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"This was the most painless survey I've ever taken"
  -Joshua Pierce, student, University of Virginia


Survey for Alumni/Alumnae of 4-year Colleges and Universities

Note: If you graduated within the last year, please take the Undergraduate Survey.
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· Alumni Questions
This is a survey of your (undergraduate/graduate) years Undergraduate
Click here if this is a Professional school (Law, Medical, etc.)Professional
If undergrad survey, did you go on to/are you in higher education (graduate school, professional school, etc)
Are you satisfied with your current job?
How much % would you say that your under/graduate program contributed to your success?
How well prepared were you for "the workworld" and your current field (or graduate school)?
How would you rate the reputation of this school and how much it (the reputation) has helped you?
Retrospectively, was what you gained from college more informational or character building?
If 'character building', could it be gotten at any other college?
Generally speaking, are things going well for you?
What was (is) your first real job out of college?
What was your starting (yearly) salary after graduation from this school in this field?
How related was it to your major?
A brief list of the positions/titles & with whom that you have held since college
e.g. "Research Engineer, Teacher, Project Manager"
What is your current (yearly) salary?
Is what you currently do still in, or related to your (under)graduate field of choice?
Where are you now?
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Now that you are out in the field, how has your college helped/hurt you?
What do you think you should have known/done?
What do you recommend H.S or college students do?
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