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Lynchburg College

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This comment is in regards to Lynchburg College'sBrightNursing
This comment is in regards to Lynchburg College's Nursing Program. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE PROGRAM. Without going into specific detail, I highly suggest you look into other programs. All but two of the faculty do not care about your success. Very disappointed in the program-- my graduating class had high hopes at first but currently I don't believe one person would rate the program a higher than a D-. In addition, all feedback given to the program by the students is not taken seriously.
3rd Year Female -- Class 2018
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Faculty Accessibility: F
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As an incoming freshman, I was super excitedNot so bright
As an incoming freshman, I was super excited to attend LC as a Graphic Design major. Without getting into too much detail, I took an Art Fundamentals class and, in the end, the professor was so demeaning that he convinced me not to do art anymore. That's not what a professor is supposed to do. I loved art and was super into photography. I got As all throughout high school and even got into VCU Art on a scholarship. He constantly bashed my artwork and ruined my passion. A professor is supposed to encourage you and teach you how to improve your skills. I made great friends at LC but there was literally nothing to do on campus but party and drink. If you weren't involved in sports or greek life (like I wasn't) no one really paid attention to you. I was also raped on LC campus by an RA and my classmates acted like it was my fault. I was also questioned by another RA about personal things and accused of things I didn't do. I loved LC but I only stayed one year because of everything that went on. I'm so sad about how my time at LC ended because its a beautiful campus with alot to offer.
1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Collaboration/Competitive: A, Education Quality: F
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Before I do the most thorough and longestBrightBiology
Before I do the most thorough and longest review you will possibly ever see for this school, I will start by saying that I chose this school as a senior because my other choices were not that applicable and i wanted to go to a small private college before attending a large public one. TBH, I didnt even know there was a school called Lyncburg College until I got a presidential app in my email to apply. . Being from Richmond, Va I wanted to experience a different area and go away as well as be on my own. VCU and community college were not my options because of this. I planned to go to LC for a year however, I also thought it could be possible to want to go here all four years, I definetly don't feel that way now. I will break down my review in sections to make it easier. Also keep in mind that this is a review of my experiences and that yours may be different. Don't base everything I say for your decision to come here, but do take in consideration of what you read cause i will tell it like it is.

-First off LC has a very pretty campus, especially in the spring. Take a visit and see for yourself. (something i should have done lol)

- though it is pretty it doesn't make up for the fact that it can look like a very dry campus compared to others. Even Mon-Fri walking to class, i just didnt see a bunch of students fill the campus. It is even worse on the weekends as many people go home, it looks like a ghost town. i believe thats at every college just not every single weekend which i experienced more here. but yes some people do stay in the dorms too.

The shellenberger field is probalbly one of the best track and field/ soccer field you will ever see at any school. I mean its beautiful. i even went running at night once cause its a sexy track lol!

-The campus however is small so it could be a good thing or bad thing. I felt it was very limited and made me realize I needed more than what the campus had to offer. The longer you attend here the smaller the campus will feel if your someone that wants more.

School Size
- Theres roughly 2,500 students at LC. The pros are that you could probably oversleep, and still make it to your class on time. I had a roommate that actually woke up at 8 for her 8am class and still made it at 8:03 when the professor came in as well. If you want a small school, then you will love that and you will also get interaction with professors, small group discussions and small class sizes, ranging from an avg 11 - 40. one of my classes was about 10 people and another was 40 which was for biology ( for my major and gen ed)....oh.. thats another thing, LC is a liberal arts school so you have ALOT of gen eds to take in order to graduate. i did know that coming in though. There were also times where i got the sense of this school feeling like an expensive community college for kids out of highschool. The outside looks good but the inside makes you turn your head to the side sometimes.

-The cons of a small school is that if you skip your classes, it will most likely be noticeble lol Another is that if you try to avoid someone you don't like, it will be very hard to get away from them in a small limited campus. most likely you will see them at least twice a day lol! I for one, experienced a stalker for the first time, and there was NO where to hide from them!!! i mean they really can't go anywhere else. so keep this in mind!

-You would think because LC is a small private college that you would have well defined and abundant resources but that was not the case. There were times around exam week where I literally would go to all of the computer labs in different buldings, the popular Schwel Hall, and the library and still not have a place to study. Or even wait for a room with the white boards. I sometimes just had to go back to my room to study and do work there. Other than exam week, everything was available. Some computers are outdated and dusty from I guess the lack of interest to use them by students but hey thats what laptops are for i guess its not like im paying so much money for my educational resources!!!

-As every first year student coming from high school and not liking cafeteria food that much, you will love the food here the first week, the second week, maybe the third week and then it slowly dies down. It can be very repetitive every single day to a point where you actually rembered what you ate the day before.... because it was the same today. Some foods that were prepared were very far off that you would think it was something else. They have pizza everyday, a pasta bar, salad bar and icecream machine with a desert bar. These all contribute to the freshmen 15. Its hard to eat healthy sometimes with what they serve. Oh and they really love serving beer battered cod or deep fried things. But you also have to remember lynchburg is kinda in a southern area which i will discuss more later. The other options on campus are Westover which is also a convient store gas station like place, which i really liked but not 100 percent healthy, Roly Poly which i liked more cause it did have healthier choices of wraps that could be cold or hot but was slightly more expensive. The Hornet shop which i never went to cause it was never open!.. was another option in Hopwood. Roly Poly however is being switched with Dominoes next year along with the new student center they are building which will have a mexican grill and stuff like that. Thats one thing to look forward to since dining options lack in variety.

So yes there are people from all over BUT .... from what I observed and the people that i talked to and even some of my friends, I would say about a good 45-49% of the students here are either from Lyncburg, close to Lynchburg, or from a southern area. I have been around southern people before i mean were in Virginia. Richmond even had southern people, but being here, i guess i was surrounded by them alot. LC is not as diverse as I would like it to be considering I am black . WIth some of them here, I couldn't really join in on thier conversations of going hunting or muddin, the use of mason jars, or anything that for some reason always pretained to alcohol. I drink occasionally, but the obssesion with alcohol or getting drunk got kind of annoying. This was not all southern people just some. Alot of what i heard from my experience was always "you must not be from the south, everytime i didn't know what they were talking about. well duh.... Im from Richmond. You don't hear me saying " you must not know correct english" or "you must not have been around other cultures" not being mean just making an example. I consider myself to be a very openminded and cultural person and love diversity but some of the southern people here only looked at things one way and seemed very closeminded. It seemed like they would judge you for not knowing something that they talked about but i never judged them for not knowing the store H&M which some people wondered when David Beckham advertised it in a commerical during the superbowl. i even have a friend that never heard of it simply cause shes from a small town. I never said well " you must not be from the north or richmond" and made them feel bad or even make fun of thier accent which a good amount of students here did have but for some reason that was done to me. The stereotype for southerners still fits for some, but for others they are friendly and i enjoyed my time with them. others i also met were from California, conneticuit, and new jersey. i still wonder how they heard about LC tho..

Car on campus/Dorms
As a first year just know you will have to pay 500 dollars to park on campus. after your freshmen year its cheaper i cant remember how much. I didnt have a car on campus so maybe that contributed to why i got bored sometimes. Because the campus can be dry, make sure to involve yourself in activities and find people to mingle with outside of campus. there are some things in lynchburg so take advantage of that or you will hate your time here. Lynchburg may not be the best city compared to where im from where theres more but they still have a good amount of restuarants and stuff. the mall is ok. going in to freshmen Dorms.. they are ok but they have sketchy elevators. the rest of the dorms seem like they have been ignored overtime and not worth staying on campus except for Hundley.. which reall isnt all that in a bag of chips actually. but its probably the best on campus. This is what i mean by it being limited but then again it is a small private college. oh and if you don't know what a stink bug is you definelty will know what they are when u live here. They are everywhere! (sigh)

I didn't party that much but i did witness partygoers every weekend that got drunk on more than one occasion. This will be a typical college thing tho in the dorms. I heard some parties sucked and some were ok. Some people from Liberty attended them too cause well.. they can't party at thier school. I personally do not like to get drunk in front of people and dress skimpy for attention so i don't have much to say on this topic. If there is a classy non rachet party with people who can handle their drink with good music then im there. Im not paying thousands of dollars to party every night and get drunk... that shouldn't be your entire college experience.. and if it is well ..apply to Radford. You come to college for a degree and to learn more about yourself and make new relationships. Note that this school parties but not for extreme party goers. I mean consider JMU cause apparently thier parties are top notch. (from pics on facebook).

Greek life/ Athletics
I didn't do greek life but LC does have them. most people who did them seem to enjoy. Its not my thing. Athletics were ... interesting. I enjoy soccer and basketball and did track in highschool so i expected to see hype with these sports. lets just say is Division 3 so i guess its understandable that people dont come to the games that much and cheer on the school. basketball surprised me cause there were soo many empty seats. i was disappointed so im pretty sure if your big on sports you will also be disappointed too when it comes to big crowd games and hype. Intramurals were a joke. I did intramural soccer and everyone basically wasted my time. no body really wanted to play just came to gossip and show off.

I should have reviewed this first cause this is the most important lol. I really enjoyed some professors ... some is the word tho. I can tell which take pride in what they do and ones that just show up to teach cause they know they have too. My biology professor my first semester was ridicoulsy hard for no reason and unreasonable with her quizzes as it was made up by her every morning. My spring semester bio professor was awesome and made me wish i had her both times. Do what your supposed to do, work hard and study and you should be fine. The science department is good its just a little challenging so make sure to push yourself. I felt anything else apart from science wasn't that challenging but had professors that were stuck up to not give you an A even though you probably deserved it.

Finally, and yes im almost done my hands hurt but i want make sure i can be of help to incoming students out there that consider what im writng but not base this off thier decision. With my experience and the awesome people I have met at LC, I still did not see myself graduating from this school. I realize that i expected and wanted more in my college experience. I learned alot about myslef and realized biology is not what i wanted to do. yes dont be surprised if you change you major. I relaized i want to do information systems or anything along those lines. i also realize the new student center and the pretty campus just doesn't make up for the people that go here and the dry atmosphere. I have recently transfered out and withdrew after my freshmen year this May and now im deciding between VCU or GMU for the fall. and yes i said VCU even though im from richmond cause i know it will be better than here.. for me at least. Its good to start out here before going to a bigger school tho. I personally did not want to graduate from here miserable and unfufilled just because i got a scholarship. remember you only go to college once so make it the best and put everything you can into your experiences. if theres a school you want to go to ... GO THERE, cause u might regret it later. I know a guy who gave up UVA for here and im sure he regrets now!! If you want a diverse setting with different things to do, and many resources to accomadate you, i would think more before coming here. I will say if you want a small school and know you wont change your mind, then come here. LC is a good school. It just isn't for me. College is what you make of it so best of luck!

1st Year Female -- Class 2017
Individual Value: A-, Social Life: D-
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