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Liberty University

Total Grad Surveys 56
Females 23
Males 33
Avg years at University 2.5
Research Quality B+ (7.8)
Research Availability A- (8.1)
Research Funding B+ (7.9)
Graduate Politics B+ (7.7)
Not Errand Runners A- (8.7)
Degree Completion A- (8.7)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B (7.2)
Sufficient Pay B+ (7.7)
Competitiveness A- (8.3)
Education Quality A- (8.1)
Faculty Accessibility B+ (8.1)
Useful Research A- (8.4)
"Individual" treatment B+ (7.7)
Friendliness A- (8.1)
Safety A (9.6)
Campus Beauty A- (8.4)
Campus Maintenance A- (8.6)
University Spending A- (8.2)
Extracurriculars A- (8.5)
Scholastic Success B+ (7.6)
Surrounding City B+ (7.9)
Social Life/ Environment B+ (7.6)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi]B
Online program is flexibleMay 30 2019Nutrition
Online program is flexible and the classes are challenging. The physical campus is exceptional. There are plenty of clubs and opportunities to get involved on and off campus. Even the online program has support group opportunities. I am in a masters online program.
Liberty University is a Christian schoolSep 23 2017Psychology
Liberty University is a Christian school. Part of their motto is training champions for Christ. First they need to train their staff how to be Christians. I have never met so many uncaring and unprofessional people. There is little instruction from the professors. It takes takes weeks for them to grade your assignments. They are not on the same page with it comes to APA. The advising staff and the financial aid department is also not on the same page. The books are very expensive. you pay almost $300.00 for one book, but can only sell it back for about $30.00. This is because the books are specially made for Liberty.
Liberty University is a joke and definitely notJun 03 2017Other
Liberty University is a joke and definitely not Christian university. They are filled with misinformation at every turn uncaring and arrogant people who turn a deaf ear to any problem one might have. They are greedy and all about the money. There are too many things wrong with this university to spell out in a short notice so I will be brief, stay away from this school at all costs there are many real Christian schools out there that will give you a better education and a caring and Christian environment
For me, Liberty University was an excellent choiceJan 05 2017Education
For me, Liberty University was an excellent choice for cost and for the specific degree offered. I was already in the field and wanted to enhance my skills and gain credentials more in line with my work.

Liberty has a religious mission that finds itself in every course. I don't mind that and find it both refreshing and far more palatable than some of the insane distractions that many other universities are offering (must there be a protest for everything?). I caution prospects to remember that Liberty is very up-front about 'Building Champions for Christ'. Do your research before you jump into any school (or project or life choice, since we're on the subject) so you will know what to expect. Own your decisions.

The courses were mostly directly applicable to my work and I found them useful, but working full-time, I found the load quite high (that means I was pushed out of being the Dad or Husband for the duration).As to the administration aspects, being application, gates, etc. I found it somewhat confusing. Solution: I read everything. Every guide, FAQ and web page pertinent to my degree program ? I knew it so well that I could have been the go-to subject matter expert. None of us are children.

The Professors are friendlyOct 05 2015Other
The Professors are friendly and helpful. There may be a bad apple in the bunch, but that is the exception, not the rule. The work load is fine if you read the texts and complete your assignments.
I am starting my 6th week of myJun 18 2015Business - Management and Administration
I am starting my 6th week of my first class and the professor is arrogant and self absorbed. No returned emails or phone calls.

I am paying for a education and I wanted a Christian based value degree. Not happening here. I am moving on to another school and tution is twice the cost but I believe it is time to move on.

I am a matureJun 13 2015Education
I am a mature student who has attended at least 10 other universities to get degrees and graduate degrees. I have also taught at two universities. LU is the worst experience I have had. I would caution anyone not from the South against enrolling.
I am working onMay 29 2015Psychology
I am working on my third degree with Liberty. However, I have encountered my first problem with a very arrogant and unfair professor. Sad but true.
I attended the Liberty online program with multipleMay 16 2015Other
I attended the Liberty online program with multiple intensives. (Fly to Virginia and attend a semester class in a week). The beginning of my experience was positive. This was during the phase of pay tuition, take the class, get grade, move to next class. Now that I am reaching the end of the program (Masters Degree through the Counseling Department), there is no assistance from the Liberty University staff. The only people you can actually speak to are the academic advisors and they are unable to answer most of the questions. Students are forced to email professors and anyone in other departments. The typical turn around is multiple days to get a response. If you need an answer in a timely manner, too bad. Once you have a high number of credits, to many to start over at another school, the student is left in the cold with no help. They have a complaint department called student advocates office. If you contact them, you are told it is against policy to accept a claim against certain departments.
I am graduating in May 2015 from LibertyMar 18 2015Other
I am graduating in May 2015 from Liberty University with a Masters in Human Service Counseling (Marriage & Family). I have attended several colleges and universities and by far, Liberty University has been the best. This was my first time taking courses online and I have to admit it was harder than being on campus. Liberty University does not lag when it comes to their online education. There will be those who may not have the ability to succeed in this online program. I am happy it is set up in this way, because I was always skeptical about online programs and did not want my degree to be useless. I put a lot of effort and time into staying on top of my classes with Liberty University and I truly feel I earned this degree and can proudly say I am a Liberty University graduate. Any college or university that you attend will have professors with different personalities, that's pretty much normal. You can not let the action of one professor dictate the quality of the university. Pretty much, my professors have been available and empathetic to my needs when I became ill and trust me, I had several setbacks. Also this is the first school I have attended, that is right on target when it comes to financial aid and refunds. I had no issues during my time at Liberty University with financial aid. They were very helpful and when I was facing the decision to quit school due to not be able to make the trips to Lynchburg for the intensives; due to having a disabled daughter, I was given other options for staying in school. I was able to change my degree to Human Service Counseling, which required no intensives. I was blessed to find a University that catered to my needs. The reason I chose Liberty University;I needed a college which integrated Christian and Secular aspects of counseling and Liberty did an excellent job teaching what was needed to counsel individuals. If you can dedicate the time needed to achieve your goals, Liberty University will equip you for your chosen field.
I attended LU beginning in 2002Feb 18 2015Psychology
I attended LU beginning in 2002. From the moment I was there, things began going down hill, fast. I should have seen this as a sign. First, my roommate attempted to kill himself, and no one talked to me about this. Being a older student, not out of HS, I took it upon myself to talk to my RA and then take him to the hospital, rather than suffer any embarrassment from calling an ambulance. One of the Deans actually came into my room to look around and did not say one word to me. Not one!

Living on a hall with a bunch of football players, I ended up being bullied into writing their papers. Yes, all of these other schools that have been getting in trouble for academic fraud is true.

After completing 3 1/2 years, I ended up befriending this kid whose father and brother-in-law worked at the school. With 3 semesters left before graduation, I was forcibly withdrawn by the VP of Student Affairs because I would not name this aforementioned kid for engaging in illegal activity. When I met with this VP after I withdrew, all he had to say was that I "didn't do my job," which would have been to 'turn in' this kid. However, he had pretty much threatened my life. I had already been strangled by his other brother-in-law, not the one that was working at the school. Note, this BIL was a football player, too.

After completing my suspension, this kid had told me that he changed his lifestyle. So, I decided to let him move in with me. Hindsight, this is the one mistake in life that I could take back. He ended up not paying rent or any other bills. I finally got tired of trying to reason with him, and reached out to his father. His father's only reply was that I did not know how to budget. I tried to meet with him several other times, but he always blamed me for his son's inability to take care of his responsibilities. This was my first semester as a re-enrolled student.

Finally, this kid moved out after leaving me with several thousands of dollars worth of debt that was not "technically" mine, not to mention all of the things that he stole. I had to drop out of school because I was so far in debt by living with him. I was even working 3 jobs during this time.

The Student Conduct office reached out to me and said that they would like to hear what happened. I went to their office to make an appointment, after attempting to do so for the previous two weeks without any avail. The assistant direct of the Student Conduct office rushed me into her office and I told her my story without mentioning any names. Then, she said to go to another office and speak with them.

After I went to the second office, I received a court summons two days later. Apparently I was disorderly in my conduct. However, when I was in court representing myself, I found out that it was the brother-in-law of my ex-roommate that had filed the report. I requested my school records and was told that I was going to have to get a subpoena. Say, what? I called FERPA and then they finally released a copy of my records.

In my records, this assistant director had made up things in my records. When I went to meet with her, I had a friend accompany me in case something like this would happen. She had wrote in them that I introduced myself as this person's father (which was not true at at all) and that she "didn't know me well enough" to take my situation seriously.

When at court, the judge dismissed the case because he saw that I did not do anything wrong. There were 7 people there to "testify" against me. It was a joke. The lawyer was scolded by the judge because apparently she thought that it was some criminal court and wanted to have them come up to the stand to testify. The "detective" also changed the date of the incident during the opening of their complaint. In other words, they attempted to manufacture the situation to fit the complaint report. Then, this "detective" called me to come to sign paperwork to ban me from campus. Really? No one cares about truth anymore? And this was all after this ex-roommate had checked himself into rehab. Not to mention that I was the first victim of his destruction. He not only stole from me, but his girlfriend and his own father. But, I was the one with the problems? Esoteric agendas and nepotism at its finest.

They also violated my FERPA rights because someone affiliated with the school had opened my records and told this man's father lies. In other words, this kid had been dealing illegal things to people on campus and I took the fall because he threatened my life. I would have filed a complaint with FERPA, but I worked for a renowned professor of the school and didn't want to get him involved.

Lastly, in order to get my diploma, 9 months after I graduated, I had to call this lady 3 times and write at least three emails. It was not until I carbon copied the person that had directed me to her that I received a response.

I earned an undergrad at Liberty University OnlineOct 15 2014Psychology
I earned an undergrad at Liberty University Online. I then applied for the Masters/LPC and was accepted. I am currently almost done completing the program. I have been very happy with Liberty. For a veteran, the tuition reduction is excellent. The same degree that will cost me approx $10,000 would have cost up to $40,000 at any other school. I find that professors are highly qualified, skilled, and caring.
LIBERTY IS A FRAUD! They are all aboutSep 29 2014Religion/Religious
LIBERTY IS A FRAUD! They are all about the "Good ole Boys Club". It was a waste of time and money. They do not endorse women as chaplains. They get government funding and have to accept all in their programs equally. However, Liberty cheats women and the government by using their sister company to provide the endorsement to MEN only. Their website says they endorse STUDENTS, but clearly they do not. I would not be so annoyed if they would tell people upfront. Not only that they are a SCAM! I admit I brought into the dream. I was so excited, thought they were good people, boy was I duped.

You think Jerry?s still alive? I wouldn't be surprised if Farwell were still alive. They say, he was in EXTREME debt when he "passed", the thing is he is a twin (believe his brother's name is Gene) twins share the same DNA. The school is now debt free due to Jerry's ?death?. Hmmm wouldn?t be surprised if he is laughing all the way to the bank. Nobody ever mentions his twin and the people at the school "drink the Kool-Aid". Honestly we may never know. I?m over it!

I came with very little educationAug 28 2014Psychology
I came with very little education. Stumbled, got picked up and dusted of by the professors many times. They care! It took me longer than most because of my A.D.D., But now I have a masters. The best thing is the campus enviroment. Being in such a positive healthy caps away from the temptation to be stupid really helped me focus. If I had been at any other campus I am sure I would have failed miserably.
Liberty University Online canMay 06 2014Business - Management and Administration
Liberty University Online can be quite challenging. The school does seem somewhat wrapped up in numbers, but is constantly expanding the degree offerings and seeking specialized accreditations and certifications at the individual school level.
University is a goodApr 04 2014Business - Management and Administration
University is a good place to get a degree for those engaged in professions that require distance learning options. Faculty are typically engaged and accessible. Accounts and Financial Aid departments are black holes and not useful at all.
I started this school believing that being ChristianMar 01 2014Business - Management and Administration
I started this school believing that being Christian they would be more compassionate. WRONG! They don't believe in equality and I even received a notice that if I speak my mind again in their academic environment that they will throw me out, which is not what being a Christian nor even allowing a healthy debate in an academic environment. Said I cannot talk to anyone. Not anyone. How crazy is that? This school acts more like a cult than a university. Also Trevecca Nazarene University is exactly the same way.
This university does notMar 01 2014Business - Management and Administration
This university does not believe in freedom of speech. If you try to speak your mind in this academic environment they will censor your comments. They are hypocrites and not real Christians.
Feb 12 2014Education
This school only wants your money. They do not care if you learn anything. The faculty seems inept.
This school is very horrible and does notDec 20 2013Unknown
This school is very horrible and does not appreciate the student's well being. Students are not allowed to voice their opinion. The financial said office, Students account office are not helpful to the student's need. No one will communicate with you. This the worst university to attendthey put on a front acting if they are concerned. This is supposed to be a Christian college yea right. Teacher expect you to agree with them all the time. You might as be in slavery if you cannot voice your own opinion.
As a working adult I decided to go back to school to impDec 05 2013Business - Management and Administration
As a working adult I decided to go back to school to improve my marketability. Liberty University was the single best decision I have ever made.

While working full time in Law Enforcement I have been able to complete an AS, BS and Masters (MBA)degree at Liberty. I found the courses to be very well designed, the professors open and approachable (and most importantly willing to work with "working students" on deadlines!) Academically it was challenging, but I can honestly say I never had a bad course.

As a Navy vet I found the school to be very Military Friendly! Tuition is deeply discounted for military members.

Lastly, but most importantly, Liberty instills Christian Values in its graduates. The school is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention and was founded by the late Jerry Falwell. The schools motto is "Training Champions for Christ" and every course is Christ centered. This was a breath of fresh air after attending NC State and East Carolina University in my younger days.

The decision to go back to school when you are over 40 is tough, but Liberty made the transition near painless. I want tell you that you want have to work hard to complete a degree there - you will. But as with anything that is worthwhile, the hard work is worth it.

If your 35 or older, motivated, a self starter and not afraid of work this is a GREAT SCHOOL! Yes - I'm a raving fan!

On so many levels, I thank God forNov 18 2013Social Work
On so many levels, I thank God for Liberty University! For my Associates degree, I attended three different secular universities where I was extremely disheartened by their overall worldview, curriculums, and staff. Simply trying to enroll for classes was a nightmare, and for the most part, I felt like a number and not a person. Interactions were a constant uphill battle that left me discouraged at best. Taking my education desires and concerns to God in prayer, thankfully, He guided straight to Liberty University, where I eventually received both an Undergraduate and a Graduate degree. Throughout my experience while attending Liberty University, I was treated the way God views me ? as a valuable human being.

In my humble opinion, Liberty University is absolutely the Best of the Best in universities worldwide! From day one of inquiry to post graduation from graduate school, Liberty University?s Christian worldview, outstanding curriculums, and the entire staff have thoroughly nurtured my mind and soul. I walked away on fire for the Lord, with a genuine desire to make a difference in the world for Him!

The LU curriculums both (undergrad and graduate) are loaded with all the essential tools needed to succeed both academically and professionally. I will forever be grateful for the staff that makes up LU and LUO, who time and again, proved to be extremely humble, respectable, attentive, personable, caring, considerate, compassionate, encouraging, and knowledgeable. In stark contrast to the secular universities I attended, I witnessed LU/LUO staff members master a high degree of integrity that remained intact and above reproach in every situation. My professors made a very positive and lasting impact on my life. I would encourage anyone looking for a top university today to seriously consider Liberty University. My only regret is that I did not discover LU any earlier than I did.

People looking at Liberty should do their researchSep 01 2013Religion/Religious
People looking at Liberty should do their research ahead of time. If you might be shocked that they teach Christian worldviews in math class, this may not be the place for you. That being said, I found my classes to be fairly easy and felt cheated until I talked with other students who were struggling. Liberty meets the needs of many people like myself who may have several kids, a full-time shift job, military reserve duties, and still want to add to our education levels. If I were 22 years old and looking for a top-end degree to get me recruited for the best med-school, law school, or business school... I would probably look elsewhere. Liberty isn't a bad school at all, so long as you are realistic about YOUR needs.

I am starting their MBA next, not because I expect to make big money with it, but because the foundational education will help me in my current career field. Seeing as the full program (books and all) will run me around 12k, I can easily make that up, which will still make this program a net gain. YMMV

i am out after this semesterAug 24 2013Business - Management and Administration
i am out after this semester. And talking to some students and all professors are like talking to a wall. I already have a masters and im still pretty young, but you are not allowed to debate here or have slightly different opinions. Even if you are on the conservative side, you are not enough for them. everything is wrong in their wyes, the work is not even challenging and the books you read dont even offer differing opinions so you can come up with an academic debate for research, like other prestigious universities. I have had issues with financial aid an advising that are too long to list, and i am counting down the days until my brain is stimulated with actual academia again.
As a military researcher, the MPH program containsAug 21 2013Public Health
As a military researcher, the MPH program contains much relevant course progression and caters understanding and development on an individual level. Students that lack the cognitive ability to apply the individual class professionally can pass the class with adequate work so as to not stop them from developing their strengths. The coursework is not extremely difficult, but I have attending numerous high-ranked (both Forbes and U.S. News and World Report top-30 ranked) schools that are not different. Overall, Liberty offers competitive education in the current market and wants their own success, as well as yours, in order to perpetuate one another in said success.
Serving in the militaryJul 28 2013Psychology
Serving in the military the University was user friendly, I was able to reach out to the instructors as needed and the friendly staff as needed. As I approached completing my degree the school made sure everything was in place and I stayed on track to complete the degree in a timely manner.
I was an MBA student at Liberty UniversityJun 06 2013Business - Management and Administration
I was an MBA student at Liberty University. When I first started years ago the professors were friendly and really tried to the years went on the instructors became arrogant, did little or nothing to help students. In the last class the put you in something called capsim which is an on line game designed to make students flunk out in their last class and increse revenues for the college. The professor here was nonexistant to help anyone and I paid a great deal of money for this class. The dean believes this is a wonderful program and students should be prepared to complete it by the end of their education but Liberty did not prepare anyone for this type of environment. Very disappointed and a total waste of money.
May 08 2013Religion/Religious
Lu online BS in religion graduate. Returned for Masters of Divinity. Good school for Seminary level work
The online mba program is a total jokeApr 08 2013Business - Management and Administration
The online mba program is a total joke. I tried to transfer my courses out but they wouldn't transfer to any decent school, only to the for profit money maker type schools. This school duped me out of a decent education for lots of money. The assignments are pasted onto blackboard that aren't even written by the instructors. The professors I had rarely left any feedback on the assignments it just seemed like they gave you whatever grade they felt like giving at the time.They were quick to take off for apa but never once was i graded on business content. Also, when I asked the instructors a question they told me to look at Wikipedia or other online places. The textbooks hardly ever matched the online test material and so many times I found test questions marked wrong when I knew I had the correct answer. Folks, if you listen to one thing I say keep this is mind. Liberty university's online mba program is a total joke and waste of money. Do not go there unless you don't mind heartache grief and tons of stress with a low quality education. This school is not worth the money, I repeat not worth the money. I don't care how many good reviews they get.
The online program at liberty university flat outApr 08 2013Business - Management and Administration
The online program at liberty university flat out sucks. They give you professors that don't know the material so the only thing they can grade you on is apa. This was the worst educational decision I ever made and consider their mba program to be a total waste. The assignments are not written by the professors and the tests are computer graded. This is not a school I would recommend to my worst enemy. All I have now is debt with no solid credentials. There is absolutely no teaching at their online program. Definitely not recommended.
Completing advanced degree in DivinityAug 13 2012Religion/Religious
Completing advanced degree in Divinity. Seminary is not the place for a female. There are certain professors who grade lightly until after the survey about them and then try to destroy you on the research paper, the last and most points of any assignment. Most professors are fair and try to help with course materials. Two or three are just arrogant, hateful, and too ready to mark a paper down if a female has written it.Be prepared to read way too much material for eight week courses. Somebody didn't realize that eight weeks is half of sixteen weeks and no matter how you slice it, there is less time to study. Giving two 500 page textbooks to learn, study, and test on is not helping anybody in an eight week course. Multiply that by two or three courses and you have your worst nightmare. Don't take over two classes at a time and if there are eight books to read and a 2 lesson dvd series, just take one class during D term. Always take two classes during B term or your financial aid will be halved. I'm not sure how somebody is supposed to live off of the pittance they provide in financial aid. Be aware that fall semester is five months long, not four. All I can say is that if GOD, the one that loves females too, had not been on my side, I would not have completed my first degree.
I am a graduate of LU OnlineAug 02 2012Business - Management and Administration
I am a graduate of LU Online. I went back after 20+ years in accounting to get my MBA with a concentration in Leadership. the faculty was ALWAYS available when I had questions. They responded to requests promptly. They helped me understand difficult material. They gave positive and constructive review of my papers.

One thing I really liked was the emphasis on Biblical integration. EVERY class had some Biblical tie in.

Financial aid helped me. The registration process was easy.
In the end, I graduated with a perfect 4.0.My son starts at LU in a few weeks on campus. Our experience has been good.

The M.Ed. School Counseling program at LU isJul 11 2012Education
The M.Ed. School Counseling program at LU is in transition to becoming CACREP accredited, which is important in a school counseling program, unbeknownst to me before beginning the program. Also as a blended program, the majority of classes are online, with 4 classes or "intensives" are on campus and last a week. The intensives can be a lot of work, but are also a lot of fun as you meet people in your field, which all have valuable advice. The campus is also a lot of fun, with the SnoFlex and other things to do nearby.

The biggest downside to the current program is that students outside the Lynchburg, VA area are responsible for finding their own internship placements, as well as satisfying state requirements. It is a very confusing process and without somewhat of individualized help, it makes it a bit overwhelming for those that do not already have a job in the schools. I chose LU because it allowed me to live where I wanted and the cost was a lot less compared to other graduate programs. I hear from my friends in regular programs (not online) and there is more support available in terms of satisfying state requirements and finding internship placements.

Between GI Bill and the "Heroes Fund" LibertyJun 13 2012Business - Management and Administration
Between GI Bill and the "Heroes Fund" Liberty is 100% free for me, which is the only way I'd ever imagine attending!

I cannot believe how unprofessional Liberty seems to be. Assignment instructions through Blackboard are difficult to understand, the textbook for one of my classes (e-book for $100) was absolutely worthless and rarely matched up with the homework assignments, grades returned for written assignments are scored in a contradictory manner each week, professors are downright rude and will not answer simple questions. Regarding the e-book noted above, I asked the prof for other resources and she replied that wikipedia was a great resource. I've never heard of anybody in higher education recommending a student consult wiki!If you're looking for a place to be frustrated with assignments, deal with unprofessional professors, and be generally befuddled by the process of courses, Liberty is the place to be.

Unable to reach professors,Jun 08 2012Business - Management and Administration
Unable to reach professors, unable to obtain timely answers, unable to have professors fulfill complete academic accommodations per the disabilities act, professor flat out refuse to help.
It's their way or the highwayMay 14 2012Other
It's their way or the highway....disagree and your grade will suffer. You're encouraged to find things wrong and debate, but don't do it! The students will oust you as well -- no more socializing with such heathens who are freethinkers with their own opinions. Make a 96 or above on EVERY assignment if you want an overall GPA of 4.0....their grading system is horribly unfair.
I hope to provide you with an objectiveApr 20 2012Business - Management and Administration
I hope to provide you with an objective and honest synopsis of my experience at Liberty University (online). I have attended the school since Nov. 2010 and I will graduate in approximately four weeks with an MBA in accounting (May 2012). I took 45 graduate-level and 21 additional undergraduate accounting prerequisite units at Liberty during these five semesters.

I would characterize Liberty University as a vocational graduate school. The reason I say this is because virtually all classes require students to produce some sort of research project, which can be geared toward a personal pursuit. I took advantage of this aspect and researched every aspect of a personal business endeavor from financing and marketing to human resources and policy. The program allowed me to tailor the program to my needs, which is what I wanted. In this way it was money well spent.

That said, Liberty University is not a research-oriented school like some others here have mentioned. It isn't Harvard. Instead of providing opportunities abroad to study the influence of IFRS on Micronesian textile manufacturers, you will probably study the influence of IFRS on American tax systems by studying 20 peer-reviewed articles. You will likely not conduct any original research here, but you will definitely review lots of literature that is relevant to your particular interests/goals.

As I said before, I have attended since 2010. One thing I can say is that the coursework has become significantly more difficult recently. The school is working toward its ACBSP accreditation, and the grading has become much less lenient. You will have to participate in Peregrine Academic surveys, which are part of the accreditation process, and these surveys show you your individual placement compared to students at all ACBSP accredited universities. I usually placed between 75% and 85%, which I think is pretty good. My GPA at LU is a 3.75.

Some classes are very easy and some are very difficult. I believe that some of this depends on the student and some of it is probably due to the limitations of the online environment. For example, accounting and corporate finance were very difficult to learn outside of a classroom environment, but that is not necessarily the school's fault. These are just complicate subjects. Some other courses were pretty easy, but most were about average.

One person commented that the quality of discussion posts at Liberty is poor. This is true...sometimes. If there are 20 students in a class, about 5 will probably be abysmal, 10 will be average, and 5 will be pretty good. After wasting my time responding to poorly written assignments, I found it was better to find the good students. I also believe that the quality of writing has drastically improved with the ACBSP accreditation.

I opted for a master's degree to meet the baseline requirement for my CPA certification. I have been studying for the exam, and I have to admit that although most of the material is familiar from my studies at LU, I am definitely not ready to take the exam yet. I don't know if this is normal, but then again, I earned an MBA in accounting and not a master's in accounting.

I would recommend Liberty for a person who can use the degree to study for an existing profession or endeavor. I used the degree to write many aspects of a business plan and fulfill the requirements for a professional certification. It met my needs perfectly. I have a job waiting for me on graduation in corporate auditing for which I am thankful. I am also able to laugh at the price of some other universities, which can cost anywhere from $60k to $150k. After the military discount, my MBA will cost me $11,250 not counting prerequisites. The GI Bill paid for this and more.

Regarding earlier complaints Liberty University teaches a worldview and does not teach evidence-based education, that statement is not entirely accurate. Granted, Liberty University is the world's largest Christian university. Most assignments will require students to evaluate a subject from a Christian worldview. I generally see as an added task. For example, a recent assignment required students to write an essay examining an AICPA principle from: an accounting perspective, a deontological perspective, a utilitarian perspective, and a Christian perspective. Even though I am not mega-Christian like some other students here, I appreciate this aspect of the assignments. I have used it to help define my own set of values as they relate to various aspects of business culture by learning or incorporating Biblical principles. I don't think that is necessarily a bad thing. If you do not like evaluating yourself or questioning your values, or if you are just plain anti-Christian, Liberty University may not be the best place for you.

On a side note, I believe that many of those who do not finish degrees at Liberty were unable to adapt to the workload. The school does not require a GMAT, so I am pretty sure that some people get in over their head by not taking the school seriously. If you plan to take 12 credits a semester, be prepared to write an average of 10-20 pages of good content every week, read and absorb 3-6 chapters of graduate-level text, and possibly complete several hours of other assignments. You will also probably become much faster at doing these tasks than you thought possible. Anyway, I hope this helps you. Good luck and God bless!

Since June of 2010, I have had theMar 13 2012Psychology
Since June of 2010, I have had the great pleasure of attending Liberty University online. I hold a Bachelor of Science Business: Management degree with Liberty University, and I am currently in a Masters of Arts in Human Services degree program with Liberty.

Attending Liberty University has been a breath of fresh air compaired to the secular university's I've attended (Valencia College, and Seminole College) which are poisioned with liberal bias and dictatorship-style teaching/advising/business. At Liberty University the staff are all outstanding servant leaders and have always gone above and beyond to assist me in every area of academic achievement. Liberty is also a very military friendly school. I would highly recommend you choose Liberty University!! You will be glad you did! The professors are all top notch with execellent credentials, and are willing to serve the student (imagine that?!) The course content is designed for you to learn your material well (imagine that?) You will never find this individualized,caring, supportive relationship with any secular school out there. Liberty University is WONDERFUL in every way!

I completed my MMar 04 2012Education
I completed my M.Ed in three years while teaching part time at a Christian school. The program met my needs relative to pedagogy, however, I found some of the course work to be less than challenging.

In the online program I spent approximately 20 hours a week on course work and received straight A's. Some tests required essay only reponses and critical thinking was required, however, many tests/quizzes where not necessarily challenging, but more time intensive. The professors where responsive and supportive. However, I found, way too often, the desire to negatively grade my peers writing during projects and online blackboard assignments. Definitely a bit frightening - can't imagine some (not all) of these students in this program teaching my children. It gave me great pause that these were my peers - and made me question the vaule of my degree graduating with High Distinction (4.0).Overall, I got what I needed to be successful as a teacher at a very reasonable price. I am happy with my gained knowledge and can see it pay off in the classroom. I believe one can make this program work for their own success as a qualified and knowledgeable teacher - stay positive and get what you need from the program.

I have attended Liberty University Online (Masters inFeb 05 2012Psychology
I have attended Liberty University Online (Masters in Mental Health Counseling) for three weeks. I withdrew from classes yesterday due to the deplorable education I was receiving.

The University focuses entirely too much on their "worldview". I deliberately had to answer questions on exams to their point of view even if it wasn't the scientifically correct answer. A graduate education should be about finding your own worldview, not about having one shoved down your throat.

The professors did not answer my questions adequately and seemed annoyed with my questions. They also graded work based on their biases, not on the quality of your work.

I spent 27 hrs. per week on coursework and I feel that my efforts were not reflected in my grades or in the information I have gained.

I have attended Liberty University Online (LUO) sinceDec 05 2011Other
I have attended Liberty University Online (LUO) since summer 2010. I have never visited the campus, and I have had little contact with other students. Also, the program I completed (Human Services - Business) did not require a thesis. Because of these reasons, most of the grades associated with this review are not completed.

Financial Aid - I had no problems with the financial aid department at all.
General Studies - My studies at LUO did not feel like graduate studies at all. At best, the courses reviewed information from my undergraduate program. The professors are very light graders, and I was able to procure many 100% on assignments without effort. The courses required minimal critical thinking, and the work felt juvenile at times. The school appears to have very low expectations for its students.

My Study Focus (Human Services-Business) - My focus at Liberty was in Human Services, with a focus in Business. I looked forward to my courses, as I plan to move into nonprofit management in the future. The classes had little to do with the integration of the two fields. The Business classes were part of the school's MBA program, and the topic of human services or nonprofits was not once discussed. Stocks, bonds, and investments were studied, instead. These issues have no place in human services, and go against the very foundation they are built upon. The Human Service classes were very basic and required no effort.Evaluation - I would not recommend LUO to anyone who is looking to better themselves through education. If they are simply looking to add letters or a title to their name, LUO is a cheap and easy way to do so. There is no challenge in the coursework and very little to learn.

Liberty University has outstandingOct 25 2011Religion/Religious
Liberty University has outstanding academics. The professors are top notched and the classes that are offered are unmatched by any seminary in the world.
I earned my EdAug 24 2011Education
I earned my Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and overall it was a great experience. The Ed.D. program is blended with online classes and "intensives" at the brick adn morter school. If you are self motivated and are truely a graduate level student, I would highly recommend Liberty.
Jul 14 2011Religion/Religious
Very helpful admissions staff and financial aid staff.
I attended Liberty University Online (LUO) from 2009Apr 25 2011Other
I attended Liberty University Online (LUO) from 2009 - 2011 to receive my MA in Human Services - Business. I hold my BS from a major research-based university. I have found LUO the opposite of challenging. I was able to complete my first 2-3 courses based upon information from my Bachelor's level courses - not new information. The level of work that is expected is embarrassing. I have submitted un-edited reports and projects and still received 100%s. The discussion board assignments are embarrassing to read, as many of the other students lack any ability to critically think or present their ideas in a Graduate-appropriate manner. I spent very little work in my courses and still came out with very high marks. The classes are very inexpensive, so I suppose that I did get my money's worth out of them. I would not suggest this school to most people, as the school is not made for academically-minded people. At least I got some letters out of my name after it was all said and done.
At this point, I may as well haveMar 17 2011Other
At this point, I may as well have homeschooled grad school, and saved a ton of money. Calling advising is like calling customer service for a predatory lender--they know less about your question than you do, get defensive about school policies, and take you from asking respectful questions, to being totally exasperated. Do not expect any help with online learning from neither advising, nor the arrogant professors. Do not expect to get a job when you tell them that you have graduated from Liberty--if you graduate. Their graduation rate is 44%. Now, I know why. I have almost completed a program, and am denied an internship in my state because of my school--who does not have my state in the list of "problem states." I now have to transfer, and lose most of my 60 credit hours. Liberty is only collecting money from unsuspecting students, not providing an education.
I will have to say about 85%-90% ofMar 04 2011Business - Management and Administration
I will have to say about 85%-90% of my teachers were good teachers with the exception of 2 that were terrible overbearing and snotty. I give the administration (Financial aid, Academic Affairs, and Graduate Student Affairs and Student Advocate Office) here at Liberty an F. Student Advocate Office is a joke. I file a harassment complaint against a professor and they just made it up excuses, defending the professor replying by saying" Well maybe she meant this and maybe she is going through this?" Absolutely stupid and they have not even looked at the evidence that was filed with the complaint.

The administration over financial aid does not give a flip for the students. There is a lot of politics here. You file a grievance and the system is one-sided. You file a complaint against the way the grievance was handled and a jerk administrator sends you harassing emails trying to pressure you into allowing him to handle the complaint because he knows the department chair you are complaining about and apparently is her friend. You file a complaint about possible harassment about a professor and you are mocked by the advisors. I will never support a University that has such corrupt administration and that are so self-righteous and over baring that they think they are better than you. I was actually told that I had to file a grievance in order to express my opinion. Unbelievable!

Liberty University is the bestDec 28 2010Religion/Religious
Liberty University is the best. It is a rising star and is very old school, which I love. Unlike so many American universities, Liberty does not award top letter grades like candy. It also does not pander to the affirmative action crowd-either you can do the work at Liberty or you flunk. You also have to be able to write and research well in order to pass any of the classes. There are high expectations at Liberty. I also have a Master's degree from University of Michigan, Liberty University was more difficult academically. If you want an education that rivals one before the implementation of Outcome Based Education and the dumbing down of American higher education, Liberty is the place for you.
Overall the online MBA is an average programNov 11 2010Business - Management and Administration
Overall the online MBA is an average program. I already have a doctoral degree and decided to complete my MBA to have better insight into the business of my practice. Truthfully, I was looking for a program where I could obtain a good understanding of business and not break the bank with student loans. Liberty has proven to be just (extremely good price for military and dependents). Some of the classes are extremely challenging (similar in workload to a moderately difficult medical school class) while others are a complete waste of time. This however is not unlike any other program where some classes are difficult while others are easy. If you need assistance, the ancillary staff is great (though depending on when you call you may be on hold for a couple minutes as this is a very large online university).To summarize the above: average program, great ancillary staff, very organized, good value
I am almost done with my Master's degreeAug 20 2010Psychology
I am almost done with my Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I chose to do a blended program which includes mostly online work but also four intensive courses taken on campus. I can understand how some online students feel like a number but I also think that is partly their lack of initiative in making connections with faculty and staff. All my professors have been very available and have even often given out their personal phone numbers. The academics are rigorous and I feel that if a student does all the course requires, s/he will be well prepared for internships and then a counseling career. Students are mostly Christian and operate from a biblical point of view but, from what I have seen, have been respectful (though not doormats) of those students who do not share the same point of view. Professors also all operate from a biblical point of view and are also respectful of those who do not while still not being doormats (I hope that makes sense). They are confident without being condescending. Overall, I would highly recommend the Liberty Counseling Master's program.
The online MBA program was extremely goodAug 16 2010Business - Management and Administration
The online MBA program was extremely good. I had actually transferred from another university to attend Liberty. It was the best college decision i ever made. I would rate the program, the professors and the delivery system as top notch. We even did the same capstone project used by the top business colleges in the world for our last class. Excellent!
If you are looking for a school whereApr 08 2010Education
If you are looking for a school where you are more than a number, DO NOT go to Liberty. I am a student in the online program and even though I am only a month into my time with Liberty I am already looking elsewhere. As an online student you are not given an academic advisor, if I were a resident I would have one. I called to ask about my internship, if I could work during it or if I would have to quit my job and the general academic advisor could not answer my question. Every time I call LU I am on hold for at least 20 minutes, and you never speak to the same person twice. I was given different information from several different FA advisors so I asked if I could just speak to the same person when I called and was told the "call center was too large to ask for just 1 person each time." For some reason, even though I called LU every week to check on the status of my FA refund, my loan was put on hold when it came into LU. When I asked why I was told "they would have to look into the matter and get back to me." The only reason I found out it was put on hold was because I called my bank and asked them where the money was. I would NOT recommend Liberty University to anyone. Another friend who is taking online classes at LU is looking elsewhere and his daughter who was a resident is leaving LU as well. I expected better from a Christian University.
The online master's degree in management is quiteMay 13 2009Business - Management and Administration
The online master's degree in management is quite rigorous. I am exceptionally pleased with my education. However, I do not recommend the online format to everyone. You must be extremely organized,disciplined and self motivated in order to be successful. You must also have strong writing skills. The profs at Liberty are tough when it comes to writing style and formatting.Do not attend an online graduate school without the proper job experience. I have encountered many people who think they can get an MBA without experience and graduate with a great corporate job. This is not realistic in this economy.
It is difficult to complete the enrollment processJun 26 2008Other
It is difficult to complete the enrollment process. They email you the directions, but the directions do not match the actual steps. They are friendly and "spiritual" to get you to enroll, but not all of the instructors display this attitude. You are basically on your own in some of the classes. Do not expect the instructors to assist; you either get a response with no help or no response at all.
Liberty University gives the illusion of being aMay 14 2008Religion/Religious
Liberty University gives the illusion of being a tolerant university for religious education. This, to some extent is true. However, LU offers a very limited world view of evangelism, and belief systems.

My worst trouble came from the amount of true/false exams taken at the graduate level. I felt that I was not encouraged to think at all,just memorize other people's opinions.

The other trouble came from the caliber of the other students. They were not willing to debate or think outside the box, instead they seemed to look for the answers outside the box rather than applying logic.

My final concern came in the last term (that just ended). Since I took the courses on-line, I responded only to Teaching Assistants. Never once did I hear a comment from an instructor. I don't think that is acceptable at a grad level coursework. The instructor should be available to debate and help you develop your self, not fit into a defined mold.

If you are OK with a fundamental theology, LU, is likely OK for you. If you, like me, want to challenge opinions and break them apart so you understand why you have certain beliefs, LU is probably not the right grad program for you.PS I transferred out and none of my credits transferred. They are not telling the truth if they tell you your credits are good anywhere.

I attended Liberty Seminary and I loved everyNov 13 2007Other
I attended Liberty Seminary and I loved every minute that I was there. The faculty treated me like family, several even invited me into their homes. The level of Education was excellent, the professors are world class.Lynchburg is one of the finest cities in America, and Thomas Road is an excellent church. The rules at LU are fair and reasonable. The atmosphere is filled with God's love, grace and a true genuine Christian walk in the Lord.
This is one of the best schools inJul 11 2007Psychology
This is one of the best schools in the nation and has the highest in education, ethics and moral values. It represents what every parent wants for their child and every child wants for their education. I would recommend that if you are a senior looking for excellence check out Liberty University to discover opportunities as they unfold in your life.
Great MBA Online Program,Jul 30 2004Business - Management and Administration
Great MBA Online Program, great instructors and interaction. I have been able to put my MBA in to great use with a new career and a much greater income.
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