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Christopher Newport University

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CNU silences students they don't want to dealQuite BrightNeuroscience/Cognitive Science
CNU silences students they don't want to deal with.
Disclaimer: I realize that my experience at CNU was extreme and the direct result of my mental health issues. However, I think it was still unacceptable and indicative of a much larger problem at CNU. This comment is gonna be pretty long, TL:DR and a more general review at the bottom.

My dream school was William and Mary, but I suffered from anxiety (panic attacks) and depression in high school, and as a result my grades were not very good, so I settled for CNU.

During my first two weeks at CNU, I was having a hard time adjusting, and as a result I was very anxious. On the first day of classes, I had a panic attack in my dorm room, during which I took some Advil for the headache/stomachache combo I was experiencing. My roommate called my RA, who called CNU PD, who told me they would need to take me to the ER because of a possible overdose (the 4 Advil tablets I had taken). They proceeded to handcuff me and escort me out of the building and into a police car. At the ER, the community services board came to evaluate me, and decided it would somehow be in my best interest to stay in a psych ward for 72 hours, even going so far as to get a temporary detention order to maintain legal custody of me during this time. During my first week of classes. Because of a panic attack. This incident isolated me and sent me into a depression, which was topped off by my boyfriend breaking up with me a week later, which led to another panic attack. Again, my well meaning friends called an RA, who called CNU PD, who were convinced that I was going to hurt myself and said that they would have to take me in for an evaluation. When I refused, they proceeded to drag me off my bed, push me to the ground, and handcuff me. They then dragged me down the hall and out of the building and again, shoved me into a police car, and took me to the ER for yet another evaluation. I had another psych ward stay, after which CNU notified me that I was banned from campus until I attended a hearing concerning my mental health status, or took a medical leave. I decided on the latter. Fun fact, during this leave I was diagnosed with PTSD stemming from my experiences at CNU! Fast forward 6 months and I'm back for the spring semester. My former friends ignored me, and I realized that I would have to start over socially. Long story short, I fell in with the wrong crowd (the losers who come to college exclusively to kill brain cells by getting blackout drunk every night). Over the course of the semester, I made bad decisions, hung out with toxic people, and experienced a shift in my mental health state that I was later told was the onset of bipolar disorder. As a result, I overdosed the week before finals. My friends got me to the hospital, where the nurses mocked my "wimpy" attempt. I should also mention that Riverside, the closest hospital/health complex in the area, is absolute garbage. The doctors and nurses are condescending, rude, and suck at their jobs. They once diagnosed my best friend, who is diabetic, with high blood sugar when he came in for chest pain. But anyway, I stayed overnight, and guess who shows up like clockwork? No, not CNU PD. The Newport News sheriff's department! They already have a TDO in hand, and (in front of my sobbing mother, while I was 120 lbs and not a threat) they handcuffed me (and nearly broke my arm, I had bruises for a week), chained my feet, and whisked me off to the psych ward for the 3rd time (the only time it was actually kinda necessary). When I came back, I was banned from campus and taking my finals. I had to wait until AUGUST to take my finals (for classes that may not even transfer). I utterly regret snubbing GMU, and am in the process of transferring there.

TL:DR CNU does not accommodate students struggling with mental health issues. My rights were violated by CNU PD and Newport News law enforcement multiple times for ridiculous reasons, which left me with more mental health complications than I came in with. CNU was a waking nightmare for me. I wasted a year of my life, and I have nothing to show for it.

In a more general sense...
Pros: The professors I had were sweet, approachable, and experienced in their field. There were also a few (emphasis on few) admins who I felt cared about me, and went beyond their job description to help me. The president of the school is very committed to preventing sexual assault, given his wife's experiences in the past. The dorm rooms are a decent size (if you're not tripled), and there's a lightsaber club.Cons: There is no decent party scene. All of the parties I went to were cramped, trashy, and ran out of beer within the first 2 hours. Despite a lot of the student body being Christian, there is a very strong hookup culture. Then again, it's college and everyone's getting it on so not really a big deal. RAs are pretty uptight, especially about little things like candles and extension cords. A lot of the student are very fake and chirpy, and practically shove rainbows and sunshine down your throat. The leadership program is a scam and requires the students in it to attend pointless events, complete an insane amount of service hours, and maintain a 3.5 GPA. Greek life is obnoxious, there's constant construction, Newport News is awful, 75% of the students are mayonnaise white, and the school cares more about appearance than their students.

1st Year Female -- Class 1920
Campus Aesthetics: A-, Individual Value: F
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This school gave me AIDS.Not so bright
This school gave me AIDS. Don't come here. The entire school is wrapped up in the 'Cult of CNU.' Everyone outwardly strives to show everyone how great and happy everyone here is, where the reality couldn't be further from true. If you come to CNU you better be planning to spend a few thousand additional dollars per year to buy your friends at the greek life auction. You want good wifi? Don't even think about it. Power outages, in numerous faulty fire alarms going off at 4am, not being allowed to legally drink when you're 21, and inevitable depression are just some of the fun perks you have to look forward to if you choose to attend CNU. Last year, a girl jumped out of a fourth story window in one of the residence halls. CNU wouldn't want to tarnish their record with a suicide on their hands so they made up a bullshit story about there being an accident. We all knew the girl and we all knew it wasn't an accident, there were plenty of witnesses. Dont buy into what the tour guides are selling, they are reading you a script designed by the university to sell you a faulty product. They only choose the bubbliest and fake individuals they can find to shit rainbows out of their mouths. The food is horrible and every week is the same menu. and you can only eat during three very slim unaccommodating time frames that do not allow for you to eat when you would prefer to eat. The PLP shit is a joke and leadership is a fake field of study. don't do it if you have a functioning analytical brain. the dorm rooms themselves are much nicer than any other universities dorms and are the one positive aspect I would attribute CNU. That fact is shadowed by the paper thin walls and hallways designed to carry noise like trumpets. don't you dare think about playing music in your own room or laughing too loud, as you will find RAs knocking at your door every day complaining about noise violations. instead of allowing students of legal age to peacefully consume alcohol safely in their own rooms while playing videogames or watching movies, Trible and Co. would rather have freshman girls walking miles out of the CNU bubble into the dangerous territory of Newport News. Above all, CNU's mission is to inconvenience you in small but numerous ways, increasing in number and magnitude over the course of four years to precondition you into accepting the reality that life is meaningless and nothing you will ever do is good enough. When I was asked what drew me into this school, I always referenced how nice and fresh the grass had looked on my tour. It only takes about a year before you realize that the grass at CNU is actually spraypainted green, and is in fact dead and wilted underneath, just like the students who attend CNU.
3rd Year Male -- Class 2017
Faculty Accessibility: B, Education Quality: F
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Lack of individuality isNot so brightBiology
Lack of individuality is very apparent - the school values itself above everything. It might look all nice and shines - buildings are beautiful but that's what matters at this school - perception - outward appearances.
1st Year Female -- Class 2019
Campus Aesthetics: B+, Faculty Accessibility: F
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