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What is Aerospace Engineering/ Rocket Science (fun) Really?

In theory what is it?

Physics applied on a grand scale to blow up things that other engineers put up using physics on a grand scale.

I.E. Aerospace Engineers build weapons.

All other engineers build targets (ME = tanks, CE = Buildings, EE = Power Plants (sub-category of building) CompE = Computer Systems (Who do you really think makes an ICBM fly? Some Physicist? Nah!) Environ E = Clean-up vehicles (think your parking lot will be clean in 20 years? click KABOOM! Think again…) Materials E = Harder Targets (Bunker Buster…all AE baby!) ChemE = Oil Refineries (C'mon, gotta hit those! They make such wonderful multi-colored explosions!)

What is it used for?

Blowing things (defined above) up.

What does the major actually entail - work-wise?

Convincing the govt to fund your idea for a wonderful weapon that will destroy all other governments…and then hoping you get to spend your billions before they use it and send us all back to the stone age.

What kind of jobs do you get with it?

Rocket Scientist. Pilot. Unemployed Line Place-Holder

(life's the pits when the world is at peace).

What are the fellow students like (personalitywise) in it?

Quiet, friendly, geeky, hard-partying maniacs in love with bigger and better explosions delivered by higher and faster flying planes.

Common Misconceptions

That you need poofy hair to be a rocket scientist.

Although it helps brainwaves travel in your Jetpro tests…


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Aerospace Engineering Major unemployment rate

_Aerospace EngineeringAll Majors
Minimum Wage%6%4
All Others%84%86
More: Unemployment for all Majors *** not counting stay at home parents *** not counting those currently in grad school

Are things going well in Aerospace Engineering?

Going Well %68
Not Going Well %32
More: All Majors Satisfaction ??? This is a social "life satisfaction" question. Overall, would people who graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering say that their life is going well? It could be interpreted in terms of stress, salary, long hours, future prospects, etc. *** not counting those currently in grad school

Graduates who stayed in Aerospace Engineering

Still in Field %63
Got out %37
More: All Majors Still in field ??? A high "got out" percentage can be interpreted a couple of ways -- for instance, perhaps the major is a great stepping stone to becoming a totally different career -- like a doctor. Or perhaps the jobs one gets with the major just aren't that great. *** not counting those currently in grad school
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