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Liberty University

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I've had a few great adjunct professors.BrightEducation
I've had a few great adjunct professors. The rest were a joke, as they would/could not assist with any discrepancies in quizzes or tests because "I am sorry but I did not write the course and therefore I cannot change anything". The time allotted to complete online testing varies from course to course, regardless of the length of the test- number of questions. It is so random. And you have NO way of knowing what the correct answer was for any missed, so there is NO MASTERY of the subject, just grades. THAT is NOT education. I have 10 years of classroom teaching experience in private schools. I do know a bit about what true education should look like. The "Advisors" are also a joke. They are uniformed and most often follow a script which is not helpful to the student. Blackboard is more like "swallow the prescribed information and spit it out another way but not too differently or your score will be docked." Black- BORED. Students do not truly interract. I couldn't believe the half-"baked" comments. They sounded like robots. I honestly learned more in my hands on classroom years than I did in any course. I learned only a few new terms, but NO new precepts.
1st Year Female -- Class 1920
Campus Aesthetics: B, Education Quality: F
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I transferred to Liberty University from Virginia TechQuite Bright
I transferred to Liberty University from Virginia Tech for the positive Christian atmosphere. It was the worst decision I've ever made.

1) Academics. Depending on the major, the academics here are a joke. They will over Christianize every single subject.

2) People. Do not even get me started. I was so depressed I almost killed myself because I had no friends because I swore/ did not believe the exact same things other people believed. My roommates were assholes who would play music loudly till midnight and had no consideration for other humans besides themselves. I have never felt more depressed or alone in my life.

3) The college experience. THERE IS NOTHING TO DO IN LYNCHBURG. STAY AWAY OR YOU WILL DIE OF BOREDOM. Literally my roommates would drive to Roanoke for donuts. That was the fun thing to do on the weekend.

4) DO NOT COME TO THIS SCHOOL UNLESS YOU HAVE A CAR. Need I emphasize again, THERE IS NOTHING TO DO ON CAMPUS ON THE WEEKENDS. LU empties out on the weekends. People escape to other universities.

5) Advising. ADVISERS HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. I was so depressed that I was failing all of my classes. I decided to withdraw from all but one because I did not want my transcript affected. My advisor said that it was fine to keep my one credit class and that I could keep my housing. Turns out, she was wrong. You have to be in 3 credits in order to keep your housing. I got evicted and had to commute to lynchburg from Northern Virginia for 2 months in order to finish the therapy I started. I also had to live out of my car for several days.

They do not know what they are talking about and will screw you over. STAY AWAY.

3rd Year Female -- Class 2018
Perceived Campus Safety: A+, Useful Schoolwork: F
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Where to begin? I hate this school forQuite BrightPsychology
Where to begin? I hate this school for so many reasons. I will start out by saying that I came to this school for the main reason that I was offered a full ride valedictorian scholarship. Also, my parents highly encouraged me to attend to strengthen my dwindling faith in Christianity. I have since come to regret my decision to come here, and honestly even the fact that I am getting my education for free does not make up for the hell this school has put me through. This school has destroyed all my remaining faith in Christianity and religion in general. I will explain:

1. School administration is a nightmare. For example, I have a sleeping disorder and was having an issue with my dorm situation being extremely loud. I went to housing to find it being run by students who forced me to move (with a 24 hr notice) several times in a hunt and peck attempt to find a better dorm. Only after being moved three times did someone suggest that I visit office of disabilities, which has specially reserved housing for people like me, and which I wasn't told existed before then, or I would've gone there first. Overall, this was a 6 month process, through which I developed severe health problems due to lack of sleep. This pretty much sums up the level of efficiency and caring with which this school is run

2. Residential life is a nightmare. The first thing that makes it miserable is the long list of rules students are forced to abide by, which by the way, anyone on a sports team is basically exempt from because in order to enforce the rules, word would obviously get out that a team member got in trouble, making liberty look bad. As it is, if they did enforce the rules, the entire football team alone would be expelled by now. I have PERSONALLY witnessed many of them drunk, high, and trying to convince girls to have sex with them. Now it is true that students do sign a contract to abide by these rules, but I would like to mention the fact that the full rules cannot be viewed without a student account, which can't be obtained except by officially becoming a student. In other words, one signs the contract without much idea what they are signing. I only found out about the ridiculous dress code, curfew (sometimes as early as 10:30), forced convocation three times a week, censored internet, and stringent moral code when I was moving in. Secondly, the fact that liberty literally expects you to maintain their dorms for them via strict cleanliness checks when they don't even care enough to build dorms that hold up for more than a month is ridiculous. Literally, I moved into the brand new commons the first semester I was here, and barely a month in, paint was FALLING off the walls because the cheap labor Liberty hired had not bothered to prime them. Thirdly, Lynchburg has an insane lack of things to do. There is nothing here. Fourthly, If you get a power obsessed RA, you are screwed. This is because a lot of the rules have gray areas that are up to RA interpretation, for example, what constitutes a clean dorm room. I have literally had a roommate that was fined for a single drop of water on the bathroom mirror. Another good example is how far they take the no men in the girl's dorm rule. I can't count how many times I?ve needed a guy's help carrying heavy groceries and dorm furniture only for my RA to tell me that men are not allowed to help. It also should be mentioned that never once in this situation has an RA offered to help. The last time this happened, I ended up at the doctor's office with a ripped tendon from attempting to carry a heavy load up three floors. Lastly, this school does not build up Christianity, it wastes your time with it. All the classes are needlessly bloated with it even though there are a ridiculous number of required theology courses as gen eds. Convocation is an hour long church service three times a week that literally focuses more on how awesome liberty is than anything else (more on that later). Not only that, but it frequently runs late and students are not allowed to leave early to make it to class on time because convo is considered a higher priority than learning and because it "disrespects" the speakers, without regard to the disrespect of the students and their time committed by convocation running late.

3. The course work is a nightmare. The teachers are not included in this, as admittedly, the teachers are one of liberty's only strengths. I have yet to have a teacher that did not care about the students, and that did not do the best they could with the material they are given. That being said, they aren't given much. They and the students are forced to work with an outdated program called blackboard because liberty is too cheap to upgrade as most colleges are apparently doing now. The assignments themselves are a total waste as they are too focused on brainwashing the student with liberty's version of a Christian worldview, and not enough on actually teaching the material. This is true no matter the degree, and I can honestly say I have learned very little in the two years I?ve been here. And sadly, the school isn't hammering a Christian worldview because it cares, but because they wish to advance themselves as the largest Christian school in the country.

4. Liberty doesn't care about students, only about money and image. Liberty loves to market themselves as a school that cares. As a matter of fact, they love to market themselves in general. CFAW abounds with false advertising. The food is always much better, and students are generally discouraged from sharing negative views of Liberty with visitors to the extent that a student can be fined if caught. And it doesn't stop when you are suckered into enrolling. Hardly a convo goes by without a promotional, self-righteous video about how wonderfully Christian Liberty is and all the amazing things it's doing and sponsoring, and without our campus pastor brown nosing the Falwells. But this school cares nothing about the students at all. There is a lot of evidence that makes this clear. For example, they purposely oversell parking for the sake of making more money, even though this means students usually end up fighting to even park on campus, and are being shamelessly ripped off. Also the fact that convo is considered as a higher priority than classes, that students are forced to give up what little parking they have for parent weekends, football games, alumni weekends, and their dorm space for CFAW for the sake of making the school look good to attract new students, and the fact that students are accused of disrespect and punished for any view that opposes the views that liberty markets are just a few more things that make it obvious what the school's priorities are. Liberty makes plenty of money, but they are too cheap to upgrade the program they use to educate, too cheap to hire real builders that actually do a good job on their residential buildings, and too cheap to upgrade their outdated and overtasked servers and routers, making using internet on campus a nightmare. I could go on for a while about the many ways Liberty fails to live up to its image.

To sum up, this school is run on hypocrisy. They brainwash students with their Christian views, but prove repeatedly that they do not run this school on the Christian attitude they preach. This school has disgusted me to the point where I want nothing to do with religion ever again. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would pay to come here.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2018
Faculty Accessibility: A, Education Quality: F
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