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Data Review

The process to request staff review or removal of a survey is very easy, and most users have divined it without the need for special instructions. It depends upon the severity.

  1. (Low Severity) If you have no affiliation with the survey whatsoever, next to every survey/review is a button title "Peer Review". Please click this button to mark the survey with attributes you believe to be fake, spammy, useless, or otherwise falsified. StudentsReview reviews the community comments in order of frequency and severity.
  2. (High Severity) If you are a institution or other entitity and you believe a survey to be false, OR if you are the author of a survey and for whatever reason want to take it down OR the survey is egregiously bad in the horrible to everyone and children kind of way, THEN email us at sradmin [at] , and include identifying traits in the survey, and preferably its url/www location on our site. That makes it easier to find & identify.
  3. For DMCA requests, see #2.


  1. In/Validity - StudentsReview reserves ultimate judgement on "review validity". We do not alter or modify the content of the review+data or judge it on its informational merits to users. We judge it based upon whether the review is likely to have been falsified in some way, either by person misrepresenting their university (or professor) of attendance, or misrepresenting their experience, or misrepresenting the "extent" to which any issue or feature exist on a campus or class. (For instance many duplicate good or bad surveys). We do this by reviewing the survey contents against other surveys, checking the IP, email addresses, data content and so on. Sometimes we will decide that many surveys are duplicate-invalid from different computers, but will leave 1 as a valid representative of that opinion. Usually this happens when the style of writing is identical and locations similar. We will not always decide that a survey is invalid. The Communications Decency Act, 47 U.S.C. ยงยง230(c) grants us absolute immunity in our "imperfect judgment", and it expressly supersedes other laws. Please see (here)
  2. Authorship - If you want to delete the survey, then authorship must be established -- we don't delete surveys because of a random person's say-so. We get lots of those requests. LOTS. If we cannot confirm you as the author, then I'm sorry, we cannot delete the survey. Authorship is established by:
    1. Including your email address during the survey and emailing us from the same address.
    2. If you did not include your email address on the survey, then please send us an email from the same computer that you used to take the survey (or go to and tell us the IP listed in the upper corner) . If the IP addresses match, or match close enough (for instance the computer may be roaming), then we will confirm you as the author.
  3. Institution/Other survey challenge - If you are jerky, try to abuse us, insult us, act better than us, act like you want to have nothing to do with us, try to get us shut down, or otherwise send us cease and desists or try to get our lawyers involved first, we may become disheartened about evaluating the data reasonably, and will most likely send you through our FAQs. We do not consider these approaches to be a request to review the data. We know the law, have had our lawyers review it many times before, so we simply feel that we are being harassed, and will consider it such. To review the data:
    1. If you are a school, please include your university name and send the email from your school email address to validate your identity, and include the location of the survey, and preferably some of the content from the survey so that we can find it.
    2. If your are not a school, and the survey is egregiously bad for some reason, please include why and the location of the survey/some of the content so we can find it.
  4. (Bad) Behaviorly Validating the Survey - If you are a school or school representative, and contact us in a harassing way about a survey that describes the administration of the school as "harassing", then we will consider the method by which you contact us to be evidence either for or against the survey. For instance, some surveys describe school officials as "lying", but then school officials contact us and lie egregiously to our faces about information we have factual record of. The survey in question is then considered to be vetted and valid because the content appears to have been factually (experientially) created. That is, the author did in fact attend that school/professor/etc and has an experience with them.

Response Time

We have a small staff and run the StudentsReview on goodwill. It generally takes a month for us to get through the review and investigation process and send back the decision.