for working parents in about half the time. PLEASE GIVE Stevens-Henager College A HONEST CHANCE TO EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF. They can save you a lot of time and money that you can spend with your family later. My biggest regret about getting a career is that I may have to travel all of the time, but it has been completely the opposite. I have more freedom to work from home and to accomplish great projects and still seem my family every day. I didn?t want them to grow up without me. I wanted to enjoy my young family before they grew up. You can't always believe that organizations are out to scam you or take advantage of you. Good people get good jobs. Everything takes effort that is truly worthwhile. You can tell if some one is being honest with you and if they are sincere. If you have been considering going to college and changing your life, please let this speak to your heart and mind and set up an interview with Stevens-Henager College to see if it is right for you. Not every degree is offered at Stevens-Henager College that may match your ultimate dream job, so you need to carefully decide what it is you enjoy doing for the rest of your life. I love working with people and in groups as well as by myself. I also love technology and seeing visible good that comes from my hard work. This creates the family away from home, that everyone needs to feel accepted and of value in his or her employment. I believe the career for me needed to be more than a job; it was a way of life with the highest level of integrity and respect for those I work with everyday whether in person or over the internet. When you love the people you work with, then it makes it easy to work and harder to retire. I have an old friend that still does the work he has been doing his whole life only he does it now for free. He told me recently, "How can you retire from something you love? When you do that, you might as well be dead." I love my family, but I also love my career. Follow your own feelings and find out for yourself. "Take the path less traveled by (Robert Frost)", and it will make all of the difference. When you change your thoughts, you literally change your world. The history of our actions predicts the future. I hate to say this, because I know many of us have heard it our entire lives, but here goes as my last remark. ?If you always do what you?ve always done, then you will always get what you always got.?-unknown

Research Topic(s): How to eliminate poverty worldwide
Well I attended the college during the laterMay 29 2010Accounting
Well I attended the college during the later part of 2009 and found that the school was horrible. I have never been more dumb founded at what I experienced. For a school to claim to be fifty years old it is a wonder why they have not been shut down. This school should not have any licensing or should they be able to access peoples financial aid and federal loan status. I attended for about six months and was supposed to have money left over after loans, scholarships, financial aid etc. I gave notice that I was going to leave the shcool which was around a month or so and was told that everything was taken care of I left and started at a different school and almost a year later I found out that I owe them 12,000 big ones. I am seaking a lawyer, contacting the federal board of education, and fileing a complaint with their accredidation body. I urge everyone to do the same. The Utah Board of Education is not over them so go higher. contact the better business bureau and file a complaint. Contact their accredidation body, and Department of educantion on the federal level and lets put these guys out before they can cause anymore damage.
usdepartment of education

I believe when paying such a large amount,May 28 2010Other
I believe when paying such a large amount, the quality of the education should be equal. I agree that we have to be "responsible for our own education", but does that make it ethical to charge SO much and say, here are some books, figure it out! if you don't pass it's your fault! I was under the impression we were paying for quality instructors with quality equipment. They have NOT lived up to their end of the deal, not even close. For my money I received extremely low quality instructors (admittedly), with the exception of the last couple, complete disorganization, and an EXTREMELY hostile environment from many of the staff, especially when I try to talk to someone about it. If I pass the boards it will be because of my hard work and only my hard work, not because Stevens Henager gave me a good education. I guess some people just don't work hard enough for their money and don't care about where it goes. Sorry to "go off" but nobody at Stevens Henager wants to hear what I have to say. They have my money they will never give me a second thought. Why should they care? Good job Jared, you have worked hard for your knowledge and you are very intelligent! would'nt it be nice if Stevens henager staff would talk to you like that? instead of, and I quote: "yes, you paid alot of money and no Stevens henager does not owe you anything" I hope people get wise and start caring about how they spend there money.
SHC and College America (owned by the sameMar 26 2010Biology
SHC and College America (owned by the same person) are evil entities in today\'s society. The philosophy of SHC is to lie to students and cheat them out of their money. The instructors (not professors - they do not have PhD's) have no idea what they are teaching; they can't even answer student questions about what they are teaching in class! I too, was sick and tired of sitting behind students in class who were so board that they watched movies, check e-mail, and IM'd on their lap tops in order to maintain their sanity during class. Of course, the instructors knew what the students were up to as they sat behind their laptops; but they did not care! The student/teacher ratio in my classes was up to 52/1 - I was promised small class sizes; ya right. The instructors and the so called associate "deans? do not respond to e-mails or answer phone calls, especially those in the medical and nursing programs at the Ogden, Utah campus. The so called dean of nursing is mean and demeaning. She never wants you in her office because she is earning a graduate degree and is busy working on her own school papers instead of attending to her students' needs. Gee, I wish I had a job where I could close my office door, not be bothered by students, and work on my own personal education course work all the while earning a big fat pay check that I pay for!!! SHC is a disgrace to higher education and I regret ever attending this school. Even worse, I feel stupid that I was duped into thinking SHC really cared about me and my pursuit of a new career.
I have two other Masters degrees from majorMar 01 2010Business - Management and Administration
I have two other Masters degrees from major accredited schools in the USA. This education is on par to the others and the information being discussed is relevant to the business world. The instructors are for the most part PhD's and seem to be both helpful and responsive. Good school and definitely recommend.
Research Topic(s): Undecided
absolutely the worst decision I ever madeJan 04 2010Computer Science
absolutely the worst decision I ever made. They charged me more than what was agreed to and refuse to fix the problem and cannot give. the teacher only reads directly out of the book. no experience at all. They started to run low on computer science teachers so they pulled medical teachers to teach networking. The staff is rude and is unwilling to work with you. They promise the world but teach you at a 6th grade level. One class the teacher never showed up and they ended up passing everybody without teaching anything.
Never join this collegeMar 19 2009Other
Never join this college no student body nothing administration is very student unfriendly especially to foriengers they highly discriminate, and you willnever meet administration to discuss any student affecting issues you have no rights.
Nov 30 2008Business - Management and Administration
Faculty is not knowledgeable and they do not teach properly.
Money waste, you needNov 19 2008Business - Management and Administration
Money waste, you need to spend thousands of dollars just for piece of certificate, this is because you'll not get any knowledge even after completing the course with very good GPA...
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