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The University of Mary Washington

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Apr 15 2014Business - Management and Administration

I loved my time. I ended up really embracing the city and the benefits of the schools size and high level of academics.

4th Year Male -- Class 2012
Scholastic Success: A+, University Resource Use: B-

First of all, if you ignore everything else

Mar 05 2014Math
First of all, if you ignore everything else that I say in this post...think about this: A GOOD reputable college doesn't need to advertise to people to get them to go to this school. Nor does it have a over an 80% acceptance rate.

Having done summer courses at NOVA, I'd have to say, this school is not very intellectually stimulating. I felt more challenged at NOVA. This opinion may be the minority however I think its valid. More valid than those claiming this school has the same academics at UVA or W&M as they have not attended there. Then again, the average GPA here is quite low...but then again, the quality of mind that goes here is very low. If the UVA and W&M thing is true, the extremely low average GPA (which won't help you get a job) verifies that statement.

Social life? you won't find that here lol. People will tell you something glamorous like "it is what you make of it" or "there are parties, you just have to try hard to find one"...LIES. lol seriously, I've been to the rare UMW party that happens and they suck. Its like 30 people crowded in a basement with Kesha blasting. People are very anti social here and are content with not doing much or hanging out with the same 5 people all 4 years. As others have echoed, the social life here SUCKS and you will not grow as a person socially if you come here.

Food here can be described as an alternative to taking laxitives. It just comes right out after you eat it. They call it "seacozuma's revenge." Its a rip off too. A 15.2 oz bottle of Naked juice for example is 3.99. At the Underground (not the nest) if you want them to squirt a little chipotle sauce on your sandwich that doesn't normally come with it...its a dollar extra. A dollar for a little sauce? What the hell.

The gym here sucks. Its small and if you check the equipment, most of it hasn't been inspected in over 2 years. The weight training belts you can borrow here are made of velcro. So if you're trying to do some heavy squats, as soon as you flex your core, the belt snaps off. I complained about this and the head athletic director said he doesn't believe in weight training belts and would not purchase new ones. For those of you who don't know, the belts keep you from tearing a muscle in your core and breaking your break when your squating or deadlifting 300+ lbs. Kind of a safety issue. Also, the belt which you can strap on to do weighted dips/pull ups has been broken for over a year, they still haven't replaced it even after numerous complaints.

Not too impressed with professors. They just read off slides. On one occasion I was trying to find a professors office to drop off papers so I went to a fellow professors office to find out where the office I was looking for was. The professor did not know what professor I was talking about or where her office was. I later discovered the office was LITERALLY a door down from hers.

Everyone here is the same and acts the same. They all think their political views are correct and yours is wrong. If you like chik-fil-a you don't like g4y people. If you believe in god, you're a fool. If you are conservative then you're a warmongerer etc. Social conformity is REAL...just come to this school. Everyone is the same.

Guys, coming from a guy, the female to male ratio is very misleading. The girls here aren't that attractive, although I have to admit they have gotten better over the years. That aside, the biggest thing is the TYPE of girls that go here. They are very stand offish, self absorbed, prissy, etc. Even though this school is 60-70% girls, you won't believe it (I know you won't lol), but it is HARD to find a good quality girl. Since the school is so small, it is also hard to find a girl that hasn't dated 6 other guys you knew or who isn't messing around with several other guys. Then there are the girls who are allergic to guys and are simply unapproachable. Again...guys, don't let the ratio fool you.Tldr....don't go here.

4th Year Male -- Class 2014
Innovation: D, Faculty Accessibility: F

Ok. I've been planning on writing this for

Feb 18 2014Business - Management and Administration
Ok. I've been planning on writing this for a while but now I finally have the time and will to go through with this. I transferred out last summer and I have to say that was by a huge margin the best thing I have done in my entire life. A life which includes travelling to over ten countries on four continents, winning academic and athletic honors, and watching the Miami Heat lose to the Dallas Mavericks. Transferring was hard in and of itself since academics are ridiculously hard at UMW and the coursework is unbelievably well ridiculous so maintaining a good enough GPA to transfer is a challenge. You'd think you were actually going to UVA or W&M with the type ofcoursework they give out. But noooo, this is UMW. And just being perfectly honest, the majority students here aren't really on that level of smart. This creates a discrepancy(between performance level required for success in this University(which should be to get a high enough GPA to transfer) and actual performance.

Another thing is the diversity which is severely lacking. Pretty much all white people (Btw i'm a minority just throwing that out there). Even for the white students, I'm pretty sure it gets boring hanging around white people everyday everywhere in the library, in class- your professor, your RA,etc. Nothing against anyone. Its just that going from UMW to a school which is top ten nationally in the United States in terms of diversity really opened my eyes up to what a college really should look like. People from all over the globe - from Singapore to Sweden to Sudan to Seychelles- this is really what I expected from college

Another thing I really hated was the size. Incredibly small for a college- just 4000 undergrads
And I know some guy reading this might be tempted to come here because of the female:male ratio. No bro juust no! Not to sound like a douchebag but the girls are for the most part nothing to write home about and that's putting it mildly. A lot of lesbians too which is two girls cancelled out. And besides wherever you go, if you have sufficient confidence and attractiveness, then it really doesnt matter what that ratio is. And for the girls reading this, even though I might be breaking guy code by saying this, the truth is you're probably going to be outnumbered if you're interested in any guy you might be interested in who happens to be single. I remember an incident my freshman year: one of my friends was a junior and his girlfriend, a freshman, actually got into multiple physical altercations with another girl and her roomate who lived in the guys building over him. That's lame

What else? Food - Food is not terrible contrary to what you might read here. It really just depends on what you were expecting. Cafeteria food wherever you go is never going to be like dining at the Ritz Carlton so this is one place I wouldnt particularly "fault" UMW. That being said, their food is average.

In terms of social life, this has been said before but it really is true. You really do want to be on a team or some sort of "group" to really make it work at UMW to the degree it should be at college. There's also a pretty silly fake frat here. Dont get involved.

Oh and Fredericksburg is a miserable little city whose residents really dont appreciate the fact that there are college students in their town so there you go

Now this isnt to say that no one should go here. If you're from VA, MD, NY, NJ,etc looking to save money and really have no real problem with the aforementioned, then have a go.I really cant blame UMW though for accepting me into their school. I was more than qualified and I was the one who should have done more homework into what exactly I was getting into. I hope you do the same.

Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -

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