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Malformed University Name, Uncategorized Surveys

2385 Alums took the salary survey

MUNUS Alumni Salary over Time

Malformed University Name  Uncategorized Surveys Salary over time

MUNUS Salaries

$68,284Starting Annual Salary
$188,32910 Year Annual Salary

Said that MUNUS contributed

12.20%75-100% to their career success
10.23%50-75% to their career success
5.07%25-50% to their career success
72.49%0-25% to their career success

Had the employment status

4.86%Self Employed
4.28%Top Management
13.63%White Collar workers
1.64%Pink Collar workers
2.43%Blue Collar workers
0.96%Entry Level employees

Life Satisfaction

25.16%Are satisfied with their current job.
27.97%Said things are generally going well.
19.45%Are still in the field they majored in in college.

Reputation & Preparedness

Help from Reputation2.3
Preparedness for Real world2.6
Most Frequently mentioned Graduate Jobs
Angelina (7327), Manager (188), Director (112), Teacher (104), Web (95),
% went on to Graduate or Professional Ed.
... While in college I had no idea what the "real world" would be like ...Read full comment
... The close interaction with the faculty is what sent me on my chosen career path, to become a professor myself ...Read full comment
... I have not seen a real world correlation between the selectivity of a college and the success or happiness of the graduates from that college ...Read full comment
... I transferred to Columbia University where I thrived in every area of my life, played hoops without assistance and graduated with honors from the...Read full comment
... It definitely prepared you for interviewing and the real world; much more so than friends that went to other colleges ...Read full comment
... However, the combination of leftist analysis and personal inner work contributed greatly to my having the confidence to take on a variety of car...Read full comment
... The employer was depending on my, profiting from my long days sweating over her phones and files, not paying me, and not allowing me to take lun...Read full comment
... They are selling a lie at OCU and aside from a few teachers who have left, none of them prepare you for graduate school or careers ...Read full comment
... It will not prepare you for the real world in any kind of shape of form ...Read full comment
... It is promoted as a complete program with numerous and diverse career opportunities ...Read full comment
... They care more about the student's career and future beyond just the spiritual ...Read full comment
... " This makes it very difficult to use LeTU on a resume and have it stand out the same way other schools do ...Read full comment
... It's a business school at it's core and it reinvents some new program for drawing in people of all walks of life and promising them professional ...Read full comment
... VERY little help or guidance was offered, at least at that time, whether we are talking about deans, advising, or career counseling ...Read full comment
... I absolutely would never work at Capella again (being rated as 'best employment' is laughable - which will not last if things do not change) as ...Read full comment
... I should have worked harder in high school so I could attend a smaller, private school with a reputation that would mean something positive to emp...Read full comment
... The school disregards its insignificance to real world ...Read full comment
... Bottom line, a degree from UA will do nothing for your employment prospects ...Read full comment
... I am so embarrassed that I went to this school that I don't even list it on my resume/cv when auditioning for jobs (and I'm not the only one) ...Read full comment
... It's not the school's fault, I know, but HS students shouldn't expect to get a BA in anything and make a decent salary ...Read full comment
... Having Temple on my resume hurt me in the end ...Read full comment
... After graduation I was denied employment for an unknown reason even though I was very qualified and no one would talk with me regarding the pos...Read full comment
... Unless you are in the narrow Outdoor Ed field, no one has heard of this school, so a degree from here carries little water in the real world ...Read full comment
... They obviously don't care about their students because I told them I missed out on 2 job opportunities and a promotion due lack of diploma ...Read full comment
... Please do not go here, I am frustrated with my debt and no employers acknowledging my education ...Read full comment
... They promised me a $60,000 salary at graduation ...Read full comment
... As an Iona College Alum, I am dismayed with the lack of services to assist Alums find employment ...Read full comment
... They are extremely narrow-minded, career-oriented academians and water carriers for the insurance industry's dumbing-down of psychotherapy ...Read full comment
... The current President should be more concerned with helping Iona grads get jobs and current students get internships - they pay his salary ...Read full comment
... i re taught myself radio broadcasting and managed to have a 7 year career, 2 were full time with benefits ...Read full comment
... The education I received at Loras College didn't prepare at all for the real world and after college I had to pretty much reeducate myself, becau...Read full comment
... When people look at my resume they almost always show admiration for NU; my degree has opened many doors ...Read full comment
... When I was looking for a job in NYC, it seemed that everyone I interviewed told me about a positive experience they had with Oswego alumni at som...Read full comment
... I'd go again + it set me to my current career path as a lawyer ...Read full comment
... Though my career has little to do with my major course of study, my education was first rate and has definitely had an impact on my career path ....Read full comment
... At times, you may feel inferior (read: dumb) in comparison to your colleagues, but don’t worry because once you graduate and return to the...Read full comment
... So, if you're looking for a school that's a good resume builder don't bother ...Read full comment
... I haven't had a multiple choice test yet in my college career becasue my assignments are all essay tests, projects and papers ...Read full comment
... The one thing I would change about my educational path would be to have some idea of what my career path would be ...Read full comment
... I started out wanting to party like most everybody else but quickly learned that there is no where on a resume for "throwing a good kegger" as a...Read full comment
... I attended Cornell's business school (the Johnson School) in the early 1980's, so I have a perspective on how it has benefitted my career ...Read full comment
... Most of them are doing well, in academic careers ...Read full comment
... I also learned that what I enjoyed studying in college (computer science) might not translate to what I enjoyed doing as a career ...Read full comment
... I also learned that what I enjoyed studying in college (computer science) might not translate to what I enjoyed doing as a career ...Read full comment
... As far as out-of-college employment goes, for most programs of study, there is little point in nit-picking between equal-Tier schools ...Read full comment
... I believe, if I had never gone to Stephens I would have ended up never leaving Indiana and having a career ...Read full comment
... I have been employed simply because my resume had "Spartan" in the education block ...Read full comment
... For an engineering major, The University of Houston is THE IDEAL place because it attracts many major companies for co-ops, internships and perman...Read full comment
... It truly helped me prepare for my career as well as life ...Read full comment
... I went to BG on scholarship and really thrived there and went on to a successful career ...Read full comment
... There was no way that OWU could have prepared me specifically for the career I have now, because the field didn't exist then ...Read full comment
... As a busines major, I had professors who helped with my coursework and my career choices ...Read full comment
... Case Western Reserve University provided me with the tools and networks necessary to realize a wonderful career in finance ...Read full comment
... My education at Brockport really did prepare me for the "real world" ...Read full comment
... Many other friends went to more expensive schools (public and private) and didn't get the career advice, mentoring, and job placement support I g...Read full comment
... Your DEPARTMENT is the one who will guide your through internships, deciding on careers and/or graduate schools and will be your networking point...Read full comment
... Even though the course work is challenging at times, it is necessary and beneficial in every way for my future career as well as the careers of ...Read full comment
... You will have a lot of career options when you graduate ...Read full comment
... ISU has help me with my life-time career ...Read full comment
... I also noticed that the students I knew who were slackers and for one reason or another had to take those classes really grew up and realized wha...Read full comment
... Carnegie Mellon University is a unique school which prepares its graduates for the real world ...Read full comment
... Not only does it help you meet people, but it also looks great to potential employers ...Read full comment
... Have not been back to the school since but am looking forward to returning for the Fall Career Days this October 3rd and 4th 2012 , looking for pr...Read full comment
... I believe the resources provided would broaden my horizons and prepare for a successful career in the criminal justice field ...Read full comment
... QCC is a great place to begin a post-high school education or to get a certificate that leads to career ...Read full comment
... With my education, I was able to have a successful career and retire at 55 ...Read full comment
... Going to Michigan helped me a lot in my career (employers liked seeing it on my resume because its reputation precedes it) and I wouldn't trad...Read full comment
... I learned and experienced new things in and out of the classroom that helped me for the Real World ...Read full comment
... The university prepared me very well for my current career in market research and analytics ...Read full comment
... It then equipped me with the knowledge on how to achieve a career in this field ...Read full comment
... The worst classes you take in college are the ones that prepare you for the real world most ...Read full comment
... I felt thoroughly prepared for my Career as a Music Educator after Graduation from West Chester U ...Read full comment
... It turned out to be fine preparation for my career in science and later in law ...Read full comment
... Employers don't need as many Comm grads as there are graduating ...Read full comment
... It did not showed me the real world technologies, but those were aquired by the basics I learned ...Read full comment
... There are honor societies for almost all majors, which look great on a resume and are an all around great time ...Read full comment
... I have done well in my career and I have life-long friends that I keep in touch with ...Read full comment
... I actually agree with the Career Center comment ...Read full comment
... Middlebury was a wonderful college academically but it prepares you for little in the real world ...Read full comment
... I graduated from Rose almost 40 years ago and feel as though the education I received prepared me well for my career in Engineering ...Read full comment
... The degree that I earned has not helped to advance my career ...Read full comment
... They are just poorly trained and not knowledgeable about life in the real world ...Read full comment
... I received virtually no assistance in finding employment after graduation ...Read full comment
... My college career has put me where I am today ...Read full comment
... The knowledge gained has assisted me in my career in immeasurable ways ...Read full comment
... I strongly believe that college prepares for the career by understanding that a commitment is made and expected to be completed ...Read full comment
... However, when I talked with the assistant dean in academic career services (who helps you pick a major) she said that the Eng ...Read full comment
... Great fun- learn about other types of people and having some, but not too much responsibility- kind of like having "training wheels" before you g...Read full comment
... I would have made other career choices, academically ...Read full comment
... I would not recommend Paier for a Fine Art career, unless you want to be stuck painting in the schools broom closet ...Read full comment
... I believe, based on employers reactions, that the good reputation of my College went before me ...Read full comment
... Do you want to be trained well in your career choice ...Read full comment
... Employers only view you as a tool that does one thing ...Read full comment
... My advise for students is this: If you are CURRENTLY in a position for a company where a degree could further your career within that company, ...Read full comment
... I have found in the seven years following grad school that employers have very tight requirements for jobs now, even entry-level jobs ...Read full comment
... It teaches, get a degree, right a resume, make portfolio, and apply apply apply apply apply ...Read full comment
... Shortly after graduating, your GPA is a very concrete data point about you that employers can look at to see how hard you work, how smart you ar...Read full comment
... However, I always recommended that before selecting a major/college, high school students should visit in person several work sites that apply to...Read full comment
... After I received my Masters I spent 7 years and between 900 and 1000 resumes, letters of inquiry, and applications were sent out (remember these...Read full comment

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 Toccoa Falls College (GA) 1:negative

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 McMaster University (Canada) 1:negative

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Malformed University Name  Uncategorized Surveys
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