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The University of Oklahoma - Norman

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Professor Karl Sievers
University of Oklahoma - Norman
Overall B-
22 ratings,  [AVG: 7 min, 53 sec]
Workload: Reasonable Responsible Grading: B

Enjoys Teaching C+ Arrogance: Cocky
Speaks & Writes Clearly B- Respect for Students: Some
Sensible Lectures C+ Appreciates Creativity: Less
Organized course C+ Student Feedback is: Considered
Instructor Effort C
Mostly "concepts"
Grading System:
Course Requirements:
Unclear or random
Assignment Instructions
Exam Design:
A little Hazy
Exam Coverage:
Unknown or Unclear
Grades Reflect:
Not much
Final Grade Verification:
Allows some "fudge factor"
Gets class involved C+
Competent with material B-
Friendly/Sociable C
Adds to content C
This instructor is:
neither liked nor disliked



Overall: F
If you like an extreme jack-ass teaching you in an extremely boring manner, take this course.  Otherwise, avoid. 
Should do to do well...
Don't bother trying to ask instructor any questions or engage the instructor in any way. 
Should know...
I really don't think a student has a chance in this guy's course. 
Student Competency: Unusually High
Student's Grade: C
Liked Instructor?: Strongly Disliked
Overall: F
Worst class I've ever experienced
Should do to do well...
Do not take any course from this joke of a teacher. 
Should know...
He seems to respond well to the boys who flirt with him
Student Competency: Expert-Level
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Strongly Disliked
Overall: F
Should do to do well...
not go...
Student Competency: Expert-Level
Student's Grade: F
Liked Instructor?: Strongly Disliked
Overall: F
Avoid this class at all costs.  The teacher is horrible.  Why someone that hates teaching as much as he does is teaching anything is beyond me. 
Should do to do well...
Do not take this course.  Sievers has no teaching ability whatsoever.  Complete ass. 
Should know...
The only student that did well in this course was the boy that Sievers was constantly hitting on in class. 
Student Competency: Expert-Level
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Strongly Disliked
Overall: A
Very qualified and extremely vested in his students success.  Karl Sievers is a master teacher and a great performer. 
Should know...
Work hard/give %100 at all times. 
Student Competency: Unusually High
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Really Liked
Overall: A
I studied with Karl for six years.  I can tell you that my first impression was dead wrong to the point of humorous.  After all, what did I know, I was a kid.  First I have to address the “Arrogance” portion of this review.  Do you mean ego?  An ego has no allegiance to good or bad, it just is and it is necessary.  If the presents of a succure ego is uncomfortable for you, you may want to check your own.  Second, “respect for students” do you want to learn or remain in your comfort zone “weak”.  Student feedback is responded to in ways that can sometime take years to fully appreciate.  You either have creativity or you don't, insight comes as a result of working hard with a great mentor.  True, many will not get it and most likely never get it.  If it was easy, everyone would do it.  If you want to play with the boys, your in the right place.  Pick a field of play, it's all the same.  If you want encouragement read a poem.  What's up Sieves?  I think these folks need to hear the squeeze the cat story. 
Should do to do well...
Simplify your thinking.  It is the only way to understand the complexity of the concepts and how they apply to much more than the course subject matter.  Don't be lazy. 
Should know...
Challange yourself to exceed the expectation.  Realize that it is you that sets the bar. 
Student Competency: Unusually High
Student's Grade: A-
Liked Instructor?: Really Liked
Overall: A
Great class.  Learned a lot.  Dr.  Sievers obviously has a ton of experience ... he's played with a lot of different groups, is very well-respected in the industry, and has studied with some of the top instructors in the business. 
Should do to do well...
Should pay attention and participate in class. 
Should know...
Be an active participant. 
Student Competency: Expert-Level
Student's Grade: A-
Liked Instructor?: Really Liked
Overall: A
it is the best class I ever had.  that jack-ass that repeatedly wrote that negative stuff never studied with Dr.  Sievers..  he's insane
Should do to do well...
learn all you can.  he's amazing
Should know...
work hard, be dedicated
Student Competency: Average
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Really Liked
Overall: A
Should do to do well...
Just work hard and be dedicated to learning all you can from him. 
Student Competency: Average
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Really Liked
Overall: A
Class was exactly what I would expect from a masterfully-taught trumpet class.  In the six years I studied with Dr.  Sievers, I went from a merely mediocre trumpet player to one who could tackle a lot of different literature without breaking a sweat. 
Should do to do well...
What should a student do?  Do what is asked.  It's very simple to keep Dr.  Sievers happy - just show evidence that you're doing your homework and having the horn on your face every day and that you're working at it. 
Should know...
A student does well by performing the literature asked of them.  A student can get an A in the course even if they don't perfectly perform the work - they are expected to show improvement and measurable progress from start to finish. 
Student Competency: Expert-Level
Student's Grade: A
Liked Instructor?: Really Liked
Overall: F
Avoid this teacher at all costs.  Simply horrible! 
Should do to do well...
Do not ever take this course. 
Should know...
A student cannot do well in such a badly designed course. 
Student Competency: Expert-Level
Student's Grade: F
Liked Instructor?: Strongly Disliked
Overall: D+
I didn't really learn anything in this class that I didn't already know from grade school band. 
Student Competency: Average
Student's Grade: C
Liked Instructor?: Disliked
Overall: C-
Should do to do well...
Be well prepared for class.  Do not get on his bad page.  The moment you do, whatever good you do will automatically turn into something negative in his eyes. 
Student Competency: Average
Student's Grade: B-
Liked Instructor?: Strongly Disliked
find out the truth
Mr.  Sievers is the worst teacher I've ever seen.  Not to mention he treats his students like dirt.  He tells pointless stories about his and his boyfriend's trumpet playing adventures that make absolutely no sense. 
I've studied with Dr.  Sievers for 7 years.  In that time I've had a lot of time to question and pick his brain about his method, my progress, things I decided I wanted to try out in my playing.  The better and more able you get as a player, the more he respects your opinion, just like any friendship, the closer you get (over time) the more trust is given. 

Just like any other person teaching any other course, some of the things he says may not make too much sense.  We are in college or graduate school and have to flush out these things much more on our own, in a quest for knowledge.  It is in this vein that we have to look at our professors.  Dr.  Sievers is not going to spoon feed you everything, one reason is because he has access to you for one hour per week.  The other 167 are yours to work with. 

As I've said before, I have often questioned some of his methods and thought, “Man, Dr.  Sievers is dead wrong,” only to figure out what he really meant by what he said.  I can't tell you how many times I've gone in for a lesson, he'll say something, I'll think I'll have it figured out, record myself and then think he was wrong, then I'll try something completely different, and it is instantly better.  I would think, “Dr.  Sievers isn't going to like the way this sounds, it sounds very different than I usually sound” and then I'll go in for a lesson and he'll praise my progress.  I'll tell him, well this didn't really sound like how you played it.  He tells me that he's trying to develop my voice, not his voice in me.  This happens frequently. 

This is an important thought.  Growth can't happen without change.  If you have playing problems, you're not going to just get better over time.  Sure, you need to practice a lot, and rest a lot, nothing will come from drained energy.  However, that isn't the complete story.  You have to be willing to change some of the things you're doing and go out on a limb and take chances.  You have to translate whatever he says into something that works for you.  If it takes you 5 years or 5 minutes, whatever the case, he can't fix you without you doing a lot of the work, there's not enough time in the day.

In the last two years, I've toured all over North and South America in music groups while being a full time graduate student.  I can't tell you how much that has helped me. 

Dr.  Sievers can be tough, sometimes too tough, but he's a great man and if you can see him for that, and realize that he cares very deeply for his students, all of them, then you'll come to see him as a second father. 

I used to hang out with one of his daughters when I first got to OU, and she said to me once, “you have no clue how much he cares for his students.  We (his family) feel a little out of touch with him sometimes because he is so concerned with you all".

Every friendship, relationship, partnership, apprenticeship, internship, has it's ups and downs.  Studying with a teacher who is so invested in your progress will be no different.  Consider that. 

fantastic teacher.  there is a weirdo that took the time to enter bad news here several times..  He's a known loonie tunes... has never been part of our studio.  Ignore him. 
I'd have to agree with the negative reviews, though they aren't completely accurate, and are somewhat over the top.  Karl Sievers is an alright teacher, but he does treat his students bad.  He is very arrogant and unhelpful.  I can see where a student would develop a dislike for him.  If you don't view him as some sort of demigod, he won't respond to you at all.  The positive review is obviously one of those students. 
The morons writing the negative reviews are just that.  They've probably spent the majority of their life sitting on their ass, and concurrently wondering why they suck at trumpet.  Karl Sievers has students from all over the country and has one the best trumpet studios one can find.  Former students have won positions at the Military Academy at West Point, the Glenn Miller Orchestra, and gone to the finest music grad schools ion the world including: Manhattan School of Music, Cleveland Institute, Rice University, Florida State, Mannes, Indiana University and so on.  Several, including myself, are university professors, as well. 
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