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The Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

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A lot of the people here are tryingBrightArt & Design Department
A lot of the people here are trying to place the blame on anything but themselves for their failures in life. College is what you make of it, it's up to you to manage deadlines, seek help when necessary, and to grow as an artist. If you aren't going to put in the extra effort, this school (and every other art school) is going to do nothing for you. Also, keep an open mind. Many young artists come in thinking that they already know a lot/have a lot of talent, and 90% of the time this is not true. Accept critique from your peers and teachers as much as you possibly can.

One aspect of MIAD that I really like is how small it is, you really get to know the student body and all of the teachers on first-name basis. This also makes it very easy to go up and talk to your teachers one-on-one. While I have noticed that it's hard to get a good critique of your work in class, if you make the extra effort to go up to your teacher after class you will get a great response. Plus you'll get on their good side because they know you actually care. That's the biggest thing at MIAD- even if you aren't the most talented, as long as you show that you are passionate and CARE about your art, teachers will bend over backwards to help you. Sure, there are some pretty bad teachers (especially during the foundations year), but once you get into your majors classes the teaching improves. The foundations year is awful, they make you do a ton of busywork that tests your technical skills, and it's boring. They are trying to weed out those who don't have what it takes, so try to stick through until sophomore year. Sophomore year is hell compared to your first year, but it's worth it because you're taking classes that you actually enjoy (if you're in the right major).

2nd Year Female -- Class 2017
Individual Value: A, Useful Schoolwork: C
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Alright. I'm not going to BS anyone whoBrightArt & Design Department
Alright. I'm not going to BS anyone who is reading this because I think you, prospective college student, deserve that much. Picking a college is hard, and it's important that someone be honest to you. I'm not writing this out of bitterness, revenge, or pushing my school as being the best thing ever. I honestly want you to make a good choice that will make sure that you, aspiring freshman, will not be miserable and hate your life. So, with that said, here is my review.

First of all, art school is NOT a magical place where artists frolic and share their feelings and everything is rainbows in sunshine. It's a place to hone something you enjoy into a career and bring you from casual artist to professional designer. Your first year will be the hardest thing you've ever gone through in your life. You will paint and draw and sketch until your arms ache. You will work on paintings you hate, for teachers you hate, and you will be expected to improve constantly. You will work, and work, and work some more, and if you do not absolutely love art, you will probably fail. Even if you love art, you might still. And you'll probably start to hate it just a little.

You're probably thinking "oh my god that sounds HORRIBLE, why would I ever want to go through that!?" and are wondering why I'm telling you this. Like I said, I want to be honest. See, that first year is to give you a taste of what could be the crunch time of an artist, when you have too much work, inspiration is sometimes fleeting, and you're tired of everything. You'll discover quickly if it's something you think you can deal with the rest of your life. It's better that you find out freshman year if you can stand the stress of being an artist than finding out after you graduated.

After freshman year, things will lessen a little. Teachers will no longer demand technical exercises from you, at least not strictly, and they will start letting you expand. You will find what teachers you like, what kind of creative encouragement works well for you, and hopefully, will start finding your creative voice. It will still be hard, and plenty demanding, and your ideas and approach may even come under fire this time. But you will start to grow into an artist, if you're willing.

Willingness is a big part of art school. You can't just tell someone how to draw, you have to show them how they can learn. And you, as a student, have to learn to expand your own talents. Sometimes people support you, sometimes they don't. That's pretty much life. No one is going to coddle you and hold your hand, they are not going to tell you exactly what you should do (and those that do, you'll probably hate them anyway). Some of the teachers will do well to nurture you, and if you are willing, you can expand and greatly improve what you do. You can find a unique style, and you can go from basic to professional astonishingly fast. It's a space that can really let you spread your wings. Where there's a will, there's a way could be the motto of the school.

But, as a part of that, there are those who will try and clip those wings. Teachers, peers, and evil printers are just a few obstacles. And you're probably thinking "god, why would I want to go to a school where there are some teachers who are awful?" and I'll tell you why. People will kick you when you're down in the real world. They will drag you through the mood, fight you, hate you, and try and shove you off any pedestal you might try and perch on. But that's life. Would you rather a college not prepare you for that, and be nothing but sunshine and rainbows? Because I wouldn't. I know how to take a fall now, I know what it's like to give and give and give some more and still be struck down.

See, college is like real life. Any place that doesn't prepare you for the real world, and teach you that real life can be crappy is a waste of money. Does MIAD teach you that being an artist is very rewarding, and also teach you how to use your skills to make money? Yeah. You'll get a great education, if you're willing to pursue it. People from my class and the class before me and the class after mine are already making impressive careers. The people that do the best poured every ounce of themselves into getting the best education they possibly could, and reaped the benefits. But MIAD will not spoon feed you success. They will offer you the tools to succeed, and the environment you can grow in. But, dear student, it isn't easy. And that's the honest truth. I'm happy I went to MIAD because it wasn't rainbows and unicorns and gumdrops all the time. It sucked sometimes, it really did. But it was also amazing, and I fond out just how much I love art, and it prepared me for the real world. I can survive as an artist. That's what I went to college for, and that's what they prepared me to do. And they prepared me very, very well.

Alumna Female -- Class 2000
Preparedness: B- Reputation: B
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Where do I begin for MIAD.AverageUndecided
Where do I begin for MIAD...
At MIAD you will have two different types of staff. You will either experience the really awesome teachers that actually care if you succeed or not in this place, or you will get the narcissistic ass hole that will try to change everything about you as a person, and as an artist/designer. The Narcissistic teacher will push all of his/her ideas on to you and watch you suffer and humiliate you during in class crits. Most of the Staff members fall into this category, so unless you are a good fighter and have a VERY good grasp on the concept of all your work, I do not recommend MIAD.

DO NOT come to MIAD if you are expecting "everyone will be just like me". The truth of the matter is, MIAD has a lot of clicks. But don't be afraid! There is a group for everyone! ALOT of the students at MIAD are very up tight and very into their art work, and who they want in their friend groups. By the end of my first year at MIAD I have maybe two friends out of a class 250 because of the clicks.

Honestly... MIAD is literally an old warehouse... There are a total of 4 floors, not including the river level. The 3rd and 4th Floors have little to no heat during the winter, so DRESS WARM :)

MIAD has a two choices for food throughout the day. On the river level. there is the OM NOM Cafe- the UNION (the original UNION burnt down recently) They have okay food... Then they have the 2nd floor Mini Mart. The Mini Mart is over priced and apparently very easy to steal from (according to flyers that have been recently put up due to theft)

The Park at 1824...oh god where to I begin here... Well for starters it is WAAAAYYY over priced for what it is worth. The internet connection sucks, the walls and floors are thin, and it is not all college students living there. The Park is basically an Apartment building, you get a stove, fridge, microwave, garbage disposal, 45 in T.V and a few other things. If you get stuck in the double bed room... good luck. You get a very small room with a decent bathroom. and an FYI be careful if you decide to "DO IT" in any of the bedrooms because of the thin walls

My Opinion:MIAD is more glorified then what it is worth. I found it to be a complete waste of my time and $40,000.

1st Year Female -- Class 2016
Collaboration/Competitive: B+, Campus Aesthetics: F
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