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Marquette University

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Campus News:

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I am a Freshman Nursing student this year,

Oct 29 2014Nursing
I am a Freshman Nursing student this year, and I cannot begin to describe how much I love Marquette. I could not be happier here, and since I arrived on campus, I have not once doubted my decision to come to MU. I have met the most friendly, genuine and well rounded people here, and I am only a few months in. Marquette has a very diverse student body, and therefore offers a unique college experience for each of its students. It is a very lively and active campus, and with over two hundred student led organizations, there really is something for everyone here. The academics are challenging, but the professors I have this year are so helpful and put in the extra work to make sure that their students succeed. I love this school so much, and I suggest that if you are considering Marquette, schedule a tour with our Admissions Office and learn more about this fantastic university!!
1st Year Female -- Class 2018
Education Quality: A+, Perceived Campus Safety: B

The reason why students do not feel safe

Oct 25 2014Business - Management and Administration
The reason why students do not feel safe is, because 99 percent of the students are from very small towns or the suburbs, where they lived a very very very sheltered lifestyle. I grew up in the city and I have traveled the world. Other students may reference the homeless, but in reality there are not as many homeless people as in any other city. The student body as a whole has frustrated me very much due to their close mindedness. The student body is not diverse at all, like University advertises. The little diversity there is at Marquette is very clicky and hard to find.
2nd Year Female -- Class 2017
Campus Aesthetics: A+, Innovation: F

Avoid Marquette University read fully

Nov 12 2014PreMed and Medical
Avoid Marquette University read fully Hello, I transferred to this school from another University only to find a list of problems this school would never admit to. This University is only good for its name, the Marquette name brand can get you a job, or even a ok grad school, but there are a lot of sacrifices you?re going to make coming here over anywhere else. This school will make you hate college and will make you a very unhappy person. There are about a thousand things wrong with this school and really nothing unique about it at all. Anyone who is saying they like this school has not experienced other schools or is still in denial thinking this is just what being at University is all about. I will list some things wrong with this university and from those reasons you can make your mind up please keep in mind I still go to this school and I do have plans on transferring out coming spring.

1. This school is rated number one catholic party school, by playboy. There are some positive and negatives to this and there is a reason why everyone parties. Positives if you want a party school this could work for you, it also is great way to meet people by all means. Negatives everyone at first will be partying for the first few months you?re here, you?ll see that some people will go out every night and you?ll see ambiences outside McCormick (the freshman round dorm) every day for much of the semester for drug over doses. As a freshman will need to corner party or dorm room party since you WILL NOT GET IN TO ANY HOUSE PARTIES NOT EVEN IF YOU?RE A HOT GIRL. If you think I?m joking about that just apply and come you?ll see. Why do people party so much here? It?s because most people here turn in to alcoholics to avoid there problems there facing either back home or right here at school.

2. Unfriendly, this school after about two weeks becomes extremely unfriendly and extremely unhappy. Most of the advisers here make kids sign up for class way too hard to even do all at once, since they accept more kids then they can fit in the school a lot of kids will get weeded out. Making it extremely stressful, for everyone no one likes one each other and views each other as people in there spot in the next level of classes.

3. False advertisement, this school will lie to you on your tours, mail, billboards, and just about everything there is. First they will say you will get a big dorm even show you a dorm you may get, but you won?t if you?re a freshman you have a ninety percent chance of going in to McCormick. McCormick Is the worst, the rooms are trashy very small and loud day and night, most of the doors don?t even close. The people in this dorm are kids that are pay full out of pocket for this University and don?t care about their education since there Dad or Mom is paying for it.

Also they clam you can get involved in Clubs, Greek life and sports but they don?t tell you need to put down large amounts of money for all of those and must pay in full before even accepted; no refunds will be given to you if you don?t make the cut which most don?t.

4. The Staff, Most staff here is friendly at first. If you are ever picked out by one and answer wrongly to any questions be prepared to fail that course. The staff will intimidate, scare, embarrass, abuses there power, and try to destroy students? academic careers. Never ask a question you think a student could answer since that is a clear sign you are next for the picking. On top of that most are non-English speaking teachers and all the TAs are foreign

5. The Food, there is only one good Dining hall and you will put down $20,000.00 over the four years to eat at this school. Your tour guide will say that it is worth it but you will never use most of your meal swipes and at $10.00 a meal I can tell you it?s the biggest waste of money. Joke is they force you to pay it so you have no freedom when it comes to this.

6. Here is a quick list of problems most people over look. Spotty internet it will never work the way you want it to for as long as you want it to work. This city smells, like no Joke it?s next to a chemical plant, a highway, a coal power plant and a garbage processing plant you will smell all of them all the time. Everyone is two faced like everyone and no one cares for anyone. Don?t bring your problems your having up to any one at the school NO one cares ok, and it shows your week and about to get weeded out. Fake everyone and everything is fake, I wish I was joking. Trashy the buildings are old most are Trashy with broken everything. This list can go on for days.

Please do not go here, AVOID like the pelage. There are many better options out there and if you can get in to Marquette believe me you can go to a way better school. I wish someone could had told me ever thing I just told you!

Male -- Class 2000
Preparedness: - Reputation: -
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