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South Texas College

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Professor Jesus Munoz
South Texas College
Overall D+
34 ratings,  [AVG: 4 min, 52 sec]
Workload: Easy/None Responsible Grading: F

Enjoys Teaching D Arrogance: Cocky
Speaks & Writes Clearly B+ Respect for Students: Some
Sensible Lectures B Appreciates Creativity: Less
Organized course B- Student Feedback is: Ignored
Instructor Effort B-
Mostly "training"
Grading System:
Informed afterwards
Course Requirements:
Well Defined
Assignment Instructions
Very Well Described
Exam Design:
Well Written
Exam Coverage:
Informed beforehand
Grades Reflect:
Not much
Final Grade Verification:
Monitors students
Gets class involved B-
Competent with material C+
Friendly/Sociable B+
Adds to content B+
This instructor is:
neither liked nor disliked



Overall: D
easy class and i learned alot. 
Should do to do well...
never tell him his class is easy.  he considers it a problem and takes offense to it.  i don't know why. 
Should know...
consists of take home exams, tests in partners, take home lab practicals.  really it's all about cheating on the exams. 
Student Competency: Average
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Really Liked
Overall: F
There is no homework and you don't have to read the material at all. 
Should do to do well...
Never express anything that concerns you because this professor hates it when students do.  It will only cause him to hate you.

Should know...
The class consists of only take home exams ( lab and lecture )and extra credit. 
Student Competency: Average
Student's Grade: A-
Liked Instructor?: Liked
Overall: F
This professor is talked about by past and current students.  He is just fake and a two faced individual.  He worries to much about his reputation.  However, the way he treats students is beyond unfair and terrible. 
Should do to do well...
This class is all about cheating.  It is incredibly easy to cheat in this class.  The answers are found online for all take home exams. 
Should know...
A student does well because you can cheat. 
Student Competency: Average
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Strongly Disliked
Overall: B
Class was a waste of time.  Thanks to the take home exams we don't need to study the notes or even open up the book. 
Should do to do well...
Never say the class is easy because he takes offense to it.  If he doesn't like the way you look he will just ignore you and not help you at all.  Oh, from what a student of his told me is that he considers a student asking for help “a problem”. 
Should know...
Well, there are two take home exams where student just get the answers online and one exam gets dropped, so it's impossible to fail.  Even school faculty and staff know that this professor allows cheating.  I got an A and it was easy.  However, the students had I so easy in 2011-2012 they got to take exams in parners.  So if you study and your partner doesn't guess what they will get the same grade as you.  He gives out take home lab practicals in which some students copy answers that are already in the lab book.  I sold my lab book to this dumb classmate and she just copied the answers I put in there.  I did her first exam for her. 
Student Competency: Average
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Disliked
Overall: F
It's no secret at South Texas College about how Dr.  Munoz students cheat.  When I was a student at that school I personally showed the Director of Student Life how I did the exam for one of Dr.  Jesus Munoz students ( Sonia ).  I took many courses at South Texas College and I told my former teachers and showed them how Dr.  Jesus Munoz would type the question in Google and were able to just copy from different websites.  The question would be online word for word with the answer located on the site.  This professor gives 5 exams: he drops one, two are take home and the students just have to study for two.  On top of that he gives outrageous extra credit when his class is all about cheating and easy and he curves the exams inflating the students exam grades.  When I tell my college professors about this professor, they all ask “why is he teaching then if students don't have to do anything and is basically giving out A's”.  If I were a PhD professor I would be embrassed that my students cheat and that is how they pass the course.  Dr.  Jesus Munoz is the perfect example of how funding for education should be cut and why our country ranks low in science compared to other countries. 
Student Competency: Expert-Level
Student's Grade: F
Liked Instructor?: Strongly Disliked
Overall: A
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Student Competency: Expert-Level
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Really Liked
Didn't learn as much as I wanted. 
This professor made my class take a chapter exam over information he did not even lecture on.  We fell behind because he missed class and instead of keeping us in class longer he would just dismiss us early with having more than an hour to spare.  He told us to attend a different class section or study on our own, but not everyone could do that.  I have a teacher now that if he does not lecture on something for one class he will remove it from the test and not test anyone over that information.  Dr.  Munoz does test everyone on everything regardless if he covered it for your class or not. 
This professor is known as the professor whose students just cheat.  Lol, they got As but they cheated on all classwork.  They get the answers online.  This professor likes to help students according to how you look.  So if youve got “assets” you will get the help and extra points you want. 
Dr.  Jesus Munoz discusses current and former students by name to other students.  He will discuss students personal matters with individuals who absolutely have no business knowing about them.  For example, he told me that a student in our class had to drop the class because she was having family problems.  On a different occasion he told me how a students father was in the hospital.  I could name various situations that he told me about. 
This professor sucks more than any other professor I have ever met in my entire lifetime.  Going to class was a complete waste of time!!!!!!!! 
Yeah, Dr.  Munoz allows students to treat students however they want.  This girl from his Tuesday night evening class came into our Saturday class and along with this other girl started to verbally attack a girl.  The whole class watched that Tuesday evening girl attack the girl.  When that girl who told Dr.  Munoz about it he did absolutely nothing.  Dr.  Munoz did nothing and I mean the whole class watched.  Dr.  Munoz failed to do anything as a teacher.  It seems he allows students to treat students however they feel like treating them. 
I had this professor and in class the first semester I had him my classmates would always make the class laugh, but outside of class and when the teacher would be sitting down or in the backroom my classmates would talk about this professor.  My classmates were always making everyone laugh and it was funny.  Especially, the girl who sat next to me would always say funny things about the professor.  So, would Mando and his group.  Second semester it wasn't fun at all the girl who sat next to me was always listening to me an my guy friend, so we never really talked about anything but classwork.  This class only involves cheating because the answers to the take home exams are found online.  Thanks classmates for letting me know. 
Lol....super easy class.  On the take home exams you can just Google for the answers.  :) Easy A.  Just compare the question and answer choices.  Simple and in like 30 minutes or less you can finish the exam. 
If you tell this professor that you are going to complain abou him, he will literally go get you into trouble.  He is not professional at all.  Honestly, the custodians are better than this professor. 
Dr.  Munoz doesn't require you to go to class at all.  Hey, you can take and make up exams whenever you feel like doing so.  I can't tell you how many times I saw students miss class and then his professor would allow students to make up exams wheneverthey wanted.  Dr.  Munoz sucks as a professor I should've listened to what students say about him.  He doesn't even take off points for people turning in work late or taking exams later.  He's a very arrogant professor. 
I'm a graduate student now and I had Dr.  Munoz and he is the worse professor I've ever had.  My science teachers who just had a bachelor's degree at MISD were better qualified to teach than this PhD professor.  My science teachers at MISD really pushed us to achieve our academic best and prepared us for college.  I'm thankful to those teachers who took their job seriously and who enjoyed doing what they do. 
This girl in my class got special treatment because the last week of school she had a baby.  She was able to take her exams later than anyone else.  She took the last chapter exam on the final exam day and then the final exam in a different class.  However, in my first semester class there was a pregnant girl who had a baby and then took an exam and she failed the exam.  She didn't know what was on the exam because on the day we covered the material she was stuck in the hospital having a kid.  Very unfair how Dr.  Munoz treats students differently.  That girl who had a baby in my first semester class DID NOT take Dr.  Munoz second semester. 
Dr.  Munoz is the dumbest professor at South Texas College. 
One teacher definitely not taking and who has a bad image among students is the one mentioned on here, Dr.  Munoz.  Let me tell you what that professor did:

1.  A student asked him if she could attend another class of his an even emailed, but the teacher was looking at girls inappropriately that he didn't even pay attention to her.  However, he allowed this girl to make up an exam even though she knew weeks in advice when the exam was going to be and he didn't have any problems hearing that girl.  With this other girl he took the time to explain the times and dates she could attend another class.  Is that fair????

2.  A student asked him after class if he could help this girl with material and later this girl found out that Dr.  Munoz had gone to his Tuesday spring 2011 class and told them it was a problem for him to help students.  That is his job and if he doesn't want to do it then he should not be a teacher.

3.  This girl went to Dr.  Munoz and told him that another student was upset and that was a lie because the student was actually laughing not upset at something that was said.  Dr.  Munoz made a huge problem out of something a student said.  When I told my former and current professors about this professor and what he did everyone agreed that he handled it wrong.  If the student didn't personally go up to him, then he shouldn't had acted on something that another student said.  Dr.  Munoz is a guy who has nothing better to do, so he emailed the chair and the judicial affairs office.  All over something that was nothing.  Many of my professors at South Texas College just laughed at this professor.

4.  Dr.  Munoz was looking at girls inappropriately, so in Spring of 2011, he was forced to apologize to all his students by the dean, Dean Esmaeili.  According to what I was told by a school official that is the first time Dean Esmaeili had to make a professor apologize.  This professor got into trouble with both Dean Esmaeili and Dr.  Maserang.

5.  A student in his Spring 2011 class actually told her classmates that Dr.  Munoz had given her the answers to the exam.  When the student was asked se denied it, but students heard it from her.  I believe the students because I saw her exam inside the book that had the answers and it was on top of the desk she sat at.

6.  He allowed a student to make up an exam during a class final exam period.  The student went inside the class and put two long tables together and like a fat wimp Dr.  Munoz didnt tell her not to do that.  Keep in mind this wasn't a group project and it was during an exam.  This girl also got up during class and started to verbally attack another student and the class saw and when Dr.  Munoz was told he didn't do anything abou it.  Hey, he class was there as witnesses.

7.  Dr.  Munoz pushed back the final exam for his Spring 2011 class and even changed the time.  He's a fool for thinking no one was going to find out because everyone did.  That was the only class to get special treatment.  They would get extra points, dr Munoz would talk about students, they took exams whenever they wanted, etc.

8.  Dr.  Munoz actually bad mouth a student to another student.  He thought they were friends, but in reality Elizabeth and that other girl were not friends.  Those two girls had spoken twice in their lifetime and absolutely run in different circles, have different friends, wet to different shools, different cities, etc.  Elizabeth has two kids and that other student is in graduate school.  Two completely different people with nothing in common.

9.  Dr.Munoz told this student Armando to get a student into trouble with the dean of student life, but they failed because when she was called in she was shown the email Armando sent on Saturday right afterclass from having Dr.  Munoz at around 5 it was time stamped.  The girl just laughed and that was it.  Both dr.  Munoz and Armando didnt know that student was only taking biology because it was paid for and dropping it would look ugly on the transcript.  Hey, that student is smarter than the Armando guy because she's in graduate school already.  It was incredibly obvious that Dr.  Munoz told Armando to go to the director of student life because students from prek through college talk about their professors and students don't tell on each other, besides how did he know who to go to.  I mean he didn't have time to ask anyone because the events that happened and the emAil Armando sent were all done on that Saturday.  Armando is a teacher in middle school and he used the excuse “I wrote the wrong day” in order for dr Munoz to accept his late paper.  That's pathetic on both these two losers parts.

11.  Dr.  Munoz received messages that werent meant for him and he knew that.  The very first message had the name of a student they were meant for.  After receiving the first message, Dr.  Munoz never once responded saying you got the wrong recipient nothing at allfrom Dr.  Munoz part.  Once the student actually told Dr.  Munoz she was going to complain about him, dr.  Munoz deleted the messages that talked about some two students an had the name of the student they were meant for.  He only kept the messages that talked about him an he went to the director of student life and tried to get a student into trouble but he failed big time.  He sent the messages to the student hey were meant for and there's no denying he did because he did.

12.  Dr.  Munoz on his twitter account bragged about how he had gone to the human resources of the employment place a former student of his worked.  Dr.  Munoz was saying horrible things about a student calling that student pizza the hutt, fugly, cathartic, etc and he even posted music videos and demotivational images.  I saw those things and in my entire lifetime I have never seen someone of his education status having a PhD do that.  The student told him that she had gone to his human resources office so he would stop and this is what dr.  Munoz did.  In June of 2011 the student said something but it was no big deal an even dr.  Munoz didn't see it A's a big deal because he didn't saw anything.  In July when the student said how she liked her job dr.  Munoz on his Facebook posted a link of the school district and said something like “ a very important site for me to remember” dr Munoz wanted to bad mouth that student to the place where she worked.  Well, the student posted on a website what a horrible instructor he was he retaliated.  He created a Facebook and twitter page where he said horrible things.  He didn't know that the student had every right to post about him on a teacher rating site and she even asked permission and she was told she could.  So, the student was doing what she was told she could do.  When the student told him hat she had gone to human resources in order to get him to stop, he went to her and then bragged about it online.  The student didn't go at all and the professor wasted his time with the school district because they didn't do anything and never mentioned it to her nothing.  He went like early September and the student only found out because she read it online in October.  If she hadn't read t she would had never known about it.  The school district didn't tell her a single thing and dr.  Munoz I guess someone should've told him that they don't have contact with substitutes.  Besides substitutes are employed at will meaning they can quit whenever they want.  They are not employed by contract.  Stupid dr Munoz he must be the most retarded professor ever.  The student was offered a job in late January and she accepted, so she quit being a job besides his way dr Munoz wouldn't be able to bad mouth them.

13.  Dr.  Munoz bad mouths current students, past students and even his own co workers.  He says some horrible things about them except Dr.  Castillo.  He even entered some comments on rate my professor about her and they had the same tone. 

14.  Students are able to make up exams whenever they want.  A girl in may was barely making up an exam she missed that was done in february.  That's outrages.  Dr.  Munoz doesnt know how to conduct class at all. 

Dr Munoz is by far the most retarded professor I've ever had.  He is very vindictive, fake, a hypocrite, and retaliates against students.  Students know about everything he did and Dr.  Munoz actually removes the comments but he has no problem posting things about students on hisface book or other websites.  He doesn't seems to understand that if students want to post about him and it's not flattering then they can.  Students, faculty, my former classmates, current classmates, my professors both present and current and basically everyone knows about what he did.  Students know how he is and they only suck up because they know that of theycomplain about him dr.  Munoz will retaliate against them.  Dr.  Munoz you moron students can complain about you and you can't retaliate against them fool.  Students watch out for Dr.  Munoz he retaliates against you. 

Absolutely the worst professor at South Texas College who doesn't know how to conduct the class. 
It's no secret how Dr.  Munoz students get As.  They have two take home exams where students copy the answers from uploaded exams.  They don't open up the books or even look at the notes.  They cheat and that's how they get As.  Dr.  Munoz gives them outrages curves that inflates the grade.  They take exams in partners so if you study and your partner doesn't guess what they get your grade.  The students are so retarded that they need options of the answers.  They cheat their way into the allied health programs.  They aren't smart, just bunch of retards. 
Dr.  Munoz students are extremely slow and retarded.  They don't have the ability to go home memorize the question and answer for a 100 question final exam.  A student actually scored a 20 on her final exam during the Fall of 2011.  I guess when I took his class we were much brighter.  We took a 200 question final exam and I guess we did pretty good compared to them.  I guess it is because his students that came afterwards are a bunch of cheaters who would copy of the exams posted online from other schools, copy of lab books that already had the answers, goolge for the answer by typing the question, inflating the students grades by giving outrageous extra credit and curves, students taking exams in partners.  All his students would brag to other students about how they had it so easy.  So, basically staff, professors, students and school administration are all aware of how Dr.  Munoz students and how Dr.  Munoz classes are full of academic cheating. 
This girl that I talked to once by the name of Marlene Told me how she would get the answers tothe take home exam online.  She would type the question in google and the question and answer will come up.  That is how she got A's in class.  Her lab book also contained the answers to the different exercises, so when Dr.  Munoz would hand out extra credit and take home lab practicals she and the rest of the students would get answers from the lab book.  I actually did the take home exam for a girl named Sonia and I even showed a school official how I ended up doing her examfo her and how she got a 100.  She brought the lab book from me and my book contained the answers, so when Dr.  Munoz handed out extra credit and take home exams from the lab book she would copy the answers that I had posted in that book.  There are many other students who did the exact same thing and that is how Dr.  Munoz has a high passing rate.  Everything in his class is accomplished by cheating. 
It's no secret at South Texas College about how Dr.  Munoz students cheat.  When I was a student at that school I personally showed the Director of Student Life how I did the exam for one of Dr.  Jesus Munoz students ( Sonia ).  I took many courses at South Texas College and I told my former teachers and showed them how Dr.  Jesus Munoz would type the question in Google and were able to just copy from different websites.  The question would be online word for word with the answer located on the site.  This professor gives 5 exams: he drops one, two are take home and the students just have to study for two.  On top of that he gives outrageous extra credit when his class is all about cheating and easy and he curves the exams inflating the students exam grades.  When I tell my college professors about this professor, they all ask “why is he teaching then if students don't have to do anything and is basically giving out A's”.  If I were a PhD professor I would be embrassed that my students cheat and that is how they pass the course.  Dr.  Jesus Munoz is the perfect example of how funding for education should be cut and why our country ranks low in science compared to other countries. 
Students like Sonia, Arturo, Armando, Marlen, Ernesto, Samantha, Alicia, Angie, Monica, daisy, Sandra, etc are just a couple of students that would cheat in Dr.  Munoz class.  I guess his students shouldn't be going around telling students how they cheat.  They would type the question in google and just committ academic honesty by getting the answers from uploaded exams and just copy from other students work.  Dr.  Munoz is a foolish and horrible instructor. 
Check out different sites and different science professors. 
Dr.  Munoz why are your students so retarded that they cheat? 
Dr.  Munoz is the joke among all professors at South Texas College.  He's fat and is worthless as a professor. 
Dr.  Munoz is a major pervert who checks out his current and former students.  He will help you according to how you look.  He even got into trouble with the dean for checking out his students.  Even on Facebook he will check of “like” on his students pictures gross.  He is truly one perverted teacher and that is how students know him. 
Lol go on Facebook search for a girl by the name of Elizabeth pina you will see dr munoz checked out this former student of his.  I guess he likes her assets haha

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