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ACT: 31
AcademicSuccess: 6.92
Competitive: 0.77
Creativity: 0.77
ExCuricular: 4.61
FAttitude1: 1
FAttitude2: 1
FacultyAcc: 9.23
Friendly: 9.23
FromArea: 1
FundingUse: 3.85
Gender: 1
GradYear: 22
Grounds: 9.23
Intellect: 4
Maint: 0.77
MindExpect: 5
MindUse: 3
Programs: 6.92
SAT: 1307
SAttitude3: 1
SAttitude8: 1
Safety: 6.92
Social: 0.77
Standing: 1
SurroundingCity: 2.31
TAclasses: 1
Usefulwork: 7.69
Worth: 4.61
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Living as a freshman in a dorm is a nightmare. There is no A/C in the 90+ degree summer, meaning your room essentially turns into a sauna, even with the two fans I ended up buying. I literally got heat stroke from just being in my own room. Not to mention the roaches and general uncleanliness caused by my hallmates. We had people showering without closing the curtains (showers were disgusting anyways - clumps of lint and hair as well as just grime everywhere. Obviously I don't expect perfection from a college shower but I would feel more clean before showering than after.) In the winter, there is heat for maybe an hour a night (~3am) so the rest of the time you're freezing your ass off. My window has ice lining the inside of it. The dorm rules are basically never enforced, its impossible to sleep because everyone is smoking weed and partying all hours of the night - and the walls are so thin you can hear EVERYTHING. (@ the people in the room next to mine having loud sex. Yes I can hear every sound.) If you are like me and aren't into the typical sex/drugs/party lifestyle, this isn't the place to be. It's obtrusive and annoying, parties 24/7 make it horrible to stay in your dorm because there's seldom any peace and quiet. I've yet to encounter one person who wasn't into that scene which I naively didn't expect at a small, private, liberal arts college. I expect that at a large public university, which is why I wanted to come here. To top it all off, the floor above mine would come down and destroy things on our floor - including ripping decorations off my door and stealing everyone in the hall's whiteboards. We were told upon complaining that if we were to report it, we'd be the ones to pay since we

didn't have any names.
So if we want our stuff which is going to get destroyed/taken anyways replaced, we'd have to pay a fine. Which is obviously bullshit.

Besides the residence life being a total $45,000 shitshow, the professors I've encountered so far have been incredibly helpful and kind. My animal rights and cinema professors were wonderful and offered highly useful critique on all my work that made me feel valued as an individual and pushed me to do better every day. This is the college experience I think we all want. The professors in my actual major (psych) weren't as great, but not horrible. So the classes are fine…if you can get them. I always register at the exact time on the exact day it opens, after planning my classes for months, and still I am rarely able to get the classes I want - and definitely not all of them. Either they are full by the time registration opens, due to some people being able to register early, or they are all offered at the same time so you can't have more than one. I was going to double major in psych/soc - but after two semesters I had only one class for either of those majors, and now need to create one student designed major in order to take the classes I need. There's just no way I can fit the required classes into my schedule at this point, because registration is so tight. I do everything on time and by the book, and I end up with four electives when I wanted to take five classes for my major. It feels like a slap in the face. For this amount of money, I wish I had just gone to another college. I consider transferring every day because I am so miserable, but I am only here due to scholarships and loans and just couldn't afford to pay upfront for anything else. To put it plainly, this place isn't all its cracked up to be - just a warning. I know I'm coming off pretty strong but this was my first choice college, I LOVED it from tours and was ecstatic to be here - its the things they purposely don't tell you on tours that have ruined my experience and caused such disappointment.

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