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Missouri Western State University

Students who got into MWSU:

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I want to STRONGLY WARN anyone considering Missouri WesternNov 19 2017Journalism
I want to STRONGLY WARN anyone considering Missouri Western State University to STEER COMPLETELY CLEAR of this college, especially if you plan to study journalism, graphic design, Web design or multimedia.

I want to ESPECIALLY WARN you against this if you are a non-traditional student and/or you've already worked in a related field, because you will you get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from the experience. Plus, this school and its faculty not only seem to care very little about non-traditional students, they will often actively work against you.

My name is Clay Rains. After working for seven years in broadcast journalism at an area radio station, I decided to quit and return to college, mainly because I wanted a career change since I was much more interested in multimedia, and because I wanted something that would pay better than broadcast or print journalism, which very often pay barely above minimum wage.

My first advisor was Dr. Allison Sauls. I explained to her what I just explained to you, and told her that I was interested in multimedia, especially Web design, animation and video. She decided their Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design was the right choice, and signed me up.

After a year in the program, I had been enrolled in nothing but traditional studio art classes. Curious, I asked a professor when we would be getting into Web design. She told me there was NOTHING in the entire program that had anything to do with Web design, and I later found out that there were only two courses that had anything at all to do with computer-related graphic design.

Dr. Sauls was the chair of the entire department, so if a professor knew thye degree program had nothing to do with my career goals, she definitely had to know she was misadvising me. She quite obviously LIED to me, caring more about about enrolling another student in her department and providing for her own job security than she did my future.

After that, I decided to drop out and never go back again. However, the biggest regret by far of my life is that I decided to go back to this college, when I learned of the new convergent media degree they were offering months later.

I read their information, and convergent media sounded like what I was after, so I decided to make sure by meeting with someone in the department to make certain. That's when I went to who would be my second advisor, Dr. Ken Rosenauer.

I explained the entire horror story to him. I, trying to be as clear as I could, explained that I'd wanted to shift away from my job in journalism, that I was primarily interested in Web design, plus video editing, animation and the like, and that I did not want to waste any more of my time and money on the entirely wrong degree program.

He said convergent media would be the route to go and signed me up. He did say that since I'd already spent seven years in journalism, "some of this may be a little familiar to you." Well, that was an extreme understatement, because I much later found out I'd been given the same bum steer twice in a row.

The only difference is that this time, I didn't just waste an entire year in the completely wrong degree program, I much, much later than last time, came to the realization that I'd wasted OVER THREE YEARS in the WRONG DEGREE PROGRAM.

I should have known, since one of my first classes was taught by him, and I asked a simple question about editing video, and he had know idea of how to help me, and suggested I ask another professor in an entirely different department.

But I went on several semesters, only to find the entire degree program is nothing but a traditional journalism masquerading as some cutting-edge multimedia degree. And it was not just me who was extremely upset to learn this.

It was in one of Dr. Rosenauer's classes he taught the semester he retired that most of my classmates were graduating. His final assignment was to do a three-page Web package, including a 1,500 word article. photos, graphics, and a short video.

I was one of probably only two in the class who knew anything about how to build a Web page, since luckily, I'd taught myself. But the entire rest of the class was livid since they realized they'd just completed an entire multimedia program and were taught NOTHING about how to do create a Website, other than a few weeks of very basic HTML one previous semester. But it gets even worse.

When they all complained that he was requiring a skill that they'd never been taught in order to get a good grade on one of their last assignments, his response blew our minds.

He stated that no employer is going to expect you to be able to do everything, and that its okay if you know a little. Of course this is totally false, if you bother to look at the want ads and see the job requirements media outlets have for positions like Web content managers and the like. But what's even worse is that he actually suggested that if we're not skilled in Web design, we could JUST DO OUR WEB PAGES WITH WIX.COM!

Of course, if you're familiar with, this is a site where anyone who is even slightly computer literate can build simple web pages using pre-set templates through a Web interface, no HTML, SQL, PHP or CSS necessary. It's then that I realized how incredibly Missouri Western had just screwed me.

But at this point, I simply could not change majors again, and had no choice but to continue and get my degree, and pray that maybe I could find a job in journalism (something I was not really interested in) that might pay a decent wage. But my trouble did not end there.

A few semsters later, I had a professor, Dr. Robert Nulph, who put the final nail in my coffin.

From literally the very minute I sat down in his class my second to last semester there, he had it out for me. And I honestly do not know why, because not only had I never had him as a professor, I had never ONCE EVEN SEEN HIS FACE until that first day of class.

The first thing he did is look at me and say "Why are you in my class?," in a pretty unfriendly tone. I was kind of puzzled as to what that meant and, then he asked what classes I'd had. I told him I'd had all the video editing classes up to that point. I felt strongly that he had something against me right off the bat, but I couldn't imagine why since I didnt know him from Adam, so I just blew it off.

Then, during the first several weeks of class, he would begin to explain something, and nearly every time he would preface it with "You better write this down Clay, since you've never done any of this before," in what seemed like a really sarcastic tone.

I blew it off the first couple of times, then the third or fourth time I started to figure he must have something against me, since he had to have known I'd done video before, because the system would never allow me to enroll without taking the prerequisites. Then it became really clear he had something against me one day in class.

He began his lecture that day by using a similar line, only this time he raised his voice and said ..."and Clay, you better write this down, because if you don't listen, and you do this wrong, I'm going to give you an F!"

It's then that I knew he definitely had it out for me, since I always paid attention, always took notes, and I'd made a perfect grade on my last video assignment that he begrudgingly had to admit himself was excellent. It's after that that I knew he was going to do what several professors at that place had done, which is another reason I've so hated this experience so much.

I have been very unfairly graded and have, on numerous occassions been given grades more than two or three letter grades below what I deserved at Missouri Western. I know it cannot be because my work is not up to par, since even my classmates have highly complimented it, as have others I've shown my work to. In fact, the circumstances under which I've been treated so unfairly tells me I'm simply being harrassed.

I've noticed that every single time I've recieved a bad grade that I know I didn't deserve, it's ALWAYS the very last assignment of the semester, the one we hand in on the very last day of class.

Every time this has happened, I've made all A's and B's, if not ALL A's on every scrap of paper I've turned in the whole semester, only to find out nearly weeks after the semester ends that my final grade is a C, D, or an F. I know it can't be my work that's to blame, especially when I get good grades up until the VERY LAST assignment I hand in time after time.

Both my mother and father went to Missouri Western and quit because they hated it. Before I transferred that the professors there really resented non-traditional students. I would've never guessed how right they were. They have both suggested it's probably professional jealousy, but I doubted them. But now it's obvious that this must be the case.

Why else would this happen? I get along great with many of these professors the entire semester, I've never been anything but polite, and can't thinbk of any reason they would do something like that to me. It's as if they want to stick it to me grade-wise, but don't have the nerve to have to face me the entire semester after giving me an undeserved bad grade, so they wait until the very last assignment, and after classes are over, to drop the bomb on me.

I tend to think it may be some kind of jealousy issue, and that my parents where totally correct. I was done this way by Dr. Stephen Brooks in speech class, who wrote in the comments that there where to many "Umm... umms" in my speech. I know that's false becaue I know I never did that once. It's also funny that I was never ONCE told that in seven years of speaking on-air in radio.

Dr. Ian Johnson's English class. We were told for our final assignment to give our interpretation of one out of several short stories. I chose Shirley Jackson's "The Lottery," and wrote what I thought was a great essay on it. I later published it online and got all kinds of positive comments and shares. But, despite making As on EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT that semester, a few weeks into the summer I was surprised to see my final grade was a C, so he had to have given me an F on my final assignment.

Dr. Anne Thorne did the same thing to me, which surprised me, since I'd had her a few semesters and had always gotten along with her great, and had always gotten As in her classes. But for my final project the last semster I had her as a professor, I did a story on failures of the local police in solving crime and police harrassment.

I updated her at least once a week on my progress, as did the rest of the class. She had no problem with my story and seemed to be totally happy with what I was doing UNTIL we brought out papers in for a final critique before we handed them in the next Monday, the last day of class.

She read it and said, "I'm sorry, but it just looks like you don't have much of a story here." She then proceeded to make up bogus reasons for why she thought that. She said "All you have is opinions." That was false. I put absolutely no opinion of mine in that story. The people I interviewed did not even give an opinion, which is fine in journalism, they only stated what happened to them. She then claimed that I "did not interview any experts." That was even more of a falsehood. I included a quote from a St. Joe detective and I interviewed the mayor. Is that not an expert in her opinion?!

I could start to sense that even she was going to screw my grade over like so many other Missouri Western professors. Then she made a suggestion that told me she definitely had it out for me when she suggested, "Why don't you do a different story, maybe something about some libertarians who have gotten elected and made a difference."

That right there told me she was hell-bent on raking me through the coals. She actually suggests that I completely scrap a story I'd spent nearly two months working on, and do a totally new story, which means meeting with at least three people to interview THREE DAYS before the assignment is due! Funny, but not was it only the end of the semster, it was her last semster there before she retired. It's as if she'd wanted to ruin me the whole time I'd had her as a professor, but was acting nice the whole time, hoping to at last sabotage my grade just once before retiring.

And this, no surprise, is what Dr. Robert Nulph did as well. I did a mini documentary on cannabis legalization. I put a lot of effort, way more effort than to simply interview a couple of my buddies on campus about their skateboarding hobby or coming out as gay, etc. like everyone else in the class.

I went all across the state of Missouri and my video included nearly a dozen people, including a state reprentative, the head of the Kansas City NORML chapter, the head of Americans Against Forfeiture Reform, tweo cops who were memebers of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a nurse, and two people that were jailed for marijuana possession just to name a few.

After I played my video, he instantly began to critique, noty my video, but the people in it. He basically called them all dregs of humanity, and attacked the cause itself and how they were conducting it, going on for nearly 20 minutes. He crtitcized not my work, but the people in it, saying NOTHING about my video itself, except the short comment of, "Other than that, it's just not the quality of production I'd like to see," but providing not one example as to why.

Again, I'd made nearly all As that semester, only to find that Dr. Robert Nulph had given me a final grade of a D. It's funny how someone can hold me to such a high standard anyway, when he himself did not even show up to teach the class nearly the last entire third of the semester!

Apparently he didn't want to be bothered to teach a class he was being paid good money to teach. He used the excuse of "I'm going to make the rest of these days workshop days, so you can work on your final projects." Again, here is another professor who refuses to do anything besides teach basic storytelling, just like every other video class, and criticize students' work without ACTUALLY TEACHING HOW TO EDIT VIDEO.

That was disappointing because he was actually one professor who actually knew anything about the technical end of multimedia. He spent 40 minutes during one class period teaching some basics in Adobe Premiere, and that was the only 40 minutes of actual video editing instruction I recieved the entire time I attended Missouri Western.

But, I thought at least I only have three classes left before I can get my degree and just be done. Wrong again! After all of this, Missouri Western decided they were going to screw me out of getting my degree.

I was told by numerous faculty memebrs, and it was stated on their website, that gen-ed classes are good for life, and that major classes are good for ten years. However, just after I met with my current advisor, he said I should check to make sure I have all the classes I need just in case.

I was then told that major classes are good for ten years, EXCEPT for classes that relate to technology that may change over time, and that I may have to retake a bunch of classes. This is complete bullshit on their part. All that degree begins to teach is old fashioned journalism. I have not learned ONE THING going to Missouri Western that I didn't know already, because I'd been doing it for a living. I already taught myself way more about Web design and video than they ever taught, because they taught next to nothing that's technically oriented at all.

But, I CAN get a waiver if I ask the chair of the department. And guess who was getting promoted to that position? Dr. Robert Nulph, the guy who has an extreme vendetta against me for no reason whatsoever!

I have to wonder if this was not orchestrated just to screw me over too. My advisor said I better hurry and get with the current chair, since he knew the situation I had with Nulph. I emailed her explaining much of this, and stating why I should not have to take my classes over, and two weeks went by without a reply, so I wrote a second time.

Finally, she answered saying "she had gotten my emails." That was "emails," plural, meaning she accidentally admitted she decided not to answer me. Then she went on to say that Nulph would be taking her position in July, and that she'd forwarded all of that to HIM, and that I needed to come speak with him!

The thing is, this was early in April and she would still be department chair for another three months, but for some reason she didn't want to do her job. It's like she was passing the buck to him, possibly knowing the situation. I really feel like I've been intentionally targeted and set up on that one, if not the entire time I've gone to Missouri Western.

So that's just a little bit about the horrible time I've had at Missouri Western. Not only did I get nothing out of it, it appears it's ruined my entire future, since not long after enrolling there, I have applied for hundreds of jobs, and have been unable to even land a crummy job like I had before.

Not only that, I cannot get a job as a janitor or even fast food worker now. It's as if college has only made my life 1000 times worse. And I think that may actually be the case, after the one and only time that I found out why I may not have gotten a job I applied for recently.

I applied where a friend works for a job I'm more than qualified for a second time in a row and did not even get an interview. I decided to have him talk to HR and ask them why, since I can't figure out why I've been unemployed for five years and been unable to get a job.

He said the biggest red flag was how long I'd been in college, nearly ten years. Of course this was not just because I was misadvised, but because I have been FORCED to go only part-time nearly every semester. This is because, for one, they don't offer any night or weekend classes in my major, despite how they oddly claim that they "care so much about working adults."

But even worse, probably near half of my major requirements are only offered EVERY OTHER SEMESTER. That really makes it difficult, since they never provide enough spots in their classes, so sometimes, even if I try to sign up the first day or two after signup begins, my classes are all full and I have to wait until next semster or next year to get my classes.

There is no excuse for this that I can see. There are only the 100-level classes that can be taken as electives without a prerequisite, which Ive never know any of my classmates being majors in another program. Plus, they know exactly how many people have declared majors in the programs that require a particular class, so this situation has to be intentional, just to keep students going there a year, two or three years or more longer to drain more money from them.

This has meant Ive had to go several semsters, and only complete one or two classes each time. So I was right, it's not just been completely useless going to college, it's ruined my chances of getting any job now, plus I now have a massive debt that I may never pay off even if I find a decent job.

One of the other commenters here also hated going to Missouri Western because "it's like high school." I'd agree. Everybody has always talked me into going, saying, you'll like college, it's not like high school."

‌ Right and wrong: This has been the worst period of my life, but it is true somewhat: This is just like high school. The mentality of people here is a lot the same, only far worse.

And probably half my najor requirements are onl

I completed my core classes in high schoolJan 07 2009Communications
I completed my core classes in high school. I wish I had re-taken the ACT so I could have gotten scholarship money.
ACT: 21 Female
Turn in your fafsa on time to avoid complicationsMar 21 2005Engineering Department
turn in your fafsa on time to avoid complications in the application process.
ACT: 21 Male
It's not too difficult to get inMar 21 2005Civil Engineering
It's not too difficult to get in. Make sure the fafsa is done on time or there will be complications in your early application process.
ACT: 21 Male
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