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Seton Hall University Business School

Survey Results (1)
Quality of teaching
0.8 (F)
Faculty accessibility
0.8 (F)
Curriculum Breadth
0.8 (F)
Intern/Externship options
0.8 (F)
Alumni Network
0.8 (F)
Case Studies
0.8 (F)
0.8 (F)

By Concentration

Economics & Financial Engineering
5.4 (C+)
5.4 (C+)
Finance & Accounting
6.2 (B-)
Industrial Operations & Manufacturing
Information Systems
Real Estate & Planning
"Quality" of fellow students
0.8 (F)
Racial Diversity
Gender diversity
Individual Value
0.8 (F)
Social Life
0.8 (F)
0.8 (F)
Surrounding City
0.8 (F)
Meeting People
0.8 (F)

Undergraduate/Surveys Related to Business School

Seton Hall wasn't my first choice, actually, itBrightAccounting
Seton Hall wasn't my first choice, actually, it wasn't my second, third or fourth either. I came to SHU because I made the mistake of only applying to private universities and praying for a scholarship. Seton Hall was the only school on my list I could afford so I sucked it up and went here knowing I could transfer if it got bad. Lo and behold, I will be transferring to an NJ state university as of Fall 2017.

ACADEMICS: Besides the coursework being somewhat unchallenging, I can't complain about my department. I have heard horror stories from CompSci, IT Management, Math, and Engineering that a lot of the teachers do not speak English and use outdated methods. You have to take a lot of BS religion based credits but you should expect that coming into a Catholic school.

A word of advice: SHU is, for the most part, a hard sciences/pre-med school. The Stillman School of Business (my school) is up-and-coming but isn't rated highly by outside sources. The school DOES seem somewhat diploma mill-ish but a lot of well-known universities seem like that nowadays so take that as you may.

CAMPUS SERVICES: Professors are accessible but this varies from professor to professor. Freshmen advisers rock but upperclassmen advisers suck. Career services here are better compared to other universities. Always have Uber as a backup plan because the university shuttles have no problem leaving you stranded occasionally. The campus food services aren't bad and you can work with it.

STUDENT BODY: The student body is mostly from New Jersey but there are the occasional Californians that just came here to be close to New York City. Students are kind of approachable but there are several cliques among each class. The student body has a slightly liberal majority but the liberal students are quite militant about their beliefs and it is not uncommon for conservative students to form their own "cliques" of sorts due to social ostracization.

1. PARTY SCENE - Join Greek Life if you want to party. After the first 2 weeks of the semester, most frats close their doors to non-affiliated students (except for some girls) and you're left with three independent houses that do not throw parties often. There is a lot of coke, weed, and pills flowing through campus and a lot of kids start smoking cigarettes, weed, or doing drugs their freshman year. During your freshman year, expect a lot of weekends just drinking with friends in your rooms or smoking. Anywhere from 20-30% of the dorming students go home on the weekends so there is no campus sponsored events besides sports games on Saturday and Sunday.

2. CLUBS - As I said, because no one's here on the weekends there are no club activities on the weekends. The Student Government Assoc. often penalizes clubs by taking away their budget for not obeying their ridiculous rules and regulations.

3. SURROUNDING AREA - Besides the main strip of road known as the South Orange Village and the residential area across the street from the main gate, South Orange is a crime ridden dump. Kids get held up a lot, stabbings and shootings occur within blocks of campus often, but the South Orange PD are somewhat reasonable of your situation and won't bother you unless you bother them. The residents, on the other hand, are quite hostile to you and the food is decent but pricey so don't expect to go into South Orange a lot. New York City is accessible by train and the station is only ~10 blocks from campus in a safe area of South Orange but that is very expensive and I don't like NYC all that much.

CONCLUSION: Come to Seton Hall for what it is, a tiny but decent private school in a bad area of North Jersey with a good basketball team.

I am trying to transfer because I only applied to small private schools and Seton Hall was basically my only choice. I'm currently looking at large state schools that are within my range of affordability.Thanks for reading, I hope this helped!

1st Year Female -- Class 2019
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There's not many things harder than admitting youBrightBusiness - Management and Administration
There's not many things harder than admitting you chose poorly in one of the biggest decisions of your life. But that's where I'm at, because Seton Hall truly sucks.

PEOPLE: A little background, I am from the Upper MidWest and had never been to the East Coast before. I'm from a very metropolitan area, but people here continuously look down on me for where I'm from and openly make comments about me being from somewhere "uneducated" or "bumblefuck" - then say something like "So why don't you have a southern accent?". The hypocrisy in this and other matters is insane. People here (meaning Seton Hall, as far as Jersey or East Coast in general, I'm not qualified to say) actually think they're the shit when a good 3/5 people are selfish and simple minded. I thought my family was exaggerating when they told me to beware the people here. Nobody here knows how to make a true connection with people. I see cliques (of which there are many. it feels like high school.) backstabbing one another and being bitchy and its totally accepted here. My freshman year my suitemate (falsely) accused a former lover of rape and I got pulled in to it when the guy told my boyfriend he was going to "get me expelled or worse". The local police said they couldnt do anything until he actually hurt me. the school did nothing.

SAFETY: The South Orange Police are complete and utter trash of human beings. They are rude, racist, unhelpful, and break the laws themselves. This place is unsafe and not worth the tuition. Campus security is a joke, there are open ends to all the pretty gates, and the security service that works here are from a jail rehabilitation program who get high all the time. My first year of school over a dozen people were robbed at gunpoint, and one freshman had been here less than a week before he was beaten with a handgun and mugged. They have a shuttle bus, the SHU Fly, but dont believe it. It is always late, and sometimes you'll wait 15 minutes in the cold just for the driver (who barely speaks English) to drive right past you. I called the Seton Hall operator to complain one time and ask for a Safe Ride (it was 11 at night, I had just finished work, and the area is bad), and he said that he "highly doubts I was waiting that long" and when I insisted he told me I was "outside their range" and to "go fuck myself".

PARTYING: There is a lot of weed and a lot of pills, but you have to be a real partier to commonly see much else. Party scene is ok, but very Greek heavy, and you have to be known around campus to go anywhere worth while.

NEIGHBORHOOD: I work two jobs in the surrounding area, and it is complete trash, the only nice part is mainstreet, and even that is filled with ghetto trash and plenty of homeless people, and there is also a mental handicap adult home nearby that lets its wards run free and bother everybody (sorry if you're sensitive about that, but that's how it is). The armpit of America indeed.

FOOD: Awful. Even people who love it here admit that.
ATHLETICS: We rock at basketball. If you want school spirit, this place is pretty good at it. All other sports besides bball and basketball, don't even bother, you dont get funding. But we do have a swim and dive team, a rugby team, and a few other smaller ones with great team dynamics.

SCHOLARSHIPS: Seton Hall is great about scholarships. In HS I had a 3.5 GPA, great community service background, some sport involvement, and a 30 ACT, and I got a 3/4 ride. That's not even that great of n accomplishment, and people who did a lot less still got some money.

PEANUT GALLERY: I will say to take my experience with a grain of salt - lots of people here seem to love it. But they are typically C students who are from in state and just wanted somewhere easy and close to home. Campus is dead on the weekends because everybody goes back home to mommy. That's the whole vibe of most people here - unmotivated and average. You'll like it more if you're involved in a sports team or the Greek life (which by the way is also obnoxious. it completely consumes people and makes them snobby and secluded from anything without a foreign alphabet attached to it. And hazing a very real thing for about half the frats/sororities. But hey, they love it).

ACADEMICS/PROFESSORS: this is not a place to be if you are of more than average intelligence. IF you are average or below, this may be the best name on a degree you can get for your troubles. Classes are of OK caliber, but not fantastic. Most profs have other jobs and arent truly connected to what they do here. But with that said, the older I get and the higher level courses I take, the better the profs are getting.

ADMINISTRATION: horrible. bad office hours and unruly to deal with. I've been bounced around between 4 different advisers who all were bad at their job and screwed up my course work - I cant graduate with my desired degree on time now. One dean even straight up laughed at me for telling her I wanted to earn a B.A. instead of a B.S. Rude.

STUDY ABROAD: could be worse, but if this is something you really love, know that the small selection of programs with poor financing options really sucks compared to most other schools.

HEALTH SERVICES: complete joke. never open. run by graduate students. all they care about is shoving an alcohol use survey in your face and then telling you you show signs of alcoholism for having 2 drinks a week. I had Mono for 2 months before they would dignify using their materials (which my tuition and mandated healthcare goes towards) to test me, at which point I was so sick I almost failed out my first semester.

CAMPUS/FACILITIES: For the most part the campus is small and close feeling and beautiful. They put a lot of upkeep into their campus. On campus I have never heard of any violence or disturbances. Basically, the campaigning that this school does is so "smoke and mirrors" that it edges on unlawful. I've had friends whose recruiters straight up lied to them about having their program - it literally ruined their careers before they even got a chance. For now I am staying because of the nearby NYC internship opportunities but I plan on studying abroad or transferring next fall. Literally 3 in 4 of my friends here already have.

2nd Year Female -- Class 2018
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I don't get why seton hall has suchBrightBusiness - Management and Administration
I don't get why seton hall has such bad ratings on here and are basically first in everything bad... This is actually not the case at all. I love the university and everything about it, there are parties and social life, yes some kids do go home on the weekends but not a lot and they are trying to change this. As far as ranked first for ugliest girls? That is a lie as well as the rest of the negative ratings.
1st Year Male -- Class 2018
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