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The University of Wisconsin - Madison

Total Grad Surveys 25
Females 15
Males 10
Avg years at University 1.9
Research Quality B- (6.3)
Research Availability C+ (5.7)
Research Funding C+ (5.4)
Graduate Politics C+ (5.3)
Not Errand Runners B- (6.4)
Degree Completion B- (6.0)
Alternative pay [ta/gsi] B- (5.8)
Sufficient Pay C+ (5.5)
Competitiveness B- (6.3)
Education Quality B- (6.2)
Faculty Accessibility B- (5.9)
Useful Research C+ (5.4)
"Individual" treatment C+ (5.1)
Friendliness C+ (5.6)
Safety B (7.0)
Campus Beauty B+ (7.7)
Campus Maintenance B+ (7.5)
University Spending B- (6.1)
Extracurriculars B (6.9)
Scholastic Success B- (6.0)
Surrounding City B+ (8.1)
Social Life/ Environment B+ (7.3)
"Individual" treatmentC+
Surrounding CityB+
can't say enough happy , positive things aboutSep 14 2018Telecommunications
can't say enough happy , positive things about my study and time at the Uof Wub. Strengths: You get an approachable and hip teacher. Can share things with you that will help you increase your professional and peer abilities without them doing it. If you have social or special needs, you get this without being drugged or medicated. Wisconsin students are great people. The state is actually serenic and photographic. Students activities, even activities fir students preferring college life without Fraternities and Sorrorites, are awesome. A lot of worldwidde and Leading Medical schools and engonerring programs like University of Wisconsin graduates. A fine show and list of debs, Blondes and Red heads. I'm doubling my expected income for peers that graduate with a same study degree. Enjoy your study amd expereince! :)
About the ECE department:Mar 30 2018Electrical Engineering
About the ECE department:

The funding is very inadequate. You may be contacted and told that you can be 'accepted' if you're able to provide your own funding. Otherwise, you get rejected.

Then, if you decide to go or somehow are able to get some funding, you'll find it difficult to be involved in research.

Some faculty are not able to teach at all; they would know the material very well, but are just unable to effectively communicate it. They are also not patient with students' questions and don't provide enough solutions to homework problems or study sessions to help students understand everything. I've always been an A student throughout my undergraduate schooling. And even though I kept getting mostly As and ABs I struggled much more in this department!

Back to research: if you're here for the PhD program, then you'll likely hate it by the time you leave. There's very little mentoring happening. You'll have to keep bugging your research advisor for meeting time and send reminders before every single meeting otherwise they don't show up.

You'll also get very little to no guidance about how to get started on your thesis topic and how to choose a manageable thesis subject that would allow you to finish in time without feeling like you're split between 3-5 slightly different topics that don't get you anywhere.

You'll have to figure out how to publish papers on your own and review your own work pretty much on your own as well.

Even if you are ok working individually, you'll still want feedback about how you're progressing and if your results are worth publishing or presenting in defense exam. Unfortunately, you will get very little to no help/feedback with any of this in this department! Furthermore, if you complain or fail to do the job well enough (on your own) they're very quick to scold you and even threaten to dismiss you. They will NOT work with you to figure out how to help you move forward and be a successful student and professional.

Definitely my best choice ever! Excellent academics:Aug 27 2013Industrial Operations Engineering
Definitely my best choice ever! Excellent academics: faculties are very approachable and the school work is very useful;beautiful campus and natural environment: the lake is awesome! Definitely recommend joining hoofer.Students are passionate and very friendly. Come here, you will grow intellectually as an all around person and will be prepared to start a successful career.
Feb 05 2012Civil Engineering
Everything is OK and satisfactory.
A lot of diversity and race issuesDec 29 2011Public Health
A lot of diversity and race issues.
The grades is personal and unfair.
If one dislike you he can ask the rest to change your grades.
The evaluation of the classes will be taken by the same instructor and if he see that you gave him less than 10/10 in anything that is mean your grade will be bad.

A lot of the student are working with the same instructions and if you are not working with them you will be in danger.

A lot of the courses will not give you your scores during the semester and you will not know anything until the class finished.

A lot of the professors are not replaying to emails.
If you are not from the same area they will feel bad if you answer any questions or you were active in the discussions mainly when their student are week.

I came to UW-Madison to get my master'sApr 07 2011Music - Performance
I came to UW-Madison to get my master's in music.I had a great professor. The city is beautiful. But coming from the south, it is effing cold and miserable in the winter. I found students to be a lot less interesting people than I would have assumed, given the school's reputation for high standars. Madison is physically beautiful, but awfully provincial. Football season is annoying with drunks everywhere. I often felt in Madison that I was living on a giant movie set about a college party school, rather than actually being at a college. I got extremely depressed the first year due to weather and mono, and had to go on medication just to get through my degree. People do not look you in the eye and smile on the sidewalks. The city is as white-bread as you can get. I bet it was more fun about 20 years ago. The pseudo-hipsters are insufferable. I never quite felt like I fit in here.
This has got to be one of theMar 04 2011Economics
This has got to be one of the most overrated universities ever. Academics are mediocre, faculty are unapproachable and self-absorbed, and the locale is small town/bar town. Do yourself a BIG favor and look elsewhere, no matter what your major is. This University has so alienated the state population and legislature that they are pulling the funding away year after year - and with good reason. If you want involvment with faculty, a faculty that cares about the success of their students, and a student body that thinks about anything but the next beer/drug frat bash, then find another school. There are many out there that are better choices by far!
Jul 13 2010Other
I wish I would have chosen a different school.
Politics supersede education hereSep 25 2008Economics
Politics supersede education here. The system can completely ruin someone who started with an impressive background and enthusiasm....stay away!
This is a university that is nothing moreMay 12 2008Agriculture/Horticulture
This is a university that is nothing more than a brand. I'd like to s'plly mention about CALS, which always seems short of funding. They admit students who are willing to pay their own tuition and work for the dept for free, howsoever low grades/scores they may have... UW is only a brand and nothing else. Quality of education is average here.
Jan 02 2006Unknown
Jul 14 2005Education
Budget cuts are ruining a great university
I am an International grad studentJun 27 2005Chemistry
I am an International grad student. I have written below as objectively as possible, the experience at UW Madison.

First of all it is a great liberal town , scenic and one of the more interesting University towns in the US. There is abundance of opportunities on campus which anyone can take advantage of, but many are not aware or are not forthcoming enough. I have had great oppurtunities of leaderships on this campus.This is a huge university, so many students complain of getting lost,but I have always enjoyed the largeness and I believe in any classroom I have been including one's with 100 students, teachers have been willing to help. Actually I find that undergraduates are often afraid to speak up.

I have faced hurdles in getting involved with student activities/student bodies on campus, so even though the diversity is paraded, it is not often practised.

Both American and International students do no go out of their comfort zones namely the "cliques" to establish camaraderie in the class rooms.

Graduate advisors often assume a totalitarian attitude when it comes to the students, graduate students are very much powerless when it comes to any kind of research/course/thesis problems.Overall the importance is given to research rather than teaching. The great goal of teaching is to nurture the yound students in to responsible and curious citizens, but sadly many of the professors are lacking in real teaching as the predominant section of teachers here are researchers and not teachers.

I am really surprised by some of theMay 14 2005Education
I am really surprised by some of the comments on this page. While undergrad "reputation" is largley under/over-rated based solely on application selectivity and other factors that do not necessarily refelct an accurate picture of the university, grad school reputation ( excluding U.S News and other "offical surveys") is based on performace (faculty funding/citation, project funding, employer assesemetn). If you take some of these "official rankings" and ONLY look at the peer assesment colum ( which includes other faculty/deans/administrators around the country and employers, i.e. law firms, hospitals, companies , etc) UW Madison is consistently at the top of the charts. This is not because of empty stats, it is becasue of the education and productivity of UW-Madison Graduates. My advice, when looking for the right grad school give more importance to the financial and employment reality of your degree rather than how well a school measures up (or dosen't) to the reputation you think it should have.
pretty terrible departmentMay 08 2005Journalism
pretty terrible department. there are two tracks of students- research and pro-track. pro-track students are the "black sheep" of the department and do not receive any opportunities for funding or ta-ships. there is also only ONE graduate level class that is designated specifically for pro-track students, while there are TONS of courses available for the research students and they are the ones getting funding and TAships even though none of them have had professional media experience to teach news courses. when i was starting school here, i was told at orientation that the pro-track students were the "bastard stepchildren" in the department. they weren't kidding. in all honesty, i would never get another degree from this university again. i have not learned a thing. the students in my track are overlooked and the politics in general at this university are terrible. don't waste your time, it's simply not worth it.
the university of wisconsin is nothing but aFeb 23 2005Journalism
the university of wisconsin is nothing but a name. if you want a real journalism education, go to northwestern. i've been here a year and a half and feel as though i'm just spinning my wheels in the department. i'm not learning anything in my classes. and it's boring. so i'm graduating this spring and finding myself a job. the journalism dept. here is absolutely useless- if you wanna be a writer, you need to go somewhere else.
I sort of hate MadisonFeb 20 2005Journalism
I sort of hate Madison. There are way too many politics here. The master's program in journalism here is not really challenging and I often feel as though I'm getting another bachelor's degree. The class offerings are pretty poor, and so is advising (I have been advising myself since the day I got to campus). And I'm also tired of the way the j-school here treats its professinal-track students. If I had to do this over, I would have definitely gone someplace else. However, even though it's probably against my best interests, I will finish my degree here.
Overall I think this is a great universityFeb 15 2005Social Work
Overall I think this is a great university and the quality of the graduate program is pretty high. Most of the professors are extremely helpful and approachable and are genuinely interested in their students. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and Madison offers plenty of things to do.Some of my criticisms are that the grad advisors in the social work department aren't very good- they don't tell students about important requirements for their specialization and thus many people find out too late that they have been taking the wrong classes. Also, there is pretty much no funding for students and it is just about impossible for a MSW student to get any financial assistance (TA, RA, etc.). Also, the MSW is a fairly rigorous degree to squeeze into 2 years, so the workload is much tougher than a lot of masters programs in other disciplines (though this is probably the same regardless of what school you attend), so kiss your social life goodbye!
Being a grad student at UW-Madison has beenJan 03 2005Biology
Being a grad student at UW-Madison has been really difficult. When I was in undergrad school I had a lot of profs who served as my mentors, always willing to help and share advice. I always felt so comfortable and like I was really part of a good community. Here it's very different; I feel like the MS students are pushed aside to make room for the PhD students and their projects, so to speak. It's like we're black sheep or something. I've found it really difficult to get involved with research and other collaboration, it's almost like you have to "know someone" and work the system to get where you want to do. Good hard work is not rewarded; people who get rewarded are people who just know the prof's really well regardless of their skills. So it's kind of unequal. I wish I could say something more positive about grad school here since I know so many people rave about this university, but I can't think of anything. Hmm...
I'm a journalism grad student studying at theDec 31 2004Journalism
I'm a journalism grad student studying at the University of Wisconsin, and the only thing I've learned here thus far is that this is not the kind of university I want to get a quality education from. The j-school here is lacking in advising, faculty members with real world experience, and courses that emphasize the writing aspects of journalism (as opposed to mass communication theory). The two school newspapers, the Daily Cardinal and the Badger Herald, are not very strong publications. Aside from the journalism school, the entire UW in itself is very politically and financially motivated, meaning simply that there's a lot of red tape one must "break through" to get anywhere. The prof's here all went to UW, so they all have a pretty strong sense of pride, except that many of them often go too far and begin degrading other UW schools or private universities in the area (which I think is extremely unprofessional, unfair, and completely untrue). There's not much to do for college students in the surrounding city unless you're a big partier (which most students are) but all in all, Madison is pretty crappy. I would suggest you consider another school in which to pursue graduate studies, such as Northwestern. There are so many great schools out there - Madison just isn't one of them.
I would highly recommend that if you areSep 02 2004Other
I would highly recommend that if you are looking at UW for grad school to please reconsider. I have been here for approximately one year and have encountered numerous problems, specifically with the university losing my graduate application and then delaying my registration and FASFA completion as well. I have been extremely disappointed with the way that I have been treated by faculty and students. I consider myself to be a student who is worthy to attend this university, but after encountering some problems I definitely feel second-rate.
I hate this departmentApr 29 2004Engineering Department
I hate this department. The professors treat you like crap and don't respect you as an individual. They'll actually laugh at your ideas. The ECE department is large and there are many students that compete for RA positions. It's very hard to approach people here, cause everyone wants to be better than everyone else. No collaboration. Also, there are cliques here. All the Indians only hang with Indians, Chinese with Chinese, etc... If you're not in any of those groups, you won't fit and no one will talk to you or help you. Grad students here are arrogant and mostly proud. No one wants to admit that they don't know something. In fact, it's better if you put up the image of knowing everything. You won't be made fun of for admitting lack of knowledge in some area. This is not a school for anyone who wants to learn. This is a school for the arrogant, know-it-all students who can do it all themselves without ever talking to professors or other students. That's my honest experience in this department.
It seems somewhat overgeneral to classify "students" orDec 04 2002English
It seems somewhat overgeneral to classify "students" or "faculty" as one thing or another. there are nice people here and there are not so nice people here. in general, my experience has been largely positive but there are things about this university that leave me with a bad taste in my mouth as well. probably this would be true just about anywhere I went. one nice thing about this university, if this appeals to you at all, is the vibrant athletic scene-- it's great to have sports events to go to that are competitive and fun. the big university atmosphere is definitely a part of this campus.
A top-notch program inDec 04 2002English
A top-notch program in a not-so-top-notch department. Within this small program, though, things are absolutely wonderful. Great people, supportive faculty, numerous administrative opportunities. A terrific place to be; I'd easily choose this program again.
The University of Wisconsin - Madison
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